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Waiting for Workmen, Walking Miles and Wasting Money!

I had a very bad night last night and you should count yourselves lucky that your intrepid blog author has even survived to continue the catch up tale.  What do you mean, these are so miserable that you don't even read them any more and would be relieved to see them die?  Why on Earth did you even click the link then?!

July 11th 2011

Another day wasted waiting indoors for a workman.  This time it was the man to hang the curtains in David's office and the front room.  He eventually came in the late afternoon and was obviously in a rush to go home for his tea.  The curtains in David's office looked okay (I rather liked the contrast of the darker green with the yellow/gold shades):

But we were not so lucky in the front room where he hung the pelmet with a massive crease in it.  We didn't notice this until the man had left however.  So, for all of our waiting around, we would have to waste another day waiting for the man to come and correct his mistake.

After he had finally gone, Mum and I went for a nice stroll in Lammas Park.  There were lots of birds around (probably because it was later in the day) which was annoying as it was the first time we'd forgotten to bring our binoculars!  Typical.  I found another pretty green parakeet feather for my collection.  This was a beautiful long wing feather.  I still display it proudly on the shelf beside me to this day.

I was still in a bad state about my hair but refused to do the obvious thing and wash it.  The dirtier it got, the more my head itched.  The more my head itched, the more convinced I was that I was going bald.  Well, my hair WAS getting horribly thin but I think it was stress that caused it more than washing it.  In fact, I think not washing it just added to the problem.

July 12th 2011

Mum had promised to get me up early but unsurprisingly failed to do so.  I was just too annoying for her to handle for more than a few hours a day, don't you know?

We had our usual walk around Lammas Park and then had to wait around for David's desk to be delivered.  This was becoming a daily thing.  I couldn't wait for the day when we WEREN'T waiting for somebody!  When the desk arrived, we were horrified.  It was ridiculously big for David's tiny office and not the colour Mum had liked (which David had assured her he was getting).  AND the stupid delivery man SCRAPED it over the hall flooring creating several large scratches.  Thankfully most of these would be covered by furniture if the house was ever straight, but it really seemed that every step we tried to take forward, we ended up taking another ten steps back.

I wasted the day looking up coin operated rides and trying to distract myself from my stress issues again.  Mum was quite contently pretending to listen and then suddenly flipped.  I guess she noticed the clock and realised how late it had got or something.  She screamed at me for "delaying her dinner" (weird as, while she had claimed it would be ready in ten minutes, SHE had spent half an hour sorting out her "toy cupboard" and looking at her old toys...yes, seriously).  I calmly went and served the dinner while she sat at the table.  She then threw a massive wobbly that I was "showing off by putting slightly more potato on her plate than mine"?  "Here's some real showing off!" she cried, picking up her plate and scraping all of the potato into the bin.  I shouted at her for being wasteful and told her that she would regret it when she was hungry later.  She then told me to "keep my voice down".  She "wondered what my people would think of me if they heard me like that".  Uh, "my people"?  Do I come from another planet or something?!  Heard me like what anyway?  I was only telling her that she'd regret throwing her dinner away!

I finally emptied my large Soap & Glory gift box into the cubby holes either side of the basin which seemed to be the extent of my clearing up for the day!  Still, while it doesn't sound like much, it made a big difference to the bathroom floor!

I submitted my poem and photographs of Pepper and Salt to the Canvey Island forum.  Still the owners of the ill-fated horses were determined to tell me that their father had bought them in 1947 and that they were the only ones of their kind.  Of course, my Walter Streets' advert still hadn't arrived to confirm if I was right about their history or not.

July 13th 2011

I wanted to walk to Ealing Broadway to buy a shower attachment for the bath at Argos.  I figured this might help to encourage me to wash my hair more regularly and also cause less to fall out than keep tipping buckets of water over my head!

Mum, of course, didn't feel up to walking to Ealing and delayed it as long as she could.  Then, when she finally sucked up the energy to go, she accused me of making us late!

By the time we got there, I had lost my nerve about washing my hair that night and decided against buying  the shower attachment anyway!  Oh well, I found plenty of other things to waste my money on...

Two Barbie DVDs from a charity shop

Nivea Moisturiser and Inecto Facial Wipes from Savers

And...a really pretty little dress from Primark!

I was thrilled to find a second "acceptable" dress at long last, especially when shopping with Mum who seemed determined to put me off of anything even slightly feminine.  She claimed that the neck was too big on this one, which it wasn' was still a little short for my liking though.

She got very tired and grumpy on the way back.  She wasn't even interested in a thrush that was hopping along and making sounds like a grasshopper next to the path in Lammas Park.  It's not like Mum to show no interest in a bird.

