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The Sleep-Blogger!

Some people have a midnight snack, others sleepwalk.  Me?  I sleep-blog!

August 11th 2011

We walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique for my hygienist appointment.  I saw a new Danish lady who was very nice, if a little eccentric.  She told me her whole life story before insisting I sat through a video about gingivitis.  "I'm not saying you have it but, the more we know about it, the better we can prevent it," she said.

We had a walk around Boston Manor Park on the way home.  It was nice to feed the ducks, geese and pigeons again.  We also met a very shy squirrel who couldn't keep his eyes off of the ducks' bread but refused to come near enough to us to eat any.  If we threw some on the ground, the pigeons mobbed us and scared him away.  Eventually Mum had a brainwave - she pressed some of the bread on to the tree bark where the squirrel could get to it but the pigeons couldn't!

I still couldn't get over the riots and had an awful dream about them.  This wasn't helped by the fact that the extension roof kept creaking loudly.  In reality, I think it was either next door banging around in their own extension, or possibly the insulation in the roof was waterlogged again.

I was exhausted from so many sleepless nights and couldn't stay awake, much less do anything productive.  I wrapped a few eBay parcels, but that was about it.

August 12th 2011

I went to Tesco at the Hoover Building.  I managed to pick up another of the dresses I had been looking for - a garish purple one which I didn't particularly like, but I wasn't about to turn down a dress in a style I might wear (having said that, it's still hanging in my wardrobe complete with tags three years later!) - and some brown wrapping paper.  I wasn't too pleased about buying it there because it was so expensive, but I obviously wasn't going to get to any of the cheap shops in time for the latest batch of eBay parcels.

I also picked up a "penny" (Yay, I'm rich!)...which then turned out to be 5 Euro cents.  Ugh.  Maybe I'm not rich after all.

We went to Grottsville afterwards to pick up David's "overnight bag".  Yes, every time he slept at Woodberry, it was as if he was packing to go on holiday!  While he gathered his stuff, I began putting a 101 Dalmatians jigsaw together (I intended to sell it and wanted to know if it was complete).  Then David refused to leave until it was completed!  Well, he always was a jigsaw fanatic.

Then Mum rang up to say she was hungry for her tea (she needed the bread that we had bought at Tesco).  She hadn't known that we were going further than the Tesco at Osterley.  It was very late so I'm not surprised she was hungry.  Still David refused to leave Grottsville until the puzzle was finished!

I didn't like driving through Ealing Broadway at 11pm anyway.  It was so eery and sad to see the burnt out shops - there were still police cars everywhere too.  There was an ambulance parked in South Ealing which I'm sure was not related to the riots in any way but it still sent me into another panic attack right before bed.

Mum was not happy that David had decided to sleep at Woodberry.  Her laundry was hanging in his bedroom and "wasn't dry yet" so he ended up sleeping on the living room floor instead!

Mum had washed another of her teddy bears, Cuthbert, while we were out and was upset that his "head had gone floppy".  Well, I suppose old bears don't appreciate being put through the washing machine.

August 13th 2011

David slept until 11am.  It was then that Mum rang him to find out how long he'd be in the shower room...only to find that he was still on the living room floor!

He went to Grottsville to post my latest batch of eBay parcels, then we all went to Ealing Broadway so that i could withdraw some cash and David could go to a different bank.  We also popped into WH Smith but that was all.  I didn't really like it there with the police everywhere and lingering signs of the riots.  The place still felt dirty and violated.  I wasn't sure if Ealing would ever feel the same again.

I had made £78 on eBay and was feeling quite pleased with myself.  Then I realised that one woman who had bought four items had only paid for two.  I had posted the two items (Dolly Mix Ponies) that morning but the other two (Pony Wear) were still sitting here.  I hoped she wasn't about to kick up stink about combined shipping, considering she had chosen to pay for the items separately!  I sent her a message but got no response.

August 14th 2011

We went to Laura Ashley to pick up their new catalogue.  David began "reading the catalogue" in the shop. (Although he was actually clearly staring OVER the catalogue at some passing women!)

We went next door to Family Bargains to buy Weetaflakes.  I also found a nice pair of cheap black shoes which I thought would go nicely with my black dresses.  I'd hoped to get another pair of the floral patterned shoes I'd bought there last time but they were all sold out in size 4.

We stopped at Grottsville very briefly on the way home.  It had to be brief because David "wanted to go to work, ALL RIGHT?!"  Well, how did he ever expect us to empty the house?  I threw away a pile of old paper plates that I had decorated as a child because they were covered in traces of biscuit and cake crumbs etc. and I figured they would attract mice and insects in the long run.  I used to use them at "pony parties" when I was seven or eight.  I did take some photographs before I binned them though.  (Excuse the primitive childish drawings!)

Also a paper cup depicting Tootsie (I think?) and Princess Moondust...

Sad to throw them away, but I suppose a photographic memory is better really.

We were back in the car with piles of stuff to take back to Woodberry and sort through when David suddenly opened my car door to tell me that he was going to set the timer for Friendship is Magic.  Needless to say, everything that had been balanced against the door fell out into the garden!  I was not happy and told him not to bother with the timer.  He said that he was going to cancel the television at long last anyway and there was no point recording part of the series without the rest of it.  We also knew they were still showing repeats so what was the point?

I had a nice long relaxing bath in the evening and wrote some emails.  I actually wore the dress that I had bought in MAPF after my bath and dared to bare my legs (much to Mum's amusement).  David was still at "work" at 1am when I went to bed, despite the fact he wasn't being paid.

August 15th 2011

David decided to take the afternoon off work because he was "a bit tired" after the ridiculous hours he'd worked the night before.  (I'm not really surprised!)  Mum kindly told him that he was not sleeping at Woodberry however, as she had another load of laundry on the airer in his bedroom and didn't want him to "make it smell".

So he went to Grottsville to sleep on the bathroom floor and took us to do a couple of hours work in the old communal bedroom.  We dismantled my old cot to get rid of it and emptied the wardrobe (which was originally intended for my bedroom here...until we discovered that David had scratched it by jamming rubbish between it and the cot).

I managed to get trapped behind the cot and all of the other junk that had been stored inside it.  It's hard to describe but I was in a very uncomfortable position, supporting the weight of the cot and a lot of the rubbish inside it.  No, don't ask me how I got into that situation!  Mum called David out of the bathroom to ask if he had a box she could use to pack some of the junk.  "We need a box," she called. "Desirée's trapped in and can't wait!"  "She'll have to wait," he snapped in reply.  When he finally came, he took some of the heavy stuff away from me before locking the side of the cot back into position...basically trapping me INSIDE the cot.  "I think it drops down again...somehow." he said.  Well, I should flippin' well hope it does!  "What's wrong with them?" he asked, indicating to the bars of the cot, "They're the same all over."  I don't quite know why he expected some of them to be different but it just further exhibited his incompetence.  No w I understand why the cot hadn't been dismantled seventeen years earlier!

David decided to sleep at Woodberry again that night.  Perhaps he had finally decided to move in with us?  I was getting a bit worried about all of our possessions that were still in Grottsville and seemed to have just been abandoned.  I needed to bring my stuff to Woodberry but there was nowhere to put it and my allergies were already playing up terribly.  My nose was completely clogged with grey dust-filled muck again.  Nice.

Mum kindly tried to offload her old night clothes on me.  Uh...thanks, but no thanks, Mum.

Phew, I really didn't think I was going to get this entry written tonight!  Then again, considering the boring drivel it was filled with, perhaps that would have been a good thing!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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