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Dancing Mothers, Falling Eyelashes, Rubbish Artwork and Sexist Comments

Well, this really is hopeless, isn't it?  I only have two or three weeks to catch up with this blog and I keep going off without so much as an explanation!  The computer is just so slow these days and I never manage to fit all of my jobs into a day.  Even now, I am having to sit up until 3am to have any hope of writing anything at all on here.  I truly believe the blog will never be up to date now. :(

April 1st 2011

David took Mum and I to Grottsville to have our blood tests.  God, I hate blood tests.  I always get so squeamish that I fear I'll faint one of these days!  Well, at least we didn't have to wait for long.  In fact, we were called straight through!  Equally scared that I would faint and "show her up", Mum began dancing around the - otherwise empty - waiting room (there's only a thin curtain between the phlebotomist and her current victim and anybody waiting their turn so I could see her silhouette)!  She made me laugh so hard that it's a wonder the phlebotomist could do her job properly!

David went to Tesco while we were there (sure he'd be back before we were seen), so we were left standing outside for absolutely ages before he returned.  Not a pleasant experience in Grottsville with all the drunken yobs staggering around us!

In honour of April Fool's Day, I played a prank on the MLP Arena claiming that I'd spotted G4 ponies in Tesco.  It was just meant to be a bit of fun - I didn't think many people would actually fall for it as Hasbro themselves had said we wouldn't be getting G4s in the UK just yet and I only left it on there for a couple of hours (at a time of day when I figured most people would be at work or school anyway) before revealing it as a prank, but quite a few people got offended and were really snappy and unpleasant about how I "could have wasted their petrol money".  Well, really, if those people have nothing better to do with their time or money than rush to a shop "over 2 hours drive away" for toys that would soon be available nationwide anyway, I wonder who is the one with a "problem in the head" as one of them so kindly put it...  I've played those kinds of pranks on the Arena on April 1st most years since I became a member there in 2006 and nobody's ever got upset before.  I guess I forgot how MLP became serious business with the arrival of the bronies...

The rest of the day was mostly spent on packing up e-Bay parcels, scanning photographs and listening through more old cassette tapes.  I wasn't even playing the tapes particularly loudly but, with such thin walls, I guess the neighbours could hear them and decided to make a point of banging on the wall in complaint. >.<  Mum "wasn't susprised as nobody could stand that precocious Desirée child"...  Well, I'm pleased to have those tapes as a memory of my voice acting dreams that I was never allowed to pursue, and I know a lot of my e-friends have been taking great pleasure from listening to them and having a good laugh.  I'll also point out that the neighbours never complain about David's LOUD radio, which he plays on the laptop, situated on a desk right by their wall!  So I guess they really do have a personal hatred of my voice!  "Well, they're lucky I'm gagged with braces for two years so that I can't do any voice acting or singing then." I said, feeling upset.  "Well, you were laughing loud enough earlier." Mum snapped, as though I shouldn't even laugh in my own house for fear of upsetting the neighbours.  I'll point out that Sarah, the woman who lives next door, had also been laughing loudly earlier.  Even David had felt the need to comment on it, pointing out that she sounded like a chicken!  Maybe I should have banged on the wall and told HER to stop laughing?!

David had claimed that he was going to help me with packing my e-Bay parcels so I sat and waited for him instead of having my bath.  He eventually came in too late to pack my parcels anyway so I ended up having my bath at about midnight while my parents had a huge argument.  I'm not sure what they were arguing about or why they were in such a bad mood, but the whole house stank of cabbages (there was obviously something wrong with Sickton's drains) so that probably wasn't helping!

The lawyer wrote a nasty letter to David to ask why he hadn't been in touch (I wonder the same thing considering the cabbage smell and various other problems with the house that were effecting us on a day to day basis!) which was the only thing that forced him to finally write back...  Now we had to wait for the lawyer's response.  But David wasn't going about things the right way to have somebody fight our case with any sincerity.

April 2nd 2011

David rolled up at noon as usual, then we went to Ealing Broadway so he could buy a new pair of trousers in Marks & Spencer, as well as visiting the boring bank and post office.  I got fed up with the large numbers of unsavoury men leering at me.  It was too hot to wear my coat and yet I hated feeling their eyes on me...  I know I've said it a million times before, but I am NOT an exhibit in an art exhibition, I'm a human being trying to go about my day to day chores without complete strangers looking at me like a piece of meat!  Yuck.

I'd fallen in love with a pretty rose-patterned black dress in the window of Fashion4Less (a cheap clothing shop where everything costs £5) but it wasn't anywhere to be found inside which was a bit of a disappointment.  Oh well, it's not like I would have worn it anyway, but I was so determined to have the option of wearing something other than trousers for my 20th birthday!

We had chips for dinner but I couldn't eat as many as I usually would due to them being too crunchy.  Well, maybe there were some benefits to having braces.  If I couldn't eat as much junk food, I might be forced to lose some weight!  I had been having terrible self confidence issues with feeling fat and ugly, after all!

I'd got a fixation that my eyelashes were falling out and that my hair loss was going to turn into alopecia universalis, but in truth I think the problem was caused by the fact that we STILL had no bathroom mirror on the wall meaning I couldn't see to properly remove my mascara.  Hence, I'd decided to give myself a few days off of wearing mascara...which in turn made me feel even uglier.  I don't wear a lot of make up but I'm pretty much dependent on my mascara.  If I don't wear it, I feel undressed!

