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Yep, sadly there are no photos to accompany this one.  That makes it even more boring than usual.  Sorry, guys!

January 26th 2012

Mum and I went for a walk in Lammas Park.  She got overtired and accused me of "walking too fast".  Funny, because I was struggling to keep up with her!

I did very little with my day again.  I attempted to tidy up the hobby room but didn't get very far, and finally started work on a My Little Pony Rescue Home website but didn't get very far with that either!

Elizabeth's dad came to the door to collect the things she wanted to buy from me.  David went to the door.  Mum and I pretended we weren't at home to avoid the embarrassment of having to see him.  I was so ashamed to be living this way.  I wanted to be normal and have visitors.  The isolation was slowly killing me.

Mum's friend Jill badly upset her by telling her that "dead people are completely dead" so she would never see her parents again.  Everybody is entitled to their own religious beliefs, I just don't understand why people feel the need to use them to argue with and upset others.

January 27th 2012

Mum and I both went to see the doctor in Grottsville.  I couldn't believe how much it had changed in there since our last visit - they might as well have knocked the building down and started afresh!

Mum's appointment was first (that way she had an excuse to stay in with the doctor and make sure she heard every word I said to her...don't ask) so I got left sitting in the waiting room.  Yes, Mum still deserved HER privacy!  While I was sitting there, a mad old Indian lady (who I often used to see wandering around Tesco and arguing with the staff when we still lived in Grottsville) walked in and started waving her walking stick at me.  She accused me of "stealing her bread" and said that she "hated this very bad country".  Where do I find them, eh?

The doctor was a young, ignorant student who told Mum that her crippling stomach pains were probably caused by the mini pill she took and refused to give her a repeat prescription.  She apparently rudely told her that she had to have an endoscopy (which Mum was terrified of having) and made her feel as though she had stomach cancer.

As for me and my hair loss?  The doctor didn't have a list of reliable trichologists.  Mum somehow turned the subject round to my monthly issues (why does she have to interfere?) so the doctor prescribed expensive Tranexamic Acid tablets.  I didn't have the money for them and I certainly wouldn't let David see the prescription for tablets related to such a private issue.  I think Mum thought the doctor would just put me on birth control and resolve the issue that way but this young girl obviously didn't believe in using it for anything other than its intended purpose (which I obviously didn't need it for!)

She began writing up notes on what I'd told her about my hair loss.  As her parting shot, she asked Mum if she "had lost her hair at a young age".  Well, good to know my mum's hair looks so good, isn't it?!

We were waiting outside the surgery for over an hour before David came to collect us, yelling at us for not ringing him.  Uh...but we had rung him five times!  He then dropped us at the Grottsville house for the afternoon.  We both worked tirelessly but the house looked no better for it.  There was just too much junk over there.

Oh well, at least we had a nice vegetarian canneloni for dinner while we had access to the oven.  Mum felt really ill afterwards for some reason, but I felt better for it.  I wished we had an oven at Woodberry.

We stopped off at Asda on our way back in search of more blind bags but there were none.  David almost crashed the car on his way out of the car park because "the other car's lights were obscured by...stuff".  There was no "stuff" between him and the other car.  I was really worrying about his eyes and how safe he was to drive now.

January 28th 2012

We received a letter from our lawyer with the barrister's report.  Our chances of suing Sickton did not look very hopeful at all, but we still hadn't got the surveyor's input.

David wasted another day in the loft.  He eventually took me to Ealing Broadway at 2.30pm to post Mum's last few eBay parcels and go to the bank.  I went to buy some facial wipes in Savers and was disgusted by two ghastly men drinking McDonalds Cokes and talking loudly about a young girl of about 12 years old.  Admittedly she was wearing very tight leggings but that was no excuse for the rude jokes they were making about a minor.  I shot them a filthy look and they turned their attention on me.  "That's a nice one too!  Nice coat!"  Excuse me?  You sound like you're out hunting animals.  I do not approve of trapping and killing animals for their fur any more than I approve of male commoners such as yourselves talking about women as mere objects.  These days they would have got the sharp end of my tongue but I was not so brave back then.

David never got to the bank - they shut the door in his face because it was so late in the day.  Of course, he blamed Mum and I for delaying him even though it was HIM who had wasted so many hours up in the loft!

I picked up a copy of the Argos catalogue and was interested to note that the MLPs were now in the "young children's" category.  I bet the bronies loved that!

