Monday, 26 May 2014

Borrowed Books, Nasty Nightmares and Other Uninteresting Tales!

I'm supposed to be at a theatre show tonight.  Instead I'm sitting writing a blog about my sad existence three years ago.  There's some sick irony in that, I think.

June 11th 2011

I didn't leave the house again.  According to my blog notes, I was "sick of being cooped up and feeling fat".  Why didn't I get up and walk out of the front door then?  Wasn't that the whole point of moving to Woodberry?

Maybe the reason lies in the fact that I was still feeling very ill with my rotten cold.  I don't often catch colds but when I do, I may as well be dying.  All these days later I was feeling dehydrated and spinny with a headache and neck ache whenever I blew my nose (which I had to do continuously after everything I ate or drank, hence the dehydration issue).  I had a horrible smell in my nose as well.  Well, at least I could smell something, I suppose...not sure if that was an improvement or not!

David felt sick (perhaps he was also suffering with the same virus but it had come out differently in him?) so only visited us briefly in order to dump a box of books, use the toilet (a water meter had been fitted at Grottsville so he was trying to avoid using water over there!) and drink a mug of water.  Then he returned to the other house.

Mum received a very strange letter from her old friend, Aubrey, telling her that he was "now happy for her to keep the books he had given her on loan 20 years ago".  Hmm...well, that was good to know.  The books in question had been badly water damaged from being carried on a boat to and from Australia many years ago and Mum had actually thrown the worst of them away - with pages that were literally stuck together - when he GAVE them to her (not on loan) all those years ago.  People can be so weird and random.

I was feeling pretty depressed, fat and ugly again.  This time I'd decided to home in on my legs.  I'd given up on using the Boots Smooth Skin system because I'd decided it wasn't doing much good anyway but was now miserable about the fast regrowth of my body hair after shaving.  If only the hair on my head grew like that!  To make things worse, Mum started laughing about an advert in a catalogue for "a magic wand that whisks hair away".  You'd almost think she could read my mind.

My friend was still calling for long hours from his hospital bed.  I guess his relatives had all gone back to Canada by this point and he was bored.  I had downloaded Skype now so at least our calls were free.  It was very disturbing to see and hear him, but nice that he seemed to be getting better now at least.  I drew a birthday card for him to cheer him up.  Funny that he now claims his birthday is in September...

June 12th 2011

I had a bad nightmare about Mum being followed by a gang of thugs and stabbed on "The Trail of Death".  Don't ask.  I was obviously pretty disturbed by all of the recent occurrences and kept having weird dreams.  Now I was scared to even go to bed for fear of having another one.

My hair was thinning out terribly again and what was left of it kept falling in my eyes as a constant reminder of this.  The strangest thing is that the problem had practically gone away in the USA, so I suppose this was also down to stress.  However, I thought stress-related hair loss was supposed to take several weeks to show up.

David only came to Woodberry for three hours again.  He seemed to stay in Grottsville as much as he possibly could these days.  He reluctantly agreed to drive us to Grottsville to collect a few bits we had sold on eBay.  He sat on the stairs and prevented me getting up to my bedroom to get changed, but I was STILL ready before him because he continued to look through paperwork for some time.  By the time he was finally ready to leave, I had to use the bathroom again.  Then he had the cheek to say, "Not being funny or anything but how long are you going to be?"  He really resented doing anything for either of us.

He spent most of his time at Woodberry moaning at Mum about how "all hope was lost when she decided to keep Woodberry" (rather than selling it and letting him have the money to either build an extension in Grottsville or buy another large house to store all his rubbish in an equally rough area).  She countered with the dramatic statement, "I know I don't deserve anything as I have never worked and had two stints of children, neither of which I wanted...but that doesn't mean I was going to let you spend my money however you chose!"  I went for a lie down.  Anything was better than listening to the same argument playing out for the millionth time.

Mum also told me off for "wearing my nice t-shirts for every day".  (The nice t-shirts in question were those that I had got at Walmart)  So hold on, I wasn't supposed to wear pretty little dresses or nice t-shirts except or special occasions.  What was I supposed to wear on a daily basis?  Or was I supposed to walk around in the nude?!

My cold was finally drying up a little but I still had a bad cough.  However long was this blasted thing going to last?

June 13th 2011

I spent 30 minutes at Osterley Tesco.  Wow.  Still, count your blessings, Desirée.  Most days I didn't leave the house at all.

I was awfully disturbed about my future but, as usual, nobody would talk to me about it.  I was suffering from more and more ridiculous dreams and nightmares every single night.  Last night's had been about The Black Pony of Darkness (a character from the old My Little Pony fanfiction series that I wrote as a child) capturing my entire family.  Oh well, at least it wasn't another dark and graphic nightmare about "The Trail of Death"!

Mum spent most of the day researching the family history of her first partner (Emma's father).  She couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't interested in the ins and outs of when and where they were all born and, more to the point, why I couldn't remember each and every little detail.  In contrast, if I tried to speak to her about anything else (and especially anything concerning myself or my future), she didn't even bother to listen to me and would instead give two or three general responses, as if hoping to find a suitable one and hide the fact she hadn't been listening!

