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Just tuned back into my blog...

Crikey, has it really been over two months again?  No wonder I've fallen so far behind over time.

March 11th 2012

David didn't get up until 3pm.  He offered to take me to Laura Ashley to pick up the wallpaper they'd ordered but I turned it down to avoid aggro.  Mum was already nagging that I was a "nuisance for wanting to go out all the time" so I agreed that it was better for them to use the last of the daylight to do something more useful.  They didn't.

Anyway, the furthest I got to go was to Northfields Tesco for some bread and milk.  I wouldn't have even got that much if I hadn't called David back as he retreated upstairs to bed and complained that we needed shopping.

Mum was in bad pain with her knees.  She'd woken up at 3am in agony with the right one.  Perhaps that really was arthritis.  The heating packed up (yet again) which was not going to do much good for her if it was arthritis.

The drains stank of cabbages again too.  This started yet another argument about Sickton and the cowboy builders with David defending them as usual.  Mum raised the subject of the sofa we'd ordered back in 2008 and had to cancel due to the house not being ready in time.  David claimed we'd cancelled due to "bad reviews" rather than Sickton's delays...  Not sure if he was genuinely forgetful or just couldn't stand to hear bad things said about bad workmen.

I continued to photograph my fakie MLP collection and stumbled across this hilarious little creature who I remember absolutely terrified me as a child.

Meet Miss Hunchback.  I got her in a big bag of ponies at a local school car boot sale back in 2002.  The bag also contained a rare Spanish Piggy My Little Pony and a prototype Baby Explorer MLP so it was well worth it, but I ended up with a ton of really creepy fakies.  This girl was the worst.

Here she is with her more "normal" looking twin (who came to me in the same bag funnily enough)...

I don't know what went wrong when they were making poor Miss Hunchback but it looks painful!

If that wasn't enough, the poor girl has wonky eyes too...

Never mind, bronies would probably love her and call her Granny Derpy Hooves or something!

March 12th 2012

David received a letter from the bank.  They were attempting to charge him £12 for not paying 17p of his overdraft (which was their fault anyway as they were supposed to have taken the payment automatically).  So he came home at lunch time to ring them and argue.

While he was here, he and I walked up to South Ealing.  I found this cute G3-style fakie in one of the charity shops.

The lady in the shop started chatting about the pony and I lied that I was buying it for my niece (it's so much less awkward that way, and doesn't encourage them to put the price of their "rare collectable ponies" up in future!) Meanwhile, David stood looking at the books and laughing at my pathetic lies until I could no longer keep a straight face and ended up laughing myself.  Gee, thanks a bunch.

Just then, he got a phone call from work and had to dash straight back there.

My latest batch of MLP comics arrived.  Five new issues, thirty six issues to sell and, at long last, issue 203 with its elusive free gift bookmark (or ruler/stencil as my grandparents' old neighbour called the one he gave me when I was a child, having picked it up in the street many years earlier!)

I finally heard from eBay ("Matt, my friendly chargeback specialist" to be precise!) about the unfair chargeback I'd received for the MLP comics.  He assured me that I would not be charged a fee so that was something at least.

That night we headed to McDonalds for fries and Yorkie McFlurries.  David decided to have an ordinary ice cream cone...but they didn't have any cones.  Not to worry, they just gave him the ice cream in a pot instead.  For the same price.  Uh...but you can't eat a plastic pot like you can eat a cone!

We stopped at Grottsville on our way back to collect another couple of bits that I hoped to sell to somebody on the MLP Arena.

When we got home, I washed some more fakie MLPs (I know how to have all the fun!) ready to pack them up in my cupboard, never to be seen again.  One of the ponies I washed was the Enchanted Lights Pony that my friend Barbara gave me for my 8th birthday.  The pony's light up feature never worked so imagine my surprise when, as I was washing her, the heart on her side suddenly flashed!

And on today's edition of "David's Stupid Ideas"...  He decided to "warm his coat up" by holding it over the lit gas hob burner.  I don't know how he thought this would make much difference to the temperature of his coat, but he could easily have set the thing on fire!  Mum went hysterical, screaming at him to "grow up" as she would never get all of her stuff out of the house in time if he were to set it on fire.  (Never mind getting HERSELF out with her bad leg...possessions always come first in this family!)

And finally, we had a beautiful view of a fox sleeping in the alley behind our house for most of the day.  Foxes were still quite a novelty to us in those days as we never saw them in Grottsville so it was lovely to see her sleeping so peacefully.

