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The Most Boring Blog Ever?

June 26th 2012

The whole day was spent on uploading photographs and descriptions of ponies to sell.  I knew it had to be done, but that didn't make it any less upsetting.

I had a very brisk walk through Lammas Park and was back home in 25 minutes.  I didn't like a group of loud youths gathered around a bench there so left the park and walked along the road outside instead, re-entering the park at a gate further along.  Some people walking past me looked at me very strangely.  I guess I must have looked scared.

Ann-Marie the vile college adviser emailed me with "Desiree Adler's Action Plan".  Yes, Adler.  She couldn't even spell my name correctly.  Well, either way, I guess I really was stuck with business now.  She even sent me the phone number for the Questor's Theatre and wished me very insincere luck with my theatre hobby.  Nice.

David went for a job interview, got tired out by the journey, came back and fell asleep on the shower room floor.  If an interview made him that tired, how would he cope with going to work every day?

He was hiring another car for a week starting the following day.  Mum had tried to discourage him, saying that "it would all be eBay wrapping and posting this week in reality".  Well, I could only speak for myself but, as it stood, I was only selling six items.  Now David thought I was rich and kept asking how much we'd sold!

June 27th 2012

Mum and I walked around the block to the South Ealing charity shops.  Some nasty Indian carers in a mini-bus for disabled people laughed very pointedly at her for hobbling along the road.  Nice people.  I wonder if they laughed at the people they cared for in the same way?

Only MAPF was open anyway and there was nothing of interest inside.  Well, unless you wanted a 2009 MLP Annual for £1.  I didn't, so I left it there.  Mum stopped and looked in the window of the picture framing shop for some reason and the shop owner looked at me as if wondering why I wasn't going inside to buy something.

David went for another job interview in central London and collected the hire car on his way home.  We went to Grottsville to collect the items I'd sold on eBay and stopped at Alperton McDonalds for fries on the way.  Grottsville was full of drunks peeing in the gutters and dealing drugs on the street corners, and the smell of decay at the house itself was getting worse and worse.  Surely David would have to do something about emptying it soon?

I was amazed to see a tin of G2 MLP fruit jellies sell for £34 on eBay.  I really regretted selling my own for a fiver, especially as mine had been a brand new tin of jellies and this was just an empty one!

Still nobody discussed college courses.  Mum was just upset not to be able to apply for the Sun newspaper break.

June 28th 2012

I was too disturbed to sleep until 3am again so, despite not being awoken until 9am, I was left living on just six hours sleep.  I wrapped a few eBay parcels, then David came downstairs and my parents began to argue.  So I went back to bed to lie down and hide from their shouting voices.

It was David's turn to be in a bad mood.  He didn't want to help with posting parcels that weren't his, or go to Grottsville to collect Mum's Bosson heads or get cottage pie (why didn't we have an oven at Woodberry?  Then he wouldn't have to bother!), and said it was my fault that I hadn't picked up a college book before I went for the advice meeting so it was business studies or nothing.

So we didn't get anything constructive done.  I was supposed to go to Brentford Post Office with David but he was so bad tempered that he started screaming at me when I dared to stop and pick up a drink on the way out of the door, so I yelled back that I "f***ing hated him" (!) and stayed at home.  He blamed Mum for mentioning insuring one of her parcels...didn't he realise it was he himself who had made me retaliate?!

I ended up going for another solitary walk in Lammas Park and feeling lonely watching all the other people with their friends and dogs.  It was too hot to walk very far anyway.  I did take this very exciting photograph of a thrush though!

David went for another job interview and came home after 8pm.  I hope he was in a better mood with the interviewers than he was with us!  Then we ended the day with a trip to McDonalds for yet more fries.

June 29th 2012

The new bathroom curtains were fitted.  Mum started suffering palpitations as she got in a worse and worse state about it, then made matters worse by yelling at me and running into the garden to randomly fit a "No junk mail" sign on the door when somebody put a flyer through!  Thankfully she liked them when she actually looked at them though so the curtains were allowed to stay without being spray painted or otherwise vandalised!  I wasn't allowed to close them though as she "had to keep them nice until she could find some matching tiebacks".  In the meantime, she tied toilet paper around them!

Another argument ensued after that.  David had thought we'd "go away for the weekend".  What?  At lunchtime?  With no bags packed and nothing prepared?  He knew he was safe in suggesting that now, didn't he?  He wouldn't help me to book any driving lessons as I should just go and try driving the hire car around a supermarket car park late at night.  Oh, and I couldn't enrol at college now because I'd "torn the form up, our printer wouldn't print double sided forms and I'd got more advice now"...  Um, surely you can just print one side of the form at a time?  And where exactly did he think I'd got more advice?

David and I went to Grottsville.  He spent all of his time in the bathroom while I attempted to clear up Emma's old bedroom and weighed more eBay sales stuff.  It turned out not to be free listing weekend anyway, but it was still best to get my stuff prepared.  Mum wouldn't even let me photograph hers until the last minute, so there was never time for mine on the day.

The house was in a terrible way.  It smelt of decay and rotten eggs and the back room looked as though it as about to fall off of the rest of the house!

We went to Osterley Tesco on the way back.  My hands were black with dirt from Grottsville (there was no running water there any more either) and my fingernails started snapping off like they always did after a cleaning up session at Grottsville.  What was in the dust over there?  No wonder it made me so ill!

We went to Brentford McDonalds for yet more fries later on.  Yes, my days were very repetitive.

June 30th 2012

I overslept and didn't get up until 10am.  Mum was cross with me for wasting the time while we had the hire car.  Well, she could have always woken me up...and I didn't exactly see that her and David were ready to do anything anyway!

The bronies were back with a vengeance sending nasty messages to people.  I read some of their hate mail over breakfast.  Mum was cross with me for this too...even though I jumped straight up after I'd finished eating to help her wrap her eBay parcels.

We went to B&Q to look at draught excluders (Mum hated them) and the cheap shop in Greenford for brown paper and crates.  There was a Jolly Roger Mini Train coin operated ride in Greenford now alongside the RG Mitchell Rocky and Jerry, but I didn't get a chance to take a photo.

We were supposed to be going to Grottsville for a vegetarian cottage pie, but Mum got in a bad mood about her leg and the dirty flat roof on the extension and claimed to be "too tired to move".  She was horrible to me about college and how I'd "wasted my chance" by ripping up the form.  But never mind, she "didn't really want me to do it anyway because she wanted me free for her holidays".  "Hopefully it was too late to get another form now at the end of June".

I waited hours to find out what she wanted for dinner.  At 8pm, she finally announced that she didn't want anything and went to sleep, leaving me with just ravioli and bread as it was too late to bother getting anything else!

And so ends another month of my sad, wasted past.  God, this stuff is depressing...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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