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Car Boot Sales, Birthday Gift Shopping, and a Fashion Show!

Who could resist another boring blog about my life more than three years ago?!

October 1st 2011

Despite my reservations, we did end up going to Denham car boot sale.  We arrived very late, due to David spending his usual hours in the bathroom beforehand.  It was still too "early" for them to have reduced the entry fee though, and cost us £2 each just to go through the gate!  Because of this, David just dropped us outside and didn't come in himself.

It was a waste of money anyway.  Most of the stalls were of the market variety filled with brand new items, and what second hand stuff there was had been well picked over.  I came away with just four items in the end; G2 Baby Ocean (50p), a Rainbow Brite Sprite (20p) and Care Bears and MLP pomanders (25p each).

(All items have since been sold, by the way!)

David spent the rest of the day in the loo, before heading to Grottsville to "check the house" and watch TV.

I spent the rest of my day stressing about my thinning hair.  Very productive, I must say.  I washed my bed linen and once again the washing machine filled with too much water and stacks of soap suds.  Whatever was wrong with our plumbing?

October 2nd 2011

Didn't leave the house again.  David arrived at noon, threw a pile of laundry at us and told us that he didn't see that it was up to him to take us out every day.  Well, it's a little hard to get very far without the use of a car, and he was the only driver in the household...

He spent the afternoon "painting shelves" (although Mum and I couldn't see that he'd done much other than listen to the radio!) and then went off to Grottsville and the storage depot for hours.

Emma emailed Mum to say that she had got free tickets to Wicked and to tell us how to apply.  I'm not sure why she bothered because she had left it over 24 hours and must have known it was far too late for us to get any.  A little cruel bragging, I suppose, as she knew it was the musical I had most wanted to see for several years.

Stress over hair loss and lack of direction in life continued.  Blah, blah, blah...

I watched the movie Papa's Angels in the evening.  Good film if not for the God awful acting by a certain someone.  Crikey, that dreadful Southern accent...and as for being a musician?  Don't give up the day job yet, boy!  Not until you can learn how to hold your instrument at least...

October 3rd 2011

I woke up to yet more arguments.  Mum was screaming at our neighbour for throwing something at a squirrel and David was defending himself as she ranted at him for stopping me getting an education by saying that "people take o-levels in their 30s and 40s".  Great.  Where do I take them?  Our local colleges only offered them up until the age of 20.  After that, you had to pay a vast sum of money and could only take Maths, English and Science anyway.  Plus I'd really like to be beyond GCSE level when I'm in my 30s and 40s!

David dropped us in West Ealing at lunchtime so that we could go birthday shopping for my niece, Abigale.  Mum went a little overboard and ended up buying lots of "rubbish" (as she called it), then went on a remorseful tirade about wasting her money on presents for her "spoilt grandchildren".  David calmly told her that she should "throw it away" or "give it to other kids in the family".  Why would we throw away brand new toys that Mum was already upset about wasting money on?  And what other kids in the family?  We only give to Emma's kids.  "There's always bound to be more kids," David said.  Uh...really?  So do kids grow on trees these days then?!

I bought some rubbish for myself as well - a set of acrylic paintbrushes and gel pens, to be precise.  At least I resisted the urge to buy the G3 Applejack and Sunny Daze that I saw in Cancer Research!

I finally photographed the Jolly Roger steam engine ride that had been standing outside a cheap shop in West Ealing for years.  Just as well, as the ride disappeared shortly afterwards!

It was very hot for October (you can probably see how nice and sunny it was in the above photograph) and yet the experts were forecasting snow by the end of the week!  Welcome to the land of unpredictable weather!

David didn't offer to take us for the drive to Emma's house to drop off Abigale's gifts so I had a nice relaxing bath instead.  I also saw a bat in our back garden from the bathroom window which was a nice unusual sight.  I wish I could have got a photograph but they move too fast!

October 4th 2011

I had another very bad day with my hair.  My "dandruff" (as the doctor had diagnosed it) had turned into a hard, itchy shell that covered my entire scalp.  Massive bits would then break off of the shell, taking clumps of hair with them.  I think it was quite obvious that the "dandruff" was actually dry hair shampoo and talcum powder at this point, but still I was too scared to wash my hair in case I went bald. >.<  I wanted to have my photograph taken in my butterfly dresses but chickened out due to the state of my hair.

David took us to the ever-exciting 99p Stores to get yet more fakie Littlest Pet Shop sets now that Mum had checked with Emma that Abigale didn't have any of them.  Apparently she no longer regretted wasting so much money on the spoilt grandchildren the day before and thought she'd go out and waste some more on them?  I wanted to buy Weetaflakes while we were there but David assured me that we "had lots in Grottsville".  (We didn't.)

We then sat outside the lawyers' office while he dropped off pictures of the bathroom cupboard that our cowboy builders had messed up.  Another pointless exercise as the lawyers obviously jad no interest in our case.

That night, we went to Grottsville to collect some more eBay items and to three branches of McDonalds in search of the elusive Galaxy Smooth Chocolate McFlurry.  We eventually found it in Brentford (our local branch)!  David asked for the fries and Chicken Legend to be packed separately due to Mum and I being vegetarians...but the man just took the same fries out of the bag with the Chicken Legend and put them in a different one.  Yeah, quite.

I would have had ice cream from the tub out of the freezer at home, but discovered that it had all partially melted and been oozing out from under the rim of the lid.  Apparently David had left it in the fridge at Grottsville for a couple of hours after his visit to Tesco at the weekend, thinking that it would be cool enough in there.  It obviously wasn't.

Mum asked to see a film of Mr Ex-Actor Car Crash Victim/Pyscho Canadian so I showed her a clip of some of his old work.  She didn't say anything bad at the time but I could see her opinion of his acting (which was not far off of mine, I'm afraid to say!)  She then spent the rest of the day telling me how he looked like my sister's abusive ex-boyfriend because of his "ugly flarey nostrils"!

October 5th 2011

I didn't leave the house again.  Wow-ee.  Why am I wasting my time with this blog?

I decided to use the dry hair shampoo again.  WHY?  Why didn't I just wash the damn hair?!  It "didn't make my hair look or feel much better but I thought less fell out today".  My frustration towards Desirée-of-the-Past is building...

Anyway, due to my hair miseries, I didn't feel up to doing much.  I seem to have spent the day catching up with Who Do You Think You Are? and Downton Abbey on the i-player, and doing the usual photographing and scanning jobs.

Mum found another carpet beetle...inside her underwear in the shower room!  Where were they coming from?  They seemed to be concentrated around the bathroom and shower room so perhaps they were getting in from outside through the pipes somehow?

I finally sucked up courage to have my picture taken in both butterfly dresses.  Apparently white dry hair shampoo "hair dye" and "war paint" is all the rage these days since that was the day I felt most confident!  Horrid pictures (I can't believe how big my tummy was back then!  If only I could work the same wonders on my thighs...) but gives a nice comparison of the two dresses anyway.

Nasty pictures...  Not sure why I was so bothered about my hair as it's a whole lot thicker there than it is these days!  I hate seeing myself with braces all those years ago too.  Who'd have thought I'd still be stuck with them now?  The job was practically done then!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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