Spanish (No Country) Cherries Jubilee arrived along with her two "bait" friends, Peachy and Starshine.  Sadly I have no more space at the Pony Rescue Home so those two poor girls will probably end up being rehomed, but I'm glad I was at least able to save CJ (who is in pretty much perfect condition besides a tiny tail trim) from some idiotic customiser who didn't realise they were destroying a Nirvana pony!

We finally watched the Dancing on Ice final that evening an I was upset to see that the skate off was no longer available for playback.  That was, until I realised that there is no seperate skate off for the final as it is all one long episode!  I can be such an idiot sometimes.

April 3rd 2011

Mum and I watched the before-mentioned skate off part of the Dancing on Ice episode.  I do enjoy the ice ancing side of it but I hate reality TV for the most part.  It made me sick to see Sam Attwater and Chloe Madeley everywhere - I really don't want to know what they were getting up to behind the scenes and if there's enough interest for the newspapers to be filled with their stories, you have to wonder what's wrong with the readers.  Mum being one of those people.  Well, you didn't think I was reading the stories, did you?!  Of course I wasn't!  However, Mum appeared to be obsessed with reading every word about the skating "stars" and their private lives.  I joked that she'd soon be reading "Hello!" magazine, but I don't think I was too far off the mark. >.<

David didn't arrive at Woodberry until the afternoon again and seemed shocked that we were annoyed with him for wasting another day.  "Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to go out?" he said.  Why would we have to?  The weekend was our only chance to leave the house via car, why would we want to waste it cooped up indoors?!

But that's exactly what we did.  I didn't leave the house all day long.  David didn't even do much around the house, just hanging a couple of pictures on the wall before sleeping and listening to the radio for the rest of the day.

It was Mother's Day (a little late in the year, I thought!) but Mum hadn't allowed me to leave the house alone for long enough to get her a card or gift.  So I just had to make do with making her a card and putting a fiver inside.  I don't think Mum was very impressed but what does she expect if she won't let me near the shops on my own?

Emma made a reappearance in the evening, posting "Happy Mother's Day" on Mum's Facebook wall.  Mum was very excited to be "back in touch" with her but tried desperately to hide it by immediately going to bed (or lying on the floor!) and saying how "people think this makes Emma better but it doesn't".  What "people", may I ask?  Only Mum herself!  I didn't think it was good at all how Emma had been out of touch for weeks on end. stressing Mum to death that she would "never hear from her again".  Writing "Happy Mother's Day" on Facebook so that her friends could see what a good daughter she was didn't make things any better at all.

I was very unsettled in general really, and ended up staying up until 2am again (wow, was that noteworthy back then - now I have to stay up until that time every morning to have any chance of getting things done!) despite being severely overtired.  I was worrying about my braces as the bottom teeth appeared to be moving out of line/overlapping.  I now realise it's natural for the teeth to get worse before they get better but the orthodontist hadn't warned me about this when the braces were fitted.  I didn't even manage to take full advantage of free listing weekend on e-Bay and only got a very few things listed.  What a waste when I had so much clutter knocking around both houses!  Oh well...

April 4th 2011

I woke up at 6am with plush ponies all over me.  It was quite horrifying to see them there in my semi-conscious state.  They were all standing on all fours as though they had come to life and CLIMBED on top of me in my sleep. o_0  No wonder I struggled to sleep peacefully in that bed!

Mum and I walked to Lammas Park.  We took the binoculars but only saw ONE bird the whole time we were there, a chaffinch.  A dog walked stopped and asked us if it was something rare.  Well, apparently so.  It's a bird and BIRDS appear to be rare in this area if that walk was anything to go by!

Mum annoyed me by looking at all the people walking around the park and questioning, "Why aren't the men here at work?"  I don't know,m perhaps they're unemployed/retired?  More to the point, why should the MEN be at work any more than the women?  Does she really live in such a dated universe that women are just put on the planet to sit at home and raise the children in her eyes?!

I spent most of the afternoon scanning more photos and indexing old cassette tapes.  Funnily enough, I was just scanning the photographs of the ill-fated coin operated rides on Bognor Pier in 1996 when I began singing on the cassette I was listening through "Where has my Carousel gone?" (Carousel being one of the very rides on Bognor Pier whose photograph I was scanning at the time!)  "Little things please little minds", my grandma would have said, but I do laugh at coincidences like that!

David went to Tesco on his way back to Woodberry (not even offering me the chance to go to the exciting supermarket that day, having kept us in the day before!) and bought a HUGE tub of Olivio and bottle of salad cream which wouldn't fit in our tiny fridge.  Then he proceeded to get himself a bowl of soup and spill it all over the kitchen countertops, cupboards and floor.  You have never seen such a mess in all your life!  And he just left it there for us to clean up.  Grr...

We then had to clear the hall for the man who was coming to re-lay the lino.  David had to move all the packaging from the cupboard under the stairs which I had been saving for e-Bay sales into the car (where I obviously couldn't get to it, and I had just sold £144 worth of stuff which needed to be wrapped up)!

Well, so much for writing a long blog to make up for my absence!  But, as it is now 1.30am and I can't keep my eyes open, I figure I had better go to bed.  I will be back tomorrow though - I may never catch up with this blog but I'm darned if I'm going to give up just yet!
Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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