By dinnertime, she was in a fowl mood again.  I got the dinner but asked her to watch and stir the spaghetti while I went upstairs to the bathroom.  I came back to find her staring at the washing machine (worrying that it wasn't spinning apparently) and the spaghetti stuck to the saucepan and steaming!  At first she admitted that she had forgotten to keep an eye on it, but that quickly turned to accusations with her telling me that she thought I was watching it (er...while I was upstairs?)  She continued to bitch at me and made me cry until I felt the need to gulp my dinner down in a rush (causing an "Ugh, what a pig!" from the creator of the aggro!) and go upstairs to get away from her.

David came in briefly but just slept instead of being any company to her downstairs...then he returned to work for the rest of the night.

On a happier note, my Walter Streets advertisement finally arrived...and yes, just as I had suspected, the Canvey Casino horses WERE Star-Dusts originally!  A good guess on my part, I think!

July 14th 2011

Despite what had happened the previous day, Mum decided to walk to West Ealing.  She wanted to "build her strength" or something!  We were both horrified to see how the area had gone downhill since our last visit.  All of the nice shops had closed down and been replaced by rough market stalls and pound shops selling dangerous looking plastic toys with sharp edges!  The streets were full of gangs and obvious signs of drug dealing.

I thought I recognised Vesna (my grandparents' old neighbour) but Mum walked past her twice without noticing her so I suppose it must have just been a lookalike.

The result of our shopping spree today was four boxes of Weetaflakes.  Exciting.  I did see a nice purple dress in the YMCA charity shop but didn't know if it would fit or not so decided against it.  BHS had the whole range of Barbie movies at £4 each (still too pricey for my taste!)...I saw a few in the Families Relief charity shop too, but they were all in Polish so not much use to somebody whose main interest is in the Canadian voice acting!

We stopped at Tesco to buy milk on the way back.  My arm was dropping off by the time we got to Lammas Park and I had to sit down on a bench to rest!  (Seriously?  Was I that much of a weakling back then?!)  Oh well, it was quite interesting to watch a group of women practicing Tai Chi on the grass there!

Somebody uploaded the Friendship is Magic Live Show to Youtube.  I have to admit that it was so awful that I couldn't even sit through it.  This from somebody who loved The World's Biggest Tea Party.  But, once again, with me it's the voice actors who make it or break it...and I'm afraid these VAs broke it into a million pieces.  They don't even sound like the original Applejack and Rainbow Dash!

We read on the news that a man had been arrested for brandishing two knives outside Ealing Broadway Primark just two hours before we had got there the previous day!  So much for Ealing being such a nice area!

I had a bath and plucked up courage to wash my hair that night.  Well, I say I washed it.  I rinsed it with plain water and no shampoo or conditioner.  I was surprised when it still felt sticky and greasy afterwards!

David rang us to announce that he was staying at work all night which meant that we couldn't put the rubbish bag out for the dustmen and he would have to take it to the tip.  Why couldn't I put it out, you ask?  Well, Mum wouldn't let me walk down the garden path on my own so late at night...what if I got kidnapped?!

July 15th 2011

Disturbed by David staying out all night, I had a dreadful nightmare about him being stabbed on the doorstep at Grottsville by a man named Mark who then parked his car in our garden and walked into the house dressed only in a black rubbish bag.  His mission?  To inspect a purple carrier bag which he himself had put through the door!

In reality, David had got home to Grottsville at 4.30am and really had seen two police cars attending some kid of incident opposite the house.  Well, as long as Mark wasn't there, I suppose he was safe!

I had to see the orthodontist for another adjustment.  She fitted thicker wires as well as elastics which were awfully painful and began rubbing sores on the inside of my mouth almost immediately.  I began to wonder if the teeth weren't moving as quickly as they should be and the orthodontist just wasn't telling me.  Thank God I didn't know what was to come if I was already stressing at that point!

My orthodontist also announced that she was leaving and I would be seeing a different lady from now on.  I was pretty upset as I had really grown to like and trust this one, something I rarely do with doctors and dentists!

Mum and I went to Boston Manor Park on the way home to feed the ducks.  I had a lovely time hand feeding the pigeons as I used to do as a child...then they mobbed us just like they used to do in Trafalgar Square.  Oops...guess it was my own fault really!

I helpfully posted the information from my Walter Streets advert on the Canvey Island forum to clear up the mystery of the Casino Horses at long last.  The comment was published but the owner of the site did not reply.  The owner of the horses did post a response to re-enforce the story that her father had bought them in 1947.  Oops...I guess I offended them too.  I seem to have a knack.

Following David's ridiculous work hours of the previous few days, he actually came in a couple of hours early for once.  However, he returned to Grottsville almost immediately so we still didn't get to see much of him.  What a life.

Well, there's the report of another five days of my miserable life.  See you all tomorrow, I hope!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e   xxx

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