Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ten days disappeared in a puff of smoke!

God, where did the last ten days go?!  So much stress and so little time for anything but stress.  I can't believe I let more time slip by again when I'm already so far behind!

August 21st 2011

We took Kiera to Redwings Horse Sanctuary to see her adoption horse Rhadlon's birthday party.  I filmed a lot of the party and uploaded it to Youtube if anybody wants to watch...

It was lovely to spend time with all of the horses - I felt so calm when I was with them, feeding and hugging them.  I need more contact with animals.  Three little shetlands named Tommy, Blair and Lily stole my heart in particular.  They were absolutely adorable but sadly I didn't take any photographs of them.  I could have spent all day with Lily - she was such a gentle little thing and just wanted to rest her head on my shoulder when I knelt down to talk to her.

Kiera got bored and hungry soon after the party so we didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, but I did get to see my own adoption horse Dolly up close at long last.  Usually she's far away on the other side of the paddock but she actually came up to say hello for once.

I took LOTS of nice photographs but I have just selected a few (hundred) of my favourites to post here:

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and I had fries as well as a McFlurry.  My braces somehow managed to get twisted and I had to go back to the car to look in the mirror and pop them back into place.  This upset Kiera and I felt really horrible but I couldn't have sat there with uncomfortable wires, not knowing what had happened in my mouth until we got back to the car.

When we got back to Emma's house, we had a "farewell party" for Boo (Abigale's Redwings adoption horse who passed away).  We released a balloon (on which Abigale had lovingly drawn a picture of Boo) and ate cakes also decorated with pictures of Boo.  It had been Abigale's idea and I think it was a really nice way for her to say goodbye to Boo.

We asked her where she wanted to go for her outing with us (now that Boo had passed away, we obviously wouldn't be going to see him).  The only thing she could come up with was that she would like to visit us at Woodberry and see my MLP collection.  How sad that the place was in such a mess.  I would have loved for Abigale to come and play ponies with me but it wasn't to be.

I got another 150 items listed on eBay in the evening, despite my usual post-babysitting migraine!  Why did the house look no clearer?

August 22nd 2011

David drove us to Grottsville at 11.15am for my latest appointment with the doctor about my hair.  It was a complete waste of time as my doctor had failed to make a note of me on the computer system so I wasn't allowed in!

Mum and I had both forgotten the phone so couldn't even call David to collect us.  Hence we got stuck sitting on a bench outside the surgery for fifteen minutes while we waited for him.

My hair had felt okay when I had first got up anyway but worsened throughout the day as I got more worked up about it.  I was determined to keep a more positive frame of mind but it wasn't easy in the circumstances.  I was really missing those horses today...if I could only spend every day in equine company, I think I'd be a whole lot happier!

Mum was in her usual horrible post-grandchildren mood.  She was concerned about getting the place into a decent enough state that "her children" could visit because she "didn't mind them coming to see my toys".  Now you know I just said how much I would have liked Abigale to be able to come and play with my ponies (because she has always been very gentle with her toys and I know no harm would come to them in her hands), however comments like that really rile me up.  Since when has it been MUM'S place to say that she doesn't mind her unruly grandchildren coming to touch my possessions.  The other kids, especially the younger two, are NOT like Abigale and could easily damage my ponies.  Ah, but who cares?  Mum doesn't mind that!  They are her children, after all!

I tried to do some more tidying up.  I sorted through three bags of plush toys but didn't get very far.  I wanted to downsize and get rid of at least 2/3 of them, but I found it hard to discard my childhood "cuddly friends".

I had another lovely Skype chat in the evening which resulted in another two kiddie ride discoveries!

First we found this Skegness postcard from c1978 showing "Neddy" (kind of hard to see but he's behind the road sign on the right of the picture!)  Prior to finding this picture, I had only ever seen one of these mules...many years ago in Felixstowe with my grandad who insisted on putting his hand in the mules open mouth and pretending to be bitten!  As it later turned out, this version of the mule was actually made by a different company...but I was only learning back then.

Then we each found a photograph of what we then believed to be a RG Mitchell aeroplane that I'd never seen before...within five minutes of each other.  Sorry, I can't remember who uploaded these and can't seem to find them on Flickr any more but please do contact me if you want these removed or credit added...

The first was taken in Weymout c1972

The other was taken just outside Boston in 1974

I've since found out that this aeroplane was actually made by Ride-a-Matic (RAM) rather than RG Mitchell (RGM).  I'm sure RAM were copyring RGM though...if just in the fact that their footplates are near identical with just the middle initial changed.  The rides are similar in style too!

