Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rude People and Rusty Carpets!

Oh dear, it's going to be yet another looong night.  The computer is on its very last legs (it took me three tries just to get it to turn on this morning, and it's so slow that my words are taking around ten seconds to register after I type them!) and I have a lot of photographs and other stuff on the hard drive which I really don't want to lose.  So here I am, at 1.36am, waiting for them to load onto a flash drive...and it is taking forever.  I don't even know if I'll be able to turn the computer on again so I really want to get the job done before bed.  But I am so very tired and have to be up early in the morning.  *Yawns*  It's no wonder I feel ill all the time, is it?!

Oh well, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be stuck here, so I might as well write a blog entry while I wait!

May 1st 2011

We went to Hounslow Heath car boot sale and were early for once in our lives.  Too early.  We arrived fifteen minutes before the entry fee was reduced to a sensible price so we had to wait outside while I watched the dealers who had paid extra to get into the car boot sale early with frustration.  David stood well back, allowing other people to get in front of us in the "queue" (if you could call it that!) and even when I did get him to move nearer to the gate, the latecomers elbowed us out the way and pushed past in order to get in first.  They were like a pack of wolves, all eager to get a taste of a hunk of meat with no regard whatsoever for those around them.

This put me in a very bad mood, but it turned out to be a good boot sale with lots of ponies dotted around.  None I wanted, but it was good to see that the dealers hadn't snapped them all up anyway!

I came away with two Care Bears and a Rainbow Brite Sprite, all of whom have since been sold.

The couple from whom I bought Good Luck Bear also had a vintage Littlest Pet Shop Playset for sale.  They wanted £5 for it though and wouldn't let me look inside to see what was included for the price "in case the little pieces fell out on the grass", so I left it there.  Even now I think of that pet shop and wonder what treasures lurked within!  Then I remind myself that the rattling I could hear coming from inside could have been caused by false teeth, rat droppings or any other number of nasty things.  How ridiculous to expect people to buy something without looking at it beforehand!

Another thing I regret not getting at that car boot sale was a really crazy fake Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pie.  It was in the exact same mould as the real one, had a balloon symbol/cutie mark and even wore a similar tu-tu, but it was in purple with rainbow coloured hair!  I was too embarrassed to ask the price or find out whether it worked or not...but I would love to know what it did/said!

That afternoon we went to Grottsville for cottage pie.  The house was falling into a worse and worse state and really desperately needed to be emptied so that builders could move in.  But, while Mum and I at least tried to work at clearing the place up, David just sat and watched "V" on television.  Could he really see no urgency in getting that place sorted out before the damp caused the whole house to rot away?!

I rearranged my pony shelves again and managed to get all of the G1 ponies on the left hand side.  (Before that, the last few G1s had overflowed onto the G2 shelf!)  But it was not easy to see them all with everyone packed so closely together.  And I was still hoping to keep a lot of my duplicate/variant ponies as well!

May 2nd 2011

There had been dirty water stains running down the bathroom wall for months.  Mum finally convinced David to take a look at them but he couldn't tell what was wrong, so he and I went into the back alley to have a look from outside.  As the garden here is overgrown and unuseable, I rarely see the back of the house and was shocked by how awful it looked with crooked tiles and white paint everywhere.  It appeared as though the builders had failed to fill in properly between two or three of the bricks though which could be what was allowing water to get through.

Another thing that concerned me was noticing that the house two doors away (on the other side of the central alley) where the drunken youths party frequently has access to our back alley.  So, if the mood took them, they could actually walk along the bottom of our garden and jump over the fence. >.<

My left arm kept trembling which was quite scary actually.  I wasn't sure if it was caused by some kind of trapped nerve or whether it was just due to me being so darn cold all the time.  Then again, WHY was I cold all the time?  I've always been a "hot" person of the type who wears t-shirts even on the coldest winter days, so why had I suddenly started shivering and shaking?!

David wasted his day in the bathroom and then complained about doing a little bit of scanning as "nobody else will do it".  You can say a lot of things about me, but that's just not fair, considering the hours and hours of my life I was putting into trying to scan everything before our trip to America.  As well as scanning, I washed fifty ponies, photographed the Flutter Ponies and adult Sea Ponies and struggled to get the latter into the Paradise Estate swimming pool which was up on top of my shelves out of reach even from the top rung of the step ladder!

All of the Flutters/Sea Ponies were lying on my floor waiting to be photographed, but when I picked them up I discovered this on my beautiful cream carpet...

