Monday, 14 July 2014

Slipping further behind...

I'm never going to catch up like this, am I?  David always wants the computer to look at the BBC news or watch the football etc., and what can I say when this is his computer?  I really need to start saving for my own.  I've also been out and about a lot this week again.  But it's no excuse if I ever want to get this blog updated!

July 1st 2011

David drove us both back to Grottsville to see the doctor, Mum about her stomach pains and me about my hair loss.  Mum complained that she was worried I'd walk in on her again...this followed on from our previous visit when the electronic screen in the waiting room had called my name before she came out.  I don't know what would have happened had it been a stranger in the room having something private done to them!  Mum has never believed that the doctor accidentally called me in via the screen and thinks I just walked in for the sake of it.  I'm so glad we don't still go to that stupid clinic.  It's much better when the doctors have the decency to come to the door and call your name themselves!

It was a pointless exercise anyway.  Mum refused to swallow the camera again so the doctor couldn't diagnose her.  All she could tell Mum was that her blood pressure was very low.

As for me, I was told that my hair felt very dry.  I should stop using dry hair shampoo and wash my hair twice a week.  I was also sent for another blood test as the other stupid doctor had failed to test my iron levels.

Later on, David went to see an optician and was told that he had cataracts forming in both eyes.  Cheerful news all round really, huh?

My parents then had to go and get the latest updated versions of their wills signed (you know, the ones that made sure my non-existent children were treated fairly in the event of their premature deaths).  I came along for the drive, thinking that I would walk around Ealing while they saw the lawyer.  I was sadly mistaken.  Mum was too worried that I might get kidnapped if I walked around alone and instructed me to come and see the lawyer with them and then we'd all walk around together.  As it happened, I got very distressed by my thinning hair as we were walking to the lawyer's office (no doubt brought on by the earlier doctor's appointment), had an argument with Mum about not allowing me to walk around the shops while they signed their wills and announced that I would walk home alone.  This was not allowed either though, of course, so Mum chased after me and didn't sign her will.

She spent the evening trying to research Walter Streets (the man I believed had made the ill-fated Canvey Island horse rides).  She found a remarkable amount about him and pieced together practically his whole life story in the space of a couple of hours...but she found nothing about Star-Dust, the coin operated horse in question.

July 2nd 2011

David, who had taken my eBay parcels back to Grottsville with him the previous night with the intention of posting them at the post office there, had to bring them back in the morning as two more people had paid and I wanted to post them all at once.  This turned out to be a mistake as South Ealing Post Office are apparently incapable (or too lazy) to deal with eBay parcels.  They would not provide Proof of Posting which meant that I could not reclaim my money in the event that one of the parcels should get lost.

We then all went to Grottsville to do a little tidying up.  I managed to catch a variation of the Friendship is Magic trailer on Boomerang, which depressed me again that I couldn't tape FiM itself.  David still wouldn't let me set the timer as "how would he be able to watch TV then"?  Well, we'd had to live without it for long enough!

There were big arguments as usual and I began grinding my teeth again.  I'd ground that stupid block down to practically nothing by this point and it was agonising.  My hair was driving me crazy again too.  I was sick of it - I'd waited so many years to move house and get a nice hairstyle of my own choosing.  Was that really too much to ask?

I made a film of our old street as we drove away from the house.  It actually doesn't look that bad in this sunny little movie but, believe me, it was awful there.  God, would I pleased to see that place for the last time!

July 3rd 2011

Back to Grottsville again.  All this back and forth was really making me feel ill by this point.  Why couldn't we just clear the house out already?!  This time we needed to collect the MLP balloon that I had sold to my pony pal Drusilla, and try to teach David to use the timer.  Yes, he had actually agreed to try and tape FiM for me!

The trip descended into yet more mindless arguments between my parents.  Mum discovered that a clock that had been given to her by her parents had stopped working and blamed David for leaving it in the awful conditions in Grottsville for too long.  He blamed her for not clearing out the house sooner.  She pointed out that she never got any time at Grottsville to clear the house out.  And so it continued.

My hair loss seems to have been the worry of the week for certain.  I felt paralysed to the spot, scared to move my head in case more hair fell out!  Mum made things worse by continuously telling me that it was "getting worse" and, when she attempted to comb my hair for me because I was too scared to do so, "she was struggling to cover the bald patches".  Nice.  Thanks for filling me with so much positivity, Mum!

