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"We Finally Moved To The Haunted House!" and other stories

Uh...the "second blog of the day" never arrived, did it?  Sorry about that!  And, as it is now past midnight, I have technically missed TWO days!  In my defense, we have been out all day long the last two days.  And I am still determined to catch up, even if it means staying up all night!

February 5th 2011

Well, after all the stress about getting my hair cut, I overslept and missed my chance to go to Supercuts.  Mum didn't bother to wake us up as it was a weekend, and she saw no urgency in getting my hair cut, of course.

David spent the whole morning in the bathroom anyway so I may as well have gone later in the day.  But then it would have been considered my fault that nothing got done.  As it was, he took one car load of stuff to Woodberry, then took me there at 3pm to start pony work.  I stayed there until 11pm with my parents making a couple of journeys to and from Grottsville to collect more stuff.

I heard yet more ghostly goings on while I was at the house alone.  I was in my bedroom when I heard the front door open as clear as day.  I thought my parents had come back from Grottsville and called out to them...but nobody answered.  I looked down the stairs, but there was nobody there.  Thinking it must have been my imagination, I continued photographing ponies.  Then I heard heavy footsteps, clomping up the hall.  I looked again, but there was definitely nobody there.  The footsteps paused, then continued despite the fact that I was looking straight at the (empty space) where they were walking!  There was a loud sigh just outside the toilet (which used to be the cupboard under the stairs) door, as though somebody was pondering whether to continue through to the family history room (the old kitchen) or not.  At that point, I'd had enough and bolted up to the loft to ring my parents and find out where they were!  Mum told me that she was waiting to come back but that David was back in the bathroom.  I was too scared to go downstairs again especially as I could STILL hear the noises coming from the ground floor.  Now I could hear running water and the sound of clinking plates (as though somebody was washing up) where the kitchen used to be.  But there isn't even a sink there now that the family history room is in that space!

The noise miraculously stopped about three minutes before my parents arrived so they thought I had invented the whole thing.  David had the cheek to roll his eyes at me and tell me it was just the wind.  Well, it WAS very windy and the loft sounded like it might just blow off of the top of the house, but I'm afraid the wind doesn't cause loud footsteps, sighs, running water, or clinking plates!  To this day I swear that Woodberry is "haunted".  Not in a scary way, as in "Oooh, the ghost of Mr Bloggs the murderer is coming for revenge", it's almost as though a snapshot of the past repeats an echo of history which we can just hear if we focus hard enough on it.  The weirdest bit is that I - and a friend I happened to be talking to on Skype at the time - heard the exact same thing this year (at the start of February again!), except this time I was downstairs IN the back room and heard the sigh on the other side of the door.  I even heard the door creak as though it were about to open, but nobody ever came through/started doing the washing up.  Perhaps it really is a historical echo of one evening when Mum's aunt or uncle (who lived here before) was disturbed and sadly came in from work, but that sound can't repeat itself when somebody from the present day is in the same room?  Or maybe I've just read too much science fiction!

Determined to finally have a bit of privacy so that I could change my clothes somewhere other than in the cupboard, I made a temporary carrier bag "curtain" for the bathroom.

I also moved all the crates of Beanie Babies (which David had just dumped in the hall) upstairs.  Mum told David that I was "Very strong.  Like a man."  Uh...thanks, Mum....I think.

As I already mentioned, we didn't go back to Grottsville until 11pm and were only there about 90 minutes before David and I went back to Woodberry to bed.  I had to get something to eat, by which time Mum was hogging the computer and David was watching a very loud TV right next to me, so I didn't have a chance to reply to my e-mails.  David snapped at me that I should have written them earlier, but I'm not sure when he thought I'd had time.

I did watch the latest episode of Friendship is Magic, Suited For Success, that night as that was something I could just about do with the TV blaring right next to me.  At least I got to hear a bit more of Rarity, but about three or four minutes of the episode was wasted on a looong song.  And my God, I can't stand Rarity's singing voice.  Not that Kazumi Evans doesn't have a lovely voice, but she doesn't sound like Rarity.  How can someone be a singing double when they don't sound anything like the actress playing the character's speaking voice?  Tabitha St. Germain is also a perfectly good singer so why did they even need a singing double?

Oh, and an update from a day of Pony Room work is also in order, right? (Not that you can see much of a difference!)

February 6th 2011

Ah, February 6th 2011 was a very special day.  The day you have all been eagerly awaiting through five years of reading my blogs.  We finally, finally, FINALLY moved house....officially anyway.

