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Giggling Christmas Haters and Risque Nighties

January 6th 2012

David took the afternoon off to return to High Wycombe.  Yes, it was decided to actually book an appointment at the chosen bank instead of bitterly stomping off to the Halifax!

Mum got the giggles at the bank when she couldn't remember any of her details and set me off laughing.  Then she blamed me for starting it!

Afterwards, we walked around the charity shops.  I bought a Bucky O'Hare DVD in Oxfam.  I'd seen it before we even went to the bank so walked straight into the shop, picked it up and went to the checkout.  The cashier seemed a bit taken aback.  "Have you checked that's the one you want?" he asked.  I said it was and handed over the exact change which I had counted out before I even returned to the shop.  "Well, that didn't take long, did it?" The cashier looked a bit worried....maybe he thought the DVD was worth thousands of pounds and I was doing a runner with it before he could look it up on eBay?!  The truth was I just wanted to replace the dodgy copy I'd bought at HMV a few years previously.  It was always stalling so I'd wanted a copy that I could actually watch.

The poor plush Christmas Minty was still in one of the other charity shops where I had left her.  Mum accidentally set her off singing as she was digging down the basket of toys.  Embarrassed and already acting a bit strangely (bearing in mind the giggling at the bank), she began to RUN around the charity shop in circles carrying the pony.  It was a bit amusing to see my Christmas hating mother racing around the shop and holding a plush toy as it sang, "That's what I love about Christmas"!

We also went in Primark where I got seven packets of cheap underwear.  Again, the cashier looked at me warily as if I was completely mad, but it's best to buy things when they're cheap and I have money available.  I still have several of the undergarments I bought that day.  Sorry, TMI.  Moving swiftly on...

Next to BHS, where I finally managed to get two nightdresses, including my beloved satiny one which I had originally fallen in love with in Watford when my mum had put me off of buying it because it was "too risque".  (Who cares?  It's not like anyone but me sees me behind my bedroom door!  It's comfortable and makes me feel pretty - what's not to love?)

I mean, not that this style isn't very nice, but it does sometimes feel like something my grandma would have worn!

I don't actually think it's too daring anyway.  God, the way my mum was acting, you'd think I was walking up and down the street dressed only in Ann Summers' underwear!

Don't worry, I'll spare you the pictures of me actually wearing it!

My hair was in a dreadful state, sticky and greasy and sticking out at all angles like a load of straw!  I think the Betnovate that the dermotologist had prescribed was to blame.  My scalp felt like it was on fire with each individual hair pulling as I walked along.  I truly believe I'd have done better to just find a decent shampoo and conditioner and wash my hair regularly.  But telling me that at that point in my life would have been like throwing yourself to the lions!

January 7th 2012

I continued to stress over my stringy, greasy hair and said that I would rather die than look and feel as I did...rather dramatic, isn't it?  But then I guess my life was so empty that I didn't really have much to live for, did I?

David was really nasty to me, moaning that he was ready to go out and I was still struggling to force my breakfast down.  Alas, another symptom of my depression.  It's either very hard to eat or I can't stop comfort eating.  Today's issue was the former.

As soon as I had finished breakfast, we headed to Grottsville to pick up some stuff that I'd sold.  I was in such a state about my hair though that I refused to take my hat off even once we were at the house.  I couldn't find one of the badges I'd sold and forgot to even look for another item on my list.

I spent the rest of the day browsing the internet because I didn't feel fit to do much else.  I watched eleven episodes of the old children's cartoon, "Captain N: The Game Master" but failed to identify Shane Meier's guest role in any of them.  Nice to hear several other favourite voice actors though.

I also found a beautiful example of a 1950s Edwin Hall Heli-Jet kiddie ride on a New Zealand auction site.  Stupidly, in my depression, I failed to save the photos.  I still kick myself for that as it was absolutely stunning - faded but still with its original paintwork and that gorgeous Hall signwriting on the base.  There can't be too many of those still around these days.  I wonder who bought it and if it is still out there somewhere?

Ebay was having another free listing event but they wouldn't let me access my account until gone 10pm!  I still managed to get a few bits listed but not enough.

I decided to have a bath using my favourite Lush French Kiss bubble bar and then wear my new nightdress to try and make myself feel better about my horrendously ugly hair.  Rather pointless when I was in such a negative mood but anything was worth a try, I guess.

January 8th 2012

David stayed in bed and the bathroom all day long.  This was a pity because I'd given in and used the dry hair shampoo the night before and, while my hair still didn't look great, I felt confident enough to go out for once.  No such luck.  The furthest I went was Grottsville to look for the missing eBay items (I still couldn't find that blasted badge though!) and McDonalds for more fries.

The trip to Grottsville disturbed me as there was clear evidence of thugs having been in our garden setting off fireworks.  They'd even broken a slab off of our front wall.  I wanted to get my belongings out of that house asap but still David wouldn't get on with clearing it out.

I seem to have wasted my day watching TV via the laptop.  First I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic.  I loved hearing Tabitha St Germain as Granny Smith although I must admit that even her voice sounded tired by the end of the episode.  It was nice to just have a Tara Strong-free episode for once though!