I can't have dried Seawinkle out properly following her bath so that when I tipped her on her side, the water seeped out, causing a stain from her already rusty innards. >.<  I tried my best to clean the stain, but I was still left with this...

It's bang in the middle of my carpet so not even an easy place to cover up.  I can't have anything nice for five minutes, eh?!

David and I went to Tesco in the evening.  It was horribly crowded but there were no queues and next to nobody at the checkouts.  It was also closing time by the time we left.  o_0  So what were all of those people intending on doing with their shopping trolleys heaped high with groceries?  Were they going to bypass the checkouts and leave without paying?!

Mum wasn't feeling very well.  I got her some ice cream to stop her having to get up and serve herself.  Within a few minutes, David had made a rare appearance from upstairs (did he smell the ice cream?!) and demanded she got some for him.  He also mae her do his laundry late that night while he was at work.  He really doesn't seem to notice when she's not feeling well.

Well, I didn't get very far with that again, did I?  But I'm too tired to think straight now so I really must get to bed.  See you all tomorrow, I hope?

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eye Tests, New Cameras, Royal Weddings and Pretty Little Dresses

Well, it's almost 2am, I finally sucked up courage to wash my hair and lost a LOT, and the ghosts are back in force.  I should be in bed, but I really don't feel like it right now.  However, my loss of sleep is your gain of a blog entry!

April 27th 2011

I woke up "early" (7.45am - ha, well, that's early compared to the time I've been getting up lately...but when I sit up into the not-so-early hours, it's not really surprising, is it?!), but less than ever got done.

David rang the optician and tried to make an appointment for Mum who wanted new glasses before we went to America.  But they had no appointments until May 9th!  There was no guarantee she'd even GET her new glasses in time now.

But then, a couple of hours later, they called us back and informed us of a cancellation at 2.15pm that very same day.  He gave us a lift in the car, but then went back to work.  Mum wouldn't let me wander around the shops while she was having her eye test (it would have "stressed her so much that they wouldn't have got a proper result"!), so I got stuck sitting in the waiting room for 90 minutes while numerous staff glared at me and asked what I was doing there.  It was highly embarrassing.

The shops were crowded with schoolkids by the time we left so we had to walk straight home.  I was annoyed as I desperately needed a couple of things (like mascara and hair removal stuff which I don't like buying in front of Mum), so it would have been the perfect opportunity for a private shopping trip.  Mum got upset that I wanted to go in Boots on my own anyway though as she'd "thought I was over secrecy". >.<

A man replied to an enquiry we'd made on a Streatham local history forum about one of my favourite coin operated ride firms, Edwin Hall & Co.  He sent me a few interesting items for the website I'm working on (which I was hoping to have up and running by now actually, but it turned out a lot more research was needed than I originally thought!), including a newspaper article about the company dating from 1956 - just two years after it was founded.  Very interesting stuff indeed.

I had a hot cross bun for tea which somehow caused my braces to get bent out of shape.  This came as no real surprise as my jaw had been clicking for several days.  I did manage to pop the wire back into the bracket, so hopefully the treatment wouldn't be set back again.

April 28th 2011

David came in at lunch time and took us to the curtain shop to order pelmets and curtains for the front room.  Then Mum and I had a nice walk in the park and met a lovely friendly whippet named Twiggy.  Her owner was equally nice and let us fuss over Twiggy for quite some time.  I miss having pets of my own.

I was feeling really happy about my teeth and quite literally couldn't stop smiling.  I couldn't believe how quickly the braces were working.  Even by that stage, nobody would have known that I'd ever had overcrowded front teeth.  It was crazy how something that had bothered (and hurt) me for years - and which the NHS had claimed couldn't be sorted out without surgery - had been fixed in such a short space of time.  Of course, nothing can ever be perfect, can it?  My hair was thinning more and more all the time and giving me a new self confidence issue to replace my crooked teeth!

Then came another misery.  We found out that Boo, the gorgeous Arab horse from Redwings Horse Sanctuary who Mum adopted for my niece Abigale, had passed away quite suddenly.  He wasn't even particularly old.  I only got to meet him a handfull of times but would definitely miss him.  He had such a great temperament and was always looking for attention.

(I think I already posted that video on my blog, but I thought it was a good time to re-post!)  RIP Boo.

