Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Endless Shopping, Broken Rocking Horses, and Foggy Car Boot Sales!

Somebody make this depression and insomnia stop, please.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.

November 16th 2011

I got up at 7.30am (early by my standards at the time!), but my parents sat at the dining table and argued about money and the cost of presents for Emma's kids until 9.30am, preventing me from getting any breakfast until then.  Then they moaned at ME that I had "made it get late"!

We went to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, but it turned into another unsuccessful trip.  There was nothing in John Lewis that we wanted to purchase with our vouchers, there were no cheap toys at ELC and Mum decided against buying a magazine that had a voucher inside for a free IKEA blanket.  H&M no longer had the nice horse jumpers that I had seen in there before either.

I did get two bubble bars for myself in Lush.  The shop assistant made me cringe by insisting on washing my hand in their new shower jelly.  Lovely stuff, but too expensive for every day!  Having said that, Mum and I were sneezing for the rest of the evening due to the two bubble bars sitting on the table!

While we were at Brent Cross, both David's and my mobile phones rang at the exact same moment with incorrect numbers.  Slightly creepy, especially as nobody but my parents even had my number at that point!

Mum wanted to post a photo of her mum on Facebook but discovered that the scan of the photo was of very bad quality.  Apparently David hadn't even done a good job of the few family photos he had got around to scanning.  He reluctantly re-scanned it for her, but she was upset to think how many other photos she might not have backed up in digital format.

She tried to speak to him about holiday plans but he ignored her and eventually slammed the front room door in her face ("No, he slammed it on her backside", he corrected her, as she was facing away at the time!) because he wanted to listen to Sherlock Holmes on the I-Player and she was disturbing him.

November 17th 2011

I didn't wake up until Mum came downstairs from the shower room and walked past my bedroom door.  Why was I always so tired?  A trip to Brent Cross was hardly an energetic activity!

Anyway, Mum was cross with me for getting up so late because David had gone to Grottsville to have a blood test and had agreed to drop us in West Ealing on his way.  Well, I'd never been told of the plan so how was I ever supposed to be ready in time?  The truth was that Mum didn't really want to go herself because it was too cold outside, so she thought that she would use my oversleeping as an excuse!

I photographed part of my Kinder Surprise collection, but Mum was using the computer at the table for most of the daylight hours so I didn't get the job finished.

We went to Grottsville that night.  It was really awful over there with the drunken yobs huddled together by the Lebanese Valley, watching us loading the car up and leaving our unattended property.  We brought back a few bits that I'd managed to sell on eBay but not my Littlest Pet Shop collection because I knew I wouldn't have time to sort through them the following day and they would be covered in dust and carpet beetles that needed to be cleaned up immediately before my allergies took hold again.

It was already 10pm by the time we left, but we still decided to go for fries at Brentford McDonalds.  It took ages to get through Ealing Broadway due to an unusual amount of buses all over the roads (David referred to it as a "Bus Convention"!)  We had far too many fries to digest at that time of night.

When we got back, David opened a bottle of Coke in the kitchen.  It had been lying on its side in the back of the car and exploded when he opened it...spraying Mum's decorative (cardboard) butterfly storage boxes.  She was not best pleased.

November 18th 2011

The decorator had texted late the previous night to say that he wasn't coming now.  So we had to make new plans on the spur of the moment (something that my family don't do very well!)

We wasted the morning arguing about where to go and eventually settled on West Ealing for a tour of the charity shops and cheap shops.  Nothing to be found in the charity shops but Mum got some sticker books for Emma's kids in one of the £1 shops and I found a couple of nightdresses in BHS.  When I went to pay for them however, the sales assistant harassed me so much (trying to sell their special promotions of the day) that I ended up dropping £120 out of my purse onto the floor!  Luckily I noticed...maybe their game is to make people drop their money so that the cleaners can come along and sweep up the profits?!  It would be nice to have that much spending money these days!

Next we headed to Hanwell where I had been wanting to film another coin operated ride; the white version of RG Mitchell's Rocky.  I'd hoped it still operated on 20p (which was why I hadn't filmed the 50p one in Greenford) but was disappointed to see that this one had also been converted to the higher price.  Still, in the name of documenting kiddie rides, I slipped a coin in the slot...to no avail.  The horse didn't work.  Cue embarrassing discussion with the shop owner, explaining why I was filming a kiddie ride with no rider!  He said that the ride wasn't even his (he is paid a monthly rental for the space outside his shop by an independent ride operator), but shovelled three of his own 50p coins into the slot until he could get the ride to work, which I thought was very kind of him.

Funnily enough, this is the very shop where my favourite Rocky (lovingly nicknamed "Blue Eye") resided when I was a child.  Definitely not the same model though.  This white one is a much more recent version.

Lastly, we set off for Watford.  It was late by this time though and I didn't get in half the shops I wanted to go in.  I managed to get another nightie in BHS.  I really wanted a lovely satin rose-printed one, but Mum put me off by saying that it was too "risqué".  I'm not quite sure why my choice of nightclothes should bother anyone else, considering I'm the only one who ever sees them anyway!  When he went to the checkout, David was tricked into buying a £25 voucher to get £5 off.  The trick being that you had to spend over £20 to get the deal anyway...and my nightie didn't cost that much!

The promotional people were out in force, asking if we wanted a "free make up goodie bag".  David asked me why I ignored the woman's generous offer.  Gosh, is he really that gullible?!

I got four cute G3-style MLP fakies in Poundland - two to keep, two to sell - and a G3.5 Cheerilee Mermaid and G4 Lily Blossom in The Entertainer.  I also found some MLP wall stickers which were just perfect for the wall around my pony shelves.  My bedroom looked more like a little girl's room with every passing day!

I noticed that the MLP ride outside Watford Market had gone and been replaced with...you guessed it...a white Rocky horse (like the one in Hanwell shown above!)  I might as well have filmed that one if only I'd known!

David rushed us back home because he had a TV repair man coming to look at the television in Grottsville at 4pm.  We had no idea what was wrong with the TV or indeed why he was so desperate to get it fixed.  Certainly we were expected to live without a television at Woodberry!

Emma was in another foul mood, having read something I'd written to one of my Facebook friends about Ponycon, apologising for the fact that I hadn't had a chance to talk to them due to spending most of the day running after my niece.  Emma had twisted my words and told Abigale that she wasn't wanted at Ponycon and that I didn't like her.  WTH?  So the poor 7-year-old was crying her eyes out because she thought that she and I were such good friends.  And of course there was no way for me to set the record straight because I saw so little of Abigale.  What sort of person would be so spiteful to her own little daughter just to get at me?  Oh, but of course Emma wouldn't have told Abigale what she'd seen.  But ALLAN had read it on my Facebook page and decided to be spiteful to get at Abigale when she was annoying him.  Funny, because Allan couldn't even read at that point.  My family are crazed.

November 19th 2011

A boring day spent indoors while David continued painting the cupboard for his office.  Our only chance at an outing was to go and get yet more McDonalds fries at 5pm, which meant battling through what seemed like millions of Brentford football supporters!  We continued on to Grottsville afterwards to collect my Littlest Pet Shop collection.

I was half asleep on the way there (there was definitely something wrong with me...) when I was suddenly aware of a big commotion.  At first, I thought that David was having a heart attack but it transpired that he had a pain in his groin and thought that his "underpants were twisted"?!  He almost crashed the car in his hurry to find a place to pull over and park, then he stood in the middle of the road with both hands down his trousers, um, easing the problem.  It's a wonder the police didn't arrest him there and then for indecent behaviour!

Emma had calmed down now, because she couldn't find the "Anti-Abigale" post that I had written to show to Mum (more likely she found it, realised that it wasn't anti-Abigale at all, and was embarrassed to admit it)  But the damage was done and it would be ages before I had the opportunity to see Abigale again.

November 20th 2011

It was ridiculously cold and foggy but Mum forced us to go to Hounslow Heath car boot sale because we needed to find some ponies for my nieces' Christmas gifts.  Why couldn't she have gone on the much nicer weekend before then?  I mean, what kind of idiot would turn out in this?

Answer: The kind of idiot who is so horribly self conscious about her thinning hair that she even refused to wear her coat for a while!  Eventually I had to give in and put it on, tucking my hair inside it...which actually made it look worse, I think!

Well, surprisingly, as you can see in the photos above, we weren't the only idiots there, although there were obviously far fewer stalls than there would normally be at that sale.  Maybe the weather kept some of the usual buyers away though because I actually did quite well for once.

Sweetberry and Peach Surprise were variations for my own herd and I couldn't bear to leave Jazz Matazz behind.  Rainbow Dash, Butterscotch and Valenshy were the ponies who went to my nieces that Christmas.  We got all of those from the same dealer for a fiver.  Baby Starbow, Peach Blossom and all of the I Love Ponies figurines came from another seller for £2.00.  The Wuzzles plush cost £1 and the MLP egg cup and Keypers Tango were 50p each.  All of those items have since been sold at a profit, so not too bad.

The woman who was selling Tango made me feel really guilty as she clearly didn't want to sell him (But then, if she didn't want to sell him, why had she taken him to the boot sale?  She was hardly going to get rich on 50p!)  A very creepy gap-toothed man - of the kind you might see in a dark antiques shop in a movie - was selling the egg cup and tried to convince me to buy his entire egg cup collection (he had BOXES of them in his van if I wanted to go and look...um, yeah...)

After such a promising start to the day, David wasted the rest of it in the bathroom, listening to Sherlock Holmes and lovingly painting the handles on his cupboard.  Seriously?  How many days can it take to paint a single item of furniture?!

Mum and I thought we heard a mouse in the extension.  Unsurprising, as we had definitely seen an increase of them climbing amongst the brambles in the back garden, and the weather was so cold that they probably did want shelter.  Not a pleasant thought though, especially as I'd thought I'd heard something rustling behind the headboard of my bed that morning...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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