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Parakeets, Ice Rinks and Sludge!

February 1st 2012

Mum and I had another nice walk in Lammas Park and I photographed and filmed the ring necked parakeets.

I started work on making some little boxes with pressed flowers on the lids in which to store locks of my grandparents' hair.  About time, considering they'd been gone for eight and nine years respectively.  I pressed some of their funeral flowers right back then, but had never had the space or time to make things in Grottsville.

Mum must have been acting terribly even for her standards the previous day because she actually apologised, admitting that she just "felt guilty" about my educational situation.  It didn't make me feel any less stressed or apprehensive about the future though.

February 2nd 2012

Another walk around Lammas Park.  We saw a mad woman attempting to teach her badly behaved, yapping King Charles Spaniel Marley to carry his lead by calmly talking to him about another man's dog as if he really understood what she was saying.  I didn't manage to get any more nice bird pictures though!

We wrapped up more eBay parcels.  Four of my five buyers still hadn't paid however!  Mum was back to her usual rude, nasty self wherever eBay was concerned.  I spent ages trying to very carefully wrap the Operation game that she had sold, only to be told that my wrapping up "was like kiddie craft time".  Well, she could always try packing up her own parcels once in a while!

I bought her a nice Elvis Presley troll for Mother's Day which she had been watching on eBay.  I wanted to keep it as a surprise though so told her that eBay had logged me out at the vital moment.  She fell for it too.  Maybe I'm a better actress than I give myself credit for being!

Her wonderful friend Jill snooped at me on Facebook for reasons best known to herself.  Any normal person would surely keep this information quiet, but Jill quite openly told Mum that she had gone looking.  She also told her that I was "asking for vintage clothing to sell on eBay".  WTH?  My Facebook employment information does say something about looking for vintage toys at car boot sale to sell on eBay, but I've never sold clothes in my life, much less asked other people to give them to me!  She also "didn't know that I was a voice actress.  I must be very talented."  It's strange how people feel the need to snoop, but can't even get their facts straight when they admit to doing so, eh?

The bargain batch of comics arrived.  I felt quite guilty when I noticed the stamp price of £12.79 (the seller had only charged me £4.00).  The lot included four issues I didn't have, six free gifts and a MLP pamphlet.  The rest would all be sold at a good profit.

Our ghost was back again.  Of course, it was approaching one year since we had moved into the house and had first heard it wandering around.  We heard exactly the same noises this time around; somebody opened the front door (not our front door, but one in the same place as it), walked up the hall, sighed and turned around.  All fell silent for about five minutes after that when Mum suddenly SCREAMED because she had heard a man's voice clearly say "Hello!" into her left ear.  Here's the strangest bit.  My mum was born deaf in that ear so she has never been able to hear ANYTHING with that ear anyway.  She said it was a very strange sensation.

I know many people don't believe in ghosts (I used to be one of them), but there was definitely something odd going on in this house.

February 3rd 2012

I went to Sparkle Dental Boutique to see both the hygienist and orthodontist.  One after the other.  Ouch.  What else can I say?  Just ouch.

They were too nosy.  The receptionist was asking me about my voice acting career (having read about my love of voice acting on my Youtube account) and the rest of them wouldn't stop pestering me about my education and work experience.  I'm sure they were just trying to be friendly, but it was the last thing I needed when I was already so stressed about my future!

I had some awful hooks fitted onto the braces, to which I was supposed to attach elastic bands.  This would supposedly move the teeth quicker.  But my God, the PAIN.  And the bands didn't last five minutes anyway.  I had to replace them twice over the course of the evening, following them pinging (and further injuring the insides of my cheeks) and flying out of my mouth.

More about my orthodontic treatment here:

Mum and I had our usual walk around Boston Manor Park on our way home.  Much to my surprise, the pond had completely frozen over (first time I ever remember it doing that in my lifetime!) so there were no ducks or geese to be seen.  We still fed the gulls and pigeons though.  It was fun to see them "skating" on the thick ice as they skidded around after stray pieces of bread!

David was at home when we got back.  He'd finished his job early so had come home for the afternoon.  He went out to post the eBay parcels, but didn't offer me the chance to go with him.

Mum rang the doctor for her blood test results.  The receptionist kindly told her that they were "abnormal" but that there was no doctor available to speak to her until Monday.  Fantastic.  Now go away and worry about that all weekend.

I was pleased to hear that Derpy Hooves was potentially being banned from future episodes of Friendship is Magic and even removed from the scene they'd already put her in.  Good.  It would do the bronies good to see that they couldn't get their own way all the time.

February 4th 2012

Mum and I went to Grottsville while David went to the bank.  He took us there so infrequently that we really flogged ourselves to death on the rare occasion that we did get there.  I helped Mum to clean and carry all of her crates of records out of the lounge, then I had space to re-sort my eBay sales goods.  I also sorted out and brought back another black bag full of MLP plushies.  Yes, there were more of the blighters!  These ones were mostly G3 So Soft Babies.

We returned to Woodberry briefly so that I could eat some filled pasta for dinner, then to McDonalds where my parents had fries and I had a Munchies McFlurry.  Yes, I think I must have thought that fries were too unhealthy to eat for dinner...then went and had a bloomin' ice cream for dessert anyway!

We saw Chris Sickton on the way back.  Mum and I both glowered at him as usual but he wasn't even phased and just grinned back at us!  You'd almost think he knew what the lawyer had written to us.

My teeth were in such terrible pain that I'd had to give in and remove the elastics before going to bed the previous night.  I figured it wouldn't do any harm to give myself a couple of nights to get over the general brace adjustment pain before putting myself through the additional agony.

Mum's Elvis troll arrived, but I just told her it was a parcel of ponies that I had ordered for myself.  Gosh, this, ACTING thing was becoming far too natural to me!

It was snowing heavily again for most of the day.  It looked very pretty while it was all thick and white on the ground, but I knew that it would be deadly by the following morning.  I swear I never make it through winter without slipping on ice and turning my ankle at least once!

Much to my disgust, Derpy Hooves was back on the Welovefine website.  I guess Hasbro didn't intend on erasing her after all.  Well, I suppose the bronies' opinions mattered far more than those of the people who were genuinely offended by her.

February 5th 2012

The snow was still thick but was thawing quickly.  I dreaded the upcoming icy, slippery phase...

It was today that the drains chose to finally give up.  The toilets wouldn't flush properly and the blockage was obviously so bad that the water was taking ages to drain away out of both them and the basins.  So it had to be done: David had to lift the manhole cover...

Don't worry, I shall spare you the dreadful photos of the "sludge" he was having to clear to allow the water to run through!  Even the thought of having to get near that stinky stuff to take photographic evidence for the potential court case still makes me gag.  It seems that not only had the builders thrown a load of stones and debris down the drains which had caused a blockage, but the actual pipe had been placed too high so that the water couldn't flow freely from our house into the sewers.  It's a wonder the sludge hadn't built up long before this point.

One of the brace brackets fell off of my teeth overnight.  It was a back one this time so I must have actually swallowed it. o_0  Obviously I wasn't the only one feeling the strain from the latest adjustment.  Even the metal and glue couldn't take much more of this.

We went to Grottsville to collect some more stuff.  Mum and I tried to time it so that Paul O'Grady would be on the radio (if we have to listen to David's loud radio, we might as well listen to a programme we actually like!) only to find that it had been cancelled due to the weather.  This meant that we got stuck listening to the football anyway.  Not only unpleasant, but dangerous, considering David felt the need to punch the air every time Manchester United scored a goal!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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