On a happier note (and boy, did we need one right now!), a certain someone who knew how my camera had been smashed two and a half years previously and who knew how desperately I wanted a new one to take to the US with us very, very kindly sent me his old one.  Not just any old one either...the Pentax M50 which I had been jealously drooling over for years!  It's an updated version of my old smashed Pentax M20 and has so many more features than most modern cameras, with recording mode for audio only as well as movies, a fantastic zoom and great picture quality.  It also takes photos in a sensible size so that you don't have to re-size everything before e-mailing them.  That's one thing I hate about modern cameras - sure, they take "better quality" pictures, but the file sizes are always so big!  Impossible for sharing on a slow computer like mine.  The kind person (who shall remain unnamed but will be reading this!) in question claimed he no longer needed the camera as he had a new Canon model, but I know he has been quietly cursing about giving up the M50.  I really do appreciate it, and have taken some wonderful photos since then which just wouldn't have been possible without it, but I do sometimes feel a little guilty about keeping his lovely camera!

I sat up into the early hours watching "Enchanted" on the i-player.  That's me, isn't it?  Leave it until the last minute and then sit up all night to make sure you see it before it goes off!

April 29th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  In fact, David (who had been sleeping at Grottsville as usual) called us to say that he had been sick and wouldn't even be coming to visit us.  What a happy family I have!

Mum, being the weird patriot she is, was desperate to watch the Royal Wedding but of course we have no TV at Woodberry.  She watched a bit of it live on the internet but had to stop when I told her it was illegal considering we had no TV license.  I don't know why, but the wedding put me in a really bad mood for no real reason.  Perhaps it was Mum keep preaching about our wonderful country (which I hate seeing falling further into ruin with each passing day and am so desperate to leave), perhaps it was all the sexist stuff that had been said about "Oh, let's hope Kate has a BOY first as it would be awful if a GIRL took priority and was next in line to the throne" and the wording of the ceremony, "If any MAN has reason to object, forever hold HIS peace", or perhaps it was just the fact that weddings always put me in a mood (probably due to the fact I know I'll never walk down the aisle, and bitterly state I don't WANT to, even though deep down I'm so desperate to love and be loved).  I was already in a state about my hair, so it could have been a combination of many things.

Anyway, Mum got angry with me for ruining her illegal showing of the wedding.  "What's the matter with you?  Two people you'll know just got very happily married," she spat at me. WTH?  How does she know how happy they were?  Does SHE know them?!  She was disappointed by the royal family arriving in mini buses as we apparently "need to show off to the foreigners" (she was annoyed that a few of my American and Canadian friends weren't saying completely positive things about the wedding on Facebook).  It was "none of their business anyway - WE should be proud as a nation for having something they don't have".  Well, good luck with that.  I refuse to think of myself as part of this nation the way that it's become.  Let's be proud of the unique British seaside with its amusement arcades, bucket and spade shops, donkey rides and Punch & Judy shows.  Oh, but we can't, because we're building endless apartment blocks where all of those traditional things used to be.  Let's be proud of our National Health Service, with our enormous waiting lists and terrible treatment even if you survive to reach the top of them.  Let's be proud of our magnificent politicians, putting us in worse and worse debt while living the lives of kings and queens themselves.  And finally, let's be proud of our Royal Family - the prince who got a divorce and intends to make Camilla queen, the prince who married the "girl next door" from just up the street from us (not that I'm objecting to marriages based on love instead of status.  But MUM herself has been complaining about "commoners" marrying into the Royal family she's suddenly so proud of), the prince who runs around in the nude in Las Vegas...  You're welcome to that lot, Mum!

I shouldn't whine about my hair either as "her auntie Marjory (the one with alopecia universalis) lost all of her hair and she got on with her life.  She was a bitch who worked and didn't care about her daughter.  That's what you want, isn't it?"  Now what was that nasty comment all about?  I thought she believed right up until a couple of days ago that I didn't want kids at all?!  And how does not having hair make me any more or less suited to working/being a mother?!

I got so sick of her that I changed my clothes with the intention of going out for a walk.  But the road was full of nasty drunken youngsters celebrating the wedding with a garden party two doors away and I chickened out of walking past them.  They were still out there at midnight, despite it pouring with rain!  I heard a sound like someone coming through the front door and jumped a mile.  Mum shouted at me for being scared.  "People get drunk.  They don't always cause trouble." she said.  That was never her opinion in the past!  Perhaps SHE would have liked to have joined them and drunk herself silly to celebrate the wedding of two people who, as she pointed out, we didn't even know?!

I had a bath before bed, but didn't dare to wash my hair again.

