Sunday, 2 August 2015

I guess if someone doesn't love you back it isn't such a crime...

Lyrical title = extra boring blog ahead.  You have been warned!

March 6th 2012

My hair was driving me nuts.  I refused to even get up and face life until 11am.  Mind you, I was having a wonderful dream about finding endless, valuable 1980s toys for very cheap prices at the Salvation Army charity shop so I can see why I didn't want to wake up!

My hair was horribly greasy and I couldn't find any way to cover my whole scalp any more.  It was putting me off of everything.  I had to brave washing it that night - I was terrified but I hadn't even had a bath for two weeks due to putting it off for so long.

I photographed some more eBay items and washed some more of my own toy collections.

David's tender got an extension so he was able to come home "early" (7pm) and we went to Grottsville to collect some more eBay stuff that Mum had sold.

Our mange-ridden, coughing fox seemed to have added madness to his list of ailments.  Every day, just before dark, we would see him running up and down the alley at the bottom of our garden for no apparent reason!

March 7th 2012

The day went on packing up eBay parcels.  I sold a grand total of 51 items in the end!

As usual, my hair felt a lot better for having been washed, but I lost a lot of it in the process and it still felt "sticky" even after two additional rinses.

The man came to fix the fridge door.  Just as we had suspected, the problem came from Sickton's builders failing to fit the kitchen properly, but the bloke didn't want to get involved or make a statement about this.

David and I walked to South Ealing Co-Op and charity shops.  While we were there, Mum rang to demand that I came back and help her answer an eBay question because she didn't know how to do so and was in a panic about it.  Her eBay chores were getting out of hand.  Couldn't it have waited five minutes until I came home?

My Paypal chargeback was finally resolved.  Paypal released my money, but I couldn't work out if I had been charged a fee or not.

March 8th 2012

I didn't leave the house all day.  David was overworking himself, coming home at crazy hours.  He looked really ill when he went out to work and sounded even sicker on the phone.  He himself admitted that he "didn't know why he was doing it when he was about to lose his job".

I washed some more of my collections, ready to be packed away in their sad little plastic crates, never to be seen again.  Today was the turn of the fakie MLPs.  I started photographing them (because, you know, I need a record of these things that I absolutely MUST KEEP but have no intention of ever taking out of the cupboard again!) but the camera battery died and put a stop to me finishing the job.

Mum had a sudden panic attack about her troll collection being out on display and being "damaged by the sunlight" so she made me pack all of them up in a box too.  Why do we want to live surrounded by cardboard boxes and crates?  If we have no intention of displaying these things, surely it would be better to send them to new homes where they would be appreciated?

March 9th 2012

I won a lot of MLP comics on eBay for £52...including - drumroll please - the special issue 203 with its free stencil/ruler or, as the comic itself calls it, bookmark.

The lighting specialist down in Sussex who I had recently contacted about a few kiddie rides he had for sale randomly got back in touch with me, asking if he could design some lights for my pony collection "before I sold them".  (I'd lied to him that I was selling my collection when he began enquiring about them before)  I politely declined his offer!

My hair was in a bad way again.  I woke up in the middle of the night in pain where my hair was tugging on the back of my very sore scalp.  What was wrong with me?  It looked horribly thin but I was determined not to use dry hair shampoo at least for one more day...

David came in at noon after a full twenty seven hours at work.  Of course he had made himself tired and ill but he wouldn't admit it and instead took us to Grottsville while he posted the latest lot of eBay parcels and went to Tesco.  Mum and I did some more tidying up.  A box by the communal bed which she had believed to contain a framed picture of a dog that she could sell on eBay turned out to contain an Abdominator, some kind of exercise equipment that David had bought on a whim years ago.  Mum complained about water marks on the box which would lower its value.  Well, what did she expect when the radiator by the bed always leaked, as did the window.  I remember how damp I used to get when I had to sleep there.  Oh, but it wasn't water, it was apple juice that I had spilt on it as a little girl.  Well, it's always my fault, isn't it?!

We did find the dog picture in the end, by the way, so Mum ended up with a bonus item to list on eBay.  Nope, David wasn't getting his Abdominator back now that Mum had found and claimed it!

Back at Woodberry, I discovered another two carpet beetles gather on my So Soft Newborn Pony Soaky Dokey's sponge accessory.  What could I do to stop these blighters from spreading?

We went for more fattening fries at McDonalds that night where Mum laughed at a lone young boy running for the bus with three bags of food.  I'm not sure what she found funny about him - the idea of him getting through the three bags of food on his own, or trying to get the food back to his family/friends by which time it would be stone cold?!

David crashed out and fell asleep on the family history room floor as soon as we got back.  We couldn't get him to budge to let Mum lie down.  Well, what were they both doing sleeping on the floor anyway?  I was starting to get sick of living in a house where belongings came above basic comfort of chairs and beds.

March 10th 2012

I sprayed my ghastly hair with that ghastly dry hair shampoo...then I didn't leave the house.  What a waste!  Mind you, I'd already sprayed it a little the previous night as it was so greasy.  In the morning, I lost loads of hair trying to comb out the large white "biscuit crumbs" (as Mum called them).  The dry hair shampoo was like limescale on my scalp, but still I insisted on using it!  My head was still sore that evening.

Mum and I wrapped some eBay parcels.  One of mine was worth over £100 but the buyer refused to pay insurance so that was a worry.

While we were wrapping the parcels, Mum noticed my painted nails.  Yes, I had decided to treat myself to wearing some nail polish again.  She burst out laughing and I felt so ashamed.  I lied to her that it was not purely cosmetic but was a "waterproof nail strengthener"...and she believed me too!

David slept the day away, of course.  He got up briefly at 4pm, had something to eat and then went straight back to bed...well, his bedroom floor since he decided an extra book shelf was more important than having a bed in his room!  He didn't even have the energy to go to Grottsville in the evening to sort through his old newspapers so he must have been tired.

I was awfully depressed and Mum was horrid to me, telling me to snap out of it etc.  If only it were that simple!  She would "rather lose her hair than her knee".  I "wouldn't be happy anywhere if my hair was the problem".  I was "getting her down and making her knee worse",  I did feel sorry for her with her bad knee, but my hair and her knee were completely unconnected.  We both had problems, even if mine were more emotional and hers more physical.

Nick had to go to see a doctor about his bad hip.  Yet another re-assessment to see if he was fit for work yet (which is disgusting when he only ended up with the disability due to his workplace).  The doctor rudely told him that he had "stomach pain, not hip pain" and even said that he "couldn't be Matthew's father if there was any real problem with his hip"!  Nick got angry, of course, and was then accused of being "abusive"!

I washed some more fakie MLPs and stayed up until 3am working out our eBay accounts.  I was disturbed by four police helicopters flying around the area (it really felt as though they were circling our house!) but we couldn't find anything in the news about what was going on.

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx