Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What else can possibly go wrong?

Things are going from bad to worse in the present day.  There are mice in my bedroom.  I found their droppings ON MY BED today.  Ugh.  Time for a bit of time travelling, I think...

August 1st 2011

Mum and I didn't go for our walk again because we were tired from the previous day and it was so horribly hot outside.  In fact, we could hardly move inside the house because of the temperature.

When David came home at 7pm, I was still eating dinner because it had only just cooled down enough to contemplate eating a hot meal.

We went to Grottsville to collect another nine eBay items via Tesco to finally collect Mum's antibiotics.  I had a look for more dresses in the style of the ones I had seen at Osterley, but the only ones they had were in size 20-22.  Even I'm not that fat, contrary to what some people may think!

I hate that branch of Tesco.  A horrible old man who works there always leers at me and wolf whistles as I walk by.  Not very professional.  I was in a bad mood and decided to give him a mouth full that night.  David was embarrassed...well, he shouldn't have been harassing me in the first place!  Perhaps he'd think twice next time.

David had forgotten to record Friendship is Magic for me again that day.  Oh well, having looked through the video, it seemed as though they'd been repeating the same thirteen episodes (the first thirteen in the series) for the past seven days anyway.  I never did get the rest of the series recorded.

We finally heard back from The Sun about our cheap holiday application.  We'd managed to get a place at a caravan park in Bodmin Moor in September!  Yay!  Now I could visit Dingles Fairground Heritage Museum.

August 2nd 2011

I got up early for once...but wasted any time I might have saved looking at photographs of kiddie rides in Fleetwood.  I found out that the people who used to own Fleetwood Pier (which, as some of you may know, burnt down some years ago) still own the Harbour Lights Amusement Arcade and some of the old rides from the pier lived on in that arcade.  Another reason to go to Lancashire...but we'd never get all the way to Fleetwood from a day trip on a coach to Blackpool.

Oh yes, David had now booked seats on the coach to Blackpool so we wouldn't be going there for a couple of nights after all.  So I'm not really sure why I was looking up rides at surrounding seaside resorts anyhow!

Mum and I had a walk in Lammas Park but it was still too hot to really enjoy it.

We tried to do some clearing up in the bathroom when we came home without much success.  Mum wanted to put some soap in the bathroom (a small task, you may think) but couldn't find anywhere to put it because the place was already filled to the brim with all my bath and body products.  Well, I started looking through some of the stuff to see if I could get rid of anything and got very upset to discover that my Lush Charity Pot, which I had been saving for a special occasion had turned to pure green water with a green skin on top.  Ew...  What a waste.  I wouldn't save hand creams or body lotions for best now because I know they don't keep very well.

The kids two doors away were making a terrible noise and driving me crazy.  Apparently they were driving a local cat crazy too because the poor thing tried to jump through our window that afternoon...and only succeeded in falling on the ground.  Of course, we had to close the window after that which made it even hotter indoors.

Oh, and just to complete my happy day  - the "block" on my tooth broke off, meaning I could potentially break the braces just by closing my mouth.  And I knew how painful it was to have that darn "block" fitted so I really didn't fancy having it replaced.

August 3rd 2011

I wrote to Lee Stefani, the owner of the amusement arcade in Fleetwood, to ask if the old rides really were still at the arcade.  He added me on Facebook and commented on the photograph of myself with the Earnley Gardens Ostrich ride to tell me that he had an Edwin Hall Muffin the Mule and Lion currently listed on eBay.  Oh, no!  Those were two of the rides I remembered from my childhood and had wanted to see again.  JUST too late again.

Lee hadn't answered my message enquiring after the other old rides yet so maybe Gabinella the Elephant (who you can just see behind Elisa in the above picture) would still be there at least.  Not that I could get to Fleetwood anyway!

Mum had "negotiated a day not to go walking so that she could get on with arranging another cabinet" (why I wasn't allowed to go walking without her is beyond me!) but we ended up in Ealing Broadway anyway while David went to the bank.