April 30th 2011

David came early with the intention of going to Denham car boot sale but we overslept, so he just took some rubbish to the refuse centre while we got dressed.  When he got back here, he rolled around the floor for ages telling us how sick he felt, before driving us to Ealing Broadway.  We stayed in the car as it was too hot to be worth battling the crowds in our eyes.  It turned out that the bank was shut on saturday afternoons anyway so it was a waste of time and money to park the car.  He blamed us for not going out earlier (but HE was the one who'd rolled around the floor for ages!), then brought us back to Woodberry in silence.

He spent another few hours in the bathroom, then took us to Uxbridge.  I would have had a nice time walking around the shops, but Mum felt ill.  David bought three G3.5s on a half price offer at The Entertainer for my birthday.  I bought a couple of G3 fakies in Poundland and another nice summer dress in TKMaxx.  It was a size 10 so I was surprise that it fitted, but it did.  Mum told me I needed to wear leggings underneath it if I intended to wear it though as it ended at just above knee length. >.<

She told Emma about my "pretty little dresses" that evening, obviously trying to make her laugh at me, but Emma ignored her.  In fact, Emma wrote to me wishing me a nice holiday as "I deserved it". o_0  Sorry, Emma, it's very kind of you to write nice letters to me...but I don't think I can fit you in my suitcase if that's what you were hoping!

Well, it's now 3am so I really ought to force myself to bed!  Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow with a May 2011 blog... Perhaps we'll finally get up to date in 2015!  Let's hope the world doesn't really end this year or you guys will never know the end of my story!  And I know you're just dying to know all the exciting things that have happened in the last sixteen months!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Big Bank Holiday Boot Sales and Noisy Nephews and Nieces!

I'm trying so hard to write an entry each night, but I just never have time.  ALL my internet time seems to get eaten by e-Bay these days and I still have about 150 items to list this week.

April 25th 2011

We did end up going to the big bank holiday car boot sale at Epsom, but David got us there so late that it was pretty much pointless.  There were still a few odd ponies (mainly fakies) dotted here and there, but it was obvious that a dealer had already been around snapping up anything of value.

I still came home with this cute fake MLP plushie though.

It was so hot outside that David insisted on turning the air conditioner up to its maximum, meaning it was bitterly cold in the car.  It's a wonder we didn't all get chills going from one extreme temperature to another!  Mum had brought some iced buns, thinking we'd be hungry after walking around such a big car boot sale, but refused to eat hers as "it had melted".  It hadn't melted.  How could it have melted in such a cold car?!

We visited my sister and her family in the afternoon.  Emma was in a strangely pleasant mood.  Too pleasant really, considering how long she had been out of touch.  She didn't even mention my braces, even though she must have noticed them.  She did snap something about how lucky I was that David was paying for me to go on holiday to the US but that was the worst that was said all day!

I took a lot of my old toys over there, including my beloved dolls house.  I'm always a bit sad about handing over my things because I was such a careful child and kept everything in lovely condition, but within an afternoon, the kids had managed to lose almost all of the furniture and break various pieces off of the front of the house. *Sighs*  They just don't raise them like they used to, eh?! xD

I didn't manage to get many nice pictures of the kids unfortunately and have none at all of Abigale.  I did take this film of Abigale dancing though.  Please ignore all the wrong notes I hit - I had already spent most of the afternoon singing (when I wasn't building Lego towers, that is!) and was a bit worn out.  Plus it's rather hard to concentrate when other children keep running up in front of you, shouting and pulling your already thinning hair!

April 26th 2011

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  I slept for nine long hours, but was still tired out after the previous day!  I have great respect for anyone who can cope with that many children without going completely crazy.

I spent the day on the usual boring jobs - scanning, washing ponies, saving blog entries, indexing tapes... I was working so hard but getting nowhere fast enough.

David and I assembled another set of shelves in the evening, despite the fact that I could hardly keep my eyes open by that point.  I wish Mum would have more faith in herself and assemble things with me at a sensible time of day.  David isn't very good anyway, and ended up doing everything in the wrong order and having to take the shelves apart and start again.  Even then he put the back on upside down, but luckily it's not too noticeable!

Emma had told us that "Allan" wanted us to play Farmville on Facebook (funny, considering "he" mainly played it when he was at school! >.<), so Mum wanted me to start playing for both of us as she couldn't understand it!  Grr... how did she think I had time for another job, for goodness sake?

Well, these blog entries are getting shorter and shorter.  But I guess I'm at least writing something every day now.  Maybe I'll have more time tomorrow...IF the whole day doesn't get swallowed up by e-Bay chores again!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shaking and shivering...

Well, my heart has stopped pounding today but I am SO very, very cold!  I don't know if it's really cold in this house or if it's still my nerves messing me about.  I do wish something nice would happen, but with both of my parents doing everything in their power to ensure I can't do what I want to do with my own life, it doesn't seem very likely.

