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Stolen Tables and Street Parties

June 1st 2012

The decorator came earlier than ever.  Thankfully I had just finished in the bathroom but I really almost got stranded in there all day.  Mum couldn't stop laughing about how when she had called to say that the bloke was at the door she'd just heard "a cacophony of swearing from upstairs".  Well, that's about the only thing I have in common with David - we don't like to be rushed in the mornings!  The decorator must have heard us but just said a friendly "Thanks Dave!" when David opened the door to him!

It still looked a terrible mess with glue all over the walls and two strips of paper not even meeting properly anyway.  Mum announced that she was coming upstairs for her first viewing the following day.  God help us all!

I had a brisk walk in Lammas Park on my own.  A very brisk walk.  Determined to build my fitness, I walked as fast as I possibly could and got home in just under 26 minutes.

It was another eBay free listing but a rather confusing one.  Mum had an email saying that it was free to list via a mobile phone (no use to us with no smart phones!) while mine indicated it was free to list via the laptop but had a tiny advert saying it was also free to list via mobile.

Not much use to me anyway.  All of my stuff was still in Grottsville, of course, so I had nothing new to list.  David told me to "get a bus".  Well, A) I couldn't afford it, B) That nasty Scar Face always followed me around Grottsville, which was the reason I never left the house when we lived there and, most importantly, C) How the heck would I carry boxes of eBay stuff back here to go through?

Well, there was no other way for me to get anything.  David had now found out that a hire car would cost £80 a day at a weekend!  So I was stuffed.

I was still waiting for the stupid woman from Ealing College to ring back and pounced on the phone when it rang.  It wasn't the college though, it was the doctor to say they had more forms for Mum to fill in.  The stupid doctor (yes, we do deal with a lot of stupid people!) had failed to request an ECG date for Mum until David had gone to enquire the previous day!  Why was everyone so useless?

Mum was in a terrible depression.  She could see that I'd decided to do something about my education.  But how could she go on holiday if she was tied to term times around an Access Course?

June 2nd 2012

I overslept and didn't get up until 10.45am.  When I asked Mum why she hadn't woken me up earlier, she swore that she had and that we'd had a long conversation at 6am about how all of the plush ponies at the bottom of my bed had fallen on the floor and how I "wasn't getting up as I'd be asleep again in five minutes" (?!).  To be honest, I think she was just making excuses because she didn't want me to be awake and bothering her.

I went for a walk but didn't get very far thanks to a fly flying in my eye and half blinding me and not being able to get down any of the streets for street parties set up to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

To make up for the lack of exercise, I ran on the spot in the kitchen while Mum relisted her eBay items.  Yes, you heard that right!  I finally taught Mum to relist her own eBay stuff!

She and David kept arguing about money.  He wanted her to pay for renovation work on Grottsville, then he could let the house and make the money to pay for my Access Course.  Wow, talk about red rag to a bull, David!  Oh, and to make matters worse, he then told her that he couldn't afford to pay for her holidays...  Well, SHE could afford to pay for her OWN holidays to Italy or New England, don't you know?  But she couldn't book them if I insisted on doing a stupid Access Course!

I had a terrible cough which I guessed was caused by allergies.  I needed to get on top of the clutter at Woodberry before it killed me, but there was so much stuff that wasn't even mine that I knew I could never clear the rooms so all my hard work seemed pointless.

The selling limit on David's eBay account had been raised to 20 items...but, as I've already said earlier in this blog, I had nothing at Woodberry to sell.  David said he'd weigh some stuff at Grottsville for me that night but this couldn't go on.  How was I supposed to take photographs or accurately describe anything?

June 3rd 2012

David did weigh some of my eBay stuff and I just had to trust him that the weights were correct.  I still only had thirteen things to list though.  I needed to list the maximum amount so that they would increase my listing limit in future.

Mum and I walked around the block.  She did very well and seemed to enjoy it (apart from complaining that some of the bunting for the street parties was not red, white and blue!) but her mood worsened after we got back with her blaming me for having "made her tired by making her walk"!

The decorator had left his pasting table behind in the front garden - David had rung him up about it but he'd said we could keep it.  I had hoped to use it for car boot sales etc., but there was nowhere to bring it indoors.  By the morning, it had been stolen. >.<  I'm glad it wasn't something of ours at least but even so...

David went to Richmond by bus to buy some paint from Laura Ashley.  He wore himself out and fell asleep on the bathroom floor when he got home!  He was cross with us for not waking him up as he'd wanted to "walk around and look for the stolen table".  Oh yeah, as if the thieves were really going to have left it on display in their own garden!

June 4th 2012

David and I walked around the block via Sainsburys and Wickes.  Once again, we couldn't get very far due to a street party blocking the road.  Yes, I know pedestrians were still allowed to walk through them but it just felt awkward and the happy neighbours made you feel as though you were imposing on their fun!  David thought that our table might be at the street party and insisted that we should just walk through.  A woman glowered at him for entering their party area and he quickly rushed back the other way, declaring them to be "ordinary tables"!

The parties continued well into the evening with the neighourhood getting rowdier and more unpleasant as the hours passed.  A group of loud drunks began setting off fireworks just around the corner from us, and I could see some other drunk men from our loft window dancing around an Irish flag while singing in Polish!

Most of the day went on eBay listing again...not that I had much to list.  David had weighed a few more games at Grottsville but was annoyed about it "taking an age".  Well, maybe he should have worked harder to clear my stuff out of Grottsville before he had to give the car up!

He also very kindly gave Mum two of the tattiest books in the world to sell on her own eBay account.  They were very common books and there were numerous copies of them in much better condition already listed, so we listed them as a lot of two.  Then David got offended that they hadn't been listed individually!  He really thought he'd given her a treasure!

June 5th 2012

I walked up to Northfields Avenue and back through Lammas Park for my daily breath of fresh air,  Mum didn't like me doing that much "in case the bronies got me".  I'd be more worried about drunken revellers left over from the previous day's street parties if I was her.  The roads were littered with rubbish following their noisy, floodlit party which had gone on until 1am and beyond.

We needed shopping so I hoped to get out again with David but he just went to sleep in the loft all day and left us with no food.  So it was just as well that I had gone for a little walk on my own.

When he eventually woke up at almost 9pm, he went off to Grottsville for the night because "it had to be done".  Mum asked why he felt the need to go and study his unsavoury publications every night under the pretense of throwing a few away and clearing up.  All he could say was that "he didn't look at them for as long as he used to".  As if that made things any better!

I listed a few more things on eBay and stressed about my thinning hair.  Same old story, different day.  Boy, I knew how to waste my life away, didn't I?  Looking back at this stuff makes me horribly aware of where the years went.  I wish I could go back in time and kick myself into action really!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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