It was not a very enjoyable trip with us two stuck standing in the heat for hours waiting for him.  Mum was overly excited to see the new Argos catalogue.  "Get me one of those!" she cried.  There were still stacks of them outside the shop so I'm not sure why we had to pick it up BEFORE walking around the shops!  We got some bread in Tesco and looked at the dresses in Primark (nice patterns but all too short as usual).  Then Mum had to use the public loo while I sat outside shouting at some gross men who were leering at me.  As I say, it was not a very nice outing and I was pleased to come home really!

Mum found what appeared to be a rat hole in the back garden right outside the sliding doors.  It seemed Grottsville really was following us to Woodberry!

I tried to do something constructive by clearing out the drawers underneath my wardrobe without much success.  I just had too much junk and nowhere to put it!

My hair was feeling horrible again which was another reason I didn't like going out.  Mum kept telling me how bad it looked around the back and had made me really self conscious.  I was still using the steroid gel but it didn't do any good.  In fact, it made my scalp sting and turn bright red.  Today a big scab had even fallen off of my scalp, complete with a clump of hard skin (and hair, of course).  I think it was high time I stopped using that stuff but I was so desperate to see results that I didn't want to give up.

August 4th 2011

I had another bad hair day.  Mum thought it was the steroid gel (looking back, it probably was) but I thought I was just having another of my stress-related shedding days.

David offered me a trip to Tesco that evening but I couldn't face seeing people when I was so self conscious about my hair...especially those vile leering men who couldn't seem to keep their eyes off of me.  Hence, I didn't leave the house all day.

I tried to keep busy by sorting out files of old childhood drawings and artwork.  Again, not much success.  You can't fit a quart into a pint pot!

I continued the ride research and discovered that Robin Mitchell, the owner of RG Mitchell, owned both Skegness and Paignton Piers.  Interesting.  When I was small, we realised that the same rides moved around between those two piers but, of course, we had no idea that they were under the same ownership back then!

Lee Stefani responded to my message.  Yes, Gabinella was still at the arcade and the Edwin Hall Saucy Fru ship (originally Saucy Sue, renamed after Lee's wife whose father bought the ship back in the 50s) was still up and running at the Ferry Cafe next door - which they also own.  Alas, the Edwin Hall Heli-Jet was no more. :(  I really wanted to get back there to see Saucy Fru and Gabinella anyway though!

Mum said she heard MLP music playing in my bedroom again the previous night (even though I never heard a thing) and David chimed in by saying that he had heard voices talking in there.  They both thought that one of my battery operated toys had been triggered again, but I didn't even have batteries in any talking toys.  Mum told David how I suspected that the house was haunted and he just laughed it off.  I swear this house IS haunted.  There have been too many strange happenings for it to all be coincidence.  It was hard to sleep in that room, knowing that I might hear the spooky voices or music at any moment, I must say!

Apart from the funny voices, I kept hearing foxes fighting and howling behind the house.  I actually thought I'd heard one being killed the previous night.  I think Halloween had come early or something!

August 5th 2011

We went to Grottsville to collect three more eBay items.  I had my hands full when I left the house and managed to drop one of the items under the car.  David shouted at me, of course, though I'm not sure what I could have done any differently.

He had found Mum's scribblings on the lists in his pockets which might explain part of his bad temper.  One of the things that had upset me most about these particular lists was that he described the women's "lovely thick hair"...just like he used to talk about their "beautiful smiles" when I had a hang up about my crooked teeth, I suppose.  No wonder I feel ugly.  This was what Mum had written on the lists apparently.  "Of course lovely thick hair is a recurring theme, it's a description like the clothes they're wearing," David explained.  Nice.  I wish it were a recurring theme with my hair!  But don't worry, he "only writes down the colour of the women's underwear if he can see it".  Um...well, I didn't think he was undressing them to find out what colour they were wearing!

I didn't get to walk again because Mum "couldn't walk round the f***ing parks in this heat anymore" because of her bad legs.  She still demanded that I didn't go without her though.  *Sighs*  I may as well have stayed in Grottsville really!

David saw the new G4 ponies at Tesco the previous day.  This was the first time I had heard of them being in the UK and I really wanted to see them for myself.  He didn't take me there on the way to Grottsville tonight though, much to my disappointment.

Well, it's gone 2am so I think I had better go to Mouse Land.  I just hope the creatures don't jump in my mouth in the night as I snore!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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