Friday, 31 July 2015

Care Bears Collection and My Strange, Bad Tempered Family

March 1st 2012

Mum had to go and see a doctor as an emergency as her knee had got so much worse that the pain woke her up in the night.  Having actually seen her, they were able to confirm that it was not arthritis but torn cartilage but this should heal in 2-4 weeks.

Thankfully she and David didn't die in a car accident on the way there as that cruel story that a so-called "brony" had uploaded about us had stated.  We had been dreading March 1st...not that we're superstitious or anything but...

I went to Grottsville to do some tidying up while Mum saw the doctor.  Not that I could do much in the way of tidying up.  Everything that was left there now was stuff that I wanted to keep.  I brought yet more very dusty fakie ponies back to Woodberry with me but how was I supposed to tidy up this house when I was still bringing so much stuff here each day?

However hopeless the task, I spent the rest of the day trying to clear up.  I managed to pack all of my Keypers, Glo Friends and Care Bears into one crate which would fit neatly into my cupboard and thoroughly cleaned my bedroom.  I discovered six carpet beetles whilst doing the latter.  No wonder my allergies were back again!

I photographed my Care Bears before I packed them away so here come another bunch of photos for my 80s toy collector readers...

I'm really not sure what I should do with all these 1980s toys to be honest.  It's kind of sad to think that I haven't even looked at any of them since I took these photographs three and a half years ago.  There's a part of me that thinks I should let them go where they would be appreciated (and heaven knows I need the money!), but another part of me doesn't feel right about letting go of such a big part of my childhood.  I don't know.

March 2nd 2012

I didn't leave the house.  My hair loss was very bad again, my scalp was so itchy and sore for no apparent reason.

I emptied the crate that I had brought back from Grottsville, crammed a big Newborn Cuties playset into the Ponyville crate in my cupboard and managed to fit the Twist n Style Petal Parlour up on top of my MLP shelves.  However, the "twisting" handle of the parlour was scraping on the ceiling which can't have been doing either of the touching surfaces much good!  I also dusted the top pony shelf.

None of this sounds like much to do, but even that much tired me out.  I was awfully unfit...or maybe I was just depressed.  God knows.

David was convinced that he wouldn't lose his job unless he received an official redundancy letter.  Well, I guess we all need a dream.

March 3rd 2012

I didn't leave the house for the second day running.  Gosh, I knew how to waste my life!

I washed my bed linen which meant hanging it on the airer in the loft...where I found David sitting on the toilet with the door partially open.  Yuck.

In my attempts to eliminate allergens, I pulled my bed away from the wall to hoover and spray insect repellent.  I was distressed to see that the floor behind my bed was absolutely covered in hair.  I also found two more live carpet beetles.

On a happier note, I found the pink butterfly decoration that used to hang on my window frame and also a pencil which must have fallen down behind my desk.  I also realised that there was space under my bed for two crates behind my drawers which would help to house some of the MLP merchandise from Grottsville.

The fridge door broke.  Another thing to blame on our cowboy builders who hadn't fitted the kitchen units properly.  It would cost £150 to fix and we couldn't get anybody to come and fix it until the following Wednesday.  Until then, the door had to be held shut with a broom handle!

David went to the office to do unpaid work from 3pm onwards, despite the fact that he was obviously going to lose his job soon.  He didn't leave before upsetting me though, snapping at me that it was "my fault that I didn't get education as I wouldn't get on a bus when I was 12".  I don't actually remember anybody asking me to get on a bus or arranging a school for me to go to?

I stayed up until 3am making up my own choreography to "Love and Marriage" and desperately trying to teach myself to sing.  Kind of sad really.  I needed proper lessons but had no idea where to go at my age, not that I could afford them anyway.  And would I really enjoy them when I was so self conscious about my hair?

March 4th 2012

It POURED with rain so we didn't get to go out until 1pm.  Mum almost didn't come even then because she didn't think she would be able to get her boots on.

We had an exciting trip to Grottsville to collect some more of my MLP fakies while David went to Hoover Tesco.

Upon our return, Mum managed to injure her knee further while David was helping her out of the car.  She began swearing while I was still trapped in the car.  (I couldn't get out on the road side due to a lot of passing traffic).  David got embarrassed and started sticking up for Sickton and his cowboy builders saying that it was Mum's fault that she had hurt herself getting off of the front path because she "hadn't chosen a step".

