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A Life Changing Injury For Mum and My First Ebay Chargeback

February 16th 2012

Well, what a dreadful day!  It began with me waking suddenly from a horrible dream about four brackets having fallen off of my teeth and my niece Abigale coming to visit us and complaining that she didn't like the magazine that I'd bought for her because she was "too old for it"!

Then Mum and I went for our usual walk to the South Ealing charity shops and Lammas Park.  We'd only got a few steps down the road when Mum started complaining that her knee hurt.  She put it down to her arthritis but it seemed to come on her suddenly as she was stepping down off of our front path and over the muddy space between it and the pavement (where there should be a step if the cowboy builders hadn't removed it).  I advised her to turn back but she refused because she wanted to walk and get healthy.

She was clearly in a lot of pain though and I struggled to even get her to cross the roads safely.  She kept snapping at me for "moaning" (I was making general conversation).  Her knee got gradually worse until she almost couldn't hobble home.  Then she turned on ME for "pushing her to keep walking"!

Her mood worsened as the day continued and her knee continued to hurt.  She tried to transfer the blame to me though, saying that I was bad tempered and being horrible to her.  She "didn't think that I would be with them much longer and I should make these last few weeks more pleasant for us all".  I'm not quite sure where she thought I was going with my orthodontic braces!

Gazzy's Greek My Little Pony Tales DVD arrived but I was unable to watch it as David had his computer (and the only DVD player) at work.  I missed not having a television.  The leaflet inside the case advertised a series of five in the set, labelled 3-7.  (What happened to 1 and 2 then?)  I looked up the manufacturers' website but there were none shown on there so they must have been discontinued.

I sold four of my childhood MLP plush toys and felt absolutely horrible about it.  Still, I suppose they were only getting eaten by carpet beetle and causing more dust allergies in this house!

February 17th 2012

Mum's leg was still too painful to attempt a walk so we just went to the storage depot to collect some birthday wrapping paper and Grottsville to pick up the mail.  Even then Mum stayed in the car.

She got upset on the drive back through Ealing Broadway to see that the taxi rank had "burnt down".  I was a bit surprised that we hadn't heard anything from the local paper.  It later turned out that it was being deliberately pulled down to make way for some modern, ugly thing.  What a shame to get rid of history like that.

David heard more about his company's plans.  Yes, he really would be losing his job in two months unless he was forwarded to the new office at Harefield.  The stress was terrible.  He had no mortgage protection and couldn't even claim JSA due to his age.

I was such a nervous wreck that I couldn't stop shaking and ended up curled up on the floor with Mum instead of getting on with my online chores.  My thinning hair was getting much, much worse.  I knew I should ring the doctor for their list of trichologists but the idea of making a phone call sent me into further panic spasms.  My scalp was so sore and greasy.

I also had bad period pain and other problems associated with that wonderful gift from nature.  I was trying so hard to clear the house up when I suddenly had to dash to the bathroom.  In my rush, I managed to drop two heavy crates and smash myself in the throat with them.

I tried to sing again in the evening without much success. I needed lessons but had no idea where to start at my grand old age.  (Idiot, Desiree of the've wasted four darn years since then and you're STILL pursuing the same dream.  Wish I could turn the clock back...)

February 18th 2012

We went to Grottsville so that I could check the video that came with Sweetberry.  David got us there too late to go to the post office though as it was shut.

There was a van parked outside our gate when we arrived so Mum had to hobble up the front path with her bad knee.  The stupid driver came running back across the road at that point shouting "sorry".  Well, gee thanks.  That's a great help.

I had very bad problems of all kinds related to my gender, not least of which was the terrible migraine.  My hair seemed to be worse than ever too, which made me wonder if it was a hormonal imbalance of some kind.

Having said that, I woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat (another hormonally related problem, no doubt) and found that the roots of my hair were covered in white frothy grease.  I was obviously overdoing the dry hair shampoo but was too scared to wash it out!

As if I wasn't stressed and ill enough, MLPLuveruk (one of my eBay buyers) decided to file a chargeback against me.  She'd received her items and left positive feedback weeks earlier so God knows what she hoped to achieve but apparently she did it to multiple other people at the same time.  She was quite a well known member of the pony community at the time so it was a bit of a shock.

We went to McDonalds for fries in the evening.  David turned the radio up so loud that we couldn't even hear each other.  Nice of him to care so much about my migraine, eh?

February 19th 2012

I didn't leave the house all day.  David decided to do "work" but actually ended up spending most of the day in the bathroom.

I packed the Beanie Babies that wouldn't fit in the cabinet into the gable cupboard and cleared up some more in my bedroom and the hobby room.  Then I sorted through my old Pretty Pony Club comics and decided to sell around half of them.

Then I had all the stress of dealing with MLPLuveruk's chargeback.  Scanning postal receipts and taking copies of her positive feedback etc.  I really could have done without the worry of Paypal/Ebay not taking my side and losing my money.

Any form of stress seemed to make my hair worse...or maybe it just made me focus on my hair?  I don't know.  I noticed that I was developing a small bald patch near my parting now and more hair was falling out all the time.  Why was this happening?

February 20th 2012

David rang the doctor to try and make Mum and appointment about her knee (which was getting no better).  They refused to see her now, said it was just exacerbated arthritis and left out a prescription for painkillers.  They also sent her a form to get it x-rayed "just in case".

David and I went to collect the prescription and form and I enquired about my blood test results (my iron levels were now at 35).  I also asked for the trichologist list but they insisted that I had to phone them for that.  Why, for God's sake, when I was standing right there?!  To be honest though, I just struggled to hear what the woman was saying to me.  The reception area had a high wooden wall (too high to see over) with just a small cut out window where you queued to speak to the receptionist.  David stood at the window and blocked me from getting near, but still got cross with me and yelled at me when I couldn't hear the receptionist past him!

We went to Asda that night to buy some more Blind Bags.  This time they were part of a trade with my friend Grace (although I never actually received the Blind Bags she was supposed to be sending in return...I probably ought to ask her about those three and a half years later! :P ) and an Apple Dazzle for my own collection.  David parked miles away from the shop without even thinking about Mum having to limp all the way across the car park.  She'd had to take Nurofen with her dinner which was the only way she could come at all.  Why would arthritis suddenly flare up to that degree?

My hair was really distressing me.  I wanted to be enjoying the spring sunshine and watching the birds flitting back and forth but I didn't want to be seen in public.  My head was so painful all the time too.  The previous night I hadn't even been able to lie on my back or left side and could hardly walk along for the pulling feeling every time my hair moved, but there wasn't a mark/bit of redness to be seen on my scalp!

Our beloved resident fox in the back garden had bad mange and had now developed a runny nose as well.  It was just sorrow after sorrow in our household!

MLPLuveruk decided to write back to Mew (who wrote to her to try and get answers) and tell her that she knew nothing about the chargebacks (WTH?) but she totally ignored those of us who were actually involved.  I guess she didn't have the guts to say to our faces that she hadn't opened the cases against us.  Of course, she'd just had a baby and was suffering from postnatal depression so a load of people in the pony community came down on her side.  Well, I may not have had a baby but I was certainly suffering from my fair share of depression...and I don't think I deserved the stress of a case being opened against me for no reason!  If she could get online and tell Mew that she wasn't guilty and hadn't opened the cases against us, she could get online to log into her eBay account and close the cases!  But I notice she didn't do that...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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