Monday, 21 January 2013

"See you all tomorrow, I hope?"

Those were the famous last words of a certain blog author....almost four months ago now!  A very belated Happy New Year to everybody!  I hope 2013 is treating you all kindly?  Please don't let me disappear like that again, okay?  I'll never catch up otherwise!

Anyway, I am back again for now...with an awful lot to say for myself, considering I am now 20 months behind!  There's so very much I want to tell you all about what is currently happening in my world, but first we must travel back in time to a long forgotten day called...

May 3rd 2011

Stressed as ever, I had the very curious experience of awaking in exactly the same position in which I had fallen asleep, drenched in sweat and freezing cold!  Stranger still, I couldn't remember having had a nightmare...or a dream of any kind for that matter (which is very unusual for me).

Mum and I went for a nice walk in Lammas Park.  I wore the new shoes I had bought in West Ealing which were far more comfortable than my usual ones, despite having such garish floral patterns on them that I felt everybody was staring at them and laughing at me!  Our walk was marred slightly when we saw Sickton walking back to his house with his usual smug grin on his face though.

Mum was not well and kept telling me how sick she felt and making me feel queasy by telling me stories of the "red water down the toilet".  Then David was really nasty to her when he came in from work...the stress seemed to make her even worse.

My day was spent scanning old photographs and attempting to clear up for the latest carpenter who was coming the following day to hang shelves etc. on various walls throughout the house.  David hadn't discussed it with me beforehand though, so I found I'd wasted my time, moving stuff out of the way to a room where Charlie the carpenter had work to do.  This meant I had to move everything all over again that evening!

I was still feeling reasonably good about my hair, convinced that it was growing back (or I wasn't losing as much, at least), but Mum promptly shot down any confident feelings I might have had.  "It doesn't look any better than usual," she said coldly.

May 4th 2011

Tired as I may have been from all the heavy moving work the previous day, there is "no peace for the wicked" as they say.  I was awoken by a distressed and somewhat disgusting cry from Mum (which you may wish to ignore if you are the slightest bit squeamish or haemophobic like myself).  "I am much worse!  There's blood pouring from my bottom!"

This statement sent me dizzy and I clenched my teeth together hard...discovering that my brace had broken in the process.  One of the brackets had come right off of the tooth and was sliding up and down the wire!

Thankfully David had taken the day off work to see the carpenter, so he was able to phone the orthodontist for me and the doctor for Mum. (We both share a hatred of talking on the telephone ourselves!)  But then David told me to speak to the orthodontist myself anyway.  Having embarrassed me by speaking first and making mistakes, I he changed his story and told the receptionist that I was on the loo. >.<  Way to embarrass me further, David!

The orthodontist couldn't see me until the following Friday anyway.  Mum got an emergency appointment with the doctor for 11am that day...but, as we were still registered with the surgery in Grottsville, David had to take us all the way over there before Charlie arrived.

I haven't actually written down what the doctor told her, but I guess that means it was nothing serious.  I don't remember any more about that particular ailment anyway!

We were left in Grottsville all day, but that did give us lots of time to work on clearing the place up a little, and boy, did we work hard!  I was exhausted from hauling things up and down the stairs by the end of the day, but the place didn't look a lot better and Mum said that I "hadn't done much at all".

She and I did have one break to walk to Sainsburys in order to get vegetarian canneloni for dinner.  I hate walking around in that area with all the drunken men leering at me so I refused to walk without wearing a thick winter coat which was practically unbearable in such hot weather as we had that day.

When we finally got back to Woodberry at 9pm that night, we found that numerous things had been hung in the wrong places under David's supervision.  In fact, it appeared that he hadn't supervised the carpenter at all, and had instead spent the day in his bedroom listening to the radio.  There was a big gash in my chest of drawers and the carpenter had pulled all of our towels out of the bathroom cupboard and thrown them all over the floor for reasons best known to himself. o_0

I took a few snaps of the new wall fixtures...

New shelves in my bedroom above my chest of drawers (Styling Pony for size comparison - the carpenter didn't nail her to the wall!)

Bathroom plant holder, shelves and toilet roll holder.  Both David and the carpenter forgot the towel rail!

But perhaps that was just as well, seeing where they hung the towel rail in the shower room:

Who on Earth hangs a towel rail there?  It's too high for a towel to hang in front of the radiator to dry but too low for it to hang completely above it!  David knows very well that Mum likes towel rails right above radiators anyway.  "Oh, but the carpenter said this is where everyone hangs their towel rails these days."  Not us, David.  The towel rail was soon covered with a black bag, awaiting another carpenter to move it!