April 20th 2011

Mum and I decided to walk to West Ealing.  It was noon by the time we got there and very hot.  Of course, Mum blamed me for making us so late to leave, despite the fact that she was the one who had spent ages chatting after breakfast.  It was hardly worth it anyway.  Our main reason for going was to find unusual Easter presents for Emma's kids (they always have far too many chocolate eggs from Nick's family), but she was feeling too mean to spend any money anyway

It wasn't a total waste of time though, as I managed to get some new underwear and two pairs of pretty shoes.  Then I found a 1980s Care Bears egg cup for 49p in one of the charity shops.   The best was yet to come when I finally found the dress I had fallen in love with in Peacocks!  They only had one on the shelf (I presume somebody had returned it), but it just happened to be in my size.  And so, for the price of £20, I came home with my first ever dress.  Mum tried to put me off, saying it looked like an "old lady's dress with its lace and floral pattern" but I was sick of wearing leggings and just wanted something nice to wear for once.

And here's an (awful) photo of me wearing the dress...  Ugh!

As an added bonus, the above photo shows how my pony shelves looked at this point.  In fact, it was on this day that I filled the final shelf...with 37 adult ponies still remaining! >.<  It looked as though I would have to rearrange them all again, cramming more ponies into a smaller space (if that was even possible).

While we were in West Ealing, Vesna (my grandparents' old neighbour who we had bumped into on the way to Sparkle Dental Boutique a few days previously) had put an Easter card through the front door.  Do you remember how she told us that she kept "peeping through the windows hoping to see us in the house"?  Well, funnily enough, when we arrived back at Woodberry, the sheet of polystyrene that Mum had put at the front room window as a temporary curtain had fallen down!  I can't help but wonder if Vesna also rattled the windows to get any obstacles out of her way and give herself a clearer view!

I was getting increasingly frustrated by the so-called "bronies" all over Youtube.  A few weeks earlier I hadn't even heard of the surge of young boys fawning over the new My Little Pony cartoon, now I had them attacking me over comments I had written on G1-G3 MLP videos before FiM was even created.  Yes, I like the previous generation cartoons, especially Tales and G3, for the voice acting.  And yes, I prefer Tales and G3 over FiM (although this was obviously not stated in the comments on which they were replying, considering they were written before FiM even existed!).  Does this mean I deserve to be "killed with fire" or to "die of cancer"?  I think not.

April 21st 2011

David took a day off work.  We went to the curtain shop, but the women who worked in there all seemed a little doolally!  I wasn't sure I really trusted them to make our curtains!  Then again, everyone seemed a bit addled that day...

Our next stop was Grottsville to pick up our passports.  David went in the bathroom for ages and then started cleaning Mum's toilet-shaped plantholder which had been hanging on the kitchen wall since before I was born.  After all the toilet dealings, he managed to forget the passports.  We were halfway back to Woodberry before we realised this and had to turn round for them!

Next my parents went to see the lawyer about writing their wills.  I was asked to come along to jog their memories about things, but I really wish I hadn't as I have been blamed ever since for causing them to make mistakes (even though I was quiet almost the whole time and only spoke once to remind Mum about something she'd wanted to ask).  The real reason that things went wrong was due to the two men in the room.  The lawyer himself had very strange ideas, and David seemed drunk!  He began talking complete gibberish.  The lawyer offered him water and David kept pouring more and more for himself, his voice becoming more slurred the more he drank! o_0  It was a very hot day so that might have been the cause of everybody's madness, but it was quite disturbing at the time!

On the way back to the car, we passed the clothing shop where I had seen the black rose patterned dress.  It was still in the window but not in stock.  I was beginning to doubt it would ever arrive now...  Oh well, at least I'd got the Peacocks dress, and that one was a lot nicer really.

April 22nd 2011

Good Friday, and my goodness, was it a hot one!  I've rarely known such a hot April.  I overslept and found the bed drenched in sweat.  I really needed something thinner than a winter duvet for nights like those!

David arrived before I'd even finished my breakfast so I had to gulp down the remainder of my cereal as fast as I could.  Then we went to John Lewis in Brent Cross to look at curtains and order some samples.  I was so hot and tired that I had to sit on the floor in the middle of the shop, and was actually hallucinating that I had sat on a chair!  I couldn't even go in New Look as it was so unbearably hot. >.<

Next we went to Laura Ashley and Home Sense at the retail park across the road.  My parents ordered some more curtain samples at LA, while I spent the time glaring at a man who wouldn't stop leering at me wherever I walked.  We were looking for photo frames in Home Sense, but there weren't any there.  I did find the Welcome to Ponyville MLP book complete with placemat and figurines though.  I'd wanted those little figures for a long while and couldn't resist buying it even though I had nowhere to keep the book!

