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"If they HAVE to have Christmas presents, they can b****y well have them in carrier bags!"

Back from another (far too long) break, your intrepid blog writer proudly presents you with an account of another five boring days of her history...

December 16th 2011

I was awoken by the awful sound of my parents yelling and screaming at each other as well as a lot of terrifying banging, smashing and ripping noises.  What was being destroyed now?  Once I was up, it transpired that Mum had been throwing my grandparents' old neighbours' gifts around the house, tearing the pretty Christmas wrapping paper off of them and throwing their gift bags in the bin.  "If they HAD to have Christmas gifts, they could b****y well have them in carrier bags!"

She was also screaming at David that if he "didn't make me happier, my friends would take me away from here".  (Oh, I wish I really DID have friends who had the ability and inclination to get me away from this place!)

I sprayed my hair (yet again) with that awful dry hair shampoo so that - in Mum's words - "the thin bits didn't show" and I would feel confident enough to see the orthodontist.  My scalp was so greasy now though that it was already soaking through my hair by the time we left home!

Anyway, the stupid orthodontist managed to break one of the brackets off of my tooth while forcing the new wire in so I would have to return to get it fixed.  I didn't even notice until much later that day.  I was really starting to doubt how competent this orthodontist was to be honest.  The inside of my lip was being scratched to bits and one of the front teeth was moving behind the others now.  Great.

I uploaded the obligatory update vlog to Youtube for anybody who wants to know a little more about how I felt on the day.  I'm not even brave enough to watch it back after all these years!

We stopped at Boston Manor Park on our way back.  It was always nice to have a walk around the pond and feed the ducks.  (Maybe I just enjoy indulging in such a childish pleasure because I never had much opportunity to do so as a kid?!)

We saw a pair of shoveler ducks, but nothing else very exciting wildlife-wise.  Mum was attacked by a mob of pigeons - that place is getting to be like Trafalgar Square was in the old days! - and I got scared by a creepy man lurking around in the bushes with his six dogs.

My pictures from that day are rubbish, but these are the best of a bad bunch.

Also a couple of videos of the cute, bread stealing squirrel shown above...

We went to Brent Cross in the evening to get a very much reduced Soap & Glory gift box (£25 for around £80 worth of items!)  I always take advantage of that particular Christmas offer.  It's about the only time I can afford to indulge in Soap & Glory products!

The traffic on the way home was terrible and I got in a very bad panic that I was going to miss my friend's interview on the radio.  As it turned out however, I'd got the date wrong and she was going to be interviewed on Sunday...not that it mattered because she'd been rescheduled for January anyway!

Saddened by a lack of Christmas in our home, I put a few "decorations" up in my room.  Mostly Christmas themed ponies that got pulled off of the regular shelves and put on their own shelves as a little festive display.  I had no tinsel though so it didn't look very festive at all. :(

December 17th 2011

I woke up naturally for once (without my mum's fog horn alarm call!) at the horribly late time of 9.45am.  Mum hadn't liked to wake me due to my toothache.

My teeth were still killing me.  I had to take two more Nurofens which made me dizzy and sleepy.  Thankfully I had been able to keep the broken bracket in place with a lump of the wax you're supposed to use when sharp wires dig into your mouth etc.  David upset me by saying that he thought "the glue hadn't had time to dry which was why the bracket had fallen off", further proving how little interest he took in me.  The brackets are glued on once at the start of treatment and supposed to last throughout the entire period of orthodontic work.  They do not get re-glued at every appointment!

I continued sorting through the Pretty Pony Club comics and found ten issues that I was prepared to sell.  That was about all I did as far as clearing up went though.

The carpenter rang to say that he wasn't coming on Monday as he had originally said.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Are all workmen unprofessional and lazy or are we just unlucky?

We went to Osterley Tesco in the evening in search of the annual Christmas biscuit selection, but they were all sold out.  I wasn't even given the chance to look at the ponies.

David got a new front door handle and lock.  Not only did it look absolutely gross, but there was no Yale key (for better security) so my dreams of getting a custom made tie-dye key were dead!

December 18th 2011

I didn't leave the house all day.  It was my own fault - I'd left the mobile phone in the hall so Mum couldn't find it/ring David to wake him up, meaning we all overslept terribly.  Mind you, considering I'd been in the bath until 3am again, it's really not surprising!

