Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wow, I'm a "professional" writer/film maker now?!

I'm being paid at least...even if it is only a pittance!  Apparently I've made over £42 from Google Adsense via my blog and Youtube account.  Of course, this is over the course of a year or more.  But maybe this is the push I need to write daily blog entries...even if it is already 1am!  Thanks for remaining my loyal readers, guys, and if you see an interesting advert on the page, you are more than welcome to take a look! xD

(The author of this blog will not be held responsible for any computer virus, spam or other unsavoury material found on any Google advertiser's website.  Please click any ads with caution. Thank you!)

April 15th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique again, this time to see the orthodontist about the broken brace.  On our way we met Vesna, my grandparents' old neighbour.  She was desperate to know if we had moved to Woodberry yet and told us that she "keeps peeping through the windows to see if there's anyone in there".  Nice to know you're being watched, huh? o_0  We lied and said we were still in Grottsville as there was no way that Woodberry was ready for such nosy, judgemental visitors yet!

She questioned me about my education too, and I came out with the age old lie.  "I'm hoping to go to university this year!"  Funny how it's become university now, when I never even went to school or college!

Our little chat made us late so Mum and I literally ran the rest of the way.  We needn't have bothered as it turned out, as the orthodontist was running late.  When I did get to see her, she just popped the bottom wire back in and told me (in a matter of fact kind of way) that I had indeed swallowed a piece of the top wire.  She didn't replace the wire though, saying there was no point doing so before my next appointment on May 13th when I would be getting a thicker wire fitted anyway.  She didn't replace/add any more resin onto the dreaded "block" either, thank goodness!

I don't remember all the details now, and can't stand to watch through a video of my ugly face tonight, but if anybody else feels like doing so, here's what I had to say at the time!

After leaving Sparkle Dental Boutique, Mum and I went for a walk in Boston Manor Park to feed the ducks...and the pigeons.  Yes, I know some people call them "Flying Rats" but I love pigeons.  The ones at Boston are really friendly and eat from your hand, but there aren't enough of them to be as overpowering as the pigeons used to be at Trafalgar Square.

We were supposed to meet David at the park, but Mum was so tired that she couldn't walk to the bench where we usually met him and ended up sitting down on the other (nearer) side of the park.  Then she was surprised that we didn't find each other until it was time for him to go back to work!

When I came home, I made the above orthodontic v-log, and did all the mundane daily chores which had become so familiar to me by this point; washing ponies, scanning photographs, indexing cassette tapes...

I wanted to have a nice relaxing bath as a reward to myself that evening, but David came in really late and went "home" to Grottsville even later, so I ended up staying up until 2am again.

April 16th 2011

David didn't turn up until noon again, which gave me a chance to watch the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I'm not sure of the name of the episode (despite forcing myself to watch it each week for the voice acting/simple fact it's part of the MLP franchise, I can honestly say I've never felt the urge to watch an episode twice!), but I think it must have been the one that showed flashbacks to when the main characters were kids.  Honestly, kill me now if you wish, bronies, but the show grates on me from start to end.  Especially the name Pinkamena Diane Pie.  Mum was on the other side of the room when the name got mentioned - we looked at each other and half laughed/half groaned simultaneously.  Ponies do NOT have human names.  I always thought that about the Best Friends Baby Ponies - I hated having a pony named "Katie" in my collection.  Somehow it didn't seem magical enough for my pony universe.  Plus Pinkie Pie has been around for years...sorry, but I'm not suddenly going to start calling my G3 Pinkies "Diane"!

(Also, thanks to certain members of the FiM fanbase, the name "Pinkamena" now holds a mixture of hate, disgust and fear for me that I never would have thought possible at the time of writing those blog notes...but that's another story for a future entry!)