David wanted to go to Grottsville after that to wash some old toys I had put aside for Emma's kids (we were to visit them on Easter Monday as usual), but Mum was starving by this point and made us come straight home.

David went to work in the evening, supposedly to "do things for us". (Although I have no idea what things he was doing!)  I had a bath, but was finding it increasingly hard and stressful to try and wash my hair with no shower attachment.  Pouring buckets of water over my head just wasn't cutting it with my hair loss problem.

Some Canadian records were made free on for the day so Mum was able to research her grandma's sister Lou who emigrated to Quebec and lost touch with this side of the family a few years later.  It soon transpired that Lou had met a man, got married and had three children over there, despite being in her 30s when she moved (quite old to be starting a new life back then, I think).  Unfortunately, she died as a result of complications following childbirth so she didn't get to enjoy living in her new country for very long; the kids grew up without a mum and my great grandma died thinking her late sister just didn't want to know her anymore.  A very sad story indeed.

April 23rd 2011

I always go to a car boot sale on Easter weekend but Mum had announced we couldn't go to the usual one at Epsom on Monday as it would make her too tired to see Emma & co. in the afternoon so we'd agreed to go to Denham on saturday instead.  But it didn't happen as she was too hot and didn't want to waste the day.  Nothing else got done anyway though really.

We went in the car to Laura Ashley but didn't bother to get out the other end when David went to order the curtains.  Mum was in a terrible state for most of the journey, convinced that she was going to throw up.  "Stop laughing at the wireless!  I said I feel sick!  Didn't you hear me?  I'm going to be sick!"  She wasn't sick thankfully, but still insisted we came straight home "in case she felt sick again".

It was still very hot but a much-needed thunderstorm came suddenly in the middle of the afternoon and cooled us all down a bit.  After that, Mum felt well enough to hang a few things on the walls and David reluctantly agreed to do so.  He was in such a bad mood though that it's a miracle something didn't get broken!  He very nearly dropped a mirror on the floor (not that it could have made our luck much worse for the next seven years anyway!) and managed to bend a nail in his anger.

I managed to rearrange my ponies in such a way that they would all fit on the shelves.  Sure, you couldn't see the back rows of ponies very clearly anymore as I'd had to put a second row of ponies standing sideways on in front of them, but at least they were all there.

April 24th 2011

It was a very boring, lonely Easter.  Isn't it always?  Almost everything is shut, the weather is usually miserable one way or another, and we're not the "happy families visit each other for Easter dinner" types!

David wasted most of his day in the bathroom, then we went to Grottsville to wash the toys for the kids and to iron Mum's trousers in preparation for the great day out.  On the way we had passed through Ealing Broadway and seen that Holland & Barratt was open so David stopped and bought a vegetarian cottage pie for dinner.  It was nice, but very dry compared to the Quorn one.

In the evening, I heard David listening to Disney's "Enchanted" on his computer.  I'd wanted to see the movie for ages but it wasn't available on the likes of Youtube, of course.  It turned out it had been on TV and was on the BBC i-player for a week.  It didn't occur to David to tell me about this though...apparently he had no idea I wanted to see it, even though he must know I have a mini-fixation with the song "True Love's Kiss" and sing it frequently!

Well, I was hoping to get a bit further than that, but again my bed is calling me away!  Thanks for reading, guys, and please tune in tomorrow for another installment!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

I think I'm going to have a heart attack...

I'm not kidding.  I've had a terrible pain in my chest all day long, I'm struggling to catch my breath, can hear my heart pounding and pounding and keep going dizzy and light-headed as though I could just drift away.  I am under EXTREME stress right now so I'm sure that's the cause but my parents are not helping.  I had chest pains when I was talking to a certain someone on Skype last night and he took it upon himself to risk getting his head bitten off and e-mail Mum to tell her just how ill I looked and that he was worried about me.  She wrote him a short, sharp response apparently and told him she will make sure I go to a doctor if I really need one.  Then ALL day long she has been "secretly" discussing with David every time I leave the room (do they really think I'm that hard of hearing?!) how they can get rid of this guy as he is getting too close to me - we've never even met, for God's sake! - and she fears me escaping to Canada or doing something as "stupid" as she did and becoming a "filthy breeder".  Apparently I should "get my story straight" as I've always said I didn't want to emigrate and only wanted to go to Canada for two years to study.  I've also repeatedly said that I hate "dribbly children" and so she thought I was "sensible".