July 4th 2011

Mum and I had a walk in Lammas Park.  It was uncomfortably hot but it was still nice to have a little stroll in the fresh air.

I stitched up a ripped leg on yet another of Mum's old teddy bears, a dog named Douglas.  Just call me Teddy Bear Hospital Nurse, as all of her old cuddly toys seemed to be coming to me for surgery or spa treatments now!

I also worked on my pony list at long last but it was a long job which I feared would never be completed...especially when I couldn't stop stressing about my darn hair!

Still in my coin operated ride research mode, I decided to see if I could find out if there were ANY Edwin Hall rides still in existence.  Some photographs of Earnley Gardens dating from the previous year showed the ostrich and tank rides were still there at that point so I decided to email them.  A helpful chap named Bill emailed me back immediately and confirmed that the rides WERE still there!  Since he seemed so helpful, I decided to ask him what was written on those mysterious manufacturer's plaques that I could see on my old childhood photos.  They looked so much like the Edward Savill plaque on my favourite Running Horse ride and yet I KNEW the ostrich was manufactured by Edwin Hall.  Once again, Bill emailed me directly, saying he would just go and check the plaques now.  I never heard from him again.  I still have no idea what happened to him.  Perhaps he couldn't read the writing on the plaque...or maybe the ostrich ate him?  Who knows?!  Either way, I decided I had to get to Earnley Gardens to see those rides pronto before they were removed from the site.

Having had no joy looking for Walter Streets' Star-Dust online, I had contacted the National Fairground Archives in Sheffield where they have copies of all issues of The World's Fair newspaper.  A January 1954 article in Billboard magazine, found on Google, stated that Star-Dust had been advertised in The World's Fair "recently".  The National Fairground Archives will look through one month's worth of newspapers free of charge if you have a specific enquiry.  So I decided to take a gamble and ask them to look at December 1953 for the advert in question.  And it paid off!  I got an email saying that the advert had been located...but a copy would cost £5.18.  Grr...if only I could get to Sheffield myself, I could make a copy for just 2p!

David set the timer for FiM for me, but I wouldn't know if it had worked until the following day.  I knew from the MLP forums that several people had set their Sky+ boxes to record it and none of them had managed to catch it!

The strangest occurence of the day was when David rang Mum from a traffic jam just around the corner to say that he was "bored".  Uh...  He doesn't even talk to us when he's here, why would he pay to ring her from the car?!

July 5th 2011

Mum was too tired to repeat the previous day's walk in Lammas Park.  So I just walked to the three charity shops in South Ealing.  I saw a fakie behind the counter at MAPF and remembered the lsdy who worked there telling me thst her grandaughter liked MLPs.  I bet that's why real ponies seldom hit the shelves there!  I also saw a nice floral dress for  four quid, but it was missing its belt and the neck was a bit low cut for me anyway.

I did some more scanning and accidentally stumbled across some more of David's unpleasant writings.  A nice story about a naked daughter treating her parents to breakfast in bed on Father's Day.  Ew...  And people wonder why I'm not keen on men.  It's a bit hard to like them when you know the kind of things that go on in their heads!

Oh well, at least he had managed to catch FiM on the timer.  In fact, he had watched the first episode himself (must be nice to have a television in Grottsville...) and thought that it seemed very similar to my old fanfiction about The Black Pony of Darkness - Nightmare Moon being the Black Pony, of course.  Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.  If my fanfiction was online, I'd almost be able to say that Lauren Faust had read it and pinched the story for her TV series!  Great minds think alike, I believe is the saying.

I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a copy of the Star-Dust advert.  £5.18 was horribly expensive but I knew I was unlikely to visit Sheffield myself in the near future and I really wanted to know if the late Canvey Island horses had been Walter Streets' creations.

The place was in a terrible mess and we were having David's desk and chairs delivered the following day!  I just couldn't seem to fit everything into the day, even with the long summer evenings.  No wonder I was stressed to death.  I spent the evening trying to relax and listening to old Care Bears music, but my hair continued to fall badly.  (Well, did I really expect relaxation to have an instant effect?!)

I will try to write again tomorrow but no promises.  I need to get my own computer!

Best wishes,

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  1. Awww! That is a really tough thing you had to go through. I hope that the situation with your hair has improved now, and that you aren't bogged down with too much worries. In any case, restoring your hair isn't an impossible dream. There are services out there that are willing to help you out on that. Wishing you all the best!

    Byron Brewer @ Knight and Sanders