Just as they were loving the Derpy Hooves drama from the latest episode of FiM.  Tabitha St Germain (Derpy's voice actress) was receiving hate mail now from people offended by the voice.  Well, I was on their side because I know that having a lazy eye does not have any correlation to being brain damaged and could see how the "retarded" voice could be hurtful.  HOWEVER, I'm not so stupid as to blame a voice actress for doing her job.  Yes, they have a certain amount of creative license but they're given a description of the character and of the voice type that is required.  Blame the writers and the other morons who were continuously pandering to the bronies.

January 29th 2012

Horrid day.  David was really spiteful and resentful towards me due to having to pay for my keep.  He said that I should give up on ever getting a job or doing anything with my life and just go on benefits because I was going further and further past the point of redemption.  Well, maybe one day somebody would actually discuss my options with me now that they had prevented me getting education at a normal age?

Meanwhile, Mum just went on and on about making wills (stressing me out and reminding me that I would have nowhere to live after she died as this house rightfully belongs to Emma) and how she couldn't afford to take me on holiday.  Well, mother, if I HAD any money, I would be paying for my day to day food and other expenses, so I'm afraid holidays couldn't be my top priority right now.

We went to McDonalds with David complaining that he only had £5 to his name.  I notice that he still ordered large fries for himself though.  He also demanded four ketchup sachets for himself which I think is gross.  Who wants to soak their fries in that much sauce?!  Despite the big argument at the drive-thru, they failed to remember his fries and so he had to go in to complain.  Meanwhile, ours got cold.  This was after he'd manhandled ours to "count them".  I can't say I fancied them very much after all of that anyway!

I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic (about alcoholic beverages...again, was this really a topic for a children's show?)  Two of my favourite voice actors, Sam Vincent and Scott McNeil, guest starred in it though so I was glad I forced myself to listen to it.

I won a lot of 124 MLP comics and a book for £17.00.  Not too bad considering average sales on individual comics had been £2+ lately!

January 30th 2012

Mum and I had a - very slow - amble in Lammas Park.  We saw redwings and ring-necked parakeets which was nice, but I was never going to lose weight at this rate!

I was desperately trying to clear up the house but didn't get a lot done again.  I just sorted through a few MLP backcards and photographed the latest lot of sales goods really.

The lawyer told us that it was "our responsibility" to get the floors lifted so that the drains could be fixed as it was a health hazard.  Well, that's all well and good but we didn't have the money to do so.  That's why we were trying to get advice on how to procure the money out of our cowboy builders, remember?!

I was doing everything I could to save money following David's cruel comments of the previous few days.  I reused tissues as toilet paper and was trying to eat less (well, I did need to go on a diet!)  I had the most ridiculously thin slice of cheese in a sandwich for tea and was terrified that he'd notice even that much had been eaten.

I was severely concerned about my future - I needed a job!  But Mum just made stupid jokes and talked about her "cancer" and "kidney failure".  If only I'd had one friend to turn to for advice at that stage, I think I might have still been able to get my life on track.  But I was just so naive where life was concerned.

January 31st 2012

I walked up to South Ealing to have a look in the charity shops.  Of course, almost as soon as I left the house, it started to snow.  Just my luck.

I saw a version of So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie that I hadn't got in one of the charity shops, but she had ink on her head so I left her there.

I had a bad day with Mum again.  All I wanted was to talk through my fears for the future and try to work out what could be done with the rest of my life but she only told me to "shut up, for god's sake, because she was ill".  She obsessively checked eBay for bids and complained when she only sold eight items.  Then she moaned at me for not getting those eight items wrapped up for her in time to ship the same day!

I only had bids on five items, but that was irrelevant.  She "needed the money more than me because hers was for holidays".  Uh...since when did holidays become more important than paying to feed and clothe yourself?!

She had another one of her bad pains after dinner and said that it was caused by "being wound up".  Really?  I thought it was cancer!

We went to Grottsville in the evening to collect some of my eBay stuff.  Mum was still in a bad mood with me.  I dared to speak as I got in the car and Mum snapped at me again to shut up.  "If you're going to talk about yourself, I'm not sitting next to you."  I went dead quiet, but she wasn't finished.  She started up again when David joined us in the car. "Make her suffer, David.  Make her wait until tomorrow to pick up her stuff."  Seriously?  So I'm supposed to wrap hers up immediately (since she was the only one allowed to keep her eBay stuff in her house) but wait to even collect mine.  I guess she hoped I'd get negative feedback.  Luckily, I'm not half as bothered by getting things shipped out asap as she is (eBay states you have three days and I always get stuff sent out within that time frame) so if she hoped to get a reaction out of me, she was disappointed.

Sorry, I did warn you that this was going to be a boring blog, didn't I?  Maybe there'll be something more interesting in the next one!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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