Huh?  I've always made it quite clear that I want to emigrate, haven't I?  I said that I would like the chance to study overseas so that I got a taste of living in the country BEFORE taking the leap and moving there permanently. I've also always said I wanted a couple of children if I escaped to a decent country and ended up with a certain someone (I swear I shall never feel for anyone else the way I feel for him) but apparently she has control over what I do with my body and I am EVIL to even contemplate leaving her, much less having kids.  So they are quietly plotting how they can introduce me to "nice young people in this country" so that I will no longer feel the need to talk to a guy I consider to have been one of my closest friends the last five and a half years...and who also appears to be the only one who picks up or even CARES when I am potentially seriously ill.  Thank you very much, parents!

That being said, I guess I should get on with catch up blogging.  Even if my heart doesn't pack up and I don't drop dead on the spot, I only have a few days before my prison sentence begins.  Don't worry, it's not at a real prison (I have comitted no crime!) but it may as well be the way I'm feeling right now...

April 17th 2011

I didn't leave the, you can just feel the excitement oozing out of this blog entry already, can't you?!  David was in an awful mood and wasted most of his day in the bathroom.  He didn't want to do "anythink" useful and flew off the handle when Mum brought a couple of pictures up the stairs to be hung on the wall.  He shouted and swore and actually jumped up and down on the spot in his anger!  (Yes, seriously.  I wish I'd managed to film him!)  Apparently, he didn't think that "putting things on the wall was more important than..."  He trailed off.  More important than what, we asked.  "Why does it matter???" he snapped at nobody in particular.  Sometimes I wonder why we even bother with men!

Later, I was browsing Youtube for newly uploaded MLP commercials and stumbled across this little gem...

I almost didn't find it amongst all the Friendship is Magic nonsense, but I was so glad that I did.  I love old commercials!  They make me feel nostalgic somehow...even if they do date from a time before I remember and come from a different country to the one where I am stuck!

The MLP commercial (for Secret Surprise Ponies) is at 22:16 and it is a rather strange one really.  I'd never heard that advert jingle before and find the combination of BAD animation (heck, if ever the term "hippo ponies" was deserved, it's here!) and a clip from the original My Little Pony TV Special's theme tune...which dates from seven years before this advert was shown!

Other noteworthy points of this video (to me at least!) are the My Pretty Mermaids commercials at 17:02 and 34:08, which both use the MLP theme tune! (No wonder Hasbro had changed the MLP advert jingle by this point!)  Then we have the Care Bears advert at 03:44.  I had no idea they were even still making Care Bears in 1991...and those bears look so little like the Care Bears I know and love that I probably would have thought they were fakes had I seen them at a car boot sale!  Does anybody know if these were ever sold in the UK?  And finally the Bucky O'Hare bumper at 04:21 featuring a certain actor by the name of Shane Meier...  I never thought I'd have the chance to hear that bumper.  Now I want to see the "welcome back" one they played at the END of advertisement breaks!

I loved hearing that North Western accent on the weatherview forecasts too!  Thank you, Youtube user Thepasswordisfail, for brightening an otherwise sad and gloomy afternoon sixteen months ago!

Unlike David, our next door neighbour Mark was in the mood to be busy (as usual) and was pottering around his garden for most of the day.  While we were eating our dinner, he decided to wander into the back alley (along the end of our garden) to trim some of the ivy in the alley and throw his rubbish out.  But then he just stood and stared at us eating.  It was horrible.  The one thing I hate about this house is the lack of privacy from the neighbours.  It comes as a nasty shock after living in a house with high fences all round the garden and a huge tall garage across the bottom of it!

David finally cheered up when it was time to go "home" to sleep in Grottsville.  Well, he would do, wouldn't he?  He had successfully got through another weekend without having to lift a finger towards clearing either house up.

April 18th 2011

Having wasted the weekend, David took it upon himself to book a carpenter to hang some shelves on the walls.  Mum quickly pointed out that the shelves couldn't go up until the windows were measured for curtains (some shelves were going near to the window frames, and we needed to know where the curtains would hang to see if they would fit), so David had to cancel the carpenter and book a guy to come and measure the windows instead.

