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Some Of My Ponies Are Prepared For Sale...And Yet More Cheer Up Gifts!

May 21st 2012

Another stressful night.  Mum awoke with a bad pain in her rib at 1.30am...I was starting to think that was the time of night when bad things happened in general.

I went to sign on at the new doctors' surgery.  It was just a basic medical, vital statistics etc.  It didn't go too well.  I walked into the wrong room at first and ran into a nurse talking on the phone about somebody's private medical details.  Oops!  Then I had to take a urine sample - David advised me that the pot should only be half full, so I got in trouble when there wasn't enough for the nurse to test.  They measured me and I got upset that I was taller than I thought - 5'2.5".  Seriously, Desirée.  Gosh, I'd kill to be a lot taller than that now.  But back then it was all to do with believing myself to be in love with a short guy.  Now I'd just like to be tall enough to go for more dancing jobs!

I booked an appointment for Mum while I was there too.  The doctor was the same man her great uncle went to see when he lived at Woodberry.  We hadn't even known he was still working there!

Mum managed to walk to the South Ealing charity shops where I found a Barbie Magic of Pegasus DVD for £1.  Pretty expensive really, considering I'd already watched the movie on Youtube for free!  I don't really know why I was trying to collect all the Barbie movies as I had no intention of watching them again.  I guess I'm just a hoarder by nature!

Mum got upset because she was so slow that old aged pensioners were overtaking us.  David thought it was funny.  Nice man.

I sorted out my first ever batch of MLPs to sell on eBay.  It seemed strange and almost like a betrayal to my childhood self with my MLP Rescue Home where "No pony was ever turned away".  But I couldn't keep everything forever, could I?!

I had some more classic complaints on eBay.  One woman said that her comics had been bent in half by the postman.  Well, I'd stiffened the envelope with cardboard and written "do not bend" on it - what more could I do?  Another complained about my high postage.  I'd charged her 69p when the postage was actually only 47p.  Well, even dismissing packaging and fees which all had to come out of a very cheap item, 69p WAS the real postage cost.  47p was the 2011 postage price - unfortunately Royal Mail raise their prices every year.  It's one thing to complain, but at least check your facts before doing so, otherwise you just look stupid.  I politely explained the new postage rate to her and she didn't even apologise for her error and accusation!

May 22nd 2012

Mum's appointment with Uncle Ron's old doctor caused even more stress.  He couldn't find anything wrong with her rib (so we were none the wiser about what was causing that) but told her that she had heart irregularities.  Of course, Mum immediately panicked and started thinking the worst.

When she said that she was worried, he laughed.  "Worry?  Why worry?  We must all die some time!"  Well, gee thanks, that made us all feel a lot more cheeful!

He seems to have spent most of the appointment talking about Uncle Ron who was "a very nice man with very good humour".  Very good, doctor.  Now what about Mum's health?  Well, their computer system was broken so they couldn't book an ECG but would do so as soon as possible and send her the date in the post.

Mum returned shaking in her shoes.  I reminded her that she'd already been told that she had a heart murmur and it hadn't killed her yet.  But she just snapped at me that this couldn't be the murmur as it was "irregularities PLURAL if I was listening to her"!

David and I walked to Lammas Park via a local curtain shop.  The woman in there said that yes, she could line my MLP curtains and it could be done the following week.  So, despite my fears of letting my beloved curtains out of my sight, we booked an appointment.

I cleaned the dining table when we got back.  Not an easy task due to all the paperwork that my parents kept piling on top of it.  When the job was finally done, I calmly asked Mum if she wanted to do the eBay parcel packing.  Bad mistake.  She screamed at me that I'd "made her wait long enough for dinner as it was".  Well, she was the one who'd said she wanted to do it while I was cleaning the table.  I was only making the offer!  (And there wasn't really any reason that we couldn't wrap up parcels while the dinner was cooking).

She nagged at me for the rest of the day.  Somehow the subject got back into me wanting to go to Canada to study musical theatre.  (Well, there was no way she would let me do so in this country).  This sent her even crazier, snapping at me that "unfortunately for me I was stuck with her and not living in a foreign country with a load of drunken louts who spoke badly."  I pointed out that I only wanted to go there because here in the UK she made everything impossible without her prior approval.  She said this was nonsense.  Her "approval was obviously not wanted, otherwise people would b****r off".  Uh...I couldn't go anywhere due to the braces anyway.  And surely the fact that I hadn't b****red off was a sign that I did need her approval, not that I didn't?