Then I watched a Youtube video of the voice actor panel at Bronycon.  Not sure why I bothered as it only wound me up to hear the idiotic audience acting bored or asking ridiculous questions about Vancouver "becoming" a popular place for filming/recording and whether it was unusual for all the voice actors to record in the same studio.  You'd think they'd at least look up basic facts before making themselves look so uneducated towards people involved in the making of their so-called favourite TV show!

After that, I watched some more Captain N: The Game Master.  Actually, to be fair, I think I was just listening to it whilst wrapping up eBay parcels from what I recall.  I finally heard Shane Meier's distinctive voice as The Paperboy.  This jogged Mum's memory about playing the Paperboy computer game at a pub in Chiswick many moons ago...not that she ever had much of a chance to play because a "fat Canadian cow called Allison never let anyone else have a turn"!  I never thought of Mum as the sort to play video games, or to hang out in pubs for that matter...and why have I never heard of the much disliked Allison before?  Oh well, you live and learn!

I believe this is the episode if anybody is interested.  I can't even bear to listen to it nowadays - the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth:

I helped Mum to list some stuff on eBay.  My computer was really starting to show its age though and was horribly slow.  In fact, by the time I got around to listing anything of mine, it was making the average snail look like a marathon winner!  It wouldn't let me list my final free item at all.

David received a letter from his cousin Amanda to say that his Aunt Eileen had died.  He hadn't seen Eileen for years and doesn't even talk to his family but was still talking about making the trip to Lyme Regis for her funeral.  I will never understand the mentality of going to somebody's funeral when you haven't visited the person during their lifetime.  Surely it would make the person far happier to see you while they are still alive.

January 9th 2012

Mum and I went for a walk in Lammas Park and came back absolutely shattered.  I couldn't believe how unfit I had allowed myself to become.

We saw our fox down the side road.  He seemed disorientated and was trying to jump through the chicken wire to get down to the railway and away from the people on the path.  I think the fireworks of the previous few nights had really disturbed him.  We heard him back in our garden again that night though so hopefully he hadn't come to any permanent harm.

Mum's old friend Karen sent me a surprise cheer up parcel containing two beanie Care Bears; Funshine and Share from the Adventures in Care-a-Lot TV series.  I didn't even know any toys had been made based on that series.  They had some stains and smelled of cigarette smoke but I was still pleased to have them and to think that Karen had thought of me.

David randomly came in at lunchtime to have a shouting match with Mum.  She'd told him on the phone that she had written to Amanda to say he wasn't going to Eileen's funeral.  This wasn't the problem in itself, he had actually asked her to write the letter for him (he'd now decided that he couldn't get to Lyme Regis).  His problem was with the fact that she had given his reason as being the distance to Lyme Regis (the truth), he'd wanted her to lie and say he couldn't get the time off work.  Really?  A) Maybe you ought to tell somebody in advance if you want them to lie for you - we're not mindreaders! and B) Surely it sounds better to say that you're not well enough to drive that far than it does to say that your priorities lie with work over family?

I cleaned my bedroom and dug the Dream Beauties and other large ponies out of the cupboard (where they had been relegated to make way for the Christmas decorations).  Then I tried to do some of Mum's scanning.  I didn't get very far though because David came in and screamed at me for closing the curtains.  Again, I had never been told that the curtains were to be left open.  Apparently they were to be left tied in plastic until he got some curtain tie backs (otherwise he wouldn't know where to position the tie back hooks).  Never mind, they were so creased from being folded up for such a long time that it was easy to tie them back in place.

I was very pleased to find Stories From My Childhood: The Wild Swans on Youtube.  Why was I even looking for this stuff?  I suppose things were different back then, but even so.  Then again, I can't have been looking that intently because this had been uploaded right back in April 2010 so that's some small comfort.

It's worth watching just to laugh at the awful voice acting, especially coming from the very person I wanted to find this to hear.  Remind me again why they even cast live action actors in cartoons when there are so many talented specialist voice actors out there?

January 10th 2012

David came home at lunch time and dropped us in West Ealing.  Mum got angry about wasting the daylight although I'm not sure what she would have done with it otherwise!

I saw a Sky Wishes in the Salvation Army charity shop for 40p but left her there.  There were no Weetaflakes in 99p Stores (which was our main reason for going to West Ealing) anyway.  I forgot to even look for gel pens which were the other thing I needed so we came back empty handed.

There was a "missed parcel" card waiting on the mat when we got home, addressed to me.  I hadn't ordered anything so I couldn't imagine what it could possibly be.

My hair was still driving me crazy.  I tried to do some more scanning for Mum, but didn't even like doing that with people from the street below able to look up at me through the window (since I wasn't allowed to close the curtains).

David spent the evening at Grottsville sorting through his rubbish and didn't come home until 1am.  He seemed surprised that I wasn't still scanning stuff in his office.  "Did you do your scanning?" He asked.  I admitted that I hadn't finished it.  "Why not?" He looked almost gleeful. "I'd had enough," I said.  "Oh...  I wouldn't want to think I'd stopped you..."  His disappointed face said otherwise.  I think he genuinely wanted to block me from doing Mum's scanning, although I'm still not sure why.  Didn't I say I live with strange people?

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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