Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eye Tests, New Cameras, Royal Weddings and Pretty Little Dresses

Well, it's almost 2am, I finally sucked up courage to wash my hair and lost a LOT, and the ghosts are back in force.  I should be in bed, but I really don't feel like it right now.  However, my loss of sleep is your gain of a blog entry!

April 27th 2011

I woke up "early" (7.45am - ha, well, that's early compared to the time I've been getting up lately...but when I sit up into the not-so-early hours, it's not really surprising, is it?!), but less than ever got done.

David rang the optician and tried to make an appointment for Mum who wanted new glasses before we went to America.  But they had no appointments until May 9th!  There was no guarantee she'd even GET her new glasses in time now.

But then, a couple of hours later, they called us back and informed us of a cancellation at 2.15pm that very same day.  He gave us a lift in the car, but then went back to work.  Mum wouldn't let me wander around the shops while she was having her eye test (it would have "stressed her so much that they wouldn't have got a proper result"!), so I got stuck sitting in the waiting room for 90 minutes while numerous staff glared at me and asked what I was doing there.  It was highly embarrassing.

The shops were crowded with schoolkids by the time we left so we had to walk straight home.  I was annoyed as I desperately needed a couple of things (like mascara and hair removal stuff which I don't like buying in front of Mum), so it would have been the perfect opportunity for a private shopping trip.  Mum got upset that I wanted to go in Boots on my own anyway though as she'd "thought I was over secrecy". >.<

A man replied to an enquiry we'd made on a Streatham local history forum about one of my favourite coin operated ride firms, Edwin Hall & Co.  He sent me a few interesting items for the website I'm working on (which I was hoping to have up and running by now actually, but it turned out a lot more research was needed than I originally thought!), including a newspaper article about the company dating from 1956 - just two years after it was founded.  Very interesting stuff indeed.

I had a hot cross bun for tea which somehow caused my braces to get bent out of shape.  This came as no real surprise as my jaw had been clicking for several days.  I did manage to pop the wire back into the bracket, so hopefully the treatment wouldn't be set back again.

April 28th 2011

David came in at lunch time and took us to the curtain shop to order pelmets and curtains for the front room.  Then Mum and I had a nice walk in the park and met a lovely friendly whippet named Twiggy.  Her owner was equally nice and let us fuss over Twiggy for quite some time.  I miss having pets of my own.

I was feeling really happy about my teeth and quite literally couldn't stop smiling.  I couldn't believe how quickly the braces were working.  Even by that stage, nobody would have known that I'd ever had overcrowded front teeth.  It was crazy how something that had bothered (and hurt) me for years - and which the NHS had claimed couldn't be sorted out without surgery - had been fixed in such a short space of time.  Of course, nothing can ever be perfect, can it?  My hair was thinning more and more all the time and giving me a new self confidence issue to replace my crooked teeth!

Then came another misery.  We found out that Boo, the gorgeous Arab horse from Redwings Horse Sanctuary who Mum adopted for my niece Abigale, had passed away quite suddenly.  He wasn't even particularly old.  I only got to meet him a handfull of times but would definitely miss him.  He had such a great temperament and was always looking for attention.

(I think I already posted that video on my blog, but I thought it was a good time to re-post!)  RIP Boo.

On a happier note (and boy, did we need one right now!), a certain someone who knew how my camera had been smashed two and a half years previously and who knew how desperately I wanted a new one to take to the US with us very, very kindly sent me his old one.  Not just any old one either...the Pentax M50 which I had been jealously drooling over for years!  It's an updated version of my old smashed Pentax M20 and has so many more features than most modern cameras, with recording mode for audio only as well as movies, a fantastic zoom and great picture quality.  It also takes photos in a sensible size so that you don't have to re-size everything before e-mailing them.  That's one thing I hate about modern cameras - sure, they take "better quality" pictures, but the file sizes are always so big!  Impossible for sharing on a slow computer like mine.  The kind person (who shall remain unnamed but will be reading this!) in question claimed he no longer needed the camera as he had a new Canon model, but I know he has been quietly cursing about giving up the M50.  I really do appreciate it, and have taken some wonderful photos since then which just wouldn't have been possible without it, but I do sometimes feel a little guilty about keeping his lovely camera!

I sat up into the early hours watching "Enchanted" on the i-player.  That's me, isn't it?  Leave it until the last minute and then sit up all night to make sure you see it before it goes off!

April 29th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  In fact, David (who had been sleeping at Grottsville as usual) called us to say that he had been sick and wouldn't even be coming to visit us.  What a happy family I have!

