Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Other Nonsense.

I know you're all dying to hear about the rest of our trip to Lancashire.  Well, you are about to be rewarded for your patience.  I'm afraid it's just more coin operated rides really though!

September 16th 2011

I didn't sleep well at the hotel at all.  I kept waking up covered in sweat and clinging to the duvet, dreaming about David and his "friend" (a character from the Call of the Wild TV series) sitting on the communal bed in Grottsville and making lists of the women passing by the house.  In the end, I shouted at them as they walked across a car park discussing which of the women was most attractive.  That was what woke me up for the final time.

My hair was in a terrible state.  Mum agreed to comb it for me because I just didn't want to have that horrible job...but I still got upset when I saw her hiding a handfull of hair behind her back.  Why was I losing it like this?  Maybe because I'd started using that darn dry hair shampoo again?

For once in our lives, we decided to splash out and buy the hotel breakfast.  Well, considering the price we paid, I think I'd have rather done the usual and gone out early in the morning to buy my own cereal and milk.  There is no way on Earth that THIS was worth what they were charging...

We drove through Morecambe and looked at the seabirds on the beach from the car.  Unfortunately, the tide wasn't right to do any proper bird watching so poor Mum missed out again (just like she had done on our previous trip to Morecambe many years before!)

Our first stop was Fleetwood, which was the real reason for this trip.  I had been chatting to Lee Stefani, owner of Harbour Lights Amusements, on Facebook and found out that he still had quite a few of the old kiddie rides I remembered from my childhood at the arcade.

One of my childhood favourites at Fleetwood was Gabinella, a 1960s elephant ride which I believe may have been made by Mills Novelty Co.

While she has obviously had a makeover in more recent years, there was no mistaking that cheerful, chubby face!

Having been too shy to introduce myself, I was greatly embarrassed when Lee recognised me while I was taking photographs of Gabinella and started chatting.  He was absolutely lovely though, demonstrated some of his old amusement machines free of charge, and spoke a lot about the old days before Fleetwood Pier burnt down.

The nicest surprise of all though was when he pulled out two old Edwin Hall rides which I believed had already been sold.  It turned out that he had pulled the auctions specifically as a result of me contacting him about the history behind the machines and was now hoping to restore them for his own arcade.

These photographs show myself riding upon the rides in 1999, but they had obviously been in Fleetwood much, much longer than that.  In fact, I have since found out that the very first ever Edwin Hall ride was a Muffin the Mule that was sold to the Stefani family in 1953.  While there is no evidence to prove as such, it's possible that this Muffin was the very one.  Muffin looks quite plain compared to the early Edwin Hall rides I've seen, however I suppose a prototype may well have been different to the finished product.  "Elisa" (not his original name obviously!) was the only wooden Edwin Hall lion I ever saw in my lifetime, another 1950s model.

The rides no longer worked, of course (the main reason that Lee was selling them), but I was still able to take some nice pictures.

We talked for a long time about the old amusement machines that used to be on Fleetwood Pier and Harbour Lights Amusements and Lee showed me some pictures of the pier as I remembered it as a child.  He said I was welcome to go digging in his storage cupboard because he had even more of the old rides I remembered in there (Edwin Hall's Silver and RAF Helicopter for certain).  I thought he was joking at the time and laughed.  It was only later that I realised he'd meant it.  Ugh, another wasted opportunity.  I wonder what brilliant old machines were behind that door?!

I also wished I'd got a photograph of myself with him for the website but again, I was too shy to ask.  Why do I always stand back even when people are trying their best to be kind to me?

I took a couple of other pictures of the old machines at the arcade but there were just so many!  I wish I could have photographed them all!

Then we went a little way up the road to the Ferry Cafe (also owned by the Stefani family) where Lee told me another of my favourite old rides was now located.

All aboard the Saucy Fru!

Saucy Fru is another 1950s Edwin Hall ride.  This particular version probably dates from around 1956.  She would have originally been named "Saucy Sue" but was renamed after Lee's wife Fru (Francesca) by Fru's dad when Fru was just a little girl.

I love the detail in Edwin Hall rides of this era.  The love and craftsmanship that went into hand making each one is obvious.  Edwin designed all his own rides and was apparently a boat enthusiast, spending many hours in his later life oil painting ships upon raging waves.  While most kiddie rides of the time were still using the same boring old rocking motion, Hall's boat rides emulate the feeling of "bobbing on the waves".

