Saturday, 18 August 2012

Boot Sale Buys, Pinkie Pie's Bathing Adventure, My Grandad: The Superstar and Other Stories!

It's too darn hot, to quote the Kiss Me Kate song.  I can't even think about doing anything active in this weather, so I think I'll just sit here and write a blog entry instead!
April 8th 2011

I awoke determined to make a new start and have a brighter outlook on life.  Ha, one glance at the reflection of my thinning hair in the bathroom mirror and half an hour of Mum talking about "her stomach cancer" put paid to that!

We rang the doctor for our blood test results - mine were clear but the receptionist said that Mum had "a deficiency, but she wasn't allowed to tell her what it was over the phone".  We figured it was probably just B12 as Mum already had a deficiency there but my hypochondriac mother would continue to stress until she saw a doctor.

I washed my bed linen in the evening, then we took it to Grottsville to hang it on the airer (and to pick up some stuff I was selling on e-Bay at the same time).  The place was beginning to stink of decay.  The area was also going downhill.  There were two yobs sitting on the front wall all the time we were there and they watched us leaving with great interest.  In fact, we didn't feel safe leaving the house unoccupied and drove around the block a couple of times to see what the men would do next.  As it happened, they seemed to notice us driving by and moved on.  There was nothing to say they wouldn't return later though.  We needed to clear the house and get rid of it, but David still couldn't seem to see any urgency in giving me time over there to sort my stuff out.

A man came to the door to ask why we hadn't completed the census yet.  "Hasn't she (I) done it yet?!" David snapped at Mum, over the top of my head.  Uh, no... A) I'd been rushed off of my feet with all Mum's pre-USA scanning and photographing chores and B) I had no idea what to write down for their qualifications as I really have very little knowledge of what my parents (and particulary David) ever did educationally.

I got a letter from Redwings Horse Sanctuary about my adopted horse, Rusty, who has now been taken off of the adoption scheme as he is getting old and sick.  I wanted to see him just once more, but there was no way that I could get all the way to Norfolk.

April 9th 2011

Denham car boot sale had been discussed earlier that week but, when the subject was raised the previous evening, Mum had yelled at David that he was "ignoring her illness if he thought she could walk around there".  Hence, I didn't dare to set my alarm clock.  I awoke to Mum shouting at me at 8am about oversleeping for the boot sale.

I jumped out of bed, washed and dressed as fast as I could, and waited.  When David arrived, my parents decided to do work around the house, so I changed back out of my good trousers and into the leggings I wear indoors.  Then I got shouted at for not being ready to go out!  Why couldn't they just make up their minds and tell me what I was supposed to be doing?!

Eventually Mum and I went to the car boot sale while David went back to Grottsville to post some e-Bay parcels and pack up some of his books to take to Woodberry.  He let us out of the car on the opposite side of the boot sale to where we usually go in and we had to actually crawl through a wire fence and hop across a little stream to get to the tables!  We thought there would be somebody on the corner to take our admission money but we ended up getting in for free as it happened.  Oops...

It was late and somebody had obviously already been round and bought most of the good stuff but I still managed to find these...

The velvet art picture probably isn't be official MLP merchandise but I couldn't turn it down for £1, and I bought G3.5 Pinkie Pie for 20p in the belief that she was new to my collection.  As it turned out, I was thinking of another version of Pinkie and this one is a duplicate (who is currently looking for a loving new home - *hint-hint*).  The other ponies all came from one dealer who charged £10 for them and threw in the Bow Tie wallet and Lilac the Barbie Swan Lake unicorn for free.  They're obviously somebody's childhood collection and are in beautiful condition apart from one or two tiny pen marks.  Most were upgrades to my collection.  I got a bit of a buzz to find Twilight, a pony who was never officially sold in the UK, at a car boot sale.  If not for the online community/Ponycon, I wouldn't have even seen a Twilight before.

After the boot sale, my parents saw the removal men at Grottsville. (I avoided them by staying at Woodberry, hoovering and singing!)  They brought another cabinet over here and assembled the Argos cabinets while I continued to hide in my bedroom.  The bathroom stank of garlic after they left, even though they hadn't been in the room!

