Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bad Recordings and Lost Memories...

April 16th 2012

David and I went for a walk around Lammas Park, then later went to Osterley Tesco and Grottsville to collect some more stuff that Mum and I had sold on eBay.

He chose to go out right at dinnertime.  We didn't get home until 9pm so that's when I had to start thinking about getting something to eat again.  It was the same old problem we had every time David lost his job.  He completely messed up our routine.  I couldn't even do my laundry when I never knew his plans.

Mum decided to tell my sister about the Canadian creep and how he'd upset me.  Why did she have to involve everyone, for goodness sake?  A) It was embarrassing for me and B) I didn't want the freak to get a kick out of everyone talking about him and giving him attention.  I was just waiting for someone to say something directly on his Twitter and have him gloating even more than he already was.

April 17th 2012

Another day taken up entirely by the eBay business, packing up parcels before David and I took them to Ealing Broadway post office.

Later he and I went to McDonalds for Creme Egg McFlurries and to bring fries back for Mum.  I wished she would come out even for that little drive, but she was terrified of hurting her leg further.

I made my first ever recording for my music account on Youtube.  It sounded awful but, considering I'd never had a single singing lesson, what did I expect?  David also came upstairs towards the end of it which thoroughly put me off.

I desperately wanted some kind of theatre classes but had no idea where to go for advice.

David trotted off to Grottsville for another night of sorting through his newspapers.  I wondered when he was going to give me any time over there to sort through my stuff?

April 18th 2012

Another full day spent on eBay; sending messages and combined invoices etc.  Yes, I was doing well on there at the moment but I certainly worked hard for my money!

David drove me to South Ealing Post Office at 4.30pm but it was already shut so I couldn't ship the latest batch of parcels.

He spent most of his day going through photo albums and re-scanning the pictures he'd messed up scanning before.  Then he went to Homebase and bought some timber so that he could put the pets' ashes on top of the kitchen cupboards as Mum had suggested.  By the time he got home, she'd changed her mind and decided she wanted them in the family history room!

He then went to Grottsville to sort through his newspapers for the night.

I still had a bad cough which was obviously caused by that nasty cold...but Mum scared me to death by saying that I'd probably damaged my voice by screaming at her the previous day.

Nick had an operation on his hip but Emma didn't write to let us know how he was.  The last we'd heard from her was an email to Mum early that morning saying that she'd asked me out for my 21st birthday but that I'd never replied.  Pardon?  I never received any such email!

April 19th 2012

The Emma saga got even stranger.  She wrote to let us know that Nick was okay and said that the reason she hadn't written before was because she thought that he had. Uh...Nick's never written to us in his life!

I wasted the day waiting around for David's plans.  He didn't even get up until 3pm so I needn't have bothered!

Eventually we went to Ealing Broadway to post the parcels and pay in Mum's money which had been for my Australia fund.  The bank told us that I'd had a cheque book at one point...well, I never saw it so David must have taken that for safe keeping and lost it.  They wouldn't provide me with a replacement though!

I took a photograph of the HMV logo at the Arcadia Shopping Centre as I figured it wouldn't be there much longer.  HMV had actually closed a long time before this but they'd left the logos in the windows.  Now they were doing some kind of work in there so I thought I should save a picture for posterity.

Of course, I didn't think to take a photograph of the whole building which has since been demolished.  I never would have believed you had you told me that the entire Arcadia Shopping Centre would be nothing but a memory a couple of years down the line.  There was a beautiful, ornate clock on the wall just above these windows (you can see the very bottom of it in the first picture) which I absolutely adored as a child.  It hadn't worked properly for years but it was just always there.  I like to think that somebody saved it when the building was knocked down, but more likely it was trashed with the rest of the rubble.  It's so sad how little we think of our "recent" history and architecture.  ne day this stuff won't be so "recent" and we'll turn around and realise we got rid of some of our greatest treasures.

The sadness is that I couldn't even describe that clock to you in any great detail now.  I know there were two little figures who came out and "walked" along in front of it on the hour every hour. It just shows how you come to take things for granted and never think that one day they won't be there any more.

(Just searched Google images for "Ealing Broadway Arcadia Clock" and there are at least a lot of pictures of it still around if anybody is interested enough to go and look.  It's not at all how I remembered it though - I could have sworn the figures came out of doorways either side of the clock and walked along in front of it, but it would appear they stood on top and rang the bells on the hour!    That was the part that tended not to work properly though so may explain why I didn't quite remember it!)

A horrible man approached me on my way into Primark, shouting at me in such a common accent that I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying.  I know it ended in "Do you even have a lighter?  F*** you!"  Charming!  I couldn't find any pink shoes to pair with my new pink dress anyway.

Then we went to Poundland for some headphones and a whole load of heavy Diet Coke which David made me carry all around Tesco!  Then David gave me the milk and heavy tins to carry as well!

There were three new coin operated rides in the shopping centre outside Tesco but it was too late and crowded to take photos.  (Not that I could have got the camera out with all those heavy bags anyway!)  I got really upset to see some boys taunting a dying pigeon next to the car park ticket machine.  Why didn't their parents call them away?

Speaking of wildlife, we now had two wood mice running around the back garden just outside the patio doors.  I'd told Mum that I'd recognised two different ones but she wouldn't believe me until she saw them alongside each other!

The weather was dreadful - a combination of rain and hail - and yet the country was supposedly in a drought.  There was even a hosepipe ban!  Crazy.

April 20th 2012

David went to Stevenage for a second interview.  They were obviously interested in him.  God help us all as he really couldn't manage such a long drive five times a week.

He didn't get back until 4pm so, in theory, I should have got more done than I do when I sit around waiting for his plans but Mum spent the entire day on my computer researching Robin Mitchell's family so I couldn't get on with all my internet jobs again.

David drove me to McDonalds in the evening to get fries for Mum and a Coke for himself.  There was no time for me to have an ice cream because Mum was too hungry.  Probably just as well until I made an effort to lose some weight though!

I spent my day trying to convert old childhood cassette tapes to MP3 files.  I uploaded a couple to Youtube but I really should put the rest on there sometime.  Not that anybody else would enjoy laughing at them as much as I do, but you've got to admit my precocious childhood self is pretty hilarious!

I still didn't know if we were actually going to Yorkshire or not, following all Mum's threats.  I wished my eBay buyers would hurry up and pay so that any parcels could be shipped out beforehand though just in case.

Mum's knee was getting worse so she made another emergency appointment to see the doctor the following morning.  All we could do was hope that he would be more helpful this time...

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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