The seagull up on the ship's mast is just the cutest little thing!

It makes me sad that this is probably the very last 'Saucy Sue' in existence when this was such a popular machine back in the 1950s.  It just shows how times change, everything's disposable and nobody cares to look after the past.

A man in the cafe asked me why I was filming the boat.  Was it for a college project?  I explained to him about my website and how I felt it was important to keep a record of our recent history as it was quickly disappearing.  He looked at me as if I was mad.  This just proves my point. People don't care about things until they're gone and it's too late.  Sadly, most people don't care even then.

We travelled on to Cleveleys after that and had a nice wander around the shops.  I got a G3.5 Star Song reduced to £2.99 in B&M Bargains, and spent ages browsing the charity shops (nothing of interest unfortunately). In fact, there were so many charity shops there that I didn't leave time to have a proper look around Mason's Amusements.  I was still a bit apprehensive about taking photographs and films without prior permission at that point anyway and chickened out of even photographing the 1970s Whittaker Bros. Red Devils ride I saw there in case I was told off by a member of staff who was standing near to the ride!  Funny really, as now (three years later) I actually chat to that same member of staff via Facebook...and he would have been totally okay with my taking my pictures (and probably quite interested in my kiddie ride website to boot!)

We did drive to Blackpool after that but my parents were too tired to get out of the car and walk around (and I wasn't allowed to do so on my own, of course!), so we had to make our way back to the hotel early.

We went to McDonalds late that night for fries.  A kind woman gave us her parking ticket...with almost two hours to spare on it.  Who wants to park at McDonalds for two hours?!  Despite being told that we wanted the fries separately, the idiot server put them in the same bag as David's meat.  "They're wrapped though," he said.  Maybe they were, but they stank of chicken.  Not to worry, he just went and got me another portion and ate my originals as well as his own (and his chicken meal!)

September 17th 2011

Gosh, was it time to come home already?  Today we were supposed to be walking along the seafront at Morecambe and then driving back via Southport.  I really wanted to get my picture taken with the Eric Morecambe statue, having messed up my pose by lifting the wrong leg when I was eight and been annoyed with the picture ever since!  However, it was POURING with rain and there were cyclists all around the statue.  I was determined though.  There was nowhere to park so David dropped Mum and I near to the statue and we had to stand in the rain for quite a while before the crowds around the statue finally dispersed.

It was worth it to me though.  At last I got that much desired mirror image photo!

Just then, David drove along and hollered at us to hurry up as a traffic warden was watching him crawling around the streets.  This caused us to jump into the car far faster than we would have normally done...and David drove of before Mum had even had time to get her left leg in the car!  She screamed loudly and, although she was not badly injured, refused to get out of the car after that.  So David ended up paying to park the car anyway and walking along the seafront with me.  Not that there's much of a seafront left at Morecambe.  What a sad, sad place with all the shops and arcades boarded up and the decaying Polo Tower standing as a last forlorn reminder of Frontier Land.  There were some 1990s RG Mitchell rides outside the one remaining amusement arcade there but nothing exciting enough to be worth sharing to this blog really.

We went back to Cleveleys after that.  I was not going home without both photographing and filming that Red Devils ride at Mason's Amusements!

Nobody told me off for doing so, of course.  I'm not sure why I'd thought they were any more likely to there than at any of the other arcades.  Probably because Mason's still is a clean, bright, modern looking arcade and I have had bad experiences with the nicely kept arcades in the past.  (Apparently you are plotting to steal something if you take a photograph!)

I also photographed this repainted OMC Noddy ride.

I'm almost certain that a Noddy ride painted like this had been sold on eBay a couple of weeks prior to our visit to Cleveleys.  Poor Mason's if they had just bought it though and somebody had already broken a headlight!

It was so wet and miserable that David and I stopped and sheltered on the way back to the car, hoping that the driving rain would ease off a bit.  Apparently we waited too long.  Mum rang us to ask where we were...even though we were in full view of the car!

And that was it for our trip really.  We drove along Blackpool seafront so that I could have one last glimpse at Brownie, and David offered me the chance to return to St Anne's Pier to see if the Whittaker/RG Mitchell carousel had been fixed yet.  I turned down the chance though because I knew it was getting late and I still wanted to go to Southport yet.