Mum decided that she hated the new cabinets and announced that she wanted one brought downstairs - all the way from the loft - as soon as they'd gone.  Well, there was no way we could move it now that it was fully assembled complete with glass.  As it was, we had to carry all the heavy packaging downstairs ourselves.

My braces broke.  I'd known something was wrong with it a few days previously, but now a sharp piece of wire was sticking into my cheek and, worryingly, ended quite a way in front of the back bracket.  A piece of the wire must have actually broken off, meaning I must have swallowed it. o_0

I had a rather entertaining argument with a silly little Youtube brony in the evening who insisted that G3 Pinkie Pie never sang in the cartoons.  Uh, but Janyse Jaud DID sing...which is more than Andrea Libman does actually.  Oh well, I have to pity some of these little kids really.  It must be sad to not have any life outside of arguing with random strangers on the internet about a cartoon made for little girls.

April 10th 2011

David didn't arrive until the afternoon again and did next to nothing before taking off to work for the night, so I didn't leave the house all day long again.

I wasted most of the day messing around on Facebook, filling in our census forms and washing the ponies I'd bought in Denham.  Mum spent her day dragging furniture around and around the house, a complete waste of time and energy as she ended up putting everything back where it had been to start with!

I did some scanning and indexed a few more cassette tapes.  I found the tape of Alvin & The Chipmunks' music I recorded when I was seven and it brought back a lot of memories of playing it during "guinea pig parties" with Dieselbelle (then known as simply Diesel as we didn't realise "he" was a girl at that point!).  In fact, I started digging around on Youtube and ended up making an entire playlist of old chipmunk music!  Oh, the memories...I always found the voice changing effect fascinating when I was little, as you might imagine!  Feeling bored, I started researching the history of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Call me an idiot, but I had some kind of idea (based on something David said long ago, which he now swears he never said!) that Alvin and the Chipmunks had started out as a radio show in the 50s.  I'd never actually heard Ross Bagdasarian's original pre-chipmunk 1950s records, or even the first chipmunks' song, "Christmas, Don't Be Late".  I'd like to take a step back in time...  People probably wouldn't buy such "silly" songs now (unless they included music videos of supposedly "attractive" scantily-clad skinny women writhing on the floor!)  It just seems everyone had more innocent fun back then.

I had to report yet another non-payer on e-Bay...who immediately sent payment, along with this little gem of a message!

"Hi I really must apologies for not paying sooner, i did realise that i had won. sent payment today, really am very sorry for the delay janet BOlt"

Well, it was nice of her to apologise.  But if she realised that she had won, why hadn't she paid before now?!

April 11th 2011

We returned to Grottsville to collect my bed linen.  David didn't do his laundry anyway though, so I'm not sure why it was so urgent for me to clear the airer.  Oh well, at least my duvet cover wouldn't rot along with the rest of the house!  I couldn't find the Zoo Balls that I had listed on e-Bay so I had to withdraw the listing...thankfully nobody had placed a bid on them!

I was terrified about my hair which still seemed to be thinning out.  But stressing about it was probably the very thing making it so much worse!

I decided to take a risk and wash my beloved plush Pinkie Pie in the washing machine.  That poor girl has been well loved - she lives on my bed and has endured much hugging since Emma gave her to me for Christmas 2005!  She even came with us on a few of our trips, including Paris!  But all of that love has resulted in her getting rather grubby, and I was suffering with my allergies as a result.

It's hard to see the extent of her grubbiness from these photos, but believe me, she was filthy!

I did as people had recommended and put her in a pillowcase before the hour long torment of her "bath" began...

But, in my panic, I failed to tie the end of the pillowcase!

As soon as the washing machine started, the water filled with soap suds.  For a few minutes, I thought I'd put too much washing liquid in the machine, then I remembered that I had tried to hand wash Pinkie a couple of years before using shampoo and this probably hadn't been properly rinsed from the poor thing.  Shortly afterwards, she fell out of her pillowcase and was bobbing around in the soap suds, looking like a drowned rat.  But, Pinkie is a trooper, and a much cleaner version of herself survived to tell the tale!