Mum pointed out (loudly) that she wouldn't need to choose a step if the builders had done their job properly and anyway, when had David taken her to look at possibilities?  David was angry with her for showing him up and stormed inside, leaving her hobbling up the path in the rain and calling her a "f***ing c***" over his shoulder.

I tried to help her up the path and shouted at him to leave her alone.  At this point, David got really angry with me for taking her side.  In fact, I had to hide in my bedroom for a full 90 minutes while he screamed at me before he finally went off to work.  I'm a "lump of sh*t", he "needs me gone", he "hates me" and is "writing me out of his will".  He "wouldn't be coming home tonight" but he was sure that Mum "would honour me with her company once he was gone".

My arms and legs were killing me following heaving all the heavy furniture around the previous day.  And my nerves were shot from all the aggro.  So I spent most of the evening watching a favourite TV show and trying to calm down.

March 5th 2012

David had come home at midnight the previous night, of course, despite his "threats".  I was still awake, sitting at the dining table, watching a DVD.  He literally RAN through the door, collected the rubbish bag and ran back out.

Then he returned and seemed shocked that I hadn't run away and hidden in my bedroom.  He did a hot water bottle for Mum and stood in the family history room while the water boiled so that he wouldn't have to see me.  He didn't say one word to me, of course.

By the morning, he was back to normal.  And so goes my strange family life!

I spent the day trying to clear up but the place still looked as though a bomb had hit it.  I also watched Barbie in a Mermaid Tale II.  Ashleigh Ball sounded terrible with her phony Australian accent, but it was nice to have Kelly Sheridan back in her rightful place as Barbie.

Back to Grottsville that evening while he had another wonderful trip to Tesco.  We picked up some more stuff relating to my MLP fakie collection, and dropped off Mum's Knowledge magazines which I had photographed for her to list on eBay.

Then to McDonalds for fries which they took more than ten minutes to serve.  Still, a ten minute delay is nothing compared to the three and a half years it's taken me to serve up this blog!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Keypers Collection and a New G4 Pony

February 26th 2012

We went to Grottsville to drop off some eBay stuff and collect my MLP playsets, Moondreamers, Sylvanian Families and fakie pony collections.  The house was filling up as quickly as I could empty it!  For once in my life, my hair was not bothering me too badly so I was annoyed that I didn't have the opportunity to go somewhere more exciting.

I wrote to MLPLuveruk and appealed to her to close the case.  Of course I got no response as she was too depressed.  I was getting really annoyed with her woe is me nonsense.

The tapestry kit buyer wrote again - they had no interest in returning the item, they just wanted a refund.  Upon looking at their feedback, we discovered that they left negatives and neutrals for almost everyone.

We listed more stuff on eBay and were doing brilliantly for our standards.  Within 24 hours, I had fifteen bids and Mum had two.  If only we could do that well every time!

My allergies were getting worse.  I had dry, cracked lips and a very sore tongue now.  But what could I do?  Grottsville needed to be cleared and there was nowhere to put all of the extra stuff.

February 27th 2012

My allergies were back with a vengeance.  I woke up unable to breathe and coughing up mucus, all the signs of a bad cold but I knew the symptoms better than that.  What could I do to remove all of this dust?!

I started washing my Keypers collection, but there was nowhere to put them all to dry at once.  And my eczema flared up again from having my hands in water all day.  So the job didn't get finished.

Mum's problematic tapestry kit buyer turned out to be quite a nice man named Martin who had something in common with her in that he also suffered from arthritis.  Due to this, he felt sympathetic towards her and accepted just a 10% refund.  I still wasn't counting on her not getting a negative feedback though!

I was very depressed about my future but had nobody to talk to me or help me make an action plan.  Mum just shouted at me that she would "never be able to take me to the park again due to her knee and nothing could be more important than that".

February 28th 2012

We went to Osterley Tesco where I bought socks, Blistex and G4 Snowcatcher.  Yes,a  G4 brushable had now won my heart on top of the Blind Bags.  What was wrong with me?

David seemed to be in a dream world and dragged the trip out for ages, studying the televisions, DVDs and anything else he could see on the shelves.  I wasn't feeling very well (again) so was not best pleased about this!

My lips were still extremely sore (hence the Blistex purchase), even trying to eat a little ketchup set them on fire.

I washed some more of my Keypers collection and was sad to discover that I no longer had a Joyful (the rabbit Keypers character).  I must have accidentally sold my own Joyful when I was selling my duplicates.  I wasn't sure if washing the Keypers was the right thing to do anyway really, especially as I had no idea how to recurl their hair to look original.  But what could I do when they were so covered in dust which was making me ill?

I'd almost forgotten that I had this rare girl.  Funnily enough I found her in the charity shop around the corner from where we live now (many years before we moved here, of course)...

And here she is after her bath...

See what I mean about ruining their hair?  On the one hand she looked a lot neater and tidier but it was a bit of a shame to lose all of those original curls from her mane.

I don't know if I have any of my readers are Keypers fans but here is the rest of my childhood collection...

I have these accessories too, but sadly not the Keypers that they came with...

And surprise!  I managed to find a Joyful in my boxes of eBay stuff.  But she was nowhere near as nice as the one from my collection that I accidentally sold.

Somebody listed issue 203 of the G1 My Little Pony comic on eBay and I noticed that the free gift was a Bright Eyes ruler/stencil.  My grandparents' neighbour gave me one of these stencils (he called it a ruler) many years ago, claiming he'd found it in the gutter years earlier and used it for his lessons (he's a maths tutor).  I'd always wondered what it came with originally.  A little surprising that a free gift based on a MLP Tales pony came with a comic that predated those featuring the Tales ponies though!

Another person listed a G2 MLP tin on eBay.  It was identical to one that I'd sold for £4.00 a short while earlier, and was already up to £9.50.  I was not best pleased to think I'd undersold mine!

There was a big steaming pile of cat or fox poo on top of our manhole cover in the front garden which David had to move.  He made a big fuss and began moaning that he could smell our sewage building up again.  Just then, our horrible neighbour (the one who recommended the cowboy builders in the first place) walked past.  The look on his face as he saw David standing with a bag full of poo and talking about our sewage was hilarious!

David had to help Mum put her leg bandage on again and claimed that he had injured his back by bending over.  "Aaah, my back!" he cried.  Mum ignored him.  "Aaah, my back!" he repeated.  She ignored him again and he slunk away, never mentioning the "injury" again!

February 29th 2012

We went to Ealing Broadway post office to dispatch the latest lot of eBay parcels.  David's phone rang just as he got to the front of the queue.  It was only a call centre trying to get his details off of him, but still he refused to cut them off until the bitter end, leaving me to deal with the cashier (but standing in my way so that they couldn't see me, just like the receptionist at the doctors' surgery!)

We also stopped at Poundland to bulk buy cheap Coke.  The bag broke from the weight of it though and it all ended up on the floor!

Then we went to McDonalds for yet more Yorkie McFlurries that night.

And that pretty much concludes another exciting month in the life of an idiot!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

A Ghost Town Called Waltham Abbey

February 21st 2012

I was still terribly distressed about my hair and convinced that it was getting noticeably worse with every passing day.  It had got to a point that I hated getting up and looking in the mirror each morning, afraid of what I might see.

David had to go and get one of the hire car's headlights fixed (no, I've no idea why the rental company didn't just take back the car and replace it with a new one either) which meant a trip out to Waltham Abbey.  Mum and I went along for the drive because we thought it would be better than staying at home but there wasn't a lot there to be honest.  There was a shopping centre but it was at the far end of the street and Mum couldn't walk that far with her bad knee.

The end of the road where David dropped us was like a ghost town with all the buildings boarded up etc.  Oh well, at least I got a photograph of a RG Mitchell Puppy Scooter for the ride website!

Mum had her x-ray that night.  I went in with her to keep her company in the waiting room but she was called straight in and came back out again before I'd even had time to play one song on my MP3 player!  In fact, I just seemed to cause her more stress because she was convinced that I'd see a "brony type" while she was having the x-ray done and run away!

Afterwards, we went to McDonalds where my parents had fries and I had a Yorkie McFlurry.

I found a nasty Tumblr post discussing a throw away comment I'd made on the MLP Arena months earlier about the fact that G4 ponies didn't have traditional MLP eyes.  Well, they don't, so why shouldn't I say so?  I don't know why people get so worked up over such nonsense.

February 22nd 2012

I didn't leave the house.  I lead an exciting life!

David "helped" Mum to put the support bandage on her leg.  "Where's your knee cap?" he asked...before sticking his finger in and making it hurt worse than before!  She could only bear to wear it until 5.30pm anyway as it made her leg sweat and itch.

I spent most of the day wrapping eBay parcels.  I sold my Glo Friends pomander for £51.00 which was a nice surprise.