I still had bad toothache from the braces adjustment but it was slowly starting to settle down again now.  This meant I could resume trying to clear the house up.  I started work in the hobby room but didn't get very far.

David spent his day sorting out his stamps, then took off to Grottsville and the storage depot on his own as usual.

I forced myself to watch Friendship is Magic to keep myself updated on what all the cyber bullying was about, but it was getting on my nerves more and more with each passing week.  The annoying little appearances from Derpy Hooves, with her waving from beyond a curtain backstage and walking away dejectedly when nobody waved back and she got told off...  Even I was starting to find it offensive now (and usually this kind of thing doesn't bother me!)  It's good to have a mentally disabled character in a children's programme and show that we are all equals...but Derpy never WAS an equal.  She was always portrayed as the unwanted pony to be laughed at and ridiculed.  Bronies would argue that she was successful with a career as a postwoman or something, but that was only in their fanfiction.  The actual character on TV (which is what the target audience of children see) never had any features other than to be made the laughing stock.

I watched West Side Story that night...the first musical movie that my then friend and I ever watched together over Skype.  I made a complete idiot of myself by crying at the end...and then David came in right at that moment and completely spoilt it anyway!

December 19th 2011

I was awoken very early again but my sleep deprivation was for nothing.  The carpenter didn't turn up.

Another day of mundane chores ensued.  I washed the last two MLP curtains, and wrapped up Christmas gifts for my nephews and nieces.  Mum wouldn't have even bothered to wrap their stuff up because of all the recent aggro with Emma but I didn't think it was right that the kids should suffer.  Mind you, I'm not sure why we were still expected to give gifts to them when they never gave us anything!  Mum justified this by saying that Emma "didn't like us".  So?  We're still family.  I'm not asking for the crown jewels as I know what it's like not to have much money, but she could wrap up a packet of sweets from Poundland as a token for us.  Anyway, Mum must have been feeling bitter herself because she withdrew half of the stuff that she had intended to give to the kids.  She didn't see why she should give them so much when we weren't even invited to see them and would spend Christmas alone as usual.

I was sad not to be seeing them again.  Even if we couldn't see them on Christmas day, I wanted to see them all.  Mum couldn't be bothered if we weren't allowed on the actual day though and I was trapped as piggy in the middle.

David took us to Grottsville in the evening to collect a bag of old gloves that Mum had in the cupboard.  I didn't even have any gloves myself and now that the weather had turned colder, Mum had offered to go through her old clothes and see what she had.

David went to the storage depot while we were there to drop off the Christmas wrapping paper so e actually had some time in Grottsville for once.  Alas, it was too dark to do much in the way of clearing up.

We went to McDonalds for fries and McFlurry on the way back.  I got further upset by how little notice David takes of me when he went to take our rubbish to the bin and didn't even notice me shouting at him and trying to get his attention with some more rubbish for the bag.  Yes, it sounds silly, but it's very disturbing when people act as though you don't exist.

December 20th 2011

I got up at 11am.  Unsurprising after all the late nights and early mornings of the previous few days but embarrassing nonetheless.

My parents proceeded to have a two hour argument about my lack of education and how I should "get a shop job".  If only it were that easy to just get a job with no experience or qualifications!  Although I admit I wasn't looking very hard at that point due to my lack of self confidence over my hair and depression etc.  Wish I could turn the clock back and not have wasted so many years!

We waited for the new ottomans to be delivered, but the man never came.  We were given a new delivery date for Thursday.  It would be all the same if I'd HAD a job and had taken a day off work to receive the delivery!

In the evening, David and I returned to the storage depot to dump off some of his stamp collection and collect the tinsel so that I could make my bedroom look slightly more festive.  Mum didn't come with us due to her starting an argument with my about how guilty she felt that Emma wasn't able to visit due to the unfinished state of the house (this was somehow all my fault?!)  If she had been left alone in Grottsville with me, I would have apparently continued the argument.  It was all excuses.  We weren't even going to Grottsville!

We went to Tesco to buy yet more buns and cakes.  No wonder I was getting to be as fat as a fool!  And our shopping still wasn't complete because there were no chocolate biscuits in the shop!

There was a new ride outside the shop though - a Jolly Roger Vending Bus.

My braces broke in a second place in the car on the way back.  I heard a horrible crunch and realised that another bracket had come loose.  This wasn't working at all...  What else would go wrong with the braces while the orthodontist was away for her Christmas holidays?

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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