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The Beginning of 2012

This year promises to be just as boring as 2011, I'm afraid!

January 1st 2012

Another new year, another new start.  What would I do to mess this one up?

Much as I loved watching the fireworks that people on the other side of the railway had been setting off the previous evening, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the local wildlife.  Our resident fox was terrified and had spent the night yelping with fear.  He was nowhere to be seen in the morning...we saw him very nervously venture back just before it got dark then the fireworks started up again for the night!

I spent the day feeling physically sick and wobbly on my feet.  I think part of the problem was hunger.  Mum "couldn't get hungry" (I think it was more a case of her being scared of having another of her bad pains) until 7.30pm when she finally agreed to go to McDonalds for yet more fries.  By that time, I was absolutely starving and had terrible indigestion pain myself!

David headed to Grottsville to look through his old yellowed newspapers and other unpleasant publications as soon as we got back.

I spent most of my day downsizing my Facebook friends list.  God knows how I came to have so many people on there whose names I didn't even recognise, but with all the brony nonsense going on, I wanted to make sure that everybody could be trusted.

Speaking of bronies, some unpleasant ones decided to pick on a well known member of the MLP Arena for his broken English.  (Well, I wonder how many of THEM spoke a second language at all?)  So many of them went into his Photobucket sales albums to write nasty comments that Photobucket locked his account and he had to pay to upgrade it.  What on Earth was wrong with these people?  They obviously had pretty empty lives if they didn't even have anything better to do on New Year's Day!

January 2nd 2012

David finally got around to hanging up Mum's "Family Art Gallery" (a collection of paintings, embroideries and other works of art created by relatives) in the hall.  She still wasn't pleased though because she decided that she didn't like the spacing on that wall.  She kept getting David to move the pictures around...and, of course, each time he moved one, another hole was left in the wall by the hanging hook, leaving less options on where to hang them without the holes showing!

David had forgotten to put the rubbish bag out the previous night but the dustmen came up our garden path and took the bag out of the bin anyway.  It would have been all the same if we hadn't wanted the rubbish taken away for some reason!

We still had another bag of rubbish indoors though so we had a fascinating drive to the refuse centre.  Whilst there, we watched a man digging brand new cassette tapes and a large bag of toy dinosaurs out of one of the skips.  It's actually illegal to remove anything from the site...which is kind of sad because people dump so many perfectly decent items which are left to pollute the Earth when they could be reused.  Even if he shouldn't have been doing it, kudos to the man for having the bravery to take the items.  At least that's two bags of items taken away from the landfill.

We went to Homebase on the way back to buy a pole apparently.  I have no recollection of this trip whatsoever three years later so please don't ask me why we needed this pole.  Perhaps David was thinking of setting up his own strip club?!  We also looked at doormats while we were there...and I managed to hurt my finger on one.  Only I could do that!

I worked myself up into a terrible state about washing my hair for the dermatologist the following day.  I spent most of the evening sobbing and refused to even go to the loo for two hours because it would mean passing the bath where I knew I had to do the (un)dirty deed before I went to bed!  All that stress can't have been doing my hair much good, can it?

Oh my God, really, Desiree-of-the-past?  I just discovered that I even took PHOTOS to document how bad my hair looked after washing it.  Crikey, I wish it still looked that thick when DRY, let alone wet!

January 3rd 2012

My hair and scalp felt - *gasp* - BETTER for being washed!  However, I did lose an awful lot of hair (unsurprisingly, considering how long it had been since it was last washed!) and my scalp was already feeling greasy again less than 24 hours later.

The dermatologist was useless anyway.  She spent my entire appointment looking up my symptoms on the internet (as if I hadn't already done that myself!) and eventually declared that I had telogen effluvium...better known to the unacquainted as general thinning of the hair.  Gee, thanks.  I really needed a professional to tell me that!

She wouldn't listen to me about anything.  She informed me that my hair was in a far better condition following its twice weekly washings (yeah right!)  The only thing I did get out of the appointment was my blood test results.  Apparently my B12 levels were too high while my iron levels were worryingly low (46 when they should have been around 70).

