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"Mum's Most Valuable Ebay Item Ever Gets Damaged" and other stories...

It's the middle of the night again.  Who needs sleep?  It's blogging time!

November 26th 2011

What a nightmare of a day!  I was awoken at 7am in preparation for the decorator (so that I could be washed, dressed and hidden in the back room before he arrived!), but he never turned up, of course.

David wasted most of the day in the bathroom as usual, finally coming downstairs at 1pm.  At this point, he agreed to help Mum pack up her very expensive Beatles Pencil By Numbers set.  She hadn't trusted me to wrap it carefully enough so had been waiting for David to grant her enough time to get it ready to ship.

I tried to hastily clear a space on the table where I had been working with my laptop but had to urgently use the bathroom and told them to wait until I got back.  Wait?  Ha, that's not a word in David's vocabulary.  He makes US wait for days, but when he's ready to do something, it's right NOW or never.  So he attempted to wrap the very valuable toy up using the top of the cupboard as a flat surface.

Before I even got back downstairs, I heard the familiar anguished cries and wails.  You've guessed it.  In his haste, reaching up above his head with rolls of bubblewrap, he had managed to tear the very fragile 1960s cardboard box.

Of course, *I* got the blame as I should have waited to use the bathroom when David announced he was ready to do the job now.  Well, maybe he should have done it sooner, waited two minutes while I was upstairs or even - shock-horror - maybe Mum should have allowed me to help her wrap it up two days previously!

Anyway, it was an utter disaster.  Considering the dealer had requested endless extra photographs of the item, there was no way we could get away with just not mentioning the damage so he had to be told.  And he demanded a 20% refund...which I think was totally unfair considering how much I now know these were selling for at the time!

Mum was understandably upset and began taking her anger out on me.  I relisted all of her eBay auctions for her, only to have her shout at me to "Take them down!  I'm through with eBay!"  She didn't seem to understand how long that would take me...or maybe she just didn't care.  At 8pm, I still hadn't got a single item of my own listed!  But I guess that didn't matter either...

My latest batch of MLP comics arrived.  Quite a few upgrades including a couple with their original free gifts.  At least comics were something I was able to collect without spending any money, because I could always make the money back on the extras I sold.

We went to Iron Bridge McDonalds that evening for yet more junk food.  The staff were feeling generous and gave us two large/one medium fries instead of one large/two medium, as well as a massive amount of ice cream.  Whoopy doo!  Now I could get even fatter!

November 27th 2011

I had a really weird dream about going to a car boot sale where I found some unusual MLP bubble bath bottles and some very rare and valuable prototype Bucky O'Hare figurines!  After I'd bought them, I had to get a taxi directly to Heathrow airport where I was to get on a flight to Oklahoma.  (What?  Without so much as a change of clothing?!)

I woke up with a start when I knocked all of the MLP plushies around the bed down on the floor...again.  I was starting to get sick and tired of being surrounded by so many pastel coloured plush toys!  I mean, is it any wonder that the mountain kept collapsing?

Oh well, I'd wanted to get up early anyway as we were supposed to be going to Hounslow Heath car boot sale again.  Don't ask me why my parents decide to go to car boots at the coldest, wettest, most miserable time of year, but they always do.

Mum was up bright and early and came to wake me (although she obviously found me already awake in a mountain of plush toys!), proudly telling me how she had found a family tree on Ancestry showing my friend's ancestors.  Kind of interesting, I guess.  The question is why she was looking for his family tree in the first place!

We headed for Hounslow Heath, despite the grey skies.  Of course, it started to rain before we even got there but Mum refused to go back to Woodberry to get her waterproof coat.  David then wanted her to stay in the car and she got upset.  She ended up walking around in no coat at all because she didn't want her non-waterproof coat to get damaged by the rain!

The boot sale was tiny anyway, and there was nothing there really.  We found a Pretty Parasol for Abigale, the very pony my niece had fallen in love with at Ponycon, but nothing else whatsoever.

We returned to Brent Cross, still desperately seeking something to spend our John Lewis vouchers on but there was nothing we wanted in that shop.  I noticed that Fenwicks' MLP stock was now entirely G4 so perhaps the G3s/G3.5s were finally starting to disappear from our shelves.

There was still no sign of the nice horse jumper in H&M so I decided to settle for a cat one instead.  I also got some retro G1 MLP hairclips.

I finally got in Boots alone for some of the "private" little essentials (like mascara and razor blades which my parents deemed unnecessary), as well as some more jewellery and Soap & Glory hand food to use as Christmas gifts.  The stupid shop assistant completely phased me at the counter and caused me to leave my Advantage card behind.  Thankfully, I noticed before we left the shopping centre and the customer behind me was an honest soul who had handed it in for safe keeping.

