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Doctor and Hospital Appointments...My Very Healthy Family

May 1st 2012

David had an early morning appointment with the nurse.  Mum was still in a bad mood with him so didn't wake him up.  Hence, he was late.  She gleefully described him as "having a face worse than a thunderclap"!

He was supposed to be taking me to Ealing Hospital to see the useless dermatologist but, of course, due to David seeing the nurse late, I was also late for my appointment.  Mum refused to come with us so David decided to hurriedly park on double yellow lines.  Stupid, as I wouldn't let him come in with me for my appointment anyway.

It was pointless going to any appointments with that ridiculous woman anyway.  She spent my whole appointment talking to herself and trying to work out an excuse for how my blood test results had been lost.  Perhaps there was "a clot in the tube and they'd had to throw it away".

She was really insulting to be honest.  "I take it you're still not happy with your hair then - is it the thinning you don't like, or the flakes?"  Yes, she was still convinced that I had dandruff.  She couldn't understand that it was dry hair shampoo which I used between washes to try and give it some volume!  I told her that I was concerned because no new hair seemed to be growing and she said it "was good that it was growing"...proving she wasn't listening to a word I said anyway!

All she told me to do was keep taking the iron supplements and sent me for another blood test for hormonal imbalances and alopecia.  She then told me she wouldn't see me again until September!

I had the blood test there and then.  The phlebotomist couldn't find a vein and made me go quite queasy.  In fact, I almost fainted!

We stopped in Brentford on the way home so that I could take more photos and film the Robinson Partners Circus Pony I'd spotted the previous day.

Luckily, the shopkeeper was very friendly and okay about me doing so.  In fact, he found it funny and said it was the best laugh he'd had in weeks!

Mum had been relatively okay towards me all day but turned funny at dinnertime.  She was writing a letter but said that she was hungry so I started cooking the dinner.  I think she felt rushed in writing her letter or something even though she had plenty of warning that the dinner was almost ready/being served up.

We were having spaghetti that night.  The argument was such a ridiculous one that I can't even remember the details.  I think she wanted plain spaghetti and I was having a tin of spaghetti and vegetarian sausages from Asda.  Mum preferred Asda spaghetti to Heinz (which was the only ordinary spaghetti we had).  So I thought I'd heat them separately, take the sausages out of the Asda can and let her have that spaghetti, then give myself the Heinz can...if that even makes sense?  Anyway, she didn't like the idea, burst into tears and accused me of "taken all of her spaghetti" before throwing her dinner away.  The spaghetti and sausages can was twice as large as the ordinary spaghetti, by the way, so there was an equal amount of pasta in each tin.  That's what you get for trying to be kind to people!

May 2nd 2012

I didn't wake up until 11am and spent the day clearing the hobby room.  David went to Ealing Broadway to post some parcels and pay in a cheque.  Minutes after he left, another buyer paid...and he realised that I'd forgotten to sign the cheque anyway!

Mum had developed a very painful rib on top of her other problems and wanted to see a doctor about it.  David rang the doctor and apparently the doctor rang straight back (unheard of for Grottsville's surgery!)  He came downstairs with the phone to get Mum to speak to the doctor.  She, not realising that anyone was on the end of the phone, swore in front of it.  Then she got too embarrassed to speak to the doctor at all!

David couldn't think of an excuse on the spot and stammered, "Sorry...she's in the toilet..."  Then, realising they must have heard her, he corrected himself.  "Sorry...she doesn't like talking on the phone..."!

Well, they say good things come from bad and this was the thing that finally pushed Mum to switch doctors to the surgery just six doors up the road from Woodberry.  Thank God for that!

We went to Grottsville that evening to switch over the eBay stuff again, dumping a load of stuff that was already listed and collecting another pile to list.  While we were there, I found a notebook I must have started to write detailing all of my kiddie ride sightings in 2003.  From this, I managed to determine that one of the mystery Muffin the Mules in my photograph collection was in Newhaven.  Sadly, this also allowed me to look up the arcade on Google...and discover that it was demolished in 2008.

We also had a nice cottage pie and watched "War Hero In My Family" while we were there.  I missed having basic things like ovens and televisions at Woodberry.

May 3rd 2012

David was totally wasting his last few days with the company car.  He got up at 3pm, then went to Ealing Broadway to post some more parcels and go to the bank.  He didn't even offer me the chance to go with him so I just went out for a boring walk.

I went to the charity shops in South Ealing first - the only thing of interest that I saw was a Beebop in MAPF but I figured I had enough G3 ponies to sell already and left her there.  I desperately needed dry hair shampoo but the Co-Op and Sainsburys only had the "Blush" variety (which made my scalp sore and itchy).  I finished my walk in Lammas Park where I had a go on the gym equipment for the first time.  I was only out for a total of 45 minutes but Mum was still worried when I got back...