So imagine my dismay when I realised that we weren't going to Southport anyway!  David had completely forgotten about it!  Unfortunately, I didn't realise we were on the wrong road until we had long passed the turning so there was no way we could go back.  What a waste.

It was a horrible drive back.  Mum and I had nothing to eat and I went dizzy from hunger.  David had two Cornish Pasties, but still didn't offer anything to us, of course.  Oh well, I did see this very pretty double rainbow while we were stopped at the service station anyway.

Strangely enough, it looks like a regular rainbow in this picture, but I promise that it WAS a double rainbow when seen in real life!

When we finally got home, Mum and I felt so ill that we had to rest for a while before I got filled pasta for us for dinner.  I just got it on the table when David (who had gone to Tesco, fully refreshed from his pasties) rang up to ask Mum what kind of muffins she wanted him to get.  So our food got cold.  Great.

The second series of Friendship is Magic started and I wasn't the slightest bit interested.  Rather sad that something that had once been so important to me had been destroyed by the bronies.  Now all I could think about was how much aggro and hate mail it was going to cause.

September 18th 2011

Back in Woodberry, back to the same old routine.  I didn't leave the house.

David finally came downstairs at 4pm and announced that he was going to the storage depot.  I helped him to carry some heavy boxes down the stairs and out to the car but didn't get offered the chance to even accompany him there.  So those few steps down the front path were the extent of my fresh air for the day.

I relisted 112 items on eBay and helped Mum to list 12 new things.  Then she told me off for "delaying her dinner" (even though she was the one who'd refused to do it until David had gone out because she "didn't want to be disturbed by his arguments").

I did force myself to watch Friendship is Magic, just to try and keep up with what was going on in the show and what all the crazy hate mail was about.  It was so boring though that I was relieved when it ended!  I was disappointed that Discord didn't have a Canadian voice actor, especially as Hasbro didn't even seem to be plugging the celebrity status of John De Lancie particularly.  In my mind, it's always better to have somebody who specialises in voice overs because on screen actors usually don't have the same effect when it comes to using voice alone.

I wore a dress for once (usually I only allowed myself that pleasure when I was out for the day!) because I was feeling low about my hair and wanted to feel pretty.  Mum made sure I was too self conscious to feel pretty though, having two separate digs at my clothes.  "That neckline is far too low!" and "There's hardly anything of your dress!"  For God's sake, don't worry, I absolutely hate it now.  Thank you for making me feel bad even when I didn't feel particularly ugly for once!

September 19th 2011

I got up at 7am to go to the post office and collect my latest dress.  Yes, the one that Mr "I Love You...Unless I Can Find Something Better" had bought for me had finally arrived.  It was far too low cut and I have never worn it.  Pity because it's a designer dress and worth far more than anything I can afford myself!  Perhaps I should sell it and buy something I am happy to wear...but somehow I can't force myself to do that.

I scanned another half album of photographs but didn't do much else.  I was sinking about my thinning hair again.  I tried extremely hard not to think about it but my scalp wouldn't stop itching.  I ended up resorting to using the Betnovate again...I'm sure that stuff did more harm than good.  I worked on my ride website a bit and pondered over who the "N Company" (a company that made rides with the letter 'N' hidden somewhere in their paintwork) might be.  Mum suddenly jumped up and said "I bet it was the Nicholas Fountain Company!"  Uh...who?  Don't worry, she didn't know either.  It was just something that popped into her head!

That night we went to Grottsville (11pm!  No wonder I always felt ill and tired!) while David went to Tesco.  I photographed my plush Keypers and Care Bears collections to sell.  I would clear the house of toys if it was the last thing I did!

September 20th 2011

Didn't leave the house again.  What a way to waste a life.

My hair was disturbing me again.  For goodness sake, this was getting to be a vicious circle.  Don't leave house because you're self conscious about your hair, get stressed about hair because you don't have anything to set your mind to in the house...repeat process!  It was horribly greasy but I was too scared to wash or spray it (well, it's obvious what part of the problem was then, isn't it?)  I couldn't find any way to cover the back of my head now.  Nonsense, I know it's a lot thinner now and I still don't have any big bald patches showing!  I guess it was because I let it get dirty and greasy.  It's not going to cover as much if it's all stuck together now, is it?  My scalp was sore and itching and I hated the "empty" feeling if I scratched my head, feeling so little hair when my lovely thick tresses used to be.