August 23rd 2011

A man came to look at the creaking, waterlogged extension roof.  Despite the fact that we were paying him good money to come and look at it, he decided that it was too much trouble to climb out on the roof in the rain and decided to just look at it through the bathroom window instead.  This meant tearing down the large Boots carrier bag that I had so carefully hung across the window in place of curtains to have some privacy whilst dressing in the mornings.  And we didn't have another bag of that size!

The man then wanted to take a look through my bedroom window.  Knowing that I had run into my room and slammed the door to hide from the humiliation of seeing a workman in such a cluttered house, David played for time.  "The other room is, uh, a bit sensitive..." he said.  I laughed, remembering how I had slammed the door as they had walked up the stairs.  The man must have thought it was a very sensitive room indeed.  It even closed its own door because it was so shy!  David needn't have worried, I was already safely hidden in the cupboard.  And it's a good job that I had moved everything out of the cupboard then really as I had discovered yet another problem with the house.  The bottom of my cupboard was cracking and caving in under the weight of the crates that I had stacked inside it.  Because of this, I had to move everything back into the hobby room, much to Mum's outrage, until we could get somebody to strengthen the floor of the cupboard.

We went to Grottsville that evening to take some of David's laundry back and collect the mirror from the Communal Bedroom which was now to hang behind my bedroom door.  David started hoovering while I was there and my allergies returned.  I also had too much time (considering it was dark and I was unable to do anything productive there) to start worrying about leaving my stuff in that house with all the local drunkards and thugs around.  But what could I do?  I never got any time there in the daylight to sort through my belongings.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way back so that my parents could have fries.  I was going to have a Flake McFlurry but the chocolate sauce pump was empty.  Just my luck.  Oh well, considering I'd already eaten chocolate ice cream earlier, it was probably for the best!

I had a mysterious scab on my leg which kept bleeding.  I had to limp all the way down the stairs from the bathroom in order to find a plaster, all the time holding a piece of toilet roll to the relevant place.  Mum stood and laughed at me as I rummaged around in the medicine cupboard in search of a plaster...nice woman.

August 24th 2011

I had to return to the doctor, and really didn't want to go.  It was pointless and depressing.  I was referred to Ealing Hospital to see a dermatologist but the doctor admitted that not much could be done for hair loss.  In other words, I was slowly going bald and there was nothing I could do about it.

In the evening, we returned to Grottsville to collect a cardboard box for a plate I'd sold on eBay.  David promised to help me cut it down to size but didn't get round to it.  Why didn't he just say he had no intention of doing it so that I could do it myself?!

We had to stop at his old office in West Ealing to collect an orange jacket and helmet on the way back...don't ask, I don't remember the answer!  While he was in the office, three drunks staggered past the car (where Mum and I were sitting) and I got an instant headache.  It just shows how much stress I was under - no wonder I was losing my hair!

I had no idea how to clear the place up.  Mum was shouting and shouting at me, specifically about Abigale wanting to visit, but I didn't know what I could do, especially now that my cupboard was out of use.  I was told that adjusting my cupboard would affect my pony shelves too, meaning all of the ponies would have to be boxed up and put somewhere again.  Is collecting a large quantity of items really worth the stress they cause?

I had another nice Skype chat in the evening and found some more ride pictures on Flickr and Pathe News.  I didn't write down anything about the rides in question, you'll be pleased to know!

August 25th 2011

I found a carpet beetle larvae in the hobby room.  I kept very quiet about that around Mum though, knowing how she would react to "my bl**dy stuff encouraging vermin"!  I photographed another bag of plush toys to sell and even hardened my heart enough to throw some away.  Yes, I was getting desperate!

My hair was driving me mad.  Not only did it feel horribly thin, but the back of my head was covered in painful scabs.  I'm now sure those were caused by a mixture of sweat and that darn steroid gel.

We went to McDonalds again in the evening where Mum had fries and David and I had Flake McFlurries.  Poor Mum didn't even get to eat all of her fries before we had to drive off, thanks to some vile teenage yobs harassing us in the car park.  Why don't their parents keep them off the streets?  They're obviously not mature enough to be wandering around without adult supervision!

In ride news: Mr Unnamed and I found two more lovely videos.

First up, we have some Edwin Hall rides at Heathrow Airport in 1958...

And then the unnamed one found this lovely video of an Edwin Hall horse (and other rides) at St Ives in 1990 (see 5:21)...

Better than that, he found a picture from 2003, showing that the horse was STILL THERE even then!

(Original photo from http://www.urban75.org/photos/stives/stives129.html)

Oh, how I wish I'd got to meet and ride that beauty when I was a little girl!  Sadly, we never visited St Ives or I'm sure we would have had a nice photograph of him for the website.

Phew!  One more blog entry!  Please give me a good kick up the backside if I let this slip again.  If I'd kept up at the rate I had been writing at, I'd be 45 days further forward now!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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