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The Garden Menagerie, Secret Admirer Ebay Sellers and Disappointing Purchases...

April 1st 2012

I wanted to go to Primark to buy some underwear and David agreed to drive me there in his lunch break.  Mum decided to come with me.  I didn't feel comfortable buying underwear in front of her (mainly because I like to buy pretty matching sets which she deems unnecessary and tries to force me to buy ugly plain mismatched things instead).  To be truthful, I didn't see any I liked anyway, so I came away empty handed.  Mum tried to encourage me to buy the usual ghastly garments and got upset when I refused.  She told me that I was "a bitch who she was never going out with again" and that I could "forget Australia...  Then again, I'd probably have left with some man or other by then anyway!"

God, why did everything with her have to be so overly dramatic?  And why did it always come back to threats of not taking me on holidays that I didn't want to go on anyway?

She continued to give me Hell for several hours afterwards.  Initially she seemed to calm down and said that she was getting back in the car to go somewhere else, then I realised that she was going indoors.  I'd "opened my gob and she'd realised that she couldn't go out with me again".  She "wanted me to leave as staying her was obviously driving me mad" but "not with some Canadian who was twice my age and only out for his own ends".  My goodness, she was finally speaking some sense!  So why didn't she make my life here more pleasant and work with me to work out how to get me where I wanted to be in life, and then maybe that Canadian wouldn't have been able to try and lure me away with promises of putting me through theatre school!

Her plans to never go out with me again didn't last long as she agreed to go to Family Bargains and Grottsville that evening!  A group of horrible youngsters in the car next to us kept leering at me and apparently laughed at me when I turned away from them.  Having been told this, I wound the window down and shouted at them.  David laughed.  Well, he would, wouldn't he?  He thinks it's acceptable to stare at women.

We got Easter gifts for Matthew, Emma and Nick and then dropped off some more unsold eBay goods in Grottsville.  I lead such an exciting life!

We ended our wonderful outing with another trip to McDonalds for fries.  I'd seen the Monopoly stickers selling on eBay so had some crazy idea that I'd make some money out of my duplicates too.

Equestria Daily decided to host a wonderful April Fool's Day event making fun of previous generation ponies and their fans.  Nice people.  Of course, this started the bronies on their hate mailing kick again.  God, I hated that fandom.

And finally, we had a new addition to the wildlife family in the back garden.  May I introduce you to Mr Wood Mouse...

He was adorable and would come and beg for food alongside the birds and squirrels.  Mum has a severe phobia of mice and even she had to admit that he was long as he stayed on the other side of the patio doors!

I did try to take some films of him but the problem with mice is the speed at which they move!  No sooner had I focussed the camera than he was gone!  Oh well, better luck next time.

April 2nd 2012

David took me back to Ealing Broadway during his lunch break to buy the underwear that Mum had prevented me from purchasing the previous day.  Yes, there were some nice underwear sets there when I was given time to think on my own!

I also came home with a lot of other stuff.  I think this is what they call retail therapy!  Where did I get my money from in those days?  I had under £1.00 left in my purse by the time I went home though!

Ealing was horribly crowded with idiots.  One bunch of lunatics ran out on a zebra crossing in front of an ambulance causing it to screech to a halt and almost give itself some extra custom!  Mind you, their fate might have been better than mine.  I sensibly stayed on the kerb and got harassed by a Greenpeace charity worker.  "Hello lovely!"  I attempted to ignore him and turned away with an embarrassed smile on my face.  "I've got you smiling.  That's half my job done!"

While I was busily wasting all of my money, David went to the post office to ship the latest batch of eBay parcels.  Unfortunately, one didn't get packed up in time to go so we still weren't up to date.

I got a chest pain while I was rushing around the shops - Grottsville really ruined my lungs and now my allergies were returning at Woodberry.  I never felt up to doing much.  I changed my bed linen, hoovered a couple of rooms and photographed the last of my fakie collection and I was exhausted.

Mum was stressing me out.  She was so addled and worried about her knee.  She managed to knock a handle off of one of the kitchen drawers and forgot to wash up her spoon.