Mum got cross if I said anything though as she had a stomach ache and my stress made it worse.  So I tried to keep calm and quiet for her sake.

I scanned another album of photos for her and stressed that the violent bronies might come to Ponycon and find me.  (One easy answer to that, Desirée - just don't go!)

David came in late again, took his computer in the bathroom to listen to the radio and then went straight to Grottsville to sleep.  It was a lonely old life really.

And so ends another exciting five days in my life.  Only 2am today!  If only I could keep this up, I might have caught up by the end of 2015!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 12 December 2014

Hair, Depression, Comics and Lancashire!

You know I'm desperate to catch up when I'm still writing at 4.15am!

September 11th 2011

David didn't get up until 11am, then wanted to start typing up family history with Mum.  Mum declined his offer, hoping that he would take her out somewhere.  Ha, that's a joke!  Instead, he went to Asda and Laura Ashley without so much as offering us the chance to accompany him, while I sat on the floor and did more of her boring photograph scanning for her.

I was working myself up into a frenzy about my thinning hair, certain that I was losing it all.  It had got so bad that I had started saving whatever I could in an old jewellery box so that I would have a colour match for when I had to buy a wig!  I could have really used an outing to take my mind off things.

But the furthest I got was a drive to Emma's house to drop off Kiera's birthday gifts.  And then, very late that night, a drive to Grottsville to collect one of David's shirts.  David didn't even want me to go there as he wanted to stay in Grottsville to sleep but Mum argued for me, thinking that I'd want to get out.  In fact, I was so depressed and self conscious about my hair that I didn't even like going out in the car any more, wondering what people thought when they saw me through the windows!

I was trying so hard to keep calm but it was impossible to do so when my parents kept arguing all the time.  Everything from the petty (David said that his "socks were being eaten by bugs because Mum refused to wash them on a hot enough temperature" - he had made a hole in one with his big toe) to the downright hurtful and insulting.  A few comments of the latter kind follow here.  I just love how they talk about me as an inconvenience and an object rather than a human being... 

"It's your fault that she got ill because you wouldn't hoover."
"No, it's your fault for buying so much stuff!"
"You wanted a kid, why should I be the one to live with it going bald?"
"Staying in Grottsville didn't KILL her..."

Well, it might not have killed me, but it certainly lowered my quality of life due to lack of education and the damage that the allergies did to my lungs etc.

September 12th 2011

I was awoken by the sound of banging on the door.  In my sleepy state, I thought it was Mum hammering on my bedroom door to wake me up, but it later transpired that it was the postman at the front door.  Of course, I missed the parcel which meant that David would have to collect it from the post office the following day.  He was NOT a happy bunny. 

Mum and I walked around Lammas Park.  Mum was raving about how much she was enjoying it at the time, then she spent the rest of the day yelling at me about how boring and tiring she found our "pointless f***ing walks".

I was still collecting hair in the jewellery box.  I was distressed to see how quickly the box was filling up.  Well, since the average person loses 50-100 hairs a day, I wonder how long it would take any of us to fill a small jewellery box if we chose to?!  Mum was no help, of course, yelling at me to "get used to it and give up on my stupid dreams of emigrating".  God only knows what hair loss has to do with emigrating.  Perhaps I am supposed to build a raft out of my tresses and sail across the Atlantic to Canada?!  She just went on shouting and hollering at me to "get a grip, forget the past, live in the present and think of my future".  What future?  It's a little hard to think when you're practically bursting my eardrums!  And you can't just tell a depressive to "get a grip".  Mental health doesn't work like that.  "Do you want to go on these trips with me or do you want to be a mannequin for photographs?"  Uh...well, actually, no, I don't want you paying to take me on holidays of your choice, then turning on me and saying that I'm not allowed to leave home because of all the money you've wasted on me.  I don't want to take money off of anyone, I just want my own education and job so that I can support myself and leave home!  That was not the right thing to say, of course.  "My mum said you'd lose all your hair but you chose not to curb it.  Nothing I can do about it."  Again, depression is not something you choose to suffer from.  And, after so many years locked up in Grottsville, it's unsurprising that I was taking a long time to recover.  She screamed at me so much that, in the end, I just had to get away from her and her temper. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and slammed the door...smashing my hand painted door hanger in the process.  *Sighs*  You can't keep anything nice in this house for more than five minutes!

