Friday, 5 July 2013

The Great American Adventure - Part Four

May 24th 2011

Despite not going for dinner the previous evening, I managed to convince Mum to go the restaurant for breakfast.  Compared to the last few mornings, we had a banquet - a buffet with a wide range of cereals, fruits and pastries, much like a miniature version of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.  I had a bowl of cornflakes and stole a few buns for later!  Mum was not so lucky as she decided to order an omelette instead of taking anything from the buffet.  They took ages to serve her and, when it finally arrived, it was swimming in grease. Most of the buffet had already been snapped up by that point too so Mum wasn't able to get anything else.

We spent the whole day travelling around Yellowstone National Park.  We got to see Old Faithful and had some beautiful wildlife sightings including bison and elk and too many birds to list.  I was especially excited to spot another mountain bluebird, this time close enough to see clearly.  Mum also spotted our first wild chipmunk in a nearby tree.  It quite happily sat grooming itself while I photographed and filmed it.

It would have been a lovely day all round, except that the weather was absolutely atrocious and we were told that we might not even be able to travel to Montana the following day as planned as the roads were flooded.  Then there was the embarrassing moment where I alerted the entire coach party to a bear...only to find out that it was a large rock!

Words just don't do it justice.  Then again, nor do my rubbish photos and videos, but I think they tell the tale of Yellowstone better than my rambling does!

First of all, a little introduction from our lovely tour guide, Evan...

And now some pretty pictures...

Spot the elk?

We almost trod on this little guy...

Bison with Calves

Old Faithful


Bison grazing near gift shop

If you prefer your pictures to be of the moving variety, I have a small selection of films for your viewing pleasure too!

Sulphur Caldron

Chipmunk in tree


Old Faithful


*Sighs*  I hoped to write more than that today, but our trip to America was quite frankly the happiest two weeks of my life and really these blog entries deserve to have time spent on them.  (Even if that does mean it has to be written in about ten parts!)  I have to get to bed now.  Still, even if I only write that much each night, I suppose it's better than writing nothing at all.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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