David went to deliver the Akers' Easter gifts in the evening.  I would have liked to have gone with him but felt too self conscious about my thinning hair to do so.

April 3rd 2012

David went for his job interview in Stevenage.  Mum was depressed that she couldn't go with him and didn't bother to get me up.  Left to my own devices, I didn't wake up until 11am.  What was wrong with me?

Having said that, what was the point of getting up?  I had nothing to live for in the UK so my whole life was based around going to Canada to be with the "love of my life".  Ha ha.  Well, I tuned into his Twitter account, didn't I?  Bad mistake.  There I found him talking to another woman, calling her "sweets" and telling her that she was "pretty darn cute".  I have never been so hurt in all my life.  I lived for nothing but our Skype chats and emails.  I cried and cried until I gave myself a migraine, banged my head against the wall and scratched my arms until they bled.  I felt so ugly and worthless.

Mum had no sympathy for me.  She just shouted at me that "they're just toys for little kids but I've been obsessed since I was three!" relation to what exactly?

This should have been the final nail in the coffin but, of course, the creep filled me with a load of nonsense and I was so desperate to have something to cling to that I eventually believed him and went back to talking to him.  Idiot.  Why didn't I just focus on making a life for myself here?

On a happier note, I sold fifty items on eBay including another £31 comic and several £21 ones.  We were supposed to go to Grottsville that evening to collect some of the stuff but David fell asleep.  Mum and I hoped that he wouldn't get the Stevenage job really.  The drive was too much for him at his age.

He and I did walk to South Ealing post office.  The charity shops were shut by the time we got there.  I noticed that the brown paper cost £1.19 and he'd only charged me 99p before.  I don't know whether they'd just raised the price or if he'd lied about it the first time for a quiet life.  Probably the latter!

I took this photo of some pretty blossom on the way back.  I guess it proves there's beauty even in our darkest days...or something like that!

April 4th 2012

My depression over the freak continued.  Knowing him, I expect he's still stalking my blog so I hope it pleases him to know how ill he made me.  I was in full panic attack mode, shaking and crying.  I felt so sick that I could hardly eat.  I did seem to have the start of a sore throat though so I guess that could have been the cause of that particular problem.

David had to collect something work-related from the Grottsville industrial estate so I got to go there and collect my eBay stuff, pack up my Show Stable and post the latest batch of parcels.  A man came to read the meter while David was at the post office across the road...David got back in time to let him in so I ran to hide in the bathroom until the bloke had gone!

Both of my parents were going increasingly mad.  David had bought a can of Coke at the post office but forgot all about it and left it (opened) on the stairs at Grottsville.  This meant that we had to go back in the evening to collect it.  Mum came with us this time and she and I sat outside Tesco while David bought half of the shopping. (Having forgotten the other half!)  The air calmed my nerves a little, even if it was freezing in the car!

I received a strange package in the mail.  Inside were two identical MLP leaflets like the one shown below:

The sender?  That mysterious eBay seller who'd already offered me the large bundle of comics for a discount price!  Who was he?  And why was he acting as if I'd saved his life and he would be forever in my debt?  I almost wondered if I had a secret admirer!

April 5th 2012

I received my latest parcel of goodies that I had bought to sell from eBay.  But I'd made a bad mistake.

Trusting the seller's description that all of the items were in "excellent" condition, I'd failed to notice in the fuzzy auction photos that all but one of the Fairy Tails Birds were missing their tails!  I'd just spent over £20 on a bundle of broken toys which weren't even worth what I'd paid for them.  Great.

David came home at lunch time and took me to Brentford post office to send the latest batch of eBay parcels.  There was a long queue which meant that we were there longer than expected and David would be late back to work.  We'd parked in Morrisons car park and I actually fell over David's foot trying to get into the shop but he said we'd have to risk getting a fine and leaving without buying anything!

That night I sat outside Tesco while David picked up his tablets from the pharmacy, then went to Alperton McDonalds for a Creme Egg McFlurry.

I was still shivering with nerves and just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.  I'd never felt so ill in all my life...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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