I was still badly stressed and depressed though.  My hair was even greasier and horribly thin, Mum's knee was getting no better and David didn't seem to be being transferred to Harefield.

I had a bath that night and decided to risk washing my hair.  My scalp felt so much better but I lost a lot of hair and it felt really thin and horrible afterwards.  It doesn't actually look that bad to me as I stand now though!

February 23rd 2012

I wore my black butterfly dress to try to make myself feel better about my thin hair, but I still felt horribly ugly.

I helped Mum to wrap her eBay parcels and sort out her accounts.  The Glo Friends pomander was too big for the box that I'd allocated for it so we couldn't wrap it up.

David and I went to Ealing Broadway at lunch time to post the parcels.  Mum couldn't come due to her bad knee so she sadly said goodbye and told us "not to get separated".  But I went to Savers and FARA while David went to get his phone looked at in Orange.  Ooh, I do like to live dangerously and disobey orders!

Mum was in a bad mood when we got back (maybe because I disobeyed her order?!)  She said that David and I were "both laughing at her" and I "was getting as bad as Emma as she couldn't believe a word I said".  I'm not sure what Emma had said that she couldn't believe?  Or what I had said for that matter!

I was stressed and wished that I had somebody to help with my education.  Mum corrected me that I "wished there HAD been somebody to help with my education at the right time when we were all too busy thinking about Woodberry".  Well, that's all well and good.  What was I supposed to do NOW?

David and I went to the storage depot that night to find a suitable box for the Glo Friends pomander, then we stopped at Grottsville to collect the mail and some more eBay stuff.

When we got back, Mum discovered her endoscopy appointment amongst the mail.  She took one look at it, tore it up and threw the pieces in the garden.  She said that David was "evil" to bring it back from Grottsville and she had "nowhere light to sit and read it anyway".  This developed into a big argument about the unfinished house, with David saying that nothing would be done now because he had run out of money and was going to lose his job.

I took this photo of my growing Blind Bag collection.

I didn't want to admit that the G4 bug was finally biting me, but these figures certainly were cute!

February 24th 2012

Didn't leave the house again.  David did offer me a fascinating trip to Tesco but I couldn't face going out in public with my thin hair.  He then offered me an ice cream but I thought it wouldn't be right to take in a load more calories when I hadn't even walked out of the front door.

While innocently searching for something completely unrelated on Google, I stumbled across the story of a poor young man who had passed away in a car accident.  That young man turned out to be the stepbrother of somebody I was very close to.  Strange he'd never told me about it.  Then again, considering he'd told me that his parents were still happily married so I had no idea that he even had any stepbrothers, I suppose it's not so strange.  I guess that should have been yet another warning sign that I was dealing with somebody a bit odd but I was so friendless and loveless in other areas of my life that I just continued chatting to him regardless.

I did confront him about it and he admitted that his dad was remarried (well, he had to really) but even then he lied about how many living step-siblings he had.  Why?  I understand not wanting to talk about your family, but why volunteer false information?

Mum and I watched Dancing on Ice and wrapped more eBay parcels.  I washed my Glo Friends collection and was devastated to find that most of them had brown "age spots" underneath all the dust.  I wondered if I should sell them, as they were only going to get worse with age and there was another free listing promotion on eBay that weekend.  Then again, they brought back so many childhood memories...

February 25th 2012

I went to Grottsville to collect my Care Bears collection and some more eBay stuff while David went to the post office.

The voice of Derpy Hooves had to be officially dubbed due to all the offence it had caused.  Good.  Better late than never and all that jazz.

Mum had a nasty message on eBay from somebody who had bought a tapestry kit.  They complained that we had given the canvas measurements instead of the picture measurements.  Well, as the tapestry kit was sealed, we could only give the measurements stated on the packet.  The "frame" around the picture was only about 1/2" wide anyway.

She got a bid on another of her items from an overseas buyer.  I said something about "foreign shipping" and Mum thought I said "sorry".  She began lecturing me on how unclear my voice was and how I needed speech therapy.  Way to improve my confidence, Mum!

Then she wanted me to look at the Sindy Swimming Pool that she intended on selling on eBay.  I found it was broken and tried to fix it.  "We need a man," she said, dismissing my efforts.  Well, thank you.  It's so good to know that all of my hard work stands for nothing because of my gender!

We went to McDonalds for fries and Yorkie McFlurries that night.  No wonder I was so fat!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx