Thursday, 24 January 2013

Just two days in...

...And I've already broken my promise to myself by not writing a blog entry last night.  In my defense, it got very late last night after I'd finished all of my eBay jobs and I had to be up very early this morning.  Then again, I have to be up very early tomorrow morning too, and I'm not going to let that stop me tonight!

May 13th 2011

I went to see the orthodontist and hygienist at Sparkle Dental Boutique.  The hygienist told me that I was doing a great job keeping my teeth clean, but that I needed interdental brushes in order to clean between the teeth (as it's obviously impossible to use normal floss while wearing braces).  The orthodontist fitted new wires and...well, there's more information in my v-log recorded that day.

Speaking of Youtube v-logs, Mei, the dental nurse told me that she had seen my previous v-log and commented on my plush ponies in the background of the video.  How awfully embarrassing!  Oh, well.

David had said that he would drive us back to Woodberry but he didn't answer his telephone when we called him.  It turned out that he was in the bathroom at Grottsville so we had to walk back.

The man came to hang the curtains in the hobby room and blinds in David's bedroom.  But, as usual, everything went wrong.  The hobby room curtains were creased and David's bedroom blinds were completely the wrong size, meaning they couldn't be hung at all.

Meanwhile, I was hiding downstairs as I didn't want to see the creepy man who had wolf whistled at me the last time he had come to look at the curtains!  Then David rang to tell me he needed my bedroom curtains which were in a shoe box in my wardrobe.  David apparently couldn't see them there though, so I had to swallow my pride, slip on my loosest fitting hoodie and walk past the man with my face down to the floor.  Ugh.  I hate how these workmen leer at me.

I had a big argument with Mum when I got back downstairs as I wanted to walk to Ealing Broadway to do a bit of private pre-birthday/holiday shopping, mainly for something nice to wear.  She went mad (well, I wasn't supposed to take any time off of scanning etc., you see?) with her saying that she "didn't understand why I wanted a pretty little dress and shoes to wear on my birthday to go to the kiddy seaside when I was going on holiday in a few days".  Well, I wanted to go out on my actual birthday.  And I also knew it was the only chance I'd have to go to the seaside, and I was now desperate to find the old coin operated rides again!  As for pretty little dresses and shoes, perhaps I just wanted to feel comfortable and feminine for once in my life?  I'd only waited 20 years to wear a dress!

Well, much to her annoyance, while Mum was still working on the Beanie Babies cabinet, I decided I'd go shopping regardless.  I'd finished my scanning for the day anyway.  Within minutes, my phone was ringing to tell me that David was going to drop Mum outside the park so that she could meet me and come with me.  So much for having a private shopping trip!

She was upset that I asked her to sit outside Boots while I bought hair removal stuff (but for goodness sake, she's the one who has made me so embarrassed about it!) and that was all I managed to get.  No shoes, no tights and no underwear so I would be stuck in my usual t-shirt and trousers anyway.

Mum got herself a new coat and bought me a very pretty butterfly necklace in Past Times for my birthday.  I also got a camera case, lip balm and Weetaflakes.  Very exciting, I'm sure.

Oh, and since I'm sure you're all dying to know what happened about my nephew's account on Facebook, I added him, and sent a new request to my sister too.  Life's too short to not be Facebook friends due to your own personal embarrassments!

May 14th 2011

*Sighs*  The very last day of my teenage years.  Well, they were a rotten time in my life, so much as I hated leaving a chapter of my life behind when I felt it hadn't been lived properly, I was rather pleased to see the back of them.  Maybe things would improve once I became an official "adult".

Well, if things were going to improve, they would clearly wait until the last minute.

The day began with me feeling very sick.  I couldn't even finish my breakfast which is very unusual for my standards (breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!) and had to sit for a while halfway through my cereal to allow my food to go down a bit.  By the time I stopped feeling sick for long enough to start scanning, David came in from work and offered to take me to Ealing Broadway for a proper private shopping trip.