I tried to scan some more of Mum's photos, but the scanner wasn't working.  It turned out that David hadn't connected the cable to the right point after using his laptop up in the loft the night before, but as he had never showed me where the cable was supposed to be connected, I didn't realise this and couldn't get on with the scanning.  I washed some more ponies, but there was no hot water, and saved a few more of my old blog entries.

There was another big argument about wills.  Mum seemed convinced that Emma and I were just waiting for her to die so that we could get the inheritance.  I told her I'd like my half to go to an animal charity if I pre-deceased her and she went wild, saying that she couldn't afford to change it and that it stated that if either of us pre-deceased her, the money would go to our children.  (Wow, this is rather interesting, bearing today's argument, mentioned in the introduction to this entry, in mind).  I pointed out that I don't HAVE any children and she told me I would have by the time she died.  This angered me, considering that minutes before she'd been telling me how I would not get the education I needed to emigrate...proving she obviously still believed I would bear ENGLISH grandchildren for her. Ugh.  No thanks.  Not after my terrible upbringing.  This country has gone to the dogs in my eyes - the only thing I ever liked about it was the traditional British seaside and we've even let that go now.  The health system sucks, the educational system sucks, the government sucks, the general publics' lack of intelligence and direction in life sucks...  I could go on, but I'm probably better leaving it there!

David and I went to Tesco in the evening.  He was surprised that I wanted to go (apparently he thinks I want to stay indoors all the time!), and Mum tried to put me off by telling me that I'd "get lost and be surrounded by young men" (?!)  When I went anyway, she came running out into the road afterwards, SCREAMING to get our attention, holding my mobile phone out to me "in case we got seperated".  Crikey, anybody would think we were going to explore a war zone rather than walking into a shop to buy a load of bread!

Mum went through her jewellery drawer and offloaded another ton of her unwanted jewellery on me.  Mainly earrings, which I'm not sure about wearing.  I don't even have pierced ears at the moment so it doesn't really effect me but I do want to get them done eventually.  What are your thoughts on second hand earrings?  They did only belong to my mum who hasn't worn them for well over twenty years.  I know she always kept her piercings clean too and never had any problems with infections and so on.  Still, it seems a bit weird to have used earrings in my drawer...but there are some really pretty ones which I couldn't stand to throw away!

April 19th 2011

Mum and I went for a stroll in the park which wasn't very pleasant as the weather was hot and the park was full of screaming children.  David had his ECG which was all clear.  I did the usual, scanning photographs, washing ponies, indexing tapes, saving blog entries etc., but was still shouted at that I wasn't doing enough.  I took a quick break and got myself some dinner in the form of a tin of Tesco ravioli which turned out to be about 1/2 foul-tasting, watery tomato sauce!  Yuck.  I won't be having that as an alternative to Heinz again in a hurry!

I was very stressed about my lack of education and didn't know where to start looking for advice.  I asked Mum to help me but my question was met by stony silence followed by her telling me to think of something else.  Looking at the local university websites didn't give me any information about the courses available, only on the nearby pubs and night clubs!  What sort of mad place is this?!

A nice old Indian man came to measure the windows for curtains and told us that my second hand MLP curtains were (miraculously) just the right size for the window!  He didn't even charge David as "they are neighbours and both of them are old men"!  Charming.  This man is about 80, by the way, and helps out at his daughter's shop sometimes.  Nice to know he thinks my father is of a similar age, isn't it?!

That night we went to McDonalds for Creme Egg McFlurries and Mum got in a panic that she was choking on the sauce.  I think she just swallowed some down rather too quickly.  That sickly sweet sauce does have a tendency to sting the back of your throat sometimes... But you know my mum.  She began clasping her throat and acting as though she was dying.  Stress, stress and more stress...

Well, I did hope to get a bit further than that, but I really need some sleep now.  Maybe I'll find time to write an extra long entry tomorrow.  Even this amount is better than nothing, I guess.  Funnily enough, my chest isn't hurting now.  I wonder if that's due to me calmly writing a blog entry or the fact that I have been talking to that oh-so-terrible person who my parents are sneakily, quietly plotting to dispose of.  As Mum said earlier, "he has become like part of the furniture around here" and we can't have someone who cares about Desirée or brings her any joy around for long, can we?  Well, I know the guy in question will be reading this so let me take this opportunity to once again thank you for being there for me and making me laugh when I need it most.  Even if we do lose touch before we even have the chance to meet, you have made a lasting impact on my life and got me through some difficult times.  Whatever happens, I feel sure our lives will improve in the not too distant future.  Keep wishing and hoping...

To the rest of my readers, thank you for continuing to tune in despite the long gaps between entries!  I love you all!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx