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Defaced Walls, Cracked Pony Ears and Shopping Sprees!

January 21st 2012

Unbeknownst to me, the surveyor had also been handling my plush ponies whilst I hid in my cupboard the previous day.  I was rudely awakened by the noise of the entire plushie mountain collapsing where he hadn't replaced the ponies as he had found them.  Great.  Another chore for me.

Mum made out that it was an unnecessary chore (oh yeah, because I could really live with plush ponies stacked up behind my bedroom door so that I couldn't even open it!) and was just "dragging things out" and avoiding having my hair combed.  She was angry because she wanted me to help her with her eBay chores again.

We went to Grottsville while David posted the eBay parcels but Mum couldn't find anything to sell.  Why does she always leave finding sales items until the actual free listing day?  We brought back a few board games which I had to check through for her but none of them were complete anyway.

We didn't go anywhere else which annoyed me greatly, especially as I had given in and used the dry hair shampoo again.  Not that my hair looked great anyway, but what was the point of damaging it with the spray if we weren't even going anywhere?

The new episode of Friendship is Magic aired on TV and I was utterly disgusted to find that "Derpy Hooves" was given a speaking voice (with a terribly stereotypical retarded voice) and even named as "Derpy".  Why did Hasbro always let the bronies win, even at the risk of offending other people?

We were still remembering things that David had forgotten to mention to the surveyor.  But never mind, he said it was intentional because he "didn't want to get into those kinds of things, he just wanted his money back".  Well, he wasn't going to get his money back without a list of all the problems, was he?

My parents had a huge argument about how much Mum hated the extension spotlights and how cold it was in the open plan layout.  David did a rare bit of DIY, painting the side of the bath and the shelves in the bathroom.  And that was about it for the day really.

January 22nd 2012

Mum didn't bother to get David or I up and I didn't wake up myself until 10am.  Mum was in a fowl temper by that time, having worked herself up into a state about how badly the loft landing had been wallpapered.  Well, I wasn't in a great mood myself.  All of my plush ponies were on the floor AGAIN.  It was obviously not going to prove so easy to make them stable this time.

We didn't go anywhere all day except to McDonalds for yet more fries.  I felt so fat, miserable and ugly with no future ahead of me.  I just wanted to be a normal person with a normal education and normal career prospects.  Instead of that, I had no idea how I could ever even move out of my parents' house.  They were not at all supportive or helpful, of course, and just cut me dead if I attempted to discuss my options with them.

I listed some more stuff on eBay and stressed about my hair.  I decided to try singing for the first time in forever but didn't get very far because my voice kept cracking up and the neighbours began banging on the wall!  Gosh, did I really sound that bad?

Apparently so.  David was in Grottsville and Mum was asleep in the family history room but she woke up when she thought she heard "foxes fighting in the garden".  I'd been singing upstairs in David's office.  With the door shut.  Oh boy, I must sound awful...and loud to boot!

January 23rd 2012

Mum was awoken at 1am by David coming home from Grottsville.  She didn't manage to get back to sleep all night.  This didn't help her already frayed temper one bit and she was in a crazed mood by the morning.

I woke up to the sound of her thundering up the stairs and screaming down the phone at David about the terrible wallpapering on the loft landing (yes, she'd got a real fixation on it this week!)  David was frantically calling her back every time she put the phone down, trying to calm her down and stop her from doing anything drastic, but nobody can stop Mum and her pen!

*Sighs*  Well, it certainly needed to be rewallpapered now, and where was that money going to come from when so much else needed to be done to the house?!

I suffered another day of depression-induced lethargy and struggled to do even basic things.  I managed to get my laundry done, wrapped up a couple of eBay parcels and crammed my Petite Pony Carousel into the crate in my cupboard, but those were my only achievements for the day really.

I was having some nice response to my latest sales thread.  A pony collector in Australia wanted to buy four of my plush ponies - we just had to figure out a fair price.  Elizabeth, the pony collector who had come to visit us the year before when she had bought something, also wanted to buy some more stuff.  But, again, she wanted to pick the items up.  And there was no way she could come to the house in its current state.  My parents wouldn't even think of having visitors!  I felt so awkward about turning her and her dad away when they had been so friendly the previous year, but I guess I had no choice.

During one of my many kiddie ride Google searches, I came across this little curiosity being sold by "Philip Oakley Illuminations".

(I see the poor thing's still up for sale now, although I'm not really surprised at the exorbitant price of £1900!  If only vintage kiddie rides did have enough of a following to command such a high price!)

I had no idea who might have manufactured him, but recognised the style as being the same as that of my childhood favourite "Dobbin".