I attempted to tidy the house up, not that anybody could see how hard I was working.  Mum snapped at me for "wasting the daylight in front of the computer" when I finally sat down.  In fact, I was trying to sell some of the stuff that was cluttering the house up.  I photographed a lot more stuff to sell, and added a January Sale to my MLP Arena Sales Thread, offering 10% off of all marked prices.  I managed to sell one comic, but that wasn't going to make my fortune or clear the house on its own unfortunately.

David managed to tear his trousers on one of the kitchen drawers and went into a meltdown.  He yelled at Mum that it was her fault (though I'm not sure how or why), moaned that he had no others, then ran to the loft and out to Grottsville to look for some.  Of course, he didn't find he'd said himself, he didn't have any others!

After he calmed down, he headed to Tesco.  He got himself some cheap meat to cook in the oven at Grottsville.  I got angry and snapped at him that it wasn't fair to keep getting nice food for himself when he knew that Mum refused to use the oven at Woodberry so we couldn't have any variety in our diet.  Not that he cared.  He just dumped me back at Woodberry and trotted off to Grottsville for a night of oven cooked meals and television.

January 4th 2012

I awoke to the familiar sound of my parents arguing.  Apparently David had sat on the ottoman (which was now in the hall where David had dragged it in from the garden) to tie his shoelaces and Mum had flipped out at him.  "Don't sit on MY ottoman!"  I think he was a bit taken aback.  "She sits on hers," I heard him say, referring to the one in my bedroom.  "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn if she wears the cover off of hers," Mum snapped.  Well, some of us actually want to USE things instead of keeping everything for show.  Yes, it's nice to live in a museum, but it's nicer to, you know, have somewhere to SIT.

My hair was bothering me again.  It was already greasy and uncomfortable but I was trying to delay using the dry hair shampoo for as long as possible.  We had a letter in the post to say that The Sun was offering its cheap holiday deals again.  I dearly wanted to go ride hunting in Great Yarmouth but didn't feel up to it due to the state of my hair.  A journalist was also asking to interview me for an article about my pony collection but, again, I declined because I didn't want photos of myself with thin hair.  Not that it seemed like a good idea to get too involved with anything MLP-related in the public eye when I was so hated by the brony fandom.

I didn't leave the house.  When David came in from work, he grabbed something to eat and went straight out to Grottsville, ignoring Mum's numerous attempts to remind him that we'd been locked up indoors all day.

I pretty much wasted my day due to stress and depression.  I worked on my sales pages and continue downsizing my friend list on Facebook.  I really wanted to start a singing account on Youtube but I knew my voice wasn't good enough and I had nowhere quiet to make recordings anyway.  I wished I could get some singing lessons but just didn't know where to go at my age.

Mum spent her day in a total panic searching for lost photographs which she didn't manage to find.  But when you live in such a messy house, it's not surprising that things go missing, is it?

January 5th 2012

I didn't wake up until 10.15am.  I wouldn't have even woken up then if I hadn't heard Mum coming upstairs with the laundry - I was practically falling asleep for the rest of the day!

My hair was really distressing me.  I couldn't stand my greasy, sore scalp or the way that so many bald bits were showing through my hair.  I just wished that someone could tell me WHY it was happening to me.

David managed to get chocolate on Mum's beloved ottoman.  Of course, he blamed ME but how could it have been me when A) I hadn't eaten any chocolate and B) I hadn't been near the front door anyway?

We had an exciting drive to Grottsville so that David could put a rubbish bag out for the dustmen.  On the way back a mad old West Indian bloke with a brightly coloured turban and a long grey beard ran out into the middle of the road in Ealing Broadway (despite the red light at the pedestrian crossing) and began jumping up and down in front of us, waving his arms in the air and shouting "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"  Thank goodness David hadn't been too absorbed in the radio at that moment to notice him and brake!

Oh, and finally, do you remember those reindeer ornaments I spoke about a few days ago?  Well, I finally got around to finishing them off (the day before the decorations were set to be packed away for another year!)  This is what they looked like for anybody who was curious...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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