September 13th 2011

Another "pointless f***ing walk"  with Mum around Lammas Park.  We had only got halfway around the park when she announced that she needed the bathroom and we had to RUN all the way home.  It was her own fault, as she'd refused to eat breakfast until right before we left the house and she knew she had a funny stomach.

David begrudgingly collected the parcel from the post office.  It was the lot of 1980s comics and MLP club stuff that I bought off of eBay.  It turned out to be a real bargain with so much more stuff included than had been listed in the auction.  Twice I thought I'd reached the bottom of the parcel and just kept digging more stuff out!

Random 1980s Comics

MLP Comics

Cute bag the former owner made to keep the magazines and club stuff inside...

Club Stuff!

I don't even remember what I paid for all of this, but I know it was a steal.  I certainly ended up making my money back on the comics that I sold alone, so anything that I kept for my own collection, I acquired completely free of charge!

The Scootaloo that I won on Swapitshop arrived, as well as a pretty heart-shaped USA flag pendant from the poor hospitalised one in California...who was obviously (unfortunately, seeing as things turned out?) no longer hospitalised.  It was beautiful at the time but, being made of cheap metal, has tarnished badly over time, but I still love it...pretty much like my relationship with its sender then.

I sold ten items on eBay (oh, wow, Desirée - TEN items?  Whatever rubbish was I listing back then?), plus an additional seven Pretty Pony Club Ponies which somebody asked to have added to her parcel.  Mum made just over a tenner on her first two eBay sales and seemed pretty pleased with herself.

That night we had to head back to Grottsville to pick up some of the things we'd sold.  David went to Tesco while we were there so I had a chance to photograph some more stuff to list as well.  I was determined to get the houses cleared out, by hook or by crook.  Hmm...yeah.  Good luck with that one, Desirée!

My hair was driving me mad.  I was convinced that it looked awful.  My neck felt cold and I kept shaking, although I think the latter was down to nerves.  I was struggling to cover my scalp on top because the hair was so thin, but the hair that was left looked and felt nicer for not having been sprayed with that awful dry hair shampoo for a few days.

September 14th 2011

Mum and I had yet another walk in Lammas Park.  No wonder she found it boring and repetitive!  Being self conscious about my hair on top of my usual hatred of cat calling commoners, I refused to walk back past some rude workmen who had shouted suggestive things at me on our way to the park.  So we had to take the long route back, much to Mum's dismay.

I scanned another half an album for her when we got back but didn't finish the ride photo collection as I'd hoped.  We were going away the next day and I'd really wanted all of the pictures backed up digitally.

The hair trauma continued, although I wasn't as bothered as I had been on previous days for some reason.  My scalp wasn't so sore and itchy without the dry hair shampoo but the hair itself looked horrid and still seemed to be falling out...mind you, I didn't know for sure because I "hadn't run my hands through it all day"!

I photographed some more eBay sales goods and packed my bag for the exciting two night trip to Morecambe.  It was only then that I discovered that my toilet bag had gone missing and I had no way to carry my toiletries.  Great.  Oh well, a freezer bag would have to suffice.

Apart from that, I only make one more observation in my blog notes.  "US Hershey bars are definitely more chocolatey than Asda ones".  Hmm...quite.

September 15th 2011

Despite getting up ridiculously early, we didn't set off for Lancashire until 9am...well, at least it wasn't the usual midday departure!  Then, when David was finally ready to leave, he made us rush to get everything in the car.  In my hurry, I managed to ladder my tights on my coat and had to dash back inside to change them.  I almost didn't get to go on the trip at all, as David not only locked me in the house but started the engine to leave without me.  Thankfully, Mum pointed out to him that I wasn't there before they set off!

We had three exciting stops at service stations along the motorway before finally reaching Lytham St Anne's at 2.30pm.

The exterior of the pier hadn't changed much at all from my last visit and seeing it took me right back to my days as a carefree 8-year-old.  St Anne's Pier was filled with old Whittaker Bros. rides when I was young and I had high hopes that some of the old machines would have survived to the present day.

There was a modern Santa Sleigh ride at the front of the pier when I was young but this had been replaced by an even more recent Crocodile Surf Hovercraft ride.

Then I saw that the sleigh WAS still there, it had just been repositioned near a window at the left side of the pier.

