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Ebay Woes, Cheap Surprises and Mother's Day Gifts!

March 16th 2012

Mum allowed me to sleep in until 11am.  I was awoken by the sound of her saying, "I'm in terrible trouble..."  I panicked and thought her health had deteriorated, but she was just talking about getting me up so late!

David had the day off of work but completely wasted it.  He looked at the train set that Mum wanted to list on eBay, but left it too late in the day for me to photograph it for her.  I don't know what it is with him that he always becomes active so late in the day.  He started hoovering the extension while we were eating our dinner which meant that we didn't get to watch Dancing On Ice, then decided to seal some cracks in the walls after it was already dark and made a complete mess of the job because he couldn't see properly!

We went to Grottsville to collect some eBay items that night.  I wanted to cut down boxes and weigh some of my larger items so that I could get them listed on eBay and sold.  I was horrified to find that even some of the smaller things were too heavy to go by Royal Mail at the prices I'd quoted for them!  Everything needed to be properly measured and weighed with its intended packaging.  David had other ideas though.  "Have you sold the Show Stable yet?"  No.  I can't even list it until I know what postage to quote!  "Then you don't need a box yet, do you?" could I find out the postage rate until I knew how much it weighed with packaging?!

I swear Mum was going slowly mad.  Following me putting the vaccuum cleaner away, she got into a panic that I "wouldn't have put the cupboard back right".  This caused her to RUN to the cupboard and further injure her knee!  Then she did it again when David said goodbye on his way back to Grottsville for the night, jumping off of the sofa and screaming because she "thought he was a ghost"!

March 17th 2012

I wasted the entire day on eBay and hardly got anything listed anyway.

David went to Ealing Broadway but I wasn't allowed to go with him as I had to stay home and help Mum list her eBay stuff.  She got angry with David - "Why can't he live in Grottsville all the time?  Then you wouldn't know if he went out!"  In other words, she wanted a quiet life and I should just sit back, help her and never leave the house.  I felt trapped and got upset.  I rang David and shouted at him and screwed up Mum's eBay list!  I shouldn't have done that, of course, but she really upset me with her lack of concern for my health and wellbeing.

Mum just turned nastier after that, of course.  I "liked" something on Emma's Facebook wall and Emma wrote me a friendly reply.  Mum didn't like this - she seems to hate my sister and I to ever be friendly in any way.  But Mum turned it on me and made out that I was the one who didn't like Emma writing to me, causing trouble between Emma and I again!  I asked her why she always had to tell Emma lies about me and she launched into yet another attack about my dreams of moving to Canada to meet the man I loved.  "You couldn't have gone to Vancouver - the whole family talked about my cousin Katie living with her much older teacher for YEARS!"  Uh...I'm not arguing about people talking about me.  I'm arguing about people making up lies about me to make other people hate me!

When it finally came to my turn to list stuff, my parents began sorting out family history and talking loudly about it, meaning I couldn't hear myself think.

We went to Brentford McDonalds that night where my parents had fries and I had a Yorkie McFlurry.  Then to Grottsville to finally weigh some of the large eBay items.  Mum was left in the car due to her bad knee so I knew I couldn't spend too long there.  That didn't stop David turning the TV on and refusing to even help me by writing the postage prices down while I weighed the stuff though.

March 18th 2012

Mother's Day.  I gave Mum an Elvis troll for her collection.  She'd wanted to buy the troll herself on eBay a couple of weeks previously and I'd lied that we'd been outbid at the last minute and bought it myself.  She seemed happy and genuinely surprised to have it.

Of course, she still lied and complained to Emma that I hadn't given her anything.  Emma went overboard by giving her nothing at all...but she gushed publicly on Facebook both on her own and Mum's walls about what a wonderful mother she had!  I retaliated by posting the above photograph and making it clear that I HAD given Mum a gift.  Petty maybe, but I was sick of always being made out to be the mean villain.

We had lovely wildlife in the garden for most of the day again - as well as our usual fox sleeping right near the window, there was a female blackcap flitting around in the trees along the edge of the railway (which runs along the bottom of our garden).

Other than that, it was another boring and horrible day.  I had a very painful ear where the skin was mysteriously peeling off of it but that didn't stop both of my parents giving me an ear bashing.

Mum wanted me to help her list stuff on eBay but was too fidgety and in too much pain with her knee to list more than two items.  I listed 136 things on my own account, 8 on David's and 20 comics on Mum's.  (She did originally say that I could keep the money if I listed stuff with her free listings but she ended up taking all the profit as it happened...but that's another story)  I already had one bid before I went to bed and I also managed to sell a fakie on the MLP Arena.