I was a little confused as to why such a small company would have made two different horse designs.  Maybe the company was not such a small one after all and it was just that not many of their rides had survived into my childhood era?

January 24th 2012

I received a response from Philip Oakley regarding his curious 1960s horse.  Unfortunately, the horse had no visible manufacturer written on it (darn), but he did ask me if I collected My Little Ponies because he could see through the top paint coat that the horse had once had "My Little Pony" written on its base.  How on Earth did he know about my MLPs?  Still not sure if I believe him about the horse having MLP written on it...I almost wish I had the nerve to walk into his show room and see it for myself!

I tried to show it to Mum but she didn't have the time or inclination to listen to me about "ride after ride after ride" (uh...excuse me, it's only ONE ride) because she wanted to lie on the floor and go to sleep!

David took me to Grottsville that evening to look for Elizabeth's stuff (I was still trying to arrange to meet her outside of the house).  He wanted to leave me there while he went to Tesco but I refused to let him because I had no drink or phone with me and there was a horrible gang of drunken thugs across the road as usual.  He got angry and threatened me that I "wouldn't be getting any ravioli then because they never have it at the other branch"!  Tough.  I was not being left alone in that area without so much as a phone to call the police should the need arise.

I couldn't find one of the things that Elizabeth wanted anyway so David shouted at me again for "not looking properly".  Well, he could always try helping me if he was in such a dreadful rush to leave!  But there was no way that he was going to help me tonight.  In fact, he was absolutely horrible to me when I arrived back at Woodberry laden down with boxes.  He just stood there cursing at me as I tried to carry everything indoors and managed to drop one little thing on the hall floor.

I had a bath and dared to wash my hair for once in my life, determined to turn over a new leaf following the hair cut.  Bad mistake.  I was still using that awful medicated anti-dandruff shampoo that the doctor had prescribed and it obviously had a bad effect on me (although I blamed the general hair washing back then, of course).  My hair was terribly sticky no matter how many times I rinsed it and more and more was falling out every time.  What a nightmare!  No wonder I kept putting off washing it usually.  It never occurred to me to try a different shampoo.

January 25th 2012

My hair was in a terrible way, awfully sticky and looking worse than ever.  Mum blamed me for trying to wash it, of course, convincing me further that the problem was with the washing process rather than the products used.

The day was totally wasted due to me not wanting to move in case I caused more hair to fall out.  Mum kept saying that she wanted to go for a walk so I sat around waiting to go with her, but she put it off until it got dark.  I finally put my Christmas ponies back in place on the pony shelves and also made the hard decision to take my Ponycon ponies out of their boxes so that they would fit on the shelves.  Sad, but I'm not really a MIB collector anyway.

We went to Asda that night.  Mum decided to stay in the car for some reason, then decided she didn't like being parked out there when a gang of "suspicious muslims" began wandering around, arguing amongst themselves and staring at her.  Why had we taken so long in the shop?

Well, I went on a bit of a spending spree!

I got some MLP skipping ropes and a funny little G3.5 fakie (I think she's made out of polystyrene covered in glitter? o_0) for £2 each...

A new bag for £12 (well, the handle had finally fallen off of my old bag so I suppose that was a necessary purchase!)...

And a whole ton of G4 blind bag ponies for £1.97 each!  This was the first time I'd seen Blind Bags in the UK so I was quite excited.

I hoped to sell some of the pony stuff to pay for the bits I did choose to keep so hopefully it wouldn't end up being such a massive spend as it seemed.  However, I discovered that somebody had already found (and listed for sale) a load of Blind Bags on the MLP Arena that very same morning.

Next to Grottsville in search of the Newborn Twins' Bassinet that Elizabeth wanted to buy, but I still couldn't find it.  I was devastated to stumble across one of my favourite MLP fakies though and discover that her ear had cracked due to the cold temperature over there.

It's hard to see in the picture but she has a crack right across the front of her left ear.

I remember buying this fakie at Pickets Lock Toy Fair in October 1998, the day that I consider I officially began "collecting" MLPs (as opposed to just having a few that I played with).  I got seven ponies from Mr and Mrs Wilcocks - toy dealers who sold me most of my ponies back in those early collecting days.  They cost me £3.  Sadly, I can't remember who they all were (I think Snowflake and Sea Shell were two of them, possibly Cotton Candy...), but I know this girl was amongst them.  It was only when I got her home that I realised she wasn't a real My Little Pony.

Here she is with her friend who my sister got in a charity shop for me when I was 11.

Finally, we stopped at Tesco on the way back so that David could collect my prescription...for yet more of that awful shampoo.  Why didn't I realise that stuff was bad for me?  I didn't even have dandruff, for God's sake!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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