Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mystery Birds, Love Songs for Fictional Characters and Overcoming Brace Pain!

This is probably a mistake as I have to be up early in the morning for an orthodontic AND hygienist appointment (ouch!), so should be getting an early night.  Oh well, I'm determined to make it to the end of March 2011 at least!

March 28th 2011

My teeth were beginning to feel a bit better (I was even able to chew a little!), but I was still very down about not being able to sing or speak clearly.

Mum and I went for a walk in the local park and saw a strange bird.  I still didn't have a working camera so was unable to photograph it, but from where we were standing it looked very much like a goldcrest.  For those who don't know much about birds, goldcrests are extremely rare and don't occur in our area so I'm sure it wasn't!  We were watching it for some time when a rather strange man came up and asked if we were watching the parakeets.  Well, we do see a lot of green parakeets in that park, but as they are quite large (and noisy!) I'm not quite sure why the man would think we'd need binoculars to look at them...or indeed, why he could not see and hear the birds himself!  We pointed out the little bird to him and he informed us that it was a wren.  It wasn't one of those either.  It had a definite tail, something wrens don't have.  Still we politely thanked the man for his ornothological knowledge, and he happily went on his way!

Not much else happened.  I spent most of the day scanning childhood photos and photographing Mum's precious belongings.  We watched Dancing on Ice and were shocked to discover that Vanilla Ice was eliminated before Johnson or Denise.  It just proves that the public unfairly vote for their favourite people, not for the best skaters.

We were supposed to go to Toys 'R' Us to buy a gift card for Matthew's birthday that evening, but Mum got too tired to go.  Hence, David just popped his head around the door at 10pm, dumped the shopping on the kitchen floor, threw our weekly allowance at us, picked up his bag of potatoes and went "home" to Grottsville as fast as his legs would carry him.  Nice to have such a close family, isn't it?!

March 29th 2011

Another boring day spent scanning photos and photographing Mum's "heirlooms" (like the vase from her parents' wedding which is rapidly deteriorating for no apparent reason).  She was in a deep depression regarding how she had "gone downhill over the past 15 years due to stress and misery".  Two depressive people under one roof are never a good thing and by the end of the day we had practically driven each other to despair!

Back on the ornothology topic, our garden was full of jays and magpies.  Fighting magpies that sounded exactly like electric drills, may I add!  It was quite disconcerting to hear that sound coming from a bird!

The trees opposite were covered in pretty pink blossom - I love spring, and only wish the blossom lasted longer.

In the evening, we went to Hayes Toys R Us to get Matthew's gift card.  There were still no G4s to be seen.  In fact, there were hardly any MLPs on the shelves at all.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home where I was actually able to eat a Creme Egg McFlurry.  Just a few days earlier I had been convinced that I would be eating no more sticky McFlurries until the braces came off, but I guess even orthodontic treatment can't stand between a girl and her favourite ice cream!

March 30th 2011

Yet another day of scanning, photographing, indexing tapes, arranging pony shelves and so on.  Wow, I lead such a fascinating life!

While indexing the old cassettes, I stumbled across what was quite possibly the most embarrassing recording I ever made.  What causes such great embarrassment, you ask?  Well, let's just say I apparently wrote a love song to a fictional character when I was eleven years old. o_0  The strangest thing is that I have absolutely NO recollection of writing this song...I'd question if I was sober at the time, but considering I don't even drink alcohol now, the idea of being a drunken 11-year-old isn't really a valid excuse!  It's possible that I wrote it for one of my MLP fanfictions and then decided it didn't fit.  Thank goodness for that - my mum used to listen to my fanfic tapes and I think she'd have had me locked up in the looney bin had she heard me declaring my love for a non-existant cartoon character, singing such lyrics as "When he says 'hello' I keep blushing, although not to I've tried" and "if it's what he wants I'll gladly be his sweetheart"!  My grandma used to say "You can think what you want, but never write anything down!"  Well, Desirée-of-the-Past, the same definitely applies for not RECORDING anything so absolutely stupid and humiliating.  I'm still debating whether to just destroy the tape but it makes me laugh so hard to hear my common, out-of-tune, childish voice singing such nonsense.

The most hilarious part is that I must have been embarrassed by my own recording even at the time as I then come in and make the most amusing apology you've ever heard (another reason I can't bear to record over it...oh, WHY didn't I just destroy the recording at the time?!)  I will have to upload the apology at some point for full comedic effect!  Until then, here's a transcript:

"I'm sorry that all that nonsense is on this tape, but that's going to be a song for later on in the MLP Magic series... (The best bit is still to follow...wait for it!) ...But it isn't me who sings all of it!  Part of it is sung by (insert name of fictional character's pet guinea pig here!), part of it by (insert name of fictional character's friend's pet guinea pig), part of it by me (said very hastily!) and part of it by (insert fictional character's name here - wait, so he was singing a love song to himself?!).  So I don't know why I recorded it all in my voice...and I don't know why I said all those funny words anyway (funny words = "darling", I believe!).  But I've changed the words now!  And I couldn't bear to wipe it off even though it's very ridiculous.  This is a week later...nearly.  It's the Friday afterwards! (After what exactly?  After the fateful day you got drunk, Desirée?!)  But this is..." (quickly leads into next tape topic)

The rather ironic bit is that many years later I ended up in touch with the guy who originally voiced said cartoon character.  Hmm...wonder what he'd think (or does think, if he's reading this!) of the fact that my cranky 11-year-old self wrote a song for said cartoon character based on the fact I loved his voice so much?! ;)

I won a lot of three "bait" MLPs on e-Bay including Spanish Cherries Jubilee for a total of £4.20.  The seller didn't mention the fact that CJ was Spanish so I guess she slipped through the net.

When David came home, we went to Grottsville to collect some stuff which I had sold on e-Bay.  (Ironically, I received another couple of bids as soon as we left the house!)  Mum dropped a sample for one of her many tests into the doctor's surgery on the way back and got frightened by a whole gang of seriously drunk boys staring at her from the next doorway along.  David still couldn't see a problem with living in a road filled with such unsavoury characters though.

Perhaps he felt he was in good company.  After we arrived back at Woodberry, Mum caught him leering at a video of a scantily-clad brunette on his computer.  Not knowing how much she'd seen, he claimed he "wasn't looking at pornography, but at the news".  When she pointed out that the BBC News didn't usually have videos of that kind on their website, he corrected himself and said it was "a film, and he didn't know what it was about".  Realising that he had been caught (yet again), he became incredibly nasty towards both of us as though we had done something wrong.  He refused to take Matthew's card/gift voucher to Emma's house, and said to Mum, "if there's not a problem between you and Emma, YOU can go and knock on her door with it!"  A) How was Mum supposed to get to Emma's house without a car?  B) Emma hadn't been in touch for ages again so there obviously was a problem, even though we hadn't worked out what it was.  Mum was already very distressed about it, so it was cruel of David to bring up the subject.

March 31st 2011

Worked hard on scanning, photographing, wrapping e-Bay parcels, doing housework...  I never stopped working and yet Mum kept snapping at me for "not doing anything".  I admit it seemed like nothing was getting done but I was working very hard!  When I dared to think about sitting own for a five minute break, Mum dumped another huge pile of scanning in front of me!

My hair was falling out in a bad way again...which made me think that perhaps everybody was right and the problem behind it was stress.

We went to McDonalds for more Creme Egg McFlurries in the evening.  I ended up finishing mine before Mum was even halfway through hers!  So I must be learning to eat around the braces (and block) at long last!

However, the braces had rubbed a huge sore on the inside of my lip.  I put wax over the offending bracket to stop it rubbing further, but that didn't stop it being sore or my desperate need for a drink...something I couldn't have as I ha a blood test the next morning an had to fast for 12 hours beforehand.

I found another noteworthy recording on an old cassette tape...this one a much nicer one with all of my pets of that time "talking" together.  It made me sad to hear Sparkle, Splodge, Dieselbelle and Clover, but it's always so nice to find a recording of those who have passed on.

I sorted out the merchanise "steps" for the next pony shelf, but didn't have time to catalogue and photograph the ponies to go on the shelf...

Maybe not the neatest "stepping" system in the world, but it's one way of storing extra MLP stuff!

Well, I must go now as it is 2.30am here!  I'm not sure how I'll even get through my appointments tomorrow.  I'll probably fall asleep in the dentist's chair!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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