There was also a very pretty Vienna Cogan horse near to the sleigh.  I don't remember her being there when I was young but it's possible that she's just slipped my memory.  Maybe I didn't ride upon her because we'd already seen and photographed one in Clacton?

The real gems had always been at the back of the arcade though so I excitedly made my way further down the pier.  Surely the sleigh was a good sign that at least some of the rides would still be there.

Sadly not.

All but one of the old rides had been replaced, mainly with more recent Whittaker Bros. machines (well, at least they weren't the usual Spanish and Italian imports).  The one remaining ride was an exciting one though.  It was the only "Whittaker Bros. carousel" I ever saw.  Since then, I have found out that this was actually an original 1959 RG Mitchell two-seater carousel.  The original toys would have been a wooden elephant and zebra, but this one had obviously been restored at one point, parts of it being carpetted and the toys being replaced with a 1970s Whittaker Bros. train and motorbike.

However, if I had any plans of filming it, I was out of luck.

So very sad.  Even if it had been modernised practically beyond recognition, it would have been nice to have a video of it in action for the website.

We had a little wander along the promenade.  It was nice to see the sea (Lytham is still a very pretty place), and there was a really good musician performing some of my favourite old tunes.  I would have liked to buy a CD of his music to support him if nothing else, but my parents deemed it a waste of money, of course.  I don't remember his name now so I can't even promote him on this blog.

Next we travelled up the road to Blackpool.  We had no intention of walking the entire length of the Golden Mile A) Because my parents didn't feel up to it and B) Because Mum and I were returning for a day trip via coach the following month, so thought we'd have plenty of time to look around then.  But we still stopped a couple of times when I spotted rides of particular interest.

The nicest surprise was finding a 1960s Edwin Hall Squirrel at the arcade at the front of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  I would never have expected one of those to turn up in such a modern enviroment!

Although I wasn't nearly so excited by this one, it was nice to see a Whittaker Bros. Mini Dragon again too.

I could have sworn that I made a film of this one and yet it doesn't appear to be on the flash drive now.  I hope I didn't delete it.  Maybe I'm mistaken and I didn't film it, after all.  Maybe I'm just losing my mind.  Who knows?

Then, just across the road, I spotted what, at first glance, appeared to be another Edwin Hall ride - Basil Brush.  Moving closer, however, I realised that it was a very clever copy.  The original Edwin Hall Basil had his tail raised, forming a backrest for his rider, whereas this one had his tail hanging downwards.

The base looks like a JM Kiddie Rides one.  Perhaps this was made by the mysterious Funtime Kiddie Rides company that I'd heard the Mirgaux family were running these days.

The arcade also had a duck ride on the same base.  While I didn't know this at the time, the duck mould itself was another 1960s design, originally a Whittaker Bros. ride named Donald.  This was quite clearly a modern copy like Basil though.

We drove the length of the Golden Mile all the way up to Harts Amusements in Bispham, where I knew another very special old kiddie ride was still located.

For those who are not already acquainted, please allow me to introduce Brownie...

My love affair with Brownie began when we spent a few nights in Blackpool when I was just 5 years old.  I begged for 20p to ride Brownie every night before we went back to the hotel.  I remember being thrilled that he was still there when we returned three years later and, again, riding him every night.  I was amazed that he was still there all these years later.

While I christened the horse "Brownie", his original name was Star-Dust and he was manufactured by Walter Streets & Co. of Eastbourne in the 1950s, one of the very first rides to be made in the UK.  As far as I'm aware, "Brownie" is the last of his kind to have survived in working order on his original base so he is a very special horse indeed.  (In kiddie ride terms at least!)

He was a bit temperamental and wouldn't work when I fed him my 50p coin (yes, the price had more than doubled in twelve years!) but eventually he did go galloping away.  This explains my surprised voice at the start of the video!

For any MLP collectors who may be reading this, I saw a couple of interesting bingo prizes...

I also noticed that, while the MLP illuminations themselves have long been auctioned off, a pony was still featured in the lights in the form of a picture of the MLP kiddie ride that stood outside Central Pier a few years back.  You can't escape them really, eh?

After that, we made our way to the hotel in Morecambe.  We didn't have the prettiest view from the window...

But hey, it was comfortable enough and suited our purposes anyway!

Tune in tomorrow for more memoirs of our trip to Lancashire.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx