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Hair Loss, Non-Existent Dresses, Littlest Pet Shop and Picky People!

We have another great blog for you tonight, ladies and gents.  Remember to bring your pillows because it gets pretty boring at some points...

August 26th 2011

Mum woke me early as my Skype "friend" had supposedly sent me a dress to thank me for being so supportive towards him after his accident (she would not go to the door to a postman herself!)  However, once again, the parcel did not arrive.

I had still had seven hours sleep but was incredibly tired and had to take a nap that afternoon!  Whatever was wrong with me?  I think I had sleeping sickness!

My hair was continuing to fall out and stress me "despite being sprayed".  Uh...Desirée-of-the-Past, I really don't think using dry hair shampoo was doing it any favours whatsoever!

In the evening, David and I went to Osterley Tesco.  I picked up a very exciting Tesco Direct catalogue, featuring a selection of ugly G4 ponies and what appeared to be a cardboard castle for them.  At least this is how I've described it in my blog notes.  Any idea what that might have been?  (Maybe it was a prototype in the stock photo?)

Despite being August, It never seemed to stop raining.  In fact, the rain was so heavy that Mum rang us to ask if we had got to Tesco safely through it!

We were supposed to be going to Grottsville after Tesco.  Instead of that, David went to the bathroom until it was too late to go (and wasted my evening in the process since I didn't start doing anything just in case I was going out!)

There was obviously something wrong with the drains as every time David flushed the loo in the loft, there came the most DREADFUL smell downstairs in the extension.  God, it was just like living in a sewer.  Was there anything in this house that the stupid architect HADN'T messed up?

David was proclaiming to be broke again and asking Mum for money...while still continuing to buy endless newspapers and unpleasant publications for himself.

August 27th 2011

David wasted another day.  He claimed to have a bad stomach caused by food poisoning which gave him a good excuse not to rise until 4pm!  (A new record?!)

This also caused me to waste the day, as I didn't want to start any of my jobs in case there was a chance of David coming downstairs and taking us out somewhere.  As it happened, the furthest I got was a brief drive to Grottsville late that night to check the house.

Despite his stomach troubles, David announced that he wanted chips for dinner.  Alas, none of our favourite shops were open by that time so we decided to try some from the Chinese chip shop around the corner.  Never again.  Ugh, they were so greasy and made Mum and I feel like throwing up.  I have no idea how David could stomach them.

Mum had one of her dreadful pains straight after dinner.  She was rolling around the floor, clutching her side, when David decided to be nasty to her because he was "really ill".  Indicating she wasn't.  Well, I don't think she was rolling about for the fun of it!

My nerves were driving me crazy again.  My hair was still falling out badly which made my panic attacks even worse (I think it's called a never ending vicious circle...)  I ended up shivering and shaking by the evening, clinging to a hot water bottle even though it wasn't cold.  David then decided to pick on me too.  "If your hair was really falling out that fast, you really WOULD be bald by now!  It's probably only happening because it needs to be washed!"  His comments caused me to panic and rinse my hair at 11.30pm...which only made it dry greasy, ugly and thinner than ever.  Well, if I was going to wash it, I should have at least used proper shampoo and conditioner!

There was no post at all that day so I still didn't receive my dress.  I set up an eBay and Paypal account for my mum.  Well, there you go, you see?  I didn't waste the whole day!

August 28th 2011

My hair looked absolutely awful, following its 'midnight rinse'.  It was falling out in clumps now and driving me utterly mad.  I'd rather have my whole head shaved than watch it go slowly like this.  But Mum wouldn't hear of that, of course.

Both of my parents decided to pick on me regarding my stress, in fact.  David was STILL on at me that it was "only falling out because it was dirty".  Mum was just ranting at me that I "should never have wanted a nice hairstyle" as "they cost too much money" (well, good that I never got to have one then!), as do wigs.  She "would swap her stomach ache for my hair loss any day"!  I "would just have to learn to put up with it because hair follicles NEVER come back once they die and there's NO cure"!  Nice to be surrounded by such sympathetic folk, eh?

We went to Grottsville to try to do some more tidying up in the library but didn't get very far.  My stress levels prevented me from doing much and David was eager to get me away from there as usual, claiming that it was not good for my allergies (never bothered him when we were living there!)

I had a dreadful stomach ache and started shaking at the slightest little thing.  I wished I could kick out these anxiety attacks and find a way to live a normal life.

August 29th 2011

I had been promised two Bank Holiday car boot sales...but my alarm clock failed me and I didn't wake up until 7.05am.  By that time, it was too late to get to Walton-on-Thames, but we still made our weary way to Epsom.  Well, to be honest, it was probably too late for Epsom, but I was determined to go somewhere!

I didn't enjoy it much anyway.  I got too hot, overtired and sick of all the young blokes leering at me.  There were no ponies to be seen, just a G3 playmat/felt bag kind of thing and lots of Care Bears which I left behind.  I did get two My Pretty Mermaids for 20p and a bunch of Littlest Pet Shops (with accessories) for £12.00 though...

All but the LPS ducks have since been sold, by the way.  I ended up making a nice little profit on the Pet Shops.  The couple selling the LPS sets were convinced that they had sold to me before (unfortunately, they hadn't...I would have liked to have got some more LPS sets from them as they were in such lovely condition!) and the man tried to force a LPS Zoo Playset on me.  I knew I couldn't ship such a large item easily however, so I turned it down.  Now I wonder what was packed inside it!

David went to sleep for two hours upon our return.  Well, he told us that he didn't.  He only stayed up in the loft because he "thought we had to eat" and "wouldn't want to do anything else".  He had "called us when he came out of the bathroom".  Really?  Neither of us had heard a thing...not so much as a toilet flush, and I think we would have smelled that!

That night we went to Grottsville again to collect my My Beautiful Horses collection.  I had nowhere to keep them here at Woodberry, but couldn't stand to leave them there any longer.

I had a wonderful NINE bids on eBay.  I was really going to clear the house and escape to Canada at that rate...not.

August 30th 2011

David took a sick day off work.  He wasn't really sick, he just had the aftermath of his "food poisoning", so we were disappointed that he didn't do more with his spare time.

He had prevented me from going to bed by listening to a loud radio until 2am that morning so I couldn't get up.  My parents were pleased because this allowed them to do an hour of ancestry with me "out of their hair".  I was not pleased because I had so much to do.  After I got up, David went back to bed!

The cheque he had given to the orthodontist had bounced so he had to spend ages at the bank in Ealing Broadway that afternoon, trying to find out the reason.

Mum and I eventually got to go to Greenford, but only for long enough to buy a roll of brown paper.  There was no time to look around the charity shops or photograph the rides as I would have liked to do.

Emma read one of my blog entries and got offended about something I'd written regarding a dream I'd had.  I'm still not really sure why, but I immediately deleted that part of the entry...and then I was put off of writing any more.  One of the reasons I slipped so far behind with this thing!

August 31st 2011

There was still no sign of either dress - oh, didn't I tell you?  I had also bought myself a dress...the one I'd fallen in love with at Primark but hadn't been able to find in my size!  I'd spotted it on eBay at a bargain price and couldn't resist.

I did some more scanning for Mum and began re-watching my favourite Call of the Wild TV series on DVD.  This prompted me to look at Shane's Wikipedia page where I noticed he had updated his information with the names of his new agent and manager in LA.  I hoped this meant we would be seeing more from him soon...however, it would appear some people are too "picky" to accept any jobs that they are offered these days.  Then again, there's not a lot of work out there to pick from, is there?  Tsk tsk.

I wrapped up a lot of eBay parcels.  Mum very pointedly told me that she liked every item I had managed to sell.  I think she just wanted to stop me making any money whatsoever.

We had to go to the wonderful Grottsville again to collect some more eBay items.  I'd only sold 14 things in total this time so it didn't take long.  However, by that time, David had started watching TV so I was trapped there as my allergies worsened.  I dug out my Grand Champions collection to bring home (despite having nowhere to put them!) but couldn't do much else to clear up over there.

We stopped at Tesco on the way back in search of toothpaste.  They had confusingly changed all the packaging and seemed to have discontinued the type I used.  Great.  Anything too minty makes me feel sick so I had been happy to find one that didn't affect me.  Typical of my luck.

David hadn't said that we were going to Tesco and I got upset about my hair and worried that I hadn't covered my bald patches properly.  I ended up rushing back to the car before David was ready to leave so that I didn't have to be seen in society any longer and got worryingly out of breath.  How had I got so unfit?

That's all for today, folks!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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