Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dedicated To My Latest Stalker

Well, since I seem to have picked up yet another stalker who just loves to read my blogs when he's not harassing me in real life, I guess I should probably give him something new to read.  Let's just hope your girlfriend doesn't check your computer history, huh?  Although I kind of hope she does...creeps who would consider two timing their girlfriends deserve to be found out.  I am NOT the kind of girl who would even consider entering into anything with taken guys.  I have more respect for myself if nothing else.  So you're out of luck, freak.

July 1st 2012

Another day wasted waiting for David who was "too ill" to come out of the bathroom until 2.30pm.  When he finally did come downstairs, he rudely told me to "shut my mouth" so I didn't take him up on his only offer of an outing...which was only a boring trip to Tesco anyway.

The argument that had brought this about was triggered by me trying to get myself a drink and knocking over a load of empty Coke bottles that David had left on the countertop.  I had complained, both about these and the unwashed butter knives that he kept leaving everywhere.  He said that we should wash up his knives for him.  "Why not?  That's the problem with this family.  I hang your laundry up for you!"  Uh...I assure you that you don't hang ANY of my laundry up, David.  I did my own laundry while he was out of work and made sure it was neatly packed away before he came home!

He wound us both up so much that Mum was still shouting "at him" after he'd already left for Grottsville that evening.  "You didn't put the bin out!  Don't worry, we'll do it ourselves!"  When I asked her why she was shouting at someone who wasn't even in the house and couldn't hear her, she said that it "made her feel better"!

I sold my childhood Goosebumps game via eBay...only to have the buyer contact me and say that she was unable to pay through eBay.  Still being a bit of an eBay novice back then, I sent her my Paypal address, not realising this was against eBay rules and left me unprotected should something go wrong.  Not to worry though, she couldn't pay that way either as she had no Paypal account!  How did she think she was going to pay for an eBay purchase then?!

I only did one constructive thing all day really, which was to change my bed linen!  I had intended to pull out my bed (and all the stuff under it) in order to properly hoover and clean behind it but, due to David wasting most of the day, it didn't get done again.

July 2nd 2012

The main hall at Bronycon apparently went up in flames.  I think it was eventually blamed on a light fixture exploding, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of the idiot attendees did it themselves for a bit of fun...or maybe they hoped there would be some G1 fans there who would "die in a fire" as they liked to keep wishing on us!

We had an exciting outing to the storage depot where Mum picked up the gifts she'd been saving for Emma's children to go through and "see if there was anything she could sell on eBay"!

Next we went to Greenford.  Mum stayed in the car while David and I bought shoes and walked around the (useless) charity shops.  I also finally got a photo of the Jolly Roger train ride.

We headed to Matalan after that.  Mum was still in search of a multi-aperture picture frame.  While browsing the available frames, I spotted this sample picture in one of them.

A Cogan giraffe!  It looks like it's on some kind of carousel with a Cogan squirrel alongside it.  David asked if he should steal the photo for my collection.  Well, I'm sure it wouldn't have been missed (it's not like it was part of the frame itself) but I do have some morals!

We popped next door to Home Bargains where I found three Newborn Cuties ponies for £4.99 each.

 I would have spent further money on some cute Twilight Ponies too but I knew that I had nowhere to display them.  I had so much money back in those days, it seems.  While we were in there, Mum developed one of her crippling stomach pains.  She picked up the wrong cans of soup in her rush to get outside to "get some air".  David was angry with me for not getting some carrier bags opened and prepared for him at the checkout but I had to go outside with Mum.  It wasn't my choice, I assure you.  It was really cold out there so I had to sit in the car for warmth anyway.

Mum had to take Gaviscon but had forgotten to bring a spoon with her so just had to drink it straight from the bottle.  I was actually concerned that she might have taken an overdose as she seemed to be guzzling it for ages!  Her pain went off ten minutes later though so presumably it was caused by a form of indigestion.

Lastly, Mum and I went to Grottsville while David went to Brent Cross to buy socks.  He also got some MLP bits and bobs at H&M (including extras to sell on eBay).  I have him well trained!

He went to Hoover Tesco on his way back.  Well, he can never resist that shop for some reason.  He was in a terrible mood when he eventually got back to Grottsville, desperate to rush us back to Woodberry.  He didn't want us to take anything back with us to sort through and in fact I actually ended up leaving the Newborn Cuties and post office receipts behind due to him hastening us away so fast.

On a more positive note, my first ever driving lesson had been officially booked for the following Thursday.  I was so nervous but excited about doing something towards normality at the same time.

July 3rd 2012

David refused to go out until 2pm.  He then took me to Bowes Road where I had hoped to film the "Running Horse", a favourite old Edward Savill ride from my childhood.  Alas, we discovered that "Mr Red" (as his owners told me he was called) no longer worked and had only been left outside the shop as the local children loved him so much.  Very sad.  I wish I'd filmed him on our last visit there now but I was scared the owners would tell me off.  They seemed to be really happy that somebody had travelled halfway across London to see their horse though.  "Thank you for coming and God bless you!" they called as we walked away.

On the way back, we stopped at Grottsville where David stayed in the bathroom until 7pm!  When I finally got him away from there, we went to the storage depot to dump some stuff and then to McDonalds to get some fries for Mum and a Twix McFlurry for myself.

Back on the subject of kiddie rides, I was always trying to think of other places that I might find old pictures or films of them.  Mum suddenly remembered an old episode of Eastenders from the 80s which was set in Southend.  She remembered it in great detail.  We were able to find it online and there were no rides in it, but I found it hilarious that she could remember something like that when she's never even been a fan of the programme and must have just half seen it once thirty years previously when her mum was watching it on TV!

My friend Steph sent me a lovely surprise belated birthday gift.  My mum was sitting by the front door at the time sorting through some boxes of stuff when the parcel came through the letterbox and hit her on the head!  It then bounced off of her head and fell into the box of stuff she was going through!

It was a lovely surprise for someone who never really gets gifts.  So thanks, Steph!

July 4th 2012

Our last day with the latest hire car.

Still David didn't get up or leave the house until 2pm.  We returned to Matalan to look for hanging hooks for Mum's plate collection, but David couldn't work out how to use them so we left them there.  He seemed to be a bit spaced out in general.  He took the cardboard packaging corner off of a picture frame for seemingly no reason at all and refused to move out of the way of a woman who was trying to pass him with her shopping trolley.

Next to Uxbridge where he dropped Mum and I before going to park the car.  We were looking at curtain tie backs when he caught up with us.  I had some in my hand at the time and Mum said that I liked them, so David seized them out of my hand and went and bought them.  Actually, I hated did Mum.  They were very Indian in design and would look terribly out of place in our old fashioned English decor.  Mum went mad and ordered David to return them at once but he refused out of embarrassment.

We went to H&M to get some more MLP plasters to sell on eBay.  The lift wasn't working so we had to come all the way out of the shop to get upstairs.  Mum was tired and bad tempered.  Her mood worsened when we went to the charity shop and found that the cruets she'd fallen in love with on her previous visit had sold out.

I was sad to see how much Uxbridge had changed.  Most of the shops had closed down and the family-run magazine stand that had been there since I was a tiny child had become yet another Pukka Pies shop.  The lovely little juvenile roundabout wasn't even in the street anymore, replaced by a European food market.  There was a nice 1940s shop though that sold all kinds of retro stuff from clothes to music.

We headed to Hobbycraft after that but they had no plate hangers at all, so we quickly moved onto Grottsville where David went in the loo again, leaving us stranded there for hours.  We did have a nice vegetarian cottage pie, then Mum started watching the tennis on TV.  Oh well, at least we finally got the desk cleaned up and photographed for eBay!

We went to Hoover Tesco on the way back to get some ice cream for Mum (who stayed in the car as she was overtired and her knee was hurting again).  David went to pay while I looked at the ponies and fell in love with one called Diamond Rose.  I hadn't bought any ponies for ages - heck, I didn't even like G4s! - so why did I want this one so much?  Just as well it was too late to buy it really.

Mum had developed a stomach ache by the time we got back to the car so we had to go back to Grottsville again.  Was the bathroom there really such a magnet to my parents?

David dumped me out of the car too when we got there, then drove off to get petrol.  I panicked, realising that there were a lot of valuables from Grottsville on the back seat which would be left unattended in the car while he paid at the garage but there wasn't much I could do about it at that point.

Despite all the delays and detours, David somehow managed to get the car back to the rental company before 9pm.  He even stopped at Hoover Tesco on his way back to Grottsville by bus in order to pick up Diamond Rose for me which I thought was kind.

I was terrified of my first driving lesson the following day.  I knew I'd crash...I could just feel it!

July 5th 2012

I kept getting a really bad shooting pain through my body.  Mum had her bad indigestion/stomach pain and kept pacing up and down.  Not a very good or calm start to the day!

But my first driving lesson was booked and paid for so there wasn't much I could do about it.  I just had to take a painkiller and leave Mum pacing the floor and saying that she would have to ring an ambulance if the pain got much worse.

The lesson didn't go as badly as it could have done.  My instructor was a lovely lady called Margaret.  She drove me to a nice quiet street and got me to drive around the block a few times.  Okay, I jammed the brakes on a bit hard a couple of times and allowed the engine to cut out at one point but doesn't everybody do that their first time?

When I got home, Mum and I went for a little walk around the block to the charity shops in South Ealing road which helped to calm my nerves a little.  It didn't help her stomach pain though so she rang NHS Direct when we got home.  Sure enough, they sent an ambulance for her and she walked off arm in arm with a "nice young man".

David kept ringing us constantly.  I was upstairs in the bathroom and Mum was having an ECG but he couldn't seem to accept that we were unavailable.  He was at Grottsville, of course, so eventually went to the hospital by bus to meet her.  Then poor Mum had to battle back on two buses with both her stomach pain and bad knee.  She was tired out when she got home and it didn't seem to have done her any good anyway.  They'd told her not to eat milk, salt or bread in case it was a food allergy...then they'd given her a cheese sandwich!

I had possibly my strangest eBay question yet.  And I quote:

"He generally does this by picking up little bits of ready-made philosophy here and there as he goes along, and sticking them on to his mind to protect it from harsh contacts, just as a caddis-worm sticks irrelevant fragments of rubbish on to his body as armour against his foes. We tend more especially to stick such pièces of philosophy over spots that life has made tender or susceptible

Geraldine Coster, Psycho-analysis for normal people, Oxford University Press, 1928, p.96."

Um, pardon?  This was a question regarding a children's book about ponds and the wildlife that lives in them.  WTH?  Only in my crazy world!

And, on that note, I shall leave all my little stalkers to go and stalk elsewhere.

Best wishes,
Desirée xxx

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