Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Singing Pinkie Pies, Ugly Foxes and Zombie Ponies

The computer is off to PC World to be fixed (AGAIN) so this is a hastily-written blog before it goes...

June 21st 2011

The longest day of the year.  Being the pessimist that I am, I never enjoy the long summer evening and instead look ahead to the fact that the nights will now be getting longer again.

Mum and I had a walk in Lammas Park.  Once again, we walked around both "loops", covering the entire park.  For all Mum's moaning about how unfit and ill she was, she wasn't even tired at the end of her walk...while I was left gasping for breath!

I found another Tripleprint packet and scanned the contents for Mum.  Now I had finally finished my part of the scanning job that I had promised to do.  Hard work doesn't pay off though.  Instead of gratitude, Mum started moaning at me to do the part of the job that DAVID had promised to do!  "The more you do, the more you may," as my great grandmother used to say!

I opened up my "Paint Your Own Ponies" and had a bit of a disappointment.  The quality was very poor compared to those I had bought at TK Maxx the previous year.  You could hardly make out some of the moulding of their manes and cutie marks at all.  They were also slightly smaller and less MLP-like.  They were definitely authentic though, so I suppose they must have just been "seconds", hence the cheap price.

You can see the differences from my photos (the TK Maxx ones are on the left, the Family Bargains ones on the right)

And, just for fun, a whole army of zombie ponies!

I washed my bed linen and, in the evening, we took it to Grottsville to hang on the airer there.  We brought the last lot of laundry back with us as well as the latest batch of items that I had sold on eBay.  What a crazy way to live between two different houses!  Oh well, at least I got to see and record the new Friendship is Magic trailer on Boomerang.

I tried to do a bit of tidying up in the library over there but it was already getting dark.  Even in the short while that we were there, we witnessed two gangs of thugs buying drugs from a dealer's car outside our house.  I'd forgotten just how bad that area was!

David slept at Woodberry that night, and I felt a lot less disturbed.  I wished we could all sleep under the same roof instead of living this peculiar life.

My hair wasn't even bothering me as much today but felt awfully dry.  It really needed to be conditioned but I was always too scared to wash it.  It was full of split ends...I wondered if the dry hair shampoo was actually contributing to the problem.

June 22nd 2011

Mum called me excitedly to say that she had seen an "ugly fox" in the garden.  I did not get to the window in time to see the poor creature, so I have been left wondering forever since what made it so ugly that even a fox-lover like my mum could call it as such!

David took the afternoon off work to go to the building society to discuss the mortgages.  He informed the financial adviser that he intended to keep working and extend his interest-only mortgage until he was 75.  Oh, the arrogance!  I'm not sure how he thought they would allow him to extend his mortgage for that many years...or how he was so sure that he would find work and be capable of doing it until that age!

We found out that Mum's money had dropped again.  (No wonder they had taken the records off of their website!)  If I've learnt one thing, it's never to invest my money in stocks and shares that can go down in value as well as up.  It's just not worth the risk unless you know what you're doing.

Mum started on about how worried she was about her pension as she hadn't got 30 years of contributions behind her.  When I pointed out that I would be in the same boat since my parents are so keen to stop me doing anything with my life, I was told to shut up as this conversation "wasn't about me".  No, they never are, are they?

Mum and I had a walk around the shops in the torrential rain and got our feet soaked.  I wasn't feeling well again and didn't hear David ringing us to tell us where to meet him.  Mum then had a go at me for not hearing it and for "walking around with a silly grin on my face".  To be honest, I was dizzy and almost fainted a couple of times.  I think I was overweight, however much my parents tried to convince me otherwise and stop me doing anything to improve my fitness.  I could feel that my underwear was digging in to my flab and felt a lot better once it was unhooked!

When we got home, David wasted the rest of his afternoon off asleep on the bathroom floor.  Happy Summer Days!

June 23rd 2011

Mum and I walked to South Ealing where we found Heather Winds and Paradise Palms for 50p each in one of the charity shops.

I later sold them for £3.00 each.  I don't think that's such a bad deal. ;)

After our charity shop tour, we headed to Lammas Park.  It felt nice to be getting out and about a bit again, although I think it would take more than a gentle stroll to get all of the excess weight off of me now!

It didn't last long though.  No sooner had we got to the park than the heavens opened and we had to run back.  It was the first time since our American adventure that we hadn't even considered rain because it was so sunny outside.  By the time we got back, my umbrella had almost blown inside out!  Ahh...the sweet, unpredictable British weather!

David hoovered the extension floor when he came home from work, for which I was very grateful as I always felt too ill lately.  I had a sore throat as well and feared my allergies were returning due to the dust everywhere...  The last thing I needed was for the Grottsville allergies to follow me to my haven at Woodberry!

June 24th 2011

Mum and I walked through both Lammas and Walpole Parks.  It was nice to be able to walk in the parks after so many years locked up in Grottsville, but depressing to see all the (younger) college kids getting on with their lives.  I tried to broach the education topic with my mum again and she just went dead quiet.  Nobody wanted to discuss my future with me...then again, I think they hoped I wouldn't have a future and would just stay in prison with them forever more.

I had a bath and finally sucked up courage to wash my hair.  It was a nightmare.  I lost only six hairs in the tub but loads of it began falling out after my bath.  My hair felt so thin afterwards and - shock horror - I could see my scalp through it when it was wet!  I lost lots of little short 'baby hairs' in the dry hair shampoo residue on my scalp and I still didn't feel it was properly rinsed.  Amazingly, my hair and scalp actually felt better for conditioning!  Looking back, it's quite obvious how much damage I was doing purely by not washing it for months on end and using so much powder on it.  But fear makes you do strange things.

David went to see a doctor about his prostate.  Thankfully, they told him it was just a bit swollen and not cancer as he had feared.  After his appointment, he scooted straight back to his newspaper land at Grottsville without even going to Tesco.  The only milk we had in the house had "use by June 21st" written on it and tasted fowl.  Well, I suppose there are worst things that can happen in the world!

June 25th 2011

I didn't leave the house...which was something of a relief for once as I didn't want people to see my thin, freshly washed hair.

I was supposed to go to my nephew Allan's confirmation the following day and didn't want to go there for the same reason.  Emma hadn't even told us it was taking place until two days previously and obviously didn't want us there (which had upset Mum).  Now she was sucking up to Mum, saying how "we were her own family and of course she wanted us there".  Mum was left grinning from ear to ear about Emma's "change of heart".  Gullible fool.

David was in a fowl mood and didn't want to do anything towards clearing the house up or helping us in any way.  He shouted and swore because Mum asked him to hang two pictures on the wall...and then rushed off to work.

I tried to de-stress about my thin hair by filming my Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pies (yes, the freaky things that kept me awake at night - I figured I'd film them in action just in case they ever stopped working!  You know, just so I could give myself nightmares forever more) and indexing some more old cassette tapes.

I leave you with a few Pinkie videos...

If you really want to see more of the Singing Pinkies, you'll find plenty more videos on my Youtube account.

I will return as soon as the computer does!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx


  1. Eh, I don't find the Sing and Dance Pinkie Pies creepy. In fact, I like her better than all the G4 animated storytellers combined!

    1. Oh gosh, yes, she's far better than the animated storytellers! I never even got any of those (I kind of wanted the G3.5 one but never found one cheap enough).

      I don't know why I found Sing and Dance Pinkie Pie so scary at the time. I think I had one bad nightmare when I started sleeping in my bedroom here with the light off (and saw her "moving" in the shadows!) and that was all it took. I like them again now!