May 23rd 2012

I went for a walk to Lammas Park on my own.  It was very hot and I was terribly lonely but I had to get out of the house for a little while.  There were some students lying on the grass talking to each other in beautiful New York accents.  I loved to just hear them talk, and yet seeing any kind of friends together made me even more painfully aware of how alone I was.

Mum was still stressing me to death about her failing health.  But I was not allowed to mention my own worries as they "gave her palpitations".  These heart irregularities had just given her yet another reason to shrug me off and let me rot in the corner.

She moaned that nobody cared or spoke to her but when David or I did try to cheer her up by assuring her that she would walk again etc., she'd get angry with us for lying to her!

We wrapped up the eBay parcels and David posted a few at W H Smith on his way back to Grottsville for the night.  Little else was done with the day.

I received another couple of parcels of stuff I'd ordered for myself for my birthday.  I felt so sorry for myself not getting any presents for my 21st, but really the money would have been far better spent on the things I really wanted like theatre classes.  But of course I had no clue how or where to find those at the time.

I was especially pleased to get some of the glow-in-the-dark Petite Ponies at long last. Aren't they cute?

May 24th 2012

The weather was unbearably hot.  Well, it started to get a little cooler in the evenings but by then, of course, it was too dark to do anything constructive like clearing the house up anyway!

It got so hot that we had to give in and open the patio doors despite the mice running around outside.  Not to worry - David came to the rescue.  He closed the door halfway, and jammed a piece of cardboard in the opening to "stop the mice from coming in".  Did he really think a mouse was incapable of climbing over a bit of cardboard if it wanted to?

Anyway, as it was too hot to do much, I spent most of the day watching TV.  I watched The Story of New Brighton which made me cry, then Mum and I watched 56 Up and I got scared to think how quickly the years roll by and how I was doing nothing with my own life.

We had vegetable soup for dinner (the first time in my life, if you can believe that) and I loved it.  I wonder how many other normal things are out in the big wide world which I would enjoy if only I could discover them?

David and I walked to South Ealing Post Office.  Never again.  The bloke behind the desk made us get all of the parcels out of the bag before he started so that he could see the size of them, then proceeded to put all of the small packet proof of postings on the same receipt.  What if more than one of them got lost in the post?

We went in Sainsburys on the way back but he refused to buy 18p Fairtrade bananas which were the only ones to be had in the local area.  I wished we could go to the big supermarkets again.

He went to Grottsville early again to meet one of Mum's eBay buyers and hand over the big lot of World of Wonder magazines that she had sold.  He forgot to take an extra issue that Mum had found which we were supposed to be throwing in as a bonus.  Just as well it wasn't mentioned in the description really, isn't it?

May 25th 2012

I walked to the Lammas Park gym equipment alone.  I felt really positive and almost had a spring in my step on the way there (as I often did when I got out of the house and away from the negativity around me).  I was determined to get in shape and find a way to achieve my dreams.  Then I saw the shadow of my thin, straggly hair on the grass and got depressed again.

Mum was also depressed and refused to discuss my troubles as they were deemed to be "going on at her".  I was terrified of the future and how quickly my life was going by.  Today marked nine years since the passing of my poor Grandma and it felt like only yesterday that I'd last spoken to her.  Another thing that was making me horribly aware of how short and fragile life really was.

Peter the squirrel was back in the garden and kept coming to the open back door to beg for food.  We didn't have anything in the house to offer him except bread.  I needed to get to a supermarket and buy some nuts for him really.

David left early for Grottsville as he was going via the post office in Ealing Broadway to post our parcels again.  Some of my buyers still hadn't paid though so he would just end up having to go again (we couldn't even try to use the South Ealing Post Office again).  Mind you, Ealing Broadway didn't seem to be much better.  They didn't charge Mum for the postage on one of her parcels at all!  At least it was in our favour this time!

The bronies were back with a vengeance, re-uploading a nasty story based on my MLP persona and writing horrible messages to me on Youtube telling me that I deserved to die because I'd written a positive comment on a video of The World's Biggest Tea Party G3 live show at some point!  All of the voice actors in that show deserved to die too, don't you know?  (Even though half of them were also in Friendship is Magic!)  So it was just common sense that I should die for being a fan of their work!

There are some crazy people out there.  And I seem to have a habit of attracting them all!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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