In the evening, we went to Alperton McDonalds for Creme Egg McFlurries.  The area seemed to go further downhill each time we visited.  We observed a group of what I can only describe as well dressed gangsters gathering outside the pub next to McDonalds.  A couple of times they looked our way and I quickly looked down at my ice cream, hoping they didn't suspect me of staring, but always keeping watch out of the corner of my eye just in case they were headed towards the car.

April 12th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique to see Sunita, the dentist and owner of the practise.  She had no idea what had happened to the wire in my mouth though.  "That's a long way for it to have slipped," she mused.  "Are you sure it ever reached the back bracket?"  Yes, it did.  That's why I think the wire must have got severed somehow, meaning I had swallowed the end of it!  She trimmed the bit of wire that was sticking into my cheek but told me that I would have to go and see the orthodontist three days later to get a new wire fixed.

It was a lovely day and it felt good to walk through the park.  However, Mum was worried about her weight loss (obviously caused by cancer, rather than her exercising more frequently!) and I was distressed by my hair loss which rather marred the experience.

I sold ten things on e-Bay and Mum filled the latest cabinet with her costume doll collection...before promptly removing the dolls as she didn't like the way that they were arranged!

David came in from work to hang some pictures...but he just went to the bathroom, before going back out to work at 9pm, ordering Mum to have his laundry done at 1am when he would pick it up on his way back to Grottsville!

April 13th 2011

Mum spent the day waiting for the final Argos cabinet (this one was to hold Beanie Babies), which turned out to be smaller than expected.  The first time she went to the door she was accosted by a man desperately trying to sell her some "fresh fish".  She ended up slamming the door on him, but not before having to kick his foot out of the way which he had jammed in the door to stop her doing so! o_0

My mum bought me a sweet little Cheerilee keyring on e-Bay for 99p as an Easter gift...

I had never seen one like her before - apparently she was supposed to light up (this one doesn't work) and was offered at a Belgian fast food restaurant named Quick a few years ago.  Goodness knows how he ended up on!

My hair felt awful and I lost another 30 hairs when it was combed that morning.  I tried to keep busy and felt a lot better for it though, listening to CBC radio for the first time in ages too.  I wasn't sure if I was allowed to listen to it as we have no TV license, but as it is not only radio, but a live stream from overseas, it seems it is okay to do so.  I was struggling to rearrange the pony shelves again, as I just couldn't fit the rest of the G3s onto them!  So much for fitting all of the duplicates on them as well!

Mum and I went for a nice stroll in Lammas Park and I took some photos of the pretty pink blossom on the trees.  I wished I had a camera that I could actually see through though!  It's impossible to use a camera with a cracked screen!

David worked until 2.30am so I didn't get to Grottsville to collect the few things I sold on e-Bay again.

April 14th 2011

Despite working half the night before, David got told off for being late to work that morning.  Was he supposed to survive on no sleep at all then?!  The tender went in that afternoon so he came in at 4pm and took us to Grottsville to collect my e-Bay items and eat chips.

The dreaded orthodontic "block" was causing a lot of pain again and I could hardly close my mouth for the agony in the tooth below it.  Still, I knew it would probably hurt a lot more tomorrow after I'd seen the orthodontist so I should probably make the best of it.

The most exciting part of the day (for me, at least) was a discovery that Mum made on the Pathé News website.  Just take a look at the link below:

Okay, so most of you will just see a bunch of kids gathered at a school war memorial.  But take a closer look at the little blonde boy standing on the end of the front row of children from 00:10-00:19.  At 00:42, the boy appears again, standing in the bottom left of the screen, holding a wreath.  He walks out and lays the wreath at 00:49 and finally stands and salutes the war memorial at 00:52.  Still see nothing special?  Well, that little boy is none other than Rowland Allan Meekins, who grew up to become my grandad. <3  It's sad to think that he probably never saw this clip or even knew of its existance.  I do wish he was still here so that I could show it to him.  I miss him so much...

Well, I think that just about rounds up another week of my life from 16 months ago.  It's only taken me all afternoon to write it out!  I just can't think straight in this heat.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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