I was up quite early for once determined to get on with things, but David refused to get up no matter how many times I called him.  Then Mum had the cheek to say that she had been awake "three hours before the pair of us"!  Well, excuse me, but I HAD been awake, I just couldn't wake David up!

Once David was awake (and had wasted a suitably long time in the bathroom), the day was spent making seemingly endless trips to Woodberry with Mum's stuff.  He went alone, then he picked her up, and finally came back for me.  I made more voice recordings while they were out, knowing it would probably be my last chance to record anything from DVDs or videos for a while (considering we didn't even have a TV at Woodberry!)

Mum got in a terrible panic about a missing bag of family history stuff (which turned out to have been left in Grottsville) at one point so we had to turn back from that journey.  Unfortunately, I had already moved my DVDs to Woodberry by that time or I might have been left at Grottsville a little longer to make my voice recordings.  Grr...

I didn't want to leave any of my most precious belongings behind either, but found that Mum had used every box in the house.  Hence, I was left carrying my prototype/factory error/ceramic MLPs in an ordinary carrier bag and I wasn't even supposed to hold that on my lap as I had Mum's (well bubblewrapped) wooden giraffes to hold instead.

To make things worse, I spotted some ponies in a charity shop as we passed through Ealing Broadway so David stopped and let me run across the road...leaving the giraffes AND prototypes to the mercy of every bump in the road as David drove around the block!  The "MLPs" I'd seen turned out to be a £5.99 faded Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pie and a bunch of fakies anyway.  Oh well...  That shop is very overpriced actually.  They had a naked Uneeda troll in there for £2.50.  If it had been £1.00, I would have got it for Mum, but £2.50 is far too much for one in that condition.

Very little of my stuff got moved, just my bathroom stuff (no small task in itself with the amount of different scrubs and lotions I tend to hoard!) and a few McDonalds Ponies.  The whole day was about moving Mum's stuff, which was the signal for her to start sleeping there.  Even the mere mention of bringing food with us made my parents snap about me "being ridiculous" as we "didn't have space in the car".  It was all right for David to waste space on a rubbish bag (balanced on top of the box containing my grandparents' and pets' cremated remains, no less!)

February 7th 2011

Our first full day spent in our new home.  A happy occassion, right?  Wrong.  Mum spent the ENTIRE day rolling around the floor, shouting, swearing and moaning about how she couldn't have a wash.  No, I'm not sure WHY she couldn't have a wash either, but she had decided that two flights of stairs was too much to get to the bathroom and she would make a show by refusing to start her day until David took her "home" to Grottsville to use the bathroom.

Apart from that, I had a lovely time.  We still had no working fridge, so I walked up to the Co-Op to get some milk and popped into one of the local charity shops on my way.  It was nice to be able to walk out of my own front door without being dependent on my parents for once!  The rest of the day was spent messing around with the pony shelves and tidying the bathroom cupboard.

David returned to take us back to Grottsville at 5.20pm (just before it got dark enough to start taking pony photos with my broken old camera), so I was still up until 2.30am working on the pony display!

Right before dinner, I had another bad panic attack about my hair loss and how short my hair would have to be cut and ended up dropping semi-mashed potato all over the floor (don't ask!).  I could hardly even eat my soup anyway after the stressful day Mum had given me!

Mum surprised David and I by returning to Woodberry again that night, despite complaining of painful knees and ankles which stopped her getting up and down the stairs there.  David was annoyed as he was already missing having an internet connection...but I think that's the very reason Mum decided to mess him up by coming back here that night, so it worked in our favour really!

February 8th 2011

Mum was in a better mood - she kept arranging and re-arranging one of the high kitchen cabinets until she bruised both of her legs by climbing on a chair to reach it so many times!  She was so busy that she "didn't even want a wash until noon" (!).

I walked to Sainsburys and bought two pints of milk...which I then had to drink due to having no fridge in which to store them.  I made myself feel too sick to eat McDonalds fries that night.  Oh well, not to worry!  I shouldn't eat so much junk food anyway!

David lost the door key in the front garden when he came to pick us up.  We were all scrabbling around on the ground for a good twenty minutes or so before he gave in and went to buy a torch from Wickes (thankfully less than two minutes' drive from our door).  We found the key in a load of weeds quite quickly after that but we must have looked quite funny to passers-by as we were searching!

And there I go again, cutting the blog short.  Still, it's 1.45am and I need some sleep!  Tomorrow will probably be another busy day for us but I WILL get an extra blog written sometime to make up for that one I missed!  (I bet you can't wait. :P)

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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