Monday, 3 September 2012

Big Bank Holiday Boot Sales and Noisy Nephews and Nieces!

I'm trying so hard to write an entry each night, but I just never have time.  ALL my internet time seems to get eaten by e-Bay these days and I still have about 150 items to list this week.

April 25th 2011

We did end up going to the big bank holiday car boot sale at Epsom, but David got us there so late that it was pretty much pointless.  There were still a few odd ponies (mainly fakies) dotted here and there, but it was obvious that a dealer had already been around snapping up anything of value.

I still came home with this cute fake MLP plushie though.

It was so hot outside that David insisted on turning the air conditioner up to its maximum, meaning it was bitterly cold in the car.  It's a wonder we didn't all get chills going from one extreme temperature to another!  Mum had brought some iced buns, thinking we'd be hungry after walking around such a big car boot sale, but refused to eat hers as "it had melted".  It hadn't melted.  How could it have melted in such a cold car?!

We visited my sister and her family in the afternoon.  Emma was in a strangely pleasant mood.  Too pleasant really, considering how long she had been out of touch.  She didn't even mention my braces, even though she must have noticed them.  She did snap something about how lucky I was that David was paying for me to go on holiday to the US but that was the worst that was said all day!

I took a lot of my old toys over there, including my beloved dolls house.  I'm always a bit sad about handing over my things because I was such a careful child and kept everything in lovely condition, but within an afternoon, the kids had managed to lose almost all of the furniture and break various pieces off of the front of the house. *Sighs*  They just don't raise them like they used to, eh?! xD

I didn't manage to get many nice pictures of the kids unfortunately and have none at all of Abigale.  I did take this film of Abigale dancing though.  Please ignore all the wrong notes I hit - I had already spent most of the afternoon singing (when I wasn't building Lego towers, that is!) and was a bit worn out.  Plus it's rather hard to concentrate when other children keep running up in front of you, shouting and pulling your already thinning hair!

April 26th 2011

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  I slept for nine long hours, but was still tired out after the previous day!  I have great respect for anyone who can cope with that many children without going completely crazy.

I spent the day on the usual boring jobs - scanning, washing ponies, saving blog entries, indexing tapes... I was working so hard but getting nowhere fast enough.

David and I assembled another set of shelves in the evening, despite the fact that I could hardly keep my eyes open by that point.  I wish Mum would have more faith in herself and assemble things with me at a sensible time of day.  David isn't very good anyway, and ended up doing everything in the wrong order and having to take the shelves apart and start again.  Even then he put the back on upside down, but luckily it's not too noticeable!

Emma had told us that "Allan" wanted us to play Farmville on Facebook (funny, considering "he" mainly played it when he was at school! >.<), so Mum wanted me to start playing for both of us as she couldn't understand it!  Grr... how did she think I had time for another job, for goodness sake?

Well, these blog entries are getting shorter and shorter.  But I guess I'm at least writing something every day now.  Maybe I'll have more time tomorrow...IF the whole day doesn't get swallowed up by e-Bay chores again!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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