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Hair Stress, Kiddie Rides and Hormones!

Well, I am very tired but going to try my best to write another entry at long last.  I think I'm going to have to give up in the long run though.  I'm fighting a losing battle...

July 6th 2011

We had a boring day waiting indoors for two grey armchairs to be delivered.  And then, when they finally arrived, Mum decided that they were "too big and ugly" for the front room anyway!

Still on the coin operated ride research kick, Mum tried to find some information about A Ezzel, another of the supposed original British creators of kiddie rides.  While she found nothing about Mr Ezzel, she somehow stumbled across the Penny Machines forum where some nice photographs of old rides in Mablethorpe had been posted, along with scans of a 1960s Edwin Hall flyer.  I had never seen many of the pictured rides at this point and was over the moon about finding them.  However, no matter how I tried to sign up to the forum, they wouldn't accept me so I couldn't contribute anything to the thread!

I managed to keep busy with my internet jobs and avoid thinking about my hair loss too much.  My hair was awfully greasy but I refused to use the dry hair shampoo spray, convinced that it was clogging the hair follicles and making things even worse.

To cheer my up further, I noticed that the little butterfly pendant that Mum had bought for me at Past Times for my birthday had lost one of the stones from its wing.  It must have been really well made for the money, mustn't it?!

I had a fascinating trip to Tesco that evening...what would life be without a walk around the supermarket?!

July 7th 2011

Mum and I walked in Lammas Park.  It POURED with rain but Mum was depressed and wanted to go out regardless.  She said she felt better while she was walking but ill again as soon as we got back.  I suppose my depression had rubbed off on her...or it was a ploy to get me to shut up about my problems!

Meanwhile, I was desperately trying to keep my spirits up...a little difficult when you have somebody sitting on the other side of the room moaning that her life is over and she wishes she could die!

I finally sucked up the courage to wash my blasted hair.  It felt a lot healthier for not having been sprayed with that dreadful dry hair shampoo for a while, but I still lost a lot in the bath.

An interesting "Behind the Scenes of Friendship is Magic" video got uploaded to Youtube, illustrating how Tabitha St Germain actually records Twilight Sparkle's lines in Vancouver before being overdubbed by Tara Strong.  I find it interesting how her expression is almost identical to the finished product.  I suppose Strong just copies it directly so as to fit it in to the final recording.  So I guess you could say that Tabitha is the "real" voice of Twilight (as well as half of the background ponies!)  No wonder I hold her in such high regard.

July 8th 2011

We had another walk in Lammas Park.  It was raining lightly again but us intrepid depressives do not get put off by the weather, you know?  We had a horrid experience on the way back, almost walking under P*** Sickton's bike as he cycled past while I was trying to get Mum safely across the road.  When I hastily stopped for him, he SMILED at us.  I guess his brain didn't have time to register who we were, just that he recognised the two damp figures attempting to cross the road!

My stress levels were through the roof again.  I was suffering from a very heavy period and bad cramps though so maybe my hormones were partly to blame for these ridiculous mood swings.  I decided to home in on the fact that my 'problems' meant that I couldn't wear my favourite nightdress and would instead have to wear hot pyjamas.  Yeah...quite.  No wonder people think I'm a lunatic!

July 9th 2011

Another exciting day in the life of a 20-year-old loser.  While other women my age were leading happy social lives with their friends, I didn't even leave the house.

David, who was coming from Grottsville " than ever" (unquote - I guess he wanted to say he'd be early, but then corrected himself when he realised it was a lie!) rolled up at 11am.  Yeah, very early indeed.  Once here, he rolled around the floor for hours, moaned about hanging two pictures on the wall, and dropped Mum's precious bird clock (which makes the sound of a different bird every hour and which was given to her by my late grandma when I was small) on the floor.

To add to my other "time of the month" problems, I had developed a nasty migraine which meant that I couldn't even look at the computer.  I still tried my hardest to talk to my love (the poor guy who'd been in that awful car accident while we were in the USA, remember?  Despite being sent 'home' from hospital to his friend's house due to his lack of insurance, he still had a totally paralysed right arm and was also still having occasional seizures).  I was still spending hours every day talking to him.  I think he felt better/safer if he was chatting to somebody when his friend was out and he was alone...although what I could have done from the UK should he have had a seizure, I really don't know.