We drove across to Lakeland afterwards, but my parents had failed to measure up the cupboard to find out what size boxes they needed, so we just ended up getting a decorative doorstop and lemon curd with our vouchers there.  Very helpful, I'm sure.

Mum had written to the Beatles dealer and said that she would not accept less than £300...  She had not heard back from him yet.  I wasn't sure how much more of this my nerves could take...

November 28th 2011

Having spent another lonely evening in the dark extension with Mum asleep on the floor, she awoke just as I was going to bed and kept me up talking almost all night.  This wasn't working.  Nobody could live on so little sleep as I did!

I was awoken after only two hours to do the laundry.  Nope, I really couldn't do this any more.  I actually ended up napping away an hour of the afternoon!

My exciting outing of the day took me to Osterley Tesco where I got a packet of Smarties for my American friend Grace (who had been saying how she wanted to try them).  I lead a fascinating life!

Our pull-out kitchen cupboard appeared to have broken.  The door wouldn't close tightly and was actually chipping the fridge door next to it.  David claimed that it was the bread that was causing the problem but the bread was nowhere near the door.  It was to do with our cowboy builders again.  Obviously the carpenter hadn't fitted the door properly and the problem was just now coming to light.

I had a new health issue to be paranoid about as well.  The little finger on my left hand went numb every time I leant on that elbow.  Something seemed to be going wrong with my circulation...perhaps I just didn't move around enough.

The Beatles dealer only wanted to pay £290 for the painting by numbers set.  David wanted to argue for £295.  This caused an argument between him and Mum as she was scared of getting negative feedback.  Mind you, there seemed to be arguments every time my parents came into contact with each other anyway, so I guess it was nothing new!

November 29th 2011

Mum and I walked to West Ealing where I found this little plush Cheer Bear for 50p in one of the charity shops.

We also got four boxes of Weetaflakes in 99p Stores but those are hardly worthy of a mention!  We weren't able to find any stickers for Emma's kids again anyway.

Somebody started a "Respect Older MLP Generations" Page on Facebook which I thought was a nice gesture, especially for those of us who had been constantly harassed by bronies for liking anything that came before G4.  Of course, the usual couple of goody two shoes pony collectors (who seemed to have been unaffected by the hate mail and bad side of the brony fandom anyway) came in and defended the bronies...  Considering nothing on the page said anything against bronies as a whole, only those who openly put down previous generations and those who liked/worked on them, I don't know what their problem was.

The Beatles dealer (surprisingly) willingly agreed to a £20 refund - total £295 plus £6 shipping.  Shipping would cost a LOT more than that with insurance for that amount though!  I still wonder how much he sold the set for.  He was obviously desperate to get his grimy little hands on it, no matter what the condition or price.

November 30th 2011

We went to McDonalds for yet another Dairy Milk McFlurry.  I didn't even particularly like the Dairy Milk one but the Caramel limited edition McFlurry's run had ended and the new limited edition was After Eight which I really disliked.  I just wanted an excuse to leave the house really and my parents could only think of McDonalds.

I understand that I was depressed and that my parents were trying to be kind but, looking back, surely they could see how unhealthy and overweight I was getting.  Maybe not, because Mum was always telling me that I was too skinny and the only problem would be if I lost weight...until I actually believed her!

Mum was too tired to come anyway as it was "the middle of the night" (8.20pm).  It wasn't a very nice trip anyway.  The only exercise I got was walking from the car to the rubbish bin and even in those few steps, I almost trod on a dead pigeon lying in the gutter under a tree.  Horrid.

When we got back home, I had to help my parents to buy some shelves on eBay.  David had forgotten the details to his own eBay account so I had to buy them through mine.  I tried very hard to explain to them the buying process (since David had forgotten that too) but Mum got angry with me for "not wanting to help". I suppose she was upset that she couldn't understand.  David made a mistake when trying to look at his bank accounts too, which I politely pointed out to try and help him, and Mum jumped down my throat about that too.  "Of course you don't know anything!"  Um...I know I've lead a sheltered life, but why shouldn't I know something?  By the way, I was correct, so I'm glad that I did point out the error.

I photographed another batch of things to sell and washed the "I Love Ponies" figurines that I had got at Hounslow Heath the previous week.  All the while, Mum sat on the sofa and moaned at me for doing nothing towards clearing up.  Well, actually, I WAS doing something towards clearing up.  What was SHE doing?

We wrapped up the Beatles Pencil By Numbers set ready to ship.  Now if only she'd let me do that in the first place!  The dealer had never written back to her to confirm that he'd received his partial refund so she was terrified of him leaving a negative or somehow losing her money, despite the insurance.

I was depressed that it was December already and there were to be no Christmas decorations as usual.  Wherever had this year gone?

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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