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Noisy Foxes, Angry Mothers and Easter Gifts!

April 6th 2012

I was awoken suddenly at 4am by the most awful sound I'd ever heard.  I was not familiar with the noise that foxes make at that point and thought we'd been invaded by a pack of wolves...or coyotes at the very least!  But no, it was three foxes lying in the middle of the road and howling/yapping for no apparent reason.  It was a strange time of year for them to be arguing over mates or territory so I would love to know more about why they make these noises.

(Apologies for the poor quality - this was filmed through a window when it was obviously still dark outside)

I was still suffering from very bad nerves and now had a rotten cold to add to my symptoms.  I couldn't breathe, kept coughing up blood-streaked mucus and getting congestion-related chest pains.  Just what I needed when I was feeling at my lowest!

We had a nice drive around Isleworth.  I took some pictures of the river and Mum took a photo of me (to "show that I still had more hair than I thought"!)

The plan was to go to All Saints Church where Mum knew we had a lot of family history connections.  Unfortunately, we discovered that there was a flight of steep steps to access the church which Mum obviously couldn't ascend.  David bumbled on regardless which I thought was a bit mean of him when he'd been promising to take Mum there since before she hurt her knee.  I did all I could do for her, climbing to the top of the steps to take a couple of photos.  Maybe it was the wrong thing to do but I didn't go inside without her or anything, I just took a couple of pictures and turned around again.

She seemed to be okay with this at the time but I would learn my mistake as time went by and the madness set in!

We finished off the outing with a trip to McDonalds for yet more fattening fries which, surprisingly, made me feel a lot better.  Perhaps hunger was part of my problem.

I wrote to the Fairy Tails Bird seller and politely explained that the birds were not in excellent condition as they were all missing their tails.  I felt a little bad as the seller was very apologetic - he clearly didn't know much about the toys and was just selling them as part of a house clearance.  He seemed very open to a partial refund but I wasn't sure how much to ask.

Ebay had another four day free listing event so I got a lot of stuff relisted.  Gosh, how I wish the eBay industry was going as well now as it obviously was in those days!

April 7th 2012

I requested a £10 partial refund on the Fairy Tails Birds and the seller was only too keen to give it to me.  I felt really bad in a way.  On the other hand, there was no way that they were worth more than that in such poor condition.

As indicated previously, Mum had dwelled overnight on how unfair it was that she hadn't been able to go to All Saints Church and was in a terrible mood as a result.  Early that morning, she took all of her holiday brochures and her book about All Saints Church, staggered to the front door and threw them out into the front garden with a cry of "Is everybody awake, b*****ds?!"  Well, she certainly woke me up!

She nagged all day about how I didn't care about her, and how I "was a little cow for wanting to go out and get some air".  (David and I couldn't have seen the church if we hadn't gone there)  She announced that she was giving up family history and she definitely wasn't going to Yorkshire.  If not for me, she's go back to live in Grottsville.  When I pointed out that we didn't even have bedrooms back there, she said that "we should sleep in the same room so that she could keep an eye on me"...

David avoided most of her temper by spending the day at Tesco.  He threw a pile of Easter gifts at me when he got home (a day early), including £15 and the chocolate below:

I thought I may as well open my other Easter gifts while I was at it.

A pretty necklace and bath set from my sister...

And a dress and chocolate from a certain creep in Canada.  Nice of him to ply me with gifts while breaking my heart, eh?

Still, I never get any gifts for the likes of Easter, birthdays and Christmas these days though so I guess I should be grateful!

David took me to Grottsville late that night to collect my eBay stuff.  The lid of one of the sales boxes caved in, causing everything to fall on me.  David yelled at me for "not being better prepared and knowing what I wanted to collect".  Well, I had a list - how much better prepared could I be?  The problem was that I never had enough time in Grottsville to sort through the boxes and know where to find everything.  He also tried to accuse me of fiddling him out of postage money .  Mum "couldn't have paid for the comic postage without knowing the total".  The comics sold through Mum's account had gone out with HER parcels.  Considering she'd kept all the profit on the comics she'd "kindly" allowed me to list on her account, I wasn't going to pay for her postage costs!