We went to McDonalds in the evening for fries and a chocolate fudge brownie McFlurry, promptly undoing any good I'd done on the gym equipment!  It made me feel sick anyway, despite the fact that it tasted nice at the time.  Too rich and chocolatey for my delicate stomach, I think!

I was in a terrible state with my nerves and kept shaking.  Mum was in a terrible state about her knee and rib and finally signed up with the local doctor.  There was a lot of paperwork to fill in so she asked David to do it for her.  She had to declare any former health issues etc. and David called out the list.  She got really highly strung and upset when he asked about miscarriages.  Not sure if I've mentioned this before but, just between you and me, dear readers, I have reason to believe that I should have another sibling about nine years my senior.  Mum remained "friends" (which is what she has always sworn he was) with his or her father, despite the fact that this guy "stopped coming to see her" at around the time I believe this happened.  It was only relatively recently that she found out the "friend" stopped coming when he GOT MARRIED to another woman and moved to Scotland.  Even when she found this out, she continued to hide the fact that she was any more than friends with this guy from David and I, but it was clear from her attitude towards him what had happened.  I wonder if this is half the reason that Mum's so cranky.  She obviously loved this guy (moreso than either mine or my sister's fathers) - I think she dreamed of getting back with him years later, even after she married David and I was born.  But he treated her like dirt with no explanation, with her only finding out about the marriage while doing family history years later...and I believe she lost his child.  I often wonder how far along she was, and if she'd told anyone, even her parents or the father of the child.  It's a shame she doesn't just come clean about it.  David's too stupid to pick up on it but I worked it out years ago.  It obviously damaged her deeply but you can't help anyone to heal if they won't own up to their problems.

Anyway, even having filled in all these forms promptly and upset Mum, the doctor still wouldn't see her until the middle of the following week.  She needed treatment now.

David made me an appointment with a trichologist for the following week too.  My hair was still thinning badly and the dermatologist wasn't going to help.  Trichologists weren't available through the NHS though so just this one appointment would cost £90!

May 4th 2012

Back to the orthodontist.  I was starting to get really disillusioned by it all.  They'd said 12-18 months, it had already been almost 15 months and there was no end in sight.  She didn't even change the wire on the upper teeth and, in fact, changed over to a thinner wire on the lower ones!  She said that the elastics were still working on the upper teeth but the lower teeth were being stubborn.  Anyway, the whole orthodontic thing depresses me so I'll leave it to "Desiree-of-the-Past" to tell you more about that...

My hair was still in a very bad way too.  I hadn't washed it the previous night on Mum's advice but it really didn't make any difference.  My scalp was really sore and my hair was so horribly greasy.  If anything, I think I lost MORE hair when it wasn't washed!

I had some nasty dry skin on my legs at the time and asked Mum for advice on what ointment to put on it.  Of course, instead of helpful advice, I got another tirade of nonsense about how I'd done it to myself by shaving.  "Too much removing hairs, that causes all of your problems!  Who wants to remove body hairs except a weirdo in a strip club anyway?"  Uh...most of the female population in the modern world, mother.  What did she have against me doing the most normal things in the bathroom?  Oh, I know, she kept nagging me in Yorkshire (where I used my best bag which hung on my forearm instead of my shoulder) about my "red and inflamed arm"...caused by the bag on my arm, of course.  It didn't even hurt, it was just a red mark where the handles cut across.  Apparently she had decided this was due to hair removal too.  WTH?

My family were weird in general though.  I'd written a friendly message to my sister and she'd taken offence, telling Mum that she "hadn't intended on having that many kids".  What?  I'd never even mentioned how many children she had!

Somebody listed a Munchy for sale on the MLP Arena, one of my grail ponies.  I wouldn't normally buy such an expensive pony, but she was quite cheap compared to what others were selling for at the time and, with my birthday coming up a week later, I thought I'd treat myself.  I just hoped she was still available!

David and I went for a quick walk in Brent River Park in the evening.  We didn't get very far though because it was bitterly cold and started to rain (not to mention the fact that it was getting dark and a strange homeless man was following us around).  We did get to see some rabbits and what David described as a "Nightmare Bambi Statue" before we came home though!

May 5th 2012

Another wasted saturday.  David seemed to have no intention of doing anything with the car while he still had it.  He spent five hours scanning just one photograph album!  The furthest I went was Osterley Tesco, and even then I didn't get upstairs to look at the clothes.

I spent my afternoon blogging (Ha!  Got me a long way, didn't it?) and trying to tidy up without much success.

Mum's friend Jill went to Wells-Next-The-Sea.  I knew there had once been an amusement arcade there with Edwin Hall rides so Mum mentioned my ride hobby to Jill in passing and asked if the arcade was still there.  Jill was horribly rude, saying how much she despised amusement arcades and how pleased she was to inform us that it had burnt down in 2005.  Charming.  Even if you don't like arcades, that was somebody's family business and livelihood.  One small arcade was hardly ruining the perfect scenery, certainly no more than the burnt, boarded up remains had been for the past seven years!  I think some people just have to be argumentative for the sake of it.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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