I tried to take a clearer photograph of her when she eventually woke up and climbed upon our fence, but it seems she was feeling camera shy!  Bottoms up!

March 13th 2012

David took the day off work.  I reluctantly gave in and used dry hair shampoo, thinking that we would be going out, then David decided against going to the bank in West Ealing anyway.

I wrapped up some eBay parcels.  My parents insisted that I sent a pile of comics by registered mail in a cardboard box even though the buyer had demanded a postage price reflecting the cost of ordinary second class mail in an envelope (which I think would have been a perfectly safe way of sending them).  So I ended up out of pocket.

Never mind, "sending by signed for mail helps as this other b*tch proves".  The other b*tch in question was Mandie the chargeback woman.  I guess my parents thought that MLP comic sales were trouble now?  Well, Mandie had bought something from another seller who had used signed for mail and she was in the same boat anyway.  Mandie just opened chargebacks on everybody she'd bought from for the last couple of months.

We went to Grottsville while the new water meter was fitted.  I photographed some more sales items and moved some stuff around.  It was too cold to do much in the way of clearing up though.  Oh well, at least we got to use the oven and have a vegetarian cottage pie for dinner.  Mind you, it wasn't very pleasant.  The kitchen tap had completely packed up so we couldn't wash up.  This meant that I ended up washing up in the bathroom and Mum just wiped her fork with a tissue and no water!

My mum did some more genealogy research and found out that my 6x Great Grandmother (on David's dad's side) was possibly from Massachusetts.  Maybe that explains my obsession with all things North American?  It's in my blood!

March 14th 2012

I went to West Ealing with David.  He insisted that I carried my coat around with me even though it was far too warm to wear it.  Apparently I'm incapable of gauging my own temperature!

I was sad to find out that Peacocks had closed down as I always liked window shopping in there even if I couldn't afford to buy anything.  I got three MLP colouring books from Pound World to resell but found nothing in the charity shops.  The only semi-interesting things to be seen were a couple of Twilight Ponies in Cancer Research, but they were terribly bashed up and still priced at £1.50 each!

I would have got a rubber duck for Mum's collection but they wanted £4.99 for that!  The high prices didn't stop David though - he bought two tatty war-themed books for £6.00.

A bloke came to fix the heating.  I hid in my bedroom cupboard as had become my regular behaviour when workmen came to the house...then he didn't come upstairs anyway!  He wasn't much use anyway, he told us we had a leak which he fixed temporarily, but the problem would keep recurring and they wouldn't come back free of charge again.

Mum was in bad pain with her knee, so I attempted to put the crockery back in the boiler cupboard for her.  I got no thanks though.  Instead, she yelled at me that I "hadn't put it back straight" (even though I'd taken photographs as evidence of how the cupboard had looked beforehand to make it easier to put back together again!) and crawled to the cupboard to take it all out and put it away herself.  She then proceeded to spend an hour moving the dining room chairs that I'd just put back in place!

The cupboard was dirty too and I was assigned the job of cleaning it (apparently my services were good enough for that at least!)  I dared to say something while doing so.  David was lying on the floor "doing family history" (putting five birth certificates on Excel!) and yelled at me to "shut up".  I keep such wonderful company!

Mum was in a terrible mood too.  She told me that I "had to learn that she'd put all of her money away for another year so there would be no birthday trip.  Oh, and she wasn't going to Yorkshire for our cheap Sun break either!"  God only knows what brought on that rant.  I never asked her to pay for a birthday trip for me!  I guess she was upset about her knee and not being able to move around much but that was no reason to take it out on me.

March 15th 2012

The heating packed up again during the night but David managed to fix it.  Mum and I were instructed not to turn it off again - instead we would have to turn off individual radiators.  Never mind the fact that the house was so cluttered that we didn't even have access to half of the radiators!

Reluctantly, we had to call up and make another appointment for somebody to come and look at it at our expense.  But he couldn't come for a week anyway, meaning we had the crockery from the cupboard all over the kitchen countertops until then!

A trip to Osterley Tesco to buy a support bandage for Mum's knee was the extent of my excitement for the day.  She was still suffering from acid reflux and being constantly hungry too.  Her endoscopy should have taken place that day but she had chickened out of going as we know.

Our beautiful resident fox spent her day sleeping right outside the window...until she got scared of a robin and ran away, that is!

The cast for the new Barbie movie was announced and I was thrilled to see that Kelly Sheridan would be returning (alongside Diana Kaarina, strangely enough!)  Maybe online petitions can work sometimes...or maybe I just like to think that's what twisted their arms!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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