I couldn't do more to try and sell (and clear) my old stuff out quicker.  But Mum suddenly began yelling at me that my "sales cr*p was everywhere and she needed to go back to Grottsville.  She wanted to go home but knew that I had a different view of where home was".

I gave myself a sore throat trying to shout over her and reason with her.  It was pointless.  She was turning into a crazy old woman in front of my eyes.  She burnt holes in the bottoms of two different saucepans over the course of the day.  The second time she'd forgotten to even put any water in the pan!

David didn't even surface until 2pm but immediately joined in with her.  I told him that I needed two Glo Friends books from Grottsville in order to weigh them for a combined shipping quote and he began screaming at me that he'd "never get any work done over there".  What work exactly?  Slowly sorting through his old newspapers?  As it happened, he went there on his own at 9pm and was still there at gone midnight when I went to sleep!

I had a surprise message from a seller from whom I'd bought a lot of MLP comics.  He had another 130 comics and wondered if I would be interested in buying them for a BIN of £50.  He sent me a photo showing a lot of the rarer later issues, many of them complete with free gifts!  Of course I said yes!  They cost £65 including P&P but still, what a steal!  I still don't know why he offered them to me instead of just listing them like the previous lot.  He also kept complimenting me on my name.  It was all a bit odd, but I wasn't complaining!

March 19th 2012

David came home at lunch time to "go for a walk".  He spent ten minutes stuffing too many cheese sandwiches for me to count, then walked with me to the South Ealing charity shops.  Only MAPF was open anyway, so we ended up in Sainsburys instead.  While there, two horrible men started leering at me - one was filling his car at the petrol pump and turned creepily to watch me cross the road.  It would have made me laugh if he's spilled petrol on himself.  The other weirdo followed me around the shop not looking where he was going.  He bumped into an old woman and dropped the bread he was carrying on the floor, angrily shouting "Hey, hey, hey!" at her as if it was her fault!

The heating packed up again and it was bitterly cold in the house.  David advised us to lock the (already closed) back doors as that would make it warmer.  Pardon?

I had a bad migraine and couldn't think straight to do anything.  I rearranged my wardrobe to incorporate my MLP t-shirts (I finally decided there was no point keeping a stack of shirts that I wasn't going to wear!) but that was pretty much all I did in the way of clearing up.

Our neighbours grew weirder by the day.  They hung two large white aprons out on their washing line which I can only describe as the kind worn by old fashioned butchers.  They even had red stains on them... o_0

We went to Grottsville in the evening to collect the before-mentioned Glo Friends books and dump off the stuff that I hadn't managed to get listed on eBay.

March 20th 2012

I didn't leave the house.  David corrected me that I had in fact left the house as I'd put the rubbish out but I don't really call walking down the front garden path going out!

To be fair, David had offered to take me to West Ealing but I was feeling self conscious about my thin hair again and didn't want to go out in public.

My second cousin sent me a friend request on Facebook.  Awkward considering all the stuff I'd been writing on there and blocking my mum and sister from!  I guess this is why you should never write anything unless you don't mind the whole world getting to read it at some point.  ( why am I writing this blog again?!)

Our beautiful fox spent the day in our back garden again.  I decided to get my camera out and take the risk of scaring her off.  I needn't have worried - she didn't even bat an eyelid when my mum had the back door open!

I wasn't feeling very well and couldn't tell how much of it was actual physical illness and how much of it was caused by depression.  I was very stressed about my future, my lack of education and my parents' lack of interest in it all.  I felt like I was drowning in quicksand and didn't know how to change any of it.

I had a sore throat and bad allergies again.  I attempted to clean my bedroom but found another blasted carpet beetle just minutes after finishing hoovering.  I brought my MLP So Soft Newborns into my room - well, that would give the carpet beetles another nice place to hide, wouldn't it?  Why couldn't I just get rid of this stuff?

STOP PRESS!  I added a bit to my blog notes - I DID go out very late that night!  David and I went to Sainsburys garage to buy kitchen towels and apple juice, but he decided that they cost too much there so we ended up going to Asda - we got stuck in bad traffic jams on the way and got there at 11.15pm.  Mum was in a bad state by that point (having thought we were just going around the corner to the garage) and ringing frantically to find out where we were.  Unfortunately, I hadn't taken my phone with me so it was entirely in David's hands to tell her what had happened.

I dared to wash my hair in the early hours and was absolutely distraught to see and feel how thin it had become.  There were so many bald bits showing in the photographs I obsessively took after washing my hair each time (because, you know, that's the best way to keep calm about hair loss!)  Well, looking at the photos, I can say I'd be pleased to have that much hair now!

Still, I must have become a lot calmer about my hair.  At the time that these photos were taken, I wouldn't have dared to share them with even close friends, let alone on a public blog!  I guess you just get used to things with time.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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