I couldn't do any scanning because David's laptop wouldn't switch on.  I later discovered that this was because he had left the scanner plugged into the computer.  He advised me to always unplug it before turning the computer off from now on.  Uh...but I always had done that.  Why would I leave them connected up?

I heard that Friendship is Magic was to air on Boomerang here in the UK from July.  Of course we didn't even have a television at Woodberry so it would be up to David to tape it for me at Grottsville.  However, David claimed we didn't even have the right channel (which I knew was an outright lie because he couldn't be bothered to set the timer before work each morning).  Grr...why couldn't we have basic technology like everybody else?!

June 14th 2011

I didn't leave the house again.  Happy summer, one and all.  I actually thought about braving Mum's temper and going for a walk, but I was still feeling poorly with my cold.

Instead, I wasted another boring day doing her scanning (extra to make up for not being able to do any the previous day), indexing cassette tapes and playing Zoo World on Facebook.  Oh, what fun to be young.

David was wasting all of the long evenings at work.  He didn't even get paid overtime, it was just an excuse to stay out of the house all the time.  He claimed that he "didn't know the time" so never knew when he was supposed to come home.  Well, didn't he notice everybody else leaving the office around him?!

I was still spending long hours talking on Skype to my hospitalised friend in Los Angeles.  I think the penny was finally dropping with Mum that he and I were a bit more than ordinary e-friends.  Considering he'd been talking about marrying/sponsoring me for over a year at that point, I suppose that shows how little interest she takes in me.  She asked to see a photograph of the "mystery man" so I showed her a picture on his Facebook profile.  I should have guessed what her reaction would be, but even I was a little taken aback at how viciously she threw her head back and laughed at his appearance.  I'll admit the guy is nothing to look at but I liked him for who I believed he was on the inside at that time (yes, ignorance is bliss for sure).  Mind you, he could have been a supermodel and she would have reacted in the same way. Still, what a nice thing to do when somebody is in hospital with a paralysed arm and unexplained seizures!

I was looking through some old ride photographs whilst I was doing the scanning and happened to notice something interesting about these two rides at Earnley Gardens, photographed in October 2002...

They may be hard to spot in the smaller size published on this blog, but I noticed the small black signs on top of the coin slots.  And then I remembered something I had photographed on my favourite "Running Horse" ride in London recently.

Surely that was the same sign on the Earnley Garden rides?  But why would an Edwin Hall Ostrich ride have a sign on it saying that it was manufactured by Edward Savill?  I know Edward Savill used to distribute Edwin Hall's rides in the '60s and '70s, but he only began manufacturing his own kiddie rides after RG Mitchell bought Edwin Hall's company in 1976.  The plot thickens...  I wondered if the rides were still at Earnley Gardens for me to confirm what the signs actually said, but I realised that was a very long shot after all these years.

I dug all of my big MLPs (Styling Ponies, Dream Beauties, Bubble Bath Bottles etc.) back out of the cupboard and displayed them on top of my chest  of drawers.  No doubt this would cause further nightmares about the Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pies which always appeared to move in the shadows as soon as the lights went out.  Yes, I am totally crazy!  I couldn't even stand to look at those things after dark because their eyes seemed to follow me around the room.  But I needed the space in my cupboard for other things so what else could I do?

June 15th 2011

Sure enough, I couldn't drag myself upstairs to bed until almost 3am.  Even then, I had to sleep with the door open so that I could see that those blasted Pinkie Pies weren't coming to eat me in my sleep!

Mum and I went for a walk in Lammas Park.  Our first walk since arriving back from the USA.  It wasn't a very pleasant one.  The weather was hot and sticky and the park was packed with a mixture of scantily clad women sunbathing on the grass and vulgar men leering at said women.  Even Mum picked up on the staring and drooling this time.  How on Earth have a whole generation of uncivilised men been raised to think this is acceptable?

The temperature was equally unpleasant indoors but we didn't dare to open the window for fear of the resident squirrels and the neighbours' cat in our back garden coming in for a visit.

I had yet more scanning chores to do for Mum.  Somebody came to the door while I was sitting on the living room floor - probably one of my grandparents' old neighbours.  There was no way that we could go to the door with the house in such a state, and yet there was nowhere for me to hide either.  I ended up crawling behind the living room door but there wasn't enough space there and should the mystery person on our doorstep have chosen to look through the window, they would have seen a pair of legs sticking out from behind the door!

Mum was still being unpleasant about the photograph of my friend that I had shown her the previous day.  Apparently it didn't matter if he was now too ill to sponsor me as "he didn't look like much of a catch anyway from what she could see".  Charming.  Nice to know that everything in this world is based on physical appearance too, eh?

I saw on the McDonalds website that the Oreo McFlurry had been discontinued in favour of the new limited edition Flurry, Drifter.  I hadn't even had the chance to taste my beloved Oreo McFlurry this year.  Now I was even sadder that I hadn't had one in the USA!

And I think that rounds up another five boring days of my life nicely.  If only I could keep up at this rate, I'd have caught up in a year or two!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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