She was in an even worse mood when I got home.  "Now I've been woken up!" she yelled.  I pointed out that she was already awake when we came in so it must have been her knee that had woken her.  "I didn't say WHO woke me up, Alder!" she shouted.

She then got up and ripped a shelf off of the wall between the kitchen and extension!  I grabbed her arm to try and stop her and she said I was "a little cow for going in her church and now hitting her".  Uh...but I hadn't been in her church OR hit her!

April 8th 2012

I was feeling very sick and weak with my cold so didn't get up until 11am again.

It was officially Easter so I gave Mum the couple of little bits I'd got for her in Ealing.  David and I were not on speaking terms so he didn't get his presents!

I didn't leave the house all day.  I got as far as the car (with the intention of going to Grottsville to collect some stuff that had been left there the previous night) when Mum loomed at the doorway, saying I was "a little cow for skipping off into the sunset with David" and how she "was in the mood to destroy things like deleting her Facebook and eBay".  Hence, I felt I ought to stay with her and make sure she didn't do any more damage.

I tried to sit down with her and do her eBay listing but it was impossible.  "If something can't be done properly, why do it at all?" (She didn't have any new stuff to list so there was no point relisting the old stuff)  "David bred a little bitch and she was treated like a bitch on a puppy farm".

I listed 151 things on my own eBay account (which wasn't many in the days of unlimited free listings!) but Mum was nagging at me that I was taking too long and she wanted to use my computer so I had to give up.

I didn't even dare to mention the big Bank Holiday car boot sales of the following morning...

April 9th 2012

I got up early and rang the regular car boot sale just in case but it was rained off.  Oh well, I don't think I stood much chance of getting there anyway!

My cold was still going strong - I went through almost an entire box of tissues and could not stop coughing.  Why did colds always hit me so hard?

David spent the day messily filling cracks in the walls and I spent the day listing on eBay.  Mum spent the day nagging at me, calling me "scum" for not keeping my bathroom clean (I needed a bottle of Flash to clean the sink - everything else was sparkling clean!) and moaning to everyone who'd listen about how she never got to wash and kept "sh***ing up the wall in her tiny bathroom".  Then she got offended when her charming friend Jill told her that she should go to A&E and see if they'd let her have a wash at the hospital!  Well, people will think you're dirty if you keep telling them that you are!

Another exciting trip to McDonalds for fries was my lot for the day.  I would have got to Tesco in Northfields Avenue too, but realised I was wearing blue shoes and a black t-shirt (*gasp*) so stayed in the car outside instead.

April 10th 2012

My cold was finally starting to get a little better but I'd been left with a horrible dry cough, the kind that irritates you for weeks afterwards.  Ugh.

David was called into a meeting to be told that he would only be working until the following Friday and would have to return the company car on May 15th (his and my joint birthday).  Great.

He came home early, having bought some brown tape on his way.  He didn't want to help wrap and post the ridiculous quantity of eBay parcels that still needed to be shipped out, but reluctantly agreed to do so in the end.

That night he and I went to Tesco at the Hoover Building.  The cut price Easter eggs were long gone, of course, but that was probably for the best for money and weight reasons!

My computer was packing up.  It took ages to switch on and kept switching itself off at random intervals.  Also, when it was turned on, it made a continuous noise like a ticking clock or heartbeat.  I spent most of the day rescuing photographs off of the hard drive in case it suddenly crashed.

I decided to take a gamble and use the last of my one hundred monthly 99p eBay free listings on my very rare MLP Tales comics.  I felt sure that they would go up to a fair price so there was no harm in listing them cheaply...but maybe I was wrong.  They were sticking at their starting bid and seemed to be attracting no interest whatsoever!

Best wishes.
Desirée  xxx

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