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Tricky Trichologists, Overgrown Gardens and Tiny Car Boot Sales!

May 6th 2012

I'd intended to get an early night the previous day but ended up sitting up working on my kiddie ride website instead.  Unsurprisingly, I spent the day in a semi zombie-like state!

We went to Grottsville in the afternoon to try and do some clearing out.  I developed severe allergies though and between those and the tiredness, I wasn't able to to do much.

The house was falling apart; damp, mouldy and neglected.  The ivy in our front garden had almost completely covered the neighbours' upstairs window and as for the back garden...well, it was so overgrown that I couldn't even see where the path ended and the lawn began!

I rescued another box of ponies and brought various other junk back with me but there was still so much more.  Why had my entire life been wasted on collecting possessions rather than living?  I was still stuck with the consequences even now.

Mum was still in terrible pain and couldn't find a comfortable way to sit.  She took two Nurofen (when she usually managed with just one) and it didn't even touch it.

I was worrying about my lack of education and future again but nobody cared to talk to me, of course.  They were either in too much pain or generally disinterested.  And so my life continued to tick by...

May 7th 2012

Got up early in the hopes of going to a car boot sale.  Epsom was rained off so we ended up at Hounslow Heath.  What a waste of time.  There were only about forty tables there and they still charged £1 for the entry fee!  I'd never seen such a small boot sale there.  Where was everyone?  The weather wasn't even that bad really.

Mum hadn't been able to get washed in time to come to Hounslow Heath so she wanted to try the afternoon car boot in Wycombe.  It wasn't to be though as the heavens really did open by the afternoon and it wouldn't have been worth the drive.

Instead we spent our afternoon at Grottsville again, failing dismally at clearing up and making use of the oven for another vegetarian cottage pie.  We took the rubbish bag with us too (rubbish collection day was the following day and we liked to make the house look more inhabited than it actually was) and David managed to spill some soup on the floor.  It must have dripped out of a can in the bag.  He then turned on me for "not washing the can out before throwing it away".  Maybe I'm sheltered but do other people wash empty cans out before putting them in the bin?

When we got back, a bloke was sitting on the kerb outside the house opposite ours and sobbing.  We thought the old bloke who lived there must have passed away (he'd been ill for years and was always being carted off to hospital), but no, their kitten had run away.  Well, it's nice to know that the locals feel so strongly about their pets anyway!

Emma wrote to Mum, concerned about Allan who kept wanting to go to the park on his own.  Mum laughed, "And then I get called the overprotective one.  She's having a bit of it now."  Uh...I think there's a bit of a difference between a 10-year-old wanting to go to a relatively isolated park and a 20-year-old getting shouted at for walking to the local shops and being out for more than 40 minutes!

Oh well, at least her knee was a bit better.  She had persuaded herself that she had "dislocated her rib" though and kept pummeling it to see where and how badly it hurt...and making it far worse in the process!

I had two separate complaints from eBay buyers, claiming that their items hadn't arrived.  Was Royal Mail really going through a bad period, or was this the latest scam?

May 8th 2012

Went to Ealing Broadway to post a couple of parcels.  I almost accidentally sent a surface mail parcel by air and suddenly shrieked out when I remembered my mistake to stop the bloke behind the counter from sending the pony for the higher price.  I didn't realise how loudly I'd shrieked - everybody in the post office was staring at me.  How embarrassing.

I withdrew £150 from my bank account (the stupid woman behind the desk almost gave me £350...well, thank you very much...except I'd have ended up with an overdraft!) and then had a little stroll around the shops.  I bought some facial cleansing wipes ("soap", as David called them) in Savers and a new MLP t-shirt at Primark.

We went to McDonalds for more fattening fries in the evening.

Mum had insisted on setting a mouse trap in the back garden. (Much to my disgust - I thought she was a wildlife lover!)  The door on the trap had closed a couple of days previously, so we could only presume that we had caught one of the poor things.  David finally removed the trap but didn't replace it.  Within less than an hour, another mouse was running around outside the back door.  Well, did Mum really think that killing one of them would do the trick?

My hair was driving me crazy but nobody had bothered to discuss the trichologist appointment of the following day or printed out any comparison pictures to show how my hair had deteriorated.  Typical of my family really - always willing to throw money at things, but never to actually do anything constructive.

Mum's knee was bad again too, but that didn't stop her obsessively trying to tidy up and shouting at me that I wasn't doing enough to help!

I spent the evening researching kiddie rides again and came across this lovely photo of an Edwin Hall Giraffe ride in Largs.

The original photo can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/smcw/6727659513/in/photolist-bfv1Mx

The interesting thing about this giraffe was that she was named Gracie and I had previously believed that all Edwin Hall giraffes were known as Georgie.  Hall certainly knew how to cash in on a popular design.  Perhaps he thought arcade owners would buy a pair of identical rides if they were sold under different names!

May 9th 2012

The very expensive trichologist appointment was a complete waste of time and money.  We found ourselves at a tiny house half an hour before our appointment time.  Not realising we were early, we went ahead and knocked on the door.  Never mind, the trichologist Melissa's slightly eccentric mother was on hand to show us through to the very messy back room until her daughter was available to see me.  There we watched an exciting episode of Jeremy Kyle with Melissa's eccentric mother while a rather aggressive dog (whose breed the eccentric mother couldn't remember but we recognised as a Staffordshire bull terrier) named Missy growled at David.

Eventually we were called through.  Melissa couldn't see anything wrong with me or my hair and said I was just "using my hair as a displacement for other worries".  "Of course my hair wasn't covering as much of my scalp as when I was a child - my head had got bigger as I aged!"  She would be more concerned about my toilet habits as apparently it was only normal to "poo three times a day".

She then gave me some barley grass powder to put in pure water and a link to a website where I could buy more of the stuff (where, coincidentally, she got a commission for every packet sold).  She even advised me to set up my own business selling the stuff from the website (meaning she would have got an even larger commission!)

So it was a rather disappointing appointment all round really and I was still none the wiser as to why I was losing my hair.

Mum's e-friend Jill was continuing to be rude about me and my ride hobby while Mum argued with her.  Mum said that Jill had now "pushed it too far" and she was "getting rid of her".  Ha, where had I heard that before?

I spent my evening cataloguing G3 MLP catalogue pages (no pun intended!) and tearing pages out of more recent catalogues which I had been saving for the files.  I would get rid of all of this paperwork, by hook or by crook!

I didn't get much else done due to being really sleepy.  I wondered if there might be a gas leak in the house...there was something seriously wrong with me.

May 10th 2012

Wasted most of the day sitting around and waiting for David.  He spent hours in the loo at Grottsville and then went shopping, meaning he didn't even get to Woodberry until 1pm.  When he did finally arrive, my parents spent ages doing family history before finally looking at a train set that Mum wanted to list on eBay...but discovered it had been ruined by battery leakage.

We then went to Grottsville to eat another vegetarian cottage pie and watch a TV show Mum had wanted to see.

We had to keep moving the car as the parking permit had run out (just five days before it had to go back anyway so there was no point renewing).  No doubt we would get a parking fine before the week was through...

I almost wished David would stay at Grottsville all the time.  My parents argued constantly the whole time they were together - if it was stress causing my hair loss, no wonder it was continuing to get worse.  Nobody would spare any time for me or help me work out what to do with my life or how to get a proper education.

I did all I knew how to do, moving my eBay stuff to an eCrater store and Facebook sales page, hoping to make a few pennies that way.  But it wasn't going to help me to get my dream theatre career, was it?

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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