Well, while I was talking to him...shuffling uncomfortably on my bed and desperately needing to use the bathroom (but not being so impolite as to point this out), I somehow managed to break my microphone off of its stand!  So I was left holding the microphone - still attached to the computer by a thin wire - in my hand until I got a stiff arm.  I attempted to fix it with sticky tape but knew I needed a new mic in the long run.

Anyway, that's how I spent most of my afternoon...while a load of noisy kids screamed and shouted in the field on the other side of the railway, with some kind of adult 'leader' with a very common voice singing out of tune nursery rhymes to them.  Having heard her voice, I'm not surprised that they were screaming!

David reluctantly did a few bits of shopping in the evening.  He claimed that he didn't have time for the full shop though as he had to get to work.  He went straight back to Grottsville after that so we never saw him (or any of the shopping) that night anyway!

July 10th 2011

David came to Woodberry even later today (about 1pm!)  Because of this, we presumed that he would have done the rest of the shopping before he arrived...but he hadn't.

He went to the loo for hours, then came downstairs to lie around the floor and argue the rest of the afternoon away.  I went upstairs and had a nap to get away from the aggro!  I had just woken up and was in the bathroom when I head David yelling at ME.  "Do you want me to wait for you?"  Well, considering I hadn't left the house the previous day, yes, I would like to come with you...even if it is only another boring trip to Tesco!

The trip was not a very pleasant one anyway.  I lost a hair (yes, a single hair!) and flipped out in panic.  As I battled to hold back my tears about "going bald", David snapped at me that my hair was "still thick" and sent me off to do most of the shopping on my own in order to get rid of me.

My hair was awfully greasy (well, if I refused to wash it OR use dry hair shampoo, what did I expect?!) and my scalp was itching dreadfully (again, I expect the unwashed sweat wasn't helping!) but I was trying to keep calm.  Yes, I was really keeping calm if I went into that much panic over losing one hair!

After this, David went to Grottsville to empty his precious stamp cabinet.  He shouted at Mum for "delaying him" by trying to discuss his job list (even though he had spent a further two hours in the loo by this point!) and slammed the door behind him.

When he returned, he started shouting at ME!  I "hadn't done anything to clear his office" (even though I had cleared a ton of stuff out before he even came upstairs and had just now gone to rest on the bed because I felt so weak) and "hadn't done a very good job of hoovering either".  Well, I had hoovered very thoroughly earlier that week - in fact, I had almost fallen downstairs with the vacuum cleaner!  Why was it up to me to clean and clear HIS office anyhow?  I was feeling very poorly - low iron levels, I suppose - but he didn't even seem to notice this and continued to barrage me regardless.

I watched enviously as people began uploading photographs of the US MLP Fair.  I was especially fascinated to see a couple of prototypes on the Hasbro table - a Sing n Dance Pinkie Pie and...Storybelle!  Oh, I had so desperately wanted a Storybelle toy at the time of the release of the A Very Pony Place DVD.  I suppose they decided the turning windmill symbol would be too expensive to make.

I stupidly never saved the photographs at the time and can't find them online now.  If anybody has a picture of that prototype that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, I'd love to see it!

Mr Car Crash Victim also found some lovely old pictures of Southend showing the amusement arcades there in the 1960s and 70s.  It was hard to see what rides were there but I definitely picked out a horse and wagon of the kind I'd only seen once or twice before (at that time, I had no idea that this was an RG Mitchell Wagon Train) as well as the Joyride Speedboat and Edwin Hall Motorbike that I actually used to ride when I was a little girl.  Yes, they were really there for all those years!  What other rides can you see in this photograph?

(Photo courtesy of

And that just about brings us to the end of another five day blog.  Just as well really as I'm so tired that my eyes won't even open properly!  God knows what I've just written in this entry...  Apologies for any glaring errors!

Best wishes,
Desirée xxx

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