Mum, being the weird patriot she is, was desperate to watch the Royal Wedding but of course we have no TV at Woodberry.  She watched a bit of it live on the internet but had to stop when I told her it was illegal considering we had no TV license.  I don't know why, but the wedding put me in a really bad mood for no real reason.  Perhaps it was Mum keep preaching about our wonderful country (which I hate seeing falling further into ruin with each passing day and am so desperate to leave), perhaps it was all the sexist stuff that had been said about "Oh, let's hope Kate has a BOY first as it would be awful if a GIRL took priority and was next in line to the throne" and the wording of the ceremony, "If any MAN has reason to object, forever hold HIS peace", or perhaps it was just the fact that weddings always put me in a mood (probably due to the fact I know I'll never walk down the aisle, and bitterly state I don't WANT to, even though deep down I'm so desperate to love and be loved).  I was already in a state about my hair, so it could have been a combination of many things.

Anyway, Mum got angry with me for ruining her illegal showing of the wedding.  "What's the matter with you?  Two people you'll know just got very happily married," she spat at me. WTH?  How does she know how happy they were?  Does SHE know them?!  She was disappointed by the royal family arriving in mini buses as we apparently "need to show off to the foreigners" (she was annoyed that a few of my American and Canadian friends weren't saying completely positive things about the wedding on Facebook).  It was "none of their business anyway - WE should be proud as a nation for having something they don't have".  Well, good luck with that.  I refuse to think of myself as part of this nation the way that it's become.  Let's be proud of the unique British seaside with its amusement arcades, bucket and spade shops, donkey rides and Punch & Judy shows.  Oh, but we can't, because we're building endless apartment blocks where all of those traditional things used to be.  Let's be proud of our National Health Service, with our enormous waiting lists and terrible treatment even if you survive to reach the top of them.  Let's be proud of our magnificent politicians, putting us in worse and worse debt while living the lives of kings and queens themselves.  And finally, let's be proud of our Royal Family - the prince who got a divorce and intends to make Camilla queen, the prince who married the "girl next door" from just up the street from us (not that I'm objecting to marriages based on love instead of status.  But MUM herself has been complaining about "commoners" marrying into the Royal family she's suddenly so proud of), the prince who runs around in the nude in Las Vegas...  You're welcome to that lot, Mum!

I shouldn't whine about my hair either as "her auntie Marjory (the one with alopecia universalis) lost all of her hair and she got on with her life.  She was a bitch who worked and didn't care about her daughter.  That's what you want, isn't it?"  Now what was that nasty comment all about?  I thought she believed right up until a couple of days ago that I didn't want kids at all?!  And how does not having hair make me any more or less suited to working/being a mother?!

I got so sick of her that I changed my clothes with the intention of going out for a walk.  But the road was full of nasty drunken youngsters celebrating the wedding with a garden party two doors away and I chickened out of walking past them.  They were still out there at midnight, despite it pouring with rain!  I heard a sound like someone coming through the front door and jumped a mile.  Mum shouted at me for being scared.  "People get drunk.  They don't always cause trouble." she said.  That was never her opinion in the past!  Perhaps SHE would have liked to have joined them and drunk herself silly to celebrate the wedding of two people who, as she pointed out, we didn't even know?!

I had a bath before bed, but didn't dare to wash my hair again.

April 30th 2011

David came early with the intention of going to Denham car boot sale but we overslept, so he just took some rubbish to the refuse centre while we got dressed.  When he got back here, he rolled around the floor for ages telling us how sick he felt, before driving us to Ealing Broadway.  We stayed in the car as it was too hot to be worth battling the crowds in our eyes.  It turned out that the bank was shut on saturday afternoons anyway so it was a waste of time and money to park the car.  He blamed us for not going out earlier (but HE was the one who'd rolled around the floor for ages!), then brought us back to Woodberry in silence.

He spent another few hours in the bathroom, then took us to Uxbridge.  I would have had a nice time walking around the shops, but Mum felt ill.  David bought three G3.5s on a half price offer at The Entertainer for my birthday.  I bought a couple of G3 fakies in Poundland and another nice summer dress in TKMaxx.  It was a size 10 so I was surprise that it fitted, but it did.  Mum told me I needed to wear leggings underneath it if I intended to wear it though as it ended at just above knee length. >.<

She told Emma about my "pretty little dresses" that evening, obviously trying to make her laugh at me, but Emma ignored her.  In fact, Emma wrote to me wishing me a nice holiday as "I deserved it". o_0  Sorry, Emma, it's very kind of you to write nice letters to me...but I don't think I can fit you in my suitcase if that's what you were hoping!

Well, it's now 3am so I really ought to force myself to bed!  Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow with a May 2011 blog... Perhaps we'll finally get up to date in 2015!  Let's hope the world doesn't really end this year or you guys will never know the end of my story!  And I know you're just dying to know all the exciting things that have happened in the last sixteen months!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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