Thursday, 15 January 2015

Blogging About Nothing...

I'm being serious.  I don't think there's one thing worthy of note in this entry!

October 16th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  The long coach trip of the previous day had really taken its toll and I awoke with a blinding headache.  I kept seeing double and could hardly move.  Anybody would think I'd had a night out on the town rather than a trip to the seaside!

Our lovely squirrel-hating neighbours had scaffolding up and put a note through our door to let us know what was going on.  I've no idea why as they don't even talk to us usually.  Maybe they feared we'd take legal action if they didn't?!

Emma messaged me on Facebook with an old picture she'd found on the Tesco Facebook page of a RGM Express kiddie ride.  Not a ride I particularly needed photographs of for the website, but I was so pleased to know that she'd seen it and thought of me.

David repainted the floor of my cupboard but the pink was a completely different shade to the old paintwork.

I spent most of my day listing on eBay, both on my own account and my mum's.  Far from being grateful, Mum had a go at me when she noticed two identical "your listing is confirmed" emails in her inbox, convinced that I must have made an error and listed the item twice.  I hadn't, of course, but discovered that Mum already had a bid when I went to check.  Nice of me to help her to make so much money, eh?

October 17th 2011

Didn't leave the house AGAIN!  Wow, I can just tell what an interesting blog this is going to turn out to be...

I missed the postman that morning with what I presumed was the Petite Pony Carousel that I had bought for myself on eBay.  Then I refused to go to the door to another caller (presumably a delivery man with our new dustbins) due to being too self conscious about my hair!  Mind you, while I'm so eager to blame myself, we could always ask why Mum didn't go to the door to receive the dustbins she'd ordered...

I hoovered my bedroom carpet which was just about my sole achievement for the day.  Then again, that was quite an achievement considering the level of my depression at that point!  Mum and I watched a lot more TV because that was about all I felt up to.  When was I going to shake this bout of depression off?

I watched an episode of Friendship is Magic for reasons best known to myself.  It seemed to be getting more ridiculous with every passing minute and all I could do was keep pointing out the errors in the animation etc.  Seriously, what the hell did people see in that show that it was important enough to send hate mail and death threats over it?

October 18th 2011

After two days trapped indoors, I got a breath of fresh air in the form of a trip to Osterley Tesco.  Wow.  Double wow.  I bought myself a nice jumper with a picture of a horse on the front for a tenner.  I really needed a jumper for the winter so was pleased to get one so cheaply.  Sometimes it's nice to be small enough to fit into child sized clothing!  I forgot to get a new microphone again though.  I really wanted to start fandubbing on Youtube but I couldn't do so until I had a decent mic!

My day was otherwise pretty boring (if you can call a trip to Tesco anything other than boring!)  The stress and depression continued, so Mum and I watched yet more television.  I was growing to like Downton Abbey now, but it really was a bit over dramatic to be believable.

Mum decided to pay me a rare compliment when she somehow got a whiff of my perfume.  "That's the only smell I've ever liked...well, since Branston pickle."  Uh...quite.

October 19th 2011

Didn't leave the house yet again.  This is what happens when you sit around waiting for my parents instead of doing things for yourself.  David was "sick of having to do everything", don't you know?  After all, he "had to go shopping every. single. night."  Well, if he went shopping every night, we certainly didn't know about it.  It would be nice to be offered the chance to go with him and escape the house for a little while.  If I was going to go bald, I didn't want to be wasting my last days of feeling semi-confident trapped inside.

David did go and collect my parcel from the post office.  Once again, he didn't offer me the chance to go.  I wasn't fit enough to get all that way on my own two feet at that point so I had no choice but to ask him to drive, but I was perfectly happy to go and queue for it etc.

Well, the Petite Pony Prancing Pretty Carousel was everything that I'd hoped it would be anyway.  It was in beautiful, working condition (with its original box) and even had its original ponies and most accessories.  I always wanted this set as a child but, since MLP had long been discontinued by the time I even knew the set existed, I could only have what turned up at car boot sales...and this never did.  You can see why I dreamed of one though.  It combines three of my favourite things into one toy - My Little Pony, carousels and music boxes.  What's not to love?

We wasted another afternoon catching up on TV shows.  I was feeling really ill and wasn't sure if it was down to depression or not.  Mum said it was cold and kept turning the heating on, but I was so hot that the sweat was pouring off of me!  I was starting to worry what really was wrong with me.

October 20th 2011

We had an exciting trip to Grottsville to pick up some badges that I had sold on eBay.  I discovered that one, a souvenir from the Natural History Museum many years previously, was badly scratched.  Another issue with keeping your eBay items in a different house.  It was impossible to check condition until it was too late.

Somebody had listed a lovely Edwin Hall ostrich ride on eBay which I believed I recognised from when I was a child.  I wrote to the seller and, sure enough, it was the one from John Ling's Arcade in Bridlington!  I'm devastated to admit that, while I did save the pictures from the auction, they were just some of a massive collection that I lost when a computer packed up.  (More about that in a later blog...)  I still cry to think of the irreplaceable research that I lost on that computer.  Well, at least it taught me to back everything up in future!

I was still not feeling very well but tried my hardest to get back to normal and tidy up the house a little.  I finally got around to washing the duplicate My Beautiful Horses that I had pulled out of my childhood collection to sell, packed the items I had arranged to sell to people at Ponycon and started putting everything back in my newly painted cupboard.

This only resulted in David being nasty to me though.  We found a game piece on the floor at Grottsville.  I recognised it as belonging to one of Mum's old games which David had brought to Woodberry and she had put in the old wardrobe that her uncle's dad had built.  Unfortunately, the wardrobe was currently blocked by other clutter, so David told me to put it in the chest of drawers in that room until we could get to the wardrobe again.  Slight problem; I had piled the freshly-packed Ponycon bags in front of the chest of drawers.  This was apparently an "excuse because I didn't want to do anything..."  Well, at least my stuff would be going out of the house to Ponycon in a few days, unlike the junk they'd piled in front of the wardrobe!

I told you, didn't I?  Just a lot of mindless rambling about nothing!  If you decided to read this regardless, you have nobody to blame but yourself!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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