Friday, 1 January 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night...

Well, this is officially my first blog of 2016.  Happy New Year everybody!  Let's see if we can finally get this thing up to date this year!

May 16th 2012

We went to Grottsville to collect a few large items (another box of ponies, a large framed picture of my grandma surrounded by pressed flowers from her funeral, and my mum's childhood rocking horse, Foxhunter) via Hoover Tesco.  This was to be the last trip in the company car before it had to be returned.  Mum had hoped to come too (and possibly enjoy one last oven cooked meal at Grottsville) but David didn't invite her.

I would miss this car.  Certainly one of the more comfortable cars we'd used in my lifetime.

We forgot to pick up David's heavy multi-pack of Diet Coke and I forgot to look for gel pens in Tesco.  Both things which would be near impossible without a car.

Grottsville was in a bad way with more boarded up windows and flytipping all along the street.

Because of this, David insisted on continuing to sleep at Grottsville, travelling by bus after he had dropped the car off.  Just to make sure that the weird window man didn't come back and break in...  So we'd be seeing a lot less of him in future too...if that was even possible!

I had a fantastic letter from the dermatologist waiting for me at Grottsville.  It was supposed to have gone straight to my doctor but the NHS even messed that up.  Oh well, it was good for a laugh.  The mistakes about my condition, the spelling and grammatical errors...  Crikey, and these are the people in charge of our health?!

Speaking of doctors, Mum finally had her appointment with the new doctor about her knee.  Unlike the Grottsville doctors who had just shrugged it off, the new doctor was very concerned about possible water retention and muscle wastage and ordered an immediate scan.  Ha!  Immediate...that's a joke!  But at least she was on the waiting list now.  Grottsville would have just left her to "get better on her own" forever.

May 17th 2012

I went for an exciting walk.  I started off at the South Ealing charity shops where I found G3 Cheerilee in MAPF for 50p - another to add to my "I will force myself to sell these ponies" pile!  Then headed to Lammas Park where I was still trying to teach myself to use the free gym equipment.  I knew my stamina must be improving but it was a long, hard task.

Mum was in a bad panic when I got back as I'd been out a whole 45 minutes!  (I'd actually only been gone 34 minutes but what's the use in arguing?  Either way, it was an utterly ridiculous thing to panic about!)

David spent the whole day filling in two forms for eBay items that had supposedly been lost in the post.  It took him so long to print out the necessary documents from eBay and Paypal.  Mind you, if he stopped listening to the radio for five minutes and actually did the job in hand, he'd probably take a lot less time!

When he'd finally completed the forms, I walked with him to South Ealing Post Office to send them off.  We also enquired about a premium bond cheque which hadn't arrived yet.  The idiot behind the desk told us that they "would inform us if we'd won".  Uh...but Mum KNEW she'd won as she'd checked the website.  The problem was that her cheque hadn't arrived in the post!

David began hoovering at dinnertime, much to Mum's disgust as she got indigestion from having to wait for him to finish before we could eat.  He found a scrap of my Grandad's writing on the floor under the table (goodness only knows how it got there) and wanted to throw it away.  Mum went mad as she has a file of her parents' handwriting which she likes to keep.  So I took it off of him and put it on the chair in the corner for safekeeping until he'd finished the job and we could get to the file.  He then climbed on the chair on top of it.  Mum yelled at him and he was really nasty to her.  "It was on the floor so why shouldn't I?"  Well, I don't know WHY or HOW it got on the floor but it wasn't supposed to be there as you well know.  Why deliberately trample on something that you know means something to my mum and I?!

I stood up for Mum and she then turned on ME for being nasty.  Might just be best to keep my mouth shut all together in future!

We were finally left in peace when he upped and left for Grottsville by bus again at 8.30pm.  It wasn't peaceful though.  I was very disturbed at the idea of him being stranded over there all on his own without even a car to make a quick get away if anything should happen.  It was not a nice place for anyone to be walking around alone, even if he was a grown man and he was just walking from the bus stop.

May 18th 2012

David and I walked to Northfields Tesco to buy bananas and Diet Coke, and walked back via Lammas Park.  It felt like we'd walked miles but the pedometer still said it was only 4800 steps.  I couldn't work out how anybody fitted 10,000 steps into their general day.

My hair was driving me mad.  Mum was in a kind mood for once and told me that she thought it was getting thicker.  Yeah, right.  Maybe take some acting lessons before you try and say that again, Mum!

I did a lot of coin operated ride research and sorted through part of my childhood ride photo collection.  I was suprised to find a picture of Robin Mitchell Jnr. at the Amusement Trade Exhibition many years ago.  I didn't know that he even attended the exhibitions.  I must have been standing just a few feet away from my idol but had no idea who he was at the time.  (Probably just as well as my shy 9-year-old self wouldn't have had a clue what to say to him anyway!)

David had said that he would be hiring a car but he seemed to have changed his mind.  I wished he had done so before the company car had gone so that I'd known to bring my eBay stuff to Woodberry.  I had six bids already and had no clue how I would be able to collect the items before they ended now.

May 19th 2012

David and I went for a walk.  We decided to walk down a narrow pathway we'd never been down before to find out where it lead.  Of course, there was no secret fairyland at the end of the path, it just lead out a little further along South Ealing Road.

We did come across a book sale which made things slightly more interesting...

Only slightly though.  There was nothing we wanted there and it was all quite expensive.  Still nice to know there are things going on around Ealing all the time.

David was continuing to go to Grottsville by bus every night...and stopping off at WH Smith on his way to collect the free Lego toy for Allan.  Well, this gave him an excuse to leave us even earlier, I suppose!

Allan and Abigale were apparently being badly bullied at school by the children of Emma's old friend, Kelly.  Remember the commoner who set up a business making cupcakes and used to write all her Facebook posts in a hilariously "common" form of English, proudly trying to write in her own accent?   Emma said she "didn't know how she found such bad friends".  Well, I'd said she was bad news from the start but would anyone listen to me?  Anyway, she and Emma had fallen out now and so the children were suffering at school.  Not nice.

I washed and photographed some ponies to sell.  Yes, I was finally going to take the plunge and do it.  Only ponies that I'd bought quite recently to begin with, but hopefully this was the step I needed to be able to let go of my childhood ponies eventually.

Having said that, eBay were clamping down on sellers who bought items to sell on rather than selling their own possessions.  They were determined to force us to become business sellers...but that just wasn't worth it for someone like me who sold such cheap items.

May 20th 2012

I was really unsettled about David sleeping at Grottsville all the time.  Unable to sleep, I was still sitting alone in the darkened extension at 1.30am.  Suddenly I heard a loud noise on the roof.  Looking back, it was probably a cat or a fox, but goodness, it was so loud!  Convinced that there was someone up there, I screamed, jumped up and knocked my chair over, awakening Mum in the process.  This caused her to scream, jump up quickly and further hurt her rib.  Oops.

Mum rang David to let him know how stressful this situation was becoming for me, but he didn't care.  She ended up having an argument with him and putting the phone down.  He didn't even try to ring back.  He was obviously still wide awake and sorting through his unsavoury publications in Grottsville.

After the excitement of the night, I didn't feel up to doing much during the day.  I finally stuck the plaques on our old pets' caskets where a couple had fallen off (and poor old Dandelion had been waiting for his to be replaced since 1999 due to them putting the wrong date on it).

David and I walked to Sainsburys to buy potatoes and Mum stressed about her swollen legs and feet.

I didn't do anything else constructive with the day really.  I finished painting my "Paint Your Own Ponies" Rainbow Dash...and I was pretty proud of how she turned out actually.

She wasn't perfect by any means, but a lot better than I had feared she might turn out looking!

Despite my panic attack of the previous night, David still went to Grottsville for the night.  After all, he had to have time to sort through his stuff.  Well, when was I going to get a chance to go through mine now that there was no car and I couldn't even get to the house?

Best wishes,
Desirée xxx

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