I accepted, much to Mum's dismay, and managed to get some underwear, shoes and tights which meant I would finally be able to wear a dress for the first time in my life the following day!  What can I say?  I never get birthday gifts, so I guess I felt like cheering myself up!

I had a lovely time...until the phone rang, that is.  I had just reached the checkout at Marks & Spencer to buy the packet of much celebrated tights (yes, I bought very expensive M&S tights that only lasted five minutes because I had no clue where else to buy something as simple as tights at that point!), so there was no way I could answer it.  I thought it would be David ringing to say he had finished his shopping and was ready to meet me, but when I checked, it was a strange number.  I tried calling it back but just got an engaged tone.

I began to worry when David still hadn't rung a little while later.  I tried calling his mobile but I got the answerphone.  Then I rang Mum at Woodberry to see if he had been in touch with her, but he hadn't.  I seriously began to contemplate walking home.  Mum was in a terrible panic and kept ringing me...which was how I managed to miss the strange number a second time. >.<  It then occurred to me that perhaps David's phone battery had gone flat and he was ringing from a telephone box.  So I tore around the whole of Ealing Broadway, trying to remember where the phone boxes were located and find him that way!  Eventually it worked, but he was in a terrible mood with me, and told me off for not checking my answerphone as he had apparently left a message.  But when I listened it wasn't there anyway.

While I was walking around, I saw this sign outside McDonalds:

Yes, my beloved Oreo McFlurry was back in town!  Just typical...we got the regular US McFlurry as our special edition right when I was about to go off to the US anyway!  So I wouldn't be able to take advantage of having it over here for once.

As soon as I had met up with David, we drove to Chiswick where we knew there was a camera shop (we were still hoping to find another camera, as I didn't really want to use my friend's camera too often for fear of wearing it out), but the shop closed while we were struggling to find somewhere to park.

Then we went to Hayes Toys R Us and Tesco.  The Sun newspaper was offering free Lego toys to anybody who exchanged vouchers at TRU, so we were collecting them for my nephew again.  When we opened our newspaper, we found that somebody had torn out the voucher.  Thankfully, TRU believed us...but they didn't have the Star Wars Lego anyway, and just gave us an old Dr Who one instead.

David really was in a fowl mood, acting like a little boy and stamping his feet wherever he went.  "I don't want to go!" he pouted.  "You promised to get my stamp collection out of Grottsville!"  I would have done if you'd taken me there to clear a path to the stamp cabinet!  Also, I thought you believed Grottsville to be a safe area, David?  He even swore in front of our personal travel advisor when he had to ring up with a query.  "What's the trip bl**dy called?  I don't want to f***ing go!"  The poor woman on the end of the phone must have wondered what had hit her!

Well, that wasn't a very long blog entry, was it?  However, since I am literally unable to keep my eyes open any longer and can feel my words no longer making sense, I am off to bed.  I promise I'll be back tomorrow with a longer blog all about my 20th birthday and the other days leading up to the great American adventure!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx


  1. Hmmm, gotta check if they still offer Oreos McFlurry over here. I thought it was a permanent thing.

    Well, lunchtime is around the corner for me (hooray for +8 GMT!) and there's a McDonalds down the street :)

    1. I love McFlurries! Over here, I think we have Dairy Milk, Smarties and Crunchie all the time, but we have a different limited edition one every month or so.

      I love the Oreo, Creme Egg and Wispa ones - I wish those were the regular ones here! Did you find out if Oreo is still offered in Malaysia?

    2. Yep! Did you see my Friday's picture posts to Facebook? :P

      However, we do get limited edition McFlurries all the time too. For example, the Butterscotch ones are only available around Chinese New Year. Hence I tried eating both in the same sitting because a major depression fit was boiling up again (how can a MLP Kiddie Ride appear on eBay while I was still in bed and got sold within 5 minutes of being listed!!!). Needless to say, it wasn't a good idea...

    3. No, sorry, I didn't see your photos! As I say, I've been really busy the last few days which is why I'm taking so long to answer you. I'll go and look at your page now. :)

      I never saw the MLP kiddie ride on eBay either. Was it