In the same room, we had the toothbrush holder and soap dish (both of which Mum also decided she hated and I believe were removed shortly afterwards.  I can't remember to be honest and am too lazy to run up two flights of stairs to see for myself!), toilet roll holder and seaside-themed shelf:

A cabinet in Mum's bedroom...

Shelves for Mum's china mouse collection in the living room...

More shelves in the family history room (and they wonder why I call this house a museum?!)...

Another couple of museum exh...I mean cabinet and shelf in the extension...

Two seperate shelving units in the kitchen...

There should have been an enamel advertising plaque on the kitchen wall too, but it was hung too high and Mum removed it (and boldly marked the wall with ballpoint pen where it SHOULD have been!) before I even got to photograph it...

And finally, more display units and a toilet roll holder in the tiny restroom under the stairs...

Note the hole in the wall to the right of the toilet roll holder where this was also wrongly placed.  David must have actually pointed that one out though!

May 5th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  David had another day off work but, having slept at Grottsville, he didn't bother to get up until 11.15am and didn't come to Woodberry until almost 2pm.

He was in a fowl mood when he finally did arrive and went mad that Mum had moved the standard lamp in the extension as now the cabinet wasn't central on the wall in his eyes.  So he angrily attempted to pull the cabinet off of the wall (and failed, thank goodness - my parents seem determined to undo every bit of work they do get done!)

He also shouted at her that he was "bored with scanning" and kept picking on us for every little thing.  Then again, Mum had already been picking on me before he even arrived.  I was trying to scan her photographs for her but came into the extension to show her one of the pictures for some reason.  Because of this short break, she said I "wasn't serious about getting things done" in time for our trip to the USA.

I washed another thirty ponies and worked on my pony shelf display.  I was trying to figure out how to display my Sea Ponies around the Paradise Estate swimming pool as they kept sliding downwards and disappearing inside the pool!  Then I hit on the idea of tearing up strips of bubble wrap and other packing materials to look like "water" for the Sea Ponies to stand on!

Of course, it's all rather silly trying to make a nice water-like display when you consider just how overcrowded my little aquarium is...those poor little Sea Ponies can't swim very far anyway!

My broken brace was driving me mad, especially as I kept catching my tongue on the loose bracket.  My jaw kept clicking and my lower teeth seemed to be getting more crooked each time I looked at them.

May 6th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique.  We were ten minutes late by the time we got there but thankfully the orthodontist still saw me.  The bracket was re-glued in no time at all and the crooked front tooth went back in line there and then!

We saw greenfinches and sparrows in the park on the way back...the one and only time I'd forgotten to bring binoculars!  It's kind of sad that sparrows are now something to write about - even when I was a kid, I remember flocks of them in the garden.  But they're pretty rare around here now.

I was still working hard to get everything done before our holiday. (Although I'm sure some people would argue about that!)  I scanned 53 photos, washed over 30 ponies, listened through and indexed 5 cassette tapes and saved a lot of old blog entries, but there just wasn't enough time in the day to do everything.

I had a short bath that night and felt a bit better for taking a little while just to relax for once.  (Yes, terrible, aren't I?  I should have been working all night too!)

The last season one episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired.  I was in no rush to watch it...just relieved to think the nightmare might finally be over.  Maybe if the show ended, the hate mail and other nastiness from the brony fandom would die down a bit.

May 7th 2011

Well, this appears to have been a boring day according to my blog notes.  More scanning, pony washing and photographing, tape indexing etc.  More panic about not getting it all done on time.  Blah, blah, blah...

I did take a little time out (I was determined to relax for at least half an hour each day!) to learn how to use the timer on my new camera and took some pictures of myself wearing my two dresses.  I don't think I've posted the TK Maxx dress on here yet, so here it is...

I've still never worn that dress in public, for the record.  It's far too short in my opinion!

This was also the first ever time I'd taken pictures of myself smiling with my mouth open/teeth showing, and I remember feeling really happy with myself...

Looking back now, I wonder what I was so happy about!  My teeth were STILL horribly crooked!  It certainly makes you realise just how bad they must have looked originally if this was considered a noticeable improvement!  My lower teeth were still hurting a bit from the adjustments made the previous day, but I guess it's a case of "no pain, no gain".

David and I went to Tesco in the evening.  He was still in a very strange mood and refused to look for socks which Mum desperately needed before she went away for any length of time where there would be no laundry facilities.  Then he almost crashed the car twice on the way back home as he was so distracted by the football on the car radio!

Phew, I think that just about rounds up this blog!  Now if only I could get even that much written each day, at least I would eventually catch up!  Please make sure I don't disappear again this time...and if I do, give me a great big virtual kick and tell me to start blogging again!  That's if anyboy even remembers who I am after all these months and I haven't just been writing for nothing!  HELLO?  ANYBODY OUT THERE?! :P

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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