And another thing that bugged me: Fluttershy's singing.  No, I'm not putting Andrea Libman down.  Not at all.  I was a huge fan of hers long before FiM and will continue to be a huge fan long after the show ends.  I actually squealed with joy when I saw her name on the cast list (although that was partially due to the show having a predominantly Canadian cast when I had feared the show was going to go all out American!)  Andrea is a lovely person, as well as being a very talented actress and a great singer with a really cute voice.  However, I will never understand how she ended up being cast as two main characters.  Especially THOSE two characters.  Besides the fact that Janyse Jaud will always be the "real" Pinkie Pie to me, the new Pinkie and Fluttershy actually have very similar voices.  The only difference is in their personality.  When they are speaking, Andrea has no trouble making them sound like two totally different people (or ponies!) as Pinkie is "OH MY GOSH HYPER AND FAST!!!" while Fluttershy is "whispering...if you don't mind..."  So the two regular speaking voices can sound quite different due to their nature.  But Fluttershy's voice is just that, a shy, quiet version of Pinkie Pie.  Try yelling or singing as Fluttershy, and suddenly you're yelling and singing as Pinkie Pie.  If you haven't heard it already, listen again to Fluttershy's song from that episode (I just looked it up; it's the Cutie Mark Chronicles) and you'll see what I mean.  Andrea starts well with that airy, whispery voice, but the nature of the song causes her to speak up and start singing in something that sounds far too similar to her Pinkie Pie voice for my ear.  It begins at "Oh, what a MAGICAL PLACE!" and never really gets back on track from there...

We went to Ealing Broadway - it was very crowded and there was some kind of noisy event with live pop music going on in the centre square so it was difficult to think straight.  My parents convinced me to tie most of my savings up for four years, then we went to Fashion4Less in search of that lovely dress.  It was STILL in the window but there was no sign of it at all in the shop.  I began to think that maybe it had come and gone and they weren't going to get another delivery after all.  I did get a nice pink t-shirt with glittery butterflies on it for a fiver though.  Apart from that, we bought vitamin supplements, Weetaflakes and padded envelopes - all very exciting, I'm sure!

David posted my e-Bay parcels for me while Mum and I were in Fashion4Less (and left us standing for ages and ages outside Holland & Barratt after that!).  One of my buyers had announced that they wanted the address on their parcel changed late the night before...well, thank goodness we hadn't already posted it then!  They'd paid two days previously, so if they were only just checking what address they'd left on the invoice, they really would have had nobody to blame except themselves.  But I'm sure I'D have been the one to receive the negative feedback for their error!

David was really nasty by telling Mum that she should walk all the way to Waitrose (a looong way from Woodberry) if she wanted to pick up their free magazine which had a voucher in it for a free eye test.  He might have known she couldn't walk that far, and why should she have to when he had a car?!  He continued to be nasty all the way to Tesco, so she and I stayed in the car while he went in to the pharmacy.  He suddenly remembered to tell me that he had seen some G3.5 MLPs in there for £1 each a few weeks previously.  Grr...why couldn't he have told me that when they were still there?!  There are still a lot of G3.5s I need for my collection...and at £1 each, I might as well have had them from new as struggle to find them at car boot sales in bad condition with no accessories!

We went to Grottsville after that.  There were loads of brand new unsavoury newspapers and magazines stacked up all over the place and Mum complained about the amount of money he was wasting on the filthy things.  "Oh, I shouldn't have anything, should I?!" he sulked, before going to the bathroom and then sleeping on the landing for ages before he finally allowed us to go home.  I brought my MLP t-shirts with me which almost filled my entire wardrobe.  Well, at least now I would be forced to actually wear them!  The quicker they wore out, the quicker I could get some more, different clothes!  They were all coated in dust from hanging on the airing cupboard door for years and my Princess Sparkle hoodie's shoulder had actually faded to white where the sun beamed through the window all day long.

David agreed to stop at Waitrose on the way back, but they no longer had the magazine with the free eye test voucher in it.  Oh well, Mum always loved being parked in Waitrose car park as there seemed to be a never ending supply of interesting people to watch around there.  Today was the case of a woman yelling at a man for being "so vulgar" and then asking a random woman if she was all right.  Neither of us had seen anything happen between any of them, and Mum got cross with me for having been talking which meant she didn't know what was going on. better way to spend an evening than watching Waitrose Car Park: The Soap Opera through Windowscreen TV!

We had chips for dinner.  David claimed he didn't want any and just got Mum and I one portion between us.  Then he hovered over me like a dog, waiting for left overs and salivating.  He told me to "take some more", then got annoyed that he didn't have enough and asked to have the extra chips I'd taken back!  As it happened, I ended up with all the hard ones (which I couldn't chew with braces) that had dropped to the bottom of the pile on my plate, and he got a whole plate full of soft fluffy chips.  Grr...

Well, I am too tired to continue now, so I will have to leave it there again.  Only two days of blogging done and even that has taken me 90